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K G}OO DWlN at H.' A.
r for 3'?PAIR WORK
kindl From a Sowing Machine
L b of a Local. and Personal
r o. went to Atlanta,
Pe itore ht+iog occupied by
ard & di', receiving a coat
p-a-. -
On.xL he neral belief that
coli a, marketed, "eleven
t '"d the ntr eets with. cotton
e (- , l,"en died ~ at her
e, , rom Central, on
a) A after an illness of
ary ( w <h aged 85 years.
tPhe . . i: it hovering in the
nit , ':sit, and Saturday,
hi r.".t'he home of Mr.
1 M. . R. P.'i ce and left a fine
Ofic'.' t ;',man went to Ta.
ble Ro+: tay and arrested
Luthel rged with die
tilling :1 t.'it Masters gave
bond 6''. T(;;t ace Feb. 5.
I wi'. " t up . )totograph studio
at Picl... .'- pril 8, 1907, and
siucer, i ,r t,e patronage of
-one an :
35. N M. FARMER..
Thr - " u d thirteen bales
cf cott( A ~re aol I at Pickens, Tues
day I W% :tOtv. The Heath
Bruce-- )ught 163 bales,
and F) Ti'..: v & Co. 150.
Dr: . pular druggist,
was cal, i home Sunday
o) cec) the 7 tOe'ss of his moth
er. '-h " ;y fritds will be glad
to know :.. .I. r r d old mother is
2tUch1 it "t(t.
Olic< : bie, of Liberty,
and Da. utl, brought Cato
Wiggm- d , lunatic, to Pick
et, !a , a reced him in the
lndr.+s < u.,nnings. He was
sent to tueday.
Mir. ( . Smah, of Liberty, is
a be1iw~ r in *" -and his motto is
water, 'i., co lower down. Mr.
Smith ~ the wells at the
cotton C I sow.on the fifth
an pure water in
a;anda I of about 100
Our -.Stuart Price,
wh~o wa '*~ . vith this paper,
ml a pri' ho is "making
. 0 .a the Columibia
lRi *r. ,rd the boy. The
ifl i ~ - heI re-quires is
aV:'a: makem his mark.
Hb ures -
Mr. 'oeman of car-.
-peniters '.; mill, is in love
with P'. that pertains
ti -rm4.o. .. this his futur e
L, m. ow the lumbIer
for ant -~ ont7 his new pur
ch- 11J ho the gainer
M. ji or N.>rth Car,
qina, M< sinetss tip, ex
pectng iweeksa. Claude
accup fa asRosmnan,
aud ju -:little book of
poetry nd the dul y
littlo mi - m and going, the
iirepre; ' lft, somlet hi ng
L :1idl.tt '.*ver the mnoun
'.Tio . ant gathering
Fud oi of the Clerk (of
the C . ggs, when Mrts.
33 -g *f . Hester enter
taLined -school classes.
*hb . tIlor of 53 were in
*att(endo Iged in games
aind ar di "candy-pull."
R-frob ved and a g~ood
ogI hat. - njoyed.
Worl . as fast as pos
sible at . ill. The build
ings ar ha 'v-r and Foreman
CJorbin f Carpenters On
interior ".a. umbor of the
houses t' I ' 4', painted and
'occupied spe'cted that ship.
ments o' T will begin early
in Febr' -ilHI not be many
-moons ei ,.; u 'm of industry
will be l- A 'ii th ill.
What Is It
Undoubtedly %
for we have the biggest stocic of
let Preparations, Fine Soaps, Ca
soon as we find out that some ct
put it in stock for her. Floweve
in our line that isn't already in st
Prescriptions, Family Recip
Preparations given s
Miss Lucia Folger is visiting
friends in Spartanburg.
'Jese Jennings is home from Co- 0
lumbia on a visit to his parents. 0
Butterick Patterns at Folger,
Thornley & Co.'s. 36-4w
Rev D D Jones has a good road- a
cart for sale cheap. Call and set it.
Mr Charles Bowen went to Green
ville Sundby to attend the "Dr
Broughton meeting."
Mrs. D. B. Adams, who has been
for about a month at Black's sani
torium in Greenville: returned home
Saturday, much improved.
Mr. Robert L. Ambler, head sales.
man for McAllister & Beattie, Green
ville, spent several days at the old
home, returning to Greenville, Sun
158 bales of cotton Wet6 old in
this market on Tuesday, being the
record breaker. Folger ;& Thorn
ley bought forty bales of one farmer
at 11.06}
A Mr. Cooper, from the lower part
of the State, has rented the vacant
store in the T. D. Harris block and
will open with a line of general mer
chandise about Feb. 1.
Our go-ahead townsman, Mr. Davo
B. Finney, has invented and patented
an infant's crib of unique design.
Wben once the fretful t-kid" is snugly
fixed in this luxuricxnsly--appointed
marvel of mechanismn, it sweetly
smiles as it "dreams the happy hiours
awa.r,". and forgets his prerogative
to "howl."
It is a pleasure to give space to
the followving from the January num
ber of "Orphanage Noates": "Mir. .J.
M. Geer, president of the Eaisley cot
ton mill, sent a whole bale of goods
the other day. It was a noble gift
from him, in addit ion to other con
tributions of the year. Thils noble1
man has evidently formed the habit
by making shipmenCfts of this char.- di
A fracas occurred Sunday at tba'
home of John Porter, on the outskirts '
of town, that resulted in the shooting -a
of Tom Chappel lay Porter. It seems I
that the trouble started at Chappel'si o
house Saturday night, and was re ta
newed Sunday w~heu Chappel wet
to Porter's home'. Porter came int' to
town andi gave himself up, and Mona
day gave bond for hais appearance, af
court. Chappe'l was shot belmv t he
knee and t.he wound is~ not serious.
Hi. Endel, the clthi er of Greena
villc, S. C., is caffe.imr law entire
stock of high gradce clothintg for miien,
youtths and children, aill this 5e-onaf's
~oods, at a discounat of :33 1- 3 per.
3aent. Nothing is charged dlurina
his sale, and all a!terations must be
aid for. This inaduceiment is olered
~o all, and. those who accept of this
>pportunity to buy high-grade cloth
ug save from $5'to $10 on their p)ur
ahases. This is his semi annual sale.
Remember, when you go to Green.
rille. call on H. Endel.
Foley's Honey and Tat. cnres the
aost obstinate coughs and expels the
told from the system as it is mildly
axativo. It is guaranteed. Do not risk
aking any bu t$bo genuine in the ye1
cw package. 'Parkins Phasrmaoy, Libbr.
y, and Piokens Drng Co.
DeWit'sou's- mC
You Want?
Ve Have It!
Drugs, Toilet Articles, Toi
ndies, etc., in the State. As
stomer wants a new thing we
r it is hard to find anything
as, and Stock and Cattle
trictest attention.
Plokens Circuit.
Following is the plan of the differ. 0
nt hours of preaching at the vari p
us churches on the Pickens circuit:
Vickens-Second. Sunday, 11.15 n
..m.; first, 7 p m. d
Porter's Chapel-First Sunday 11
Bethlehem-Third Sunday, 11 ti
m.; fourth, 11 am.
Tabor--Fourth Sunday, 3 p. in.
Twelve Dlile--Second Sunday, 3 11
>. m.; third, 3 p. in.
D. D. JONs, P. C,
Following is the plan of the differ
nt hours of preaching services on S
,he North Pickens circuit:
New Friendship- First. Sunday,
L1 a, m.F
New Hope--?iibt, 3 p. ii.
lt. Bethel-Second, 11 a. M.
Salera~ -'!eo3nd3 ii p. mn.
Gap Hill--T'Phird, 11 a. in.
Fairview-Third, J p. mn.
MKinney's Chpel-Fourth, 11_O .
a. mn. S. P. Mon.wurn P. 0- ?
A Badly ButU(.Utt
or boy. man or woman. is <tliekly out
of pain if Bucklen's Arnica Salve is np. R
plied promptly. G. J. Welch, of Tekon
3ba, Miob., says: "1 use it in my family V
for cuts, sores and all skin injuries, and
fiud it perfect." Quickest Pile cure
known. Best healing salye made. 25e
it Pickens Drug Co.
For the U. D, C. monthly mee ting,
to be held at Mrs. T. J. Mauldin's,
Feb 8, 1907.
Hlusic -"Dixie Land."
Every memlfber is eYpected to an.
meri ro(ll call with Some interesting
act or quotaf ion abhout a Confeder
to generoal.
Sk:par-"S--'omeQ miethods for the
year's work,' Mrs. C. E. Itbinsopi.
D iscussion, of sub1j-ct by the
If you bayo losf, your -boyhiood spirits,
mrnge and1( confidenecn of youth, we of.
r. you new ife, fre'sh courtago and1( free.
mf frn i-helhth ini Hollister'sM Rocky
Lonnuhin Tea. 35 cents, Teai or Tablets.
iekensl Drug Co.
.any3 men give lavieuhly of gold,
o. boild bideges :11( id ctles aind towecrs j'
old .i
you1 want (everirsting famn" a benefac
r be,L
veo the 1)O0r anid needy Rot.kyMu.
ni Tea,. PickPi-nn Drug Uo.
Makes Kidneya and Bladdere Right ('on
For Lung
Troubles C
ayer's Cherry Pectoral cer- cu
ainly cures coughs, colds, ii
ronchitis, consumption. And A
t certainly strengthens weak "
biroats and weak lungs. u
rhere can be no mistake-a6olut a
his. You. know it is te.. And
rour OWN doctor will say so. T
The best hind of a testtfoi1I- i
"Sold for over sixty years.' iV
SARSAPARl.12Ai pren
rc PILLS. r(
We h'ave n'o edoreth We'DVIdIhh P1
the aumf i our edioIne. cordi
op the bowels-rekuea rwi4A r's
Is and thus hi sten. rean er.
On the Follo
Heavy Clothsng,
Dress Goods, Bla
This is not a Special sale, Rei
Fake Sale', to get your money I
i this kind of sales and don't h:
ur goods for we buy no'hing by
'ices and goods bought right s
iake room for one of the large
ise ever shipped to Pickens. (
rn Markets about February 1
hat we will give you this spring
lothing, Shoes, Hats and Gen
i Pickeus, Pickens county or ti
n Furniture till February 15th t
tock just bought. Buying Fu
ar lots enables us to save you
urchase you make here.
Hardware of every descriptic
Lnd Saddlery. Anvthing-Eve;
Having one o the laugest a
p-country and buying the very
est manufacturers in the work
ot do business with you and s
IOHN PRICES 18 our lotto. We
vill treat you right.
Folger, Thoi
(Cloth'hingj, iShoes, Hats anud Gents
ole At1gents fi- Mitchecli TWagons,
Stoves, Wal)
"They are
&& Call for 13utterick Patterns.
are Nipples and Chapped ilands
nOyto 1 ~ ow is a good
9onsua ux u auar
my,v IVH irt our City, to fi
selling our mlerc
Probate Sale.gosnwha
0 of South Carolina,\V ae tl
nty of ]Pickens. 'Wehv stl
fiytihnr Court of Probate. Sume two and th
.Gary as e~xc(ntor of estate l)) o rCcC
of B. l~. Waters, Plaintit.aby OWpi s
'ia Watrs aml RlichaUrd PienIe Wa
torn, D)huen,dant
v virtn oI 'f aL decr'en e in the0
's sate d (caU' on the it bi dafy of *J a.
. I will nell to the highest hidder' -J
I. hionsoi, S. (., durt inag the1 jeyg I
I Llint p)iece, parsel ortracet of land lneo
of whih ,. L.W aer1 dido eif
'ett M L.rper' and others, uad Ic ilyu
convliyedl to the said deceased' by Canr~ filyu"
prot Ii.- Harper. 1er Picnic or Sc
r1mal one hal f casnh on day of satpao drp
theo balance on a credit until the 1stpn rp n
of' Decblihbor, 1907 with mnterest will be promptly
di~o sal a tsevotn por cent. The the market afford
0 purchaser and a mortgdtge of the COntry prod u
uses. Tethisa must be' comuplied Your patronag
withhi'one bottr or'pr&ntises w1ll be
di' on sanu daty.
rechaLsor to pay -for papora and re
nug the samo'
Iobat Highe.est cash p)
:~~ . c.4,4 A i A F
11 1 Iiic 'S"} 'S! 1I
ving Goods
)vercoats, Heavy
ukets, Outings.
noval sale, Salvage sale or a
or nothing. We don't believe
ave to have them to get rid of,
it the best goods at the right
ell themselves. This sale is to
st stocks of G eneral Merchan
)ur buyer will go to the North
5th and you may rest assured
as good values in Dress Goods,
ts Furnishings as can be found
le state',
o make room for the mammetih
i niture and Stoves as we do in
10 to 15 per cent, on every
n. .Buggies, Wagons, Harrjges
ryhmg, with prices right,
rvil best equipped stores in the
best Merchandise frorn the 1ia
L there is no reason why we can
ave you money. GOOD GOODS AT
appreciate your business and
Yours truly,
rn1ey And Co.
JFurn ishing Goods a Specialty.
Chase Gity Buggqies, ir'on IKin1
coveri Shoes.
time when there are so many Sale
ndl out how reasonable we have at
handise -and for how less you caz
the advertised prices of our competitors.
n our always supcrb stock, some very hand.
ree piece suits which we are selling at remark
onsidlering the quality.
iIHILD,' Greenville, S. C
d1 other Ice Cold Dr~inks, don't forget
ill for, any occasion- Weddings, Sunday Din'
ciable occasions or when unexpected con.
edyour orders to me and rest assure~
iled1 with fresh goods and the very besth
:e bought and sold.
e is appreciated.
rice for Chickens and eggs..

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