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rm111 d -tit
rces t, t
>Il s rongeI pret
yeats to collie thg
country will be ac
gine. The gas en
its inefficency, but
r'thle 'grv kIt is.
It is doing+;to 'eli et savisl{ t
enormous lhfcst.ige. Not one farm
withon it. It pumps water for his
factures lumber, It bales his Ihay, it
thrasher, his shis dder" hi:; wife's w;
Is a sketch of wht~'t it'is doing for'
But all this is nothing to bo cot
destiled to do. This last. copigrest
great acts of this congress that wat
will niake the farmer in a, h9gt tit
as a ceftain maker of engines exprei
er will gsqw,h isap v'n p)ower.- The, 9
pete with 'tie pgwer he will develol
waste will "ljo .t 1v r>i,d iltto fue! "(o
of agriculture, Jumes Wilson, in a
Imeans:, said, 'tT1cI ;spurces of alcollo
the sweet potato, the yam, waste in
gar bcet, rot{eii ttit and the wa4tc
to say," said tJ secretary, 'that lh
the stalks of I fan' corn annually 1
hol an aere.t'
Even at this time companies a
these .waste Ifi odt;cts for use in th(
which hi itsel)t will increase the val
lact of utIi4it 1, Its wast,d. One, col
preparing to tlizc the sawdust of I
that ev}ry. i(J' let even Will have
therefore, to redict that the use o
lously extend kits usefulness and thi
plough and harrow his fields and di
to carry his grain to market and to
things he will. be nearly independel,
Of course these remarks are (
borne in mind that revolution is alw
mills of the gods grind slowly," is
notwithstanding it is \vell to know
just oulselvds, t'ciOtc-ingly.
Good in
43 P ident Arth
f'1Il ;Op)Ponenlts of c"
did not. try to Miee
anver man must (
"ilerely danigerous
cards or the races.
When we havQ
we arrive at al cot
out to be i rascal
Side by side w
speculation which is necessary, foui
p(ssible tt distinguish between the I
Selling what, a man has not g<
--l roke.,for ingtance, does a service
enabled to %ell' next year's cotton
that the muanufacturer may not ,be
gers of-fire upon1 storedh cotton. TI
- ndustry. T1he services of the spec
to sell when ;they ' vill' be0 neededQ, I
The first esgential ini right spe
make od l1s3 gtfarant.ees in the futa
aio'o lier pieo ple' mloney' the cha:
and the losses will fall on sdmnebody
wtloadecd dice.
Fwih my own pafrt [ hold that il
iyoutweighs the evil.' The abuses
teeethouse cigar system, andt ol
s thocksu most, Ihaefudsa
lddomestic system of.labor, a sur'
hie' results oIf the competitive syster
One phae of the.competitive
\ e d out of the mouths of men o:
~A4oer labor took tihe place of thel
~tge'of the op)portunfity to rise. V
K 1141tt% occuiedC( athe 'ground, "rise
/ ble td rise is infinitely greater tht
2 iut of eo ment)s of self supp)lort.
~The Eyes
82iDA. Graemne M. Ha
- IHERlD are certain
lent formis or insa
thing, as infallible
In paresis, wI
'numbers, thel;e at
' The exaggeral
, versation, tile oCC
vqrd; thlo. weakil
Itl.i pYti'fl f Wtimia-the
ou mlaldtlcholial, tIhe
ard of g'eat elAtlon
hi Cntat fear
nl, cQILn1UtiWOrry 01r tr<
he cat1ge it manifesti
Mhas,beein ll ight till ni
. ven carefttl anid 1)mmt
may'b) cur'ed, -hulg
~ hich j0 very prev4'le
apoulliafIy selfsatisfie
t1 ada,~mso anters con1
't4hu&ta conidl
ittn to himn.Is "I,
ipuipose,-New. Yorkc
.ti~W "UtA6
s Q f arm IcQr #
pv 1 Yh4 i ,yoi'
ie t i ve f Ittial .1n
liction we de re i ml ee, i.: t
gricultuy 1111ds througholit, thit} "ast
ti a,ly' . a1k e (i,if'ft11l Iy t:ttl i asl en
in1e Is now in its infancy, not owing to
tp the fact that it doesii t do 10 percenllt
r in ten 'yho owns an engine' wduld he
,stock, it saws his wood, it even manlu
4uts his. fd, it. buns his init tor, his
tshing jnch i$ 4,t'c.; p:cdre, fyi xamnple,
a small farhier ih 'Iowti and his' name is
ipared with what the, gal engile is soon
made alcohol ,ta,f. free Of the many
the gratt,est-o teiei1; 411i For.~this''act
tie .indepfeitiAt, Qf 41311oil ",comupany, for.
ses it, "the t'ime' is near when the farm
li' t'nd .0:a1 pih t will be unlible to 'com
> froln his f9elds. What is nowv going to
operats ;1\io,s pnglile," The secretary
peechi befo "e the committee on ways and
1 inclutiCd; he white botato of the north
>lasses frohl, the spgar cane, and the .su
fi om the' ktalk of Indian' corn. It is safe
e sigar and starch which go to waste in
vould make'one huidred gallons of alco
re being formed to make alcohol out of
gts engine in the north and the south.
kt'e of the outpllt of the soil in the mere
ninany is now formed, with $250,000 cash,
.he sawmills in the making of alcohol, so
an enhancement of its value. it is safe.
f alcohol by the gas engine will marvel
t. the, farmer will use the gas engine to
) the harvesting, and that he will use it
improve his roads. When he does these
t of manual labor.
very one revolutionary, and it nmust be
nyti slow. That. oft used quotation, "the
vidence that we all realize that fact, but
the trend of events, to enable us to ad
ur T Hadley of Ya-le.
amiipectition once said that modern trade
I public needs. It was mere speculation.
ontlenin dertain kinds of speculation as
betting, more harmful than gambling at
a fever of spec.ulat ion as in recent times' i
idition in which, if ' 11man (loes not turn
it is at credit to his moral training.
tit this wrong speculation there is a good
ad in some ot' our exchanges. It, is in
wno through their forms.
it appears often in each, yet the cotton
when0i out of his rcial l(itOwiedgeC he iu
to the manufacturer with ordlers ahead
ablgedl to lose intorest and run the (lan
riere is a parallel in every other line of
ulator who buiys goods lie (does not want,
re valutable.
cuiation is that a man mtust be able to
iire. lie muitst uste his own mtonley. If hie
ices are that the Profits will go to himi
else. That. is not tradle. It is gambling
ie good of the compietitive system great
of child labor, the swveating system, the
her par'ts of our' indlust rial system which
labo)r comnmissioner are remnants of thle
rIvaI friomi aunother tine. They ar'e not
systemi which sents part icularly dlanger
withi a low st anbard of living take the
a higher gr'ade.. Yet' I tilink \vhmen the
>etter . the bet ter' was abmle to take adIvan
'len you say to the laborer wh'lo has pr'e
ci' dIte.'' the niumbeidr of pecoIle' who are
a the number of those who are crowded
In Insanity . ..
mmond, the Distinguished
premotOnitory symtidtoms of the mtore prev'a
ntity that cani be couinted on, as na genera'l
ich is olaimting its v'ictimas in tremnendous
L' many13 phiysicail signs that. arie almost in
ed twitching of the facial muscles in coli
asional tendency of thle eye )to turn' out
yss of the legs; the flabbiness of all must
at give wvarning that a mian is about t.o
mtanlne-thle symptoms are often similar
mugh gcnew'lly the (isease gives the vie
.The eyes aro abn)iormially br'ight, the
n1air' of tremendotts excitenient is apptar'
that, something is abot to hat~pen.
r'evhlent among foungor persons. I'0xces
mnble, allied to a weakened phlysicnl sys.
itself throuigh the gradual loss, of sowie
a in an' alarming syniptom ni one(10 that
udtt attentionm -he patient, if taken at
not. flei' the disease fins got a firm ht'
nt typie of inisanity,,Is almost Invariably ini.
d, conceited exp)resion of countenance.
emyptuiously andI hi evemry way shows his
tion. He Is absolutely cQntt:ohled by the~
, "1" He is a monomaniac with one set
Sunday Wm-l(I.
h rs
A 5u l~ y' ,(ood niawvnin n
u inust tell 'i ;'Iowd--dQ!~
)s livinn' ainl't nofil
)race is t bo
'"en de t. a glnn;p
lee up, un) un
Lf -ou w p ter
10 de$ a Con <e }"o
e ra e4
'en de bright stml 'y iodmawnin'
liie Ip,*e run
For ten yea'se Mr. G. Heming
Magnus had . be-i a writer' for the
lesser magazines. -He wrote hort
stories and essay* ; and $ent ,he ib
the editors in the hope they' wpuld
bo .accented. His -stamp: bill swas
very larie.
Still. letsevei'ance, a mild hitch
tion, and knowledge (lug fr.Pm the
encyClopedias will tell iii time. 1-11s
accepted manuscripts increased in
number. This perked hini up. I-'e
started a bank account of inoderate
dimensions. Notliinig makes a man
so brave as a hank accoiunt.
And he joined two or three "lit
erary clubs," wherein lie .ivas a
. Pale, bespectacled ladies with
Yearnings assured him that they had
read his articles in the Ladies' Fire
side Instructor on "Every Woman
Her Own Sandow," and it was "love
ly." This pleased Mr. Magnus al
most as much as (id the editor's
He was a siender man, with droon
ing shoulders, mild blue et. 'ii . a
sandy Vandyke ld. When
"lionizet,. 1'ityi .,to twist this
n*into a sharp point and stab
nlmself upon his shirt front. Though
his legs were wobbly and hIs feet
large, his "heart was in the right
place." This he knew from the fact
that when startled by a sudden
noise it "beat thick and quick, like
a madman on a drum,"
A sbdisterous doctor came up be
hind him, slapped him on the shoul
dert and howled:
"Maggy, old man, how're the b:u
tal editor men?"
The heart, which was in the right
place, began thumping. Ma.n::m
wheeled and faced hini, wath in his
pale eyes.
"I (do so hate to he called 'Maggy,'
he snapped. "It really .is not my
T11hen his thi delicate hand w(ni
to his left side.
"It's all right. Magnu,' ihe. doe
tor said. ''Beg pardon. Y ca look
overworked. Take a bit oL free ad
vice-go away somewhere and rest."
It was early summer and the mcm
bers of the literary chubs, the fash
ionables and the preachers were flit
Thle bank account v-as heaithy.
Mdagnus looked ovei the pap)ers.
Amuong a thousand advertisements
tf places "wuith" all the comforts of
iome,'' his eye was caught by the
nen tion of Mat field.
1HI asked about it and was told it
vas in a good country, with pure
tir, farm foods, trout flapiing and
'heapness. That seemed to suit.
Next afternoon he alighted from a
1ilapidated cart in front of 'Graass
lone'' farmhouse.
A river rolled grandly to the
south. The -hills wvere blue, save
.11)0n their summits, wvhich were
-imsoned by the dying sun. From
ifar came the drowsy tinkle of a
30wvbell. A slow wind brought the
cent of fresh filds and flowvers.
Looking from his windowv ever the
swveeping river- Magnus. said:
"Here ils rest. I do not want hui
man comnpanionship-a cultivated
min'd nieeds only itself. Surrounded
by these eternal hills, amid which
lwell a shnple people, solitude
should bring haIppiness. Their ways
Etre 'net my ' ys, thbir souls are
half-developed, but we need not
He fell readily into the habits of
rihe household. 1t. consisted of Mr's.
Loudoun, a silver-haired wvidow, her
grand-daughter, Elfreda Loundoun,
a. brown-eyed girl of eighteen, with
a. delicious figure, a mass of brown
hair', and a frank smile, and a man
of-all-work, wvho ate enormiously and
never said a word.
The two women gave him no conl
fl(dences, for which lhe was grateful.
HIe was forced to admit that their
mnanners wore per'fect, but set this
down to innate female refinement.
T1hey made no effort at all to enter
tain him. Hei paidl his moderate bills
and( kept to himself.
He discovered a b)oat in n' small
hous,e which stood by the river,' and
ised to pull laboriously a half-nile
up the stream or evenings, then float
lazi)y do'wn. The heAtrt which 'was
in the rjght place began to show
seine dispositi'on to stay steady when
aud depi' noises came.
'In two weecks, hoWever', lie real
ized that .At cultivatedl mUid, needs
something more than itself. Uc was
bored. Fur.hermnove; his conscience
oppirossed him. He told himself that
lhe was ungenerous ia. withholding
himself from these two lonely v:'om
en, whlo knewv nothing of books, so
ciety, cities, or the great Wor with
lie was noet conscious c; a
to alleviate the lnonhnes, aof
S i
tie4 ne. a p
an hei gyf iti at t
tIl Oextriv abor '
wa (l her nl t I e xatt
1e4npc41 tLt n:ho h -t
of, he evenings she whs a singuaiy
pretty gir no' co d heqe
lost any. of liei' atiatyibf' i:~
ful :ijg t of 4ay.
ht l stel tFi his ikofl
wii; ith. Atvery e,q arpet f ,
soi e's " i e1 nm ad vd'{''eli
un glnbib's. charin( f 1Or itibdeteJi
ne evening, three weeks aftei.
th beginning of their' friendshi'i,
shq assumed gtiidance of the conver
sation. - It wal lie In a spirit o
mui$chtef,,. l t: 't eye of , Maon
did not b6. it. . la e
cep tiv 1110*t'-..,
he a6tbpished )lin: ;hp4gli py, a
sodnd idIf not lil;illigni;. tydolt5ni
upon the Elizabethan 'ypbot&as co'
pared with those of the earlier era,
ana, in a mild discussion of the re
puted authorship . of 'tJi Shkes
pearcan plays, she worsted him bad
ly.I She said they were the i'ork of
Silj Walter Raleigh during his eight
eei years of confinement- in the
Tower of Londou.
kext (lay she inviteidIfhim into a
part of the house he had not visited,
introduced him to a sitting-room,
furnished plainly but in perfect
taste, seated herself at an old but
tuneful piano, and' played for him,
with feeling and force, selections
from Beethoven, Mozart, Mendels
sohn, Chopin, Verdi, Donnizetti,
WVagner, De Koven, Millard, Sulli
van, "Dave" Braham.
The town man dimly recognized
that lie -might possibly have been
guilty of underestimating the simple
fal'ming family. A little later lie
began to hold her )n his thoughts
and to spealk of her, when on his
rambles, as a "Devon rose."
This was *a bad sign. In all his
thirty years he had. seen n'6-one like
her-so simple, so unaffected, so
sympathetic, so beautiful. This was
a worse sign. He measured mentally
the height of his bank account, and
fonnd it sufficient. This was the
worst sign of all.
He laid his approaches with what
he conceived to be consummate art.
In his story "Heart to Heart at
E elitide." published in the Beacon
Light, there was a scene in which
Lord Ranald de Cholniondeley had
said to Lady Blanche de Courtney
"I love you wildly, miadly, pas
i onately. Your being has entered
into my being. As the dewdrop
-rembles in the flower chalice, so
trembles my soul in your beauteous
presenl:Ce. Be im ine-be mine--and
there shall be no sun, nor stars, nor
tle opal-tinted 'heights of heaven,
n.i' thp' criisoi abysses of hades.
There *hall be in the wide universe
Onlly you."
1-e thought. this rather fine, and
wondered how it would sound if
saftly, yet intensely, spAcen amid the
murmur of the river (cv:n-rollinig to
the sea.
It was late in September. There
was a slight chill in the air. The
girl, wrapped in ilcecy light stuff,
sat,* as was her custom, in the stern
of the boat, which made no sound as
it drifted. In the moonlight her
brown eyes shone like jewels. B3e
low theim shone the windows of the
farmhouse. Not a word had been
spoken for half an hour. 'rhen he
"'Miss Loudoun, when I camne here
I thought you ignorant country folk.
I know now what a fool I was. I
must go to-morrow, and( it. makes me
sad. I can't boar to thinik I may
never see you again. I have never
told you that I love you,. but I do
sincerely. You must have seen it.
Will you marry me?"
She did not answer. She had
grown suddenly pale, and was star
ing intently at the landing-place not
a hundred yards away. Suddenly
she clasped her hiands, and a wave
of crimison rose in her face. A
happy smile curved her lips. Then
she gazed earnestly at her compan
" I have not noticed," she said,
gravely. "Forgive me, Mr. Magnus,
but I cannot marry you."
l'u silence lie pricked up his ears.
The prow~ of the boat grated upon
the shore. As the girl stepped light
ly to land she was taken into the
arms of a tall, young .fellow in
khaki uniform. She stayed there
a full five minutes, while Magnus
stood akwardly by. *'Then she
turned, saying:
"This is Mgr. Ltindorf. HeI has
been to South Africa. ,We have been
engaged for two years.
Next spring the great author, G.
Hleming Magmius, wrote a book which
is in its 150th thousand. His heart
has goi\e into it; its namno is "Queen
Rose *of a Devoa Garden."'-Jllus
trated Bits.
Vor'd F1romu Br'er Williams.
IDc Chris'mus gghbler gobble.
niightly fas', b)ut .de diffunce 'twixt
him anl' de hunnin gobbler- is dat he
ain't not time, tor gobble all In sights
It 'riever does come ter do huihan
race (t,t dey orter be mighty tlhank
ful for lots er do things doy don't
.Sat4n go ter church mighty'reg'lar-,
but.~ man ''eve yet 'kotch'd him
sleepp ' theeo de sermon,
EI( de hiallejula road, httt don't
holleid o loud .dat doy'll 'res' you fer
distu'r bin' de- peace.
W'o.n you or in' do han's or a re
ceivet' you orter mr.ke uip you' min'
t,ir de fact -dat do ineeivPr got tr
live os wvell oez you--Atlanta Consti
. rothe r St
I.. s hi ei;i>C3h r 0 s See
.sui ,a sch g
A c tlrred' the oi
at Abbeville, Friday
to nded i'l tW sOi Iusl y If not
teWE hvb1youn,i*e),' ' It
siderabl9 used up by u-Ni o'ther boy.
t the school.
t seems that E. L. i"$cs
er o am oie,.P t
their boys, ent to im eet se l
several of them as they were e i
ing - late from sehool and began to
1'9)Q,RPf t f o+n.(ii the Cars
wells, sliooting W. '13. Carswell in
the bowels, . fatally. wounding him.
F. L. Carswell received a a'lvt in
li'W' I 6hdWud-lgef -seriously'
if inot'fatally" wounded.
toung Lt.mar Carswell received
seVeral cuts with a knife, and lie
is i severely ' woiuided.
Young Fletcher McL,eod received a
shot In the bowels, ansd his physi
(ians say that he is fatally wounded.'
All parties are prominently Onnect
ed. Young McLeod is a non .of 1-103.
C0orge F. McLeod, a farmer, and
county commissioner, and the Cars
walls all reside in Abbeville, and are
prominently connected.
It seems that no one knows who
did the shooting. It is claimed that
it was done by a young man attcad
ing the sclyol by the naple of Jack
Biophy, who lives in Telfair county.
Officers are at work on the case.
Salacious Thaw Trial Being Delayed
at the initial Stage.
At' New York Friday, fifty-one tales
nh'en were examined in rapid fire or
der in the effort to complete the jury
which is to try Harry K. Thaw for
the idling 'of Stanford White, and at
the end of the day's session two
names had been added to tho jury
roll. making seven in all.
That there is an increasing difficul
ty in finding men who are willing or'
c:'npetent to serve was evidenced by
the fact that on the flr:,t day of the
trial three juro 's were swcrn from
among nineteen talosmen, one of
them being excused subsequently by
the court.
Automobilist Marriott Mangled In
Smash of His Machine.
Ia third attempt to break the one
mile record at Ormuond, Flat., Friday,
Mar'riott's steam car' struck a bump
in the beach, anid it wias hurled into
tihe aiir and shiatteeud ,to fragments
when it fell and hurdled along the
Marriott was seriously, but pr'oba
bly' not fatally injured. That he
escaped1 with his life is regarded but
little shioi't of miraculous. H-e was ab
s'olutely helpless after the car struck
tho obstructiton and sprang into the
ai r.
Three Fires in Virginia Capital Entalm
Loss of $332,000.
Fire in the Williams building at
Rich mend, Va., early Wednesday.
which destroyed the Richmnond L4ightI
Infantry Blues armory and equipment,
the Sout!%<rn and Adams exp'rss of
fices and a branch of the ISubr'ug To
bacco company, was followed by two
other fires--one in a lumber plant,
and the other' in the building occupied1
by the B. F. Johnson Publishing om
pany and southern Paper ompny.
The loss on the thr'eeifires is $332,
000; insurance, .i193,O00.
Mexican Troops and Indians Come To-.
gether in Bloody Affray.
ReperOits were received in El l 'amw,
Texas, Tfhursday, of.-a desper'ale fight
betweeni Yaqu i indians,- and Mexican
tr'ops inf the nmotulninous3 regIon
southeaist of Gunaymans, *.Sonor'a.
InL the flgght tw-enty Mexicanfs were
kilerl, and a number wounded. The
Yaqis -were defeat.ed ith conlsider
able loss, but as they took bothi their
dlead and .wounded with thecm when
retreating, it is not known how many
were killed.
Raid Made on Mobile Print Shop by
Unti States Officials.
ecret service men frnt Washing
t'6i n). 't., ' aided by local customs
offiltal, mafde it raid on the printing
offlece of thea Honduras Lottery compa
ny in Mobile, Ala., Wednesday, and
e'onfiscated'cver'ything ini the Ostatblish
ment and caused the arrest of E. Li.
Pinac- and Lfiwis Grahain of New Or
leans, and eighteen employees, iniclud
ing presamen. nrinters n.nd pnckers.
H A .(FrthMnmAual C
v atiowat;GeorgiaiGapita,
.thouse0d 'Hear, Speech of Hon. To
,)(Watson and Endorsp Acticn. of t00
"PpegIdent In Dlseharging the
Negro'roops in'Vxas..
Fully one thousand ofiycera and dcle
egtt d the idrInrs' National :Unior
i'ep esenting every' sou tuuern state and
a arg&niiumbei" of western and iioth-j
era states, were gathered about t
er stes, gtitlered- In conlvntioa
At anta Tuesday morning.
4. 99ypnAion wz\s called to ordet
b President 1rrett, the doors wer
cl se after which divine blessllu2
w{S bi y W 1 fic\v' i. N. 'Holiics
of Louisiana, iationli chaplain of u.
i l., Ti p8'tho the teaching of til
si;nplo faith of couhitry ii'e, the delu"
ga tes sang with fervor that old fa
lmjliai, hymn,. "How Firm a Founda
tibn, Ye Saints"of 'the Lord." Presi
dent Parrett then made his opening
addres3s, arousing the greatest enthu
sibsui in the convention, applause ini
teyrupting the speaker at frequent iti
!Then the convention immedlately
entered upon the consideration of
business, the first matter to be don
sidered being the appointment or
Sevcral important resolutions were
adopted at the initial mec ting, howev
er.- The first of these was a resoluti mn
introduced and adopted in response:
to a telegram from the National Wool,
Growers' Association, now in session
at Salt Iake City, Utah, the terms of
the resolution pledging the unl"n's
co-oneration with the Wool Growers'
Association for the purpcre of csr.ab
lishisg mills, the products of which.
are to be sold to the stckhol'rs.
Another resolutian tinanimou.ly,
adopted was one endorsing the antd
buckc"t shop bill, known as loise f
representativo -bill No. 2,3-28, intro
duced in congress last .ianuary :y
Representative R. 13. Macon -,f Arkan
sas, and urging the varrious uinic,t.:
throughout the country to nciorialz1-"
their representatives and senators inx
congress to atupport the hill. ie
purpose of this bill is to absoi''y
prohibit gambling in any cf theo pro
ucts of the farns, stock. bunds, ee
So long have the farmers seen th:ir
product of their toil made the s t t
and stakes of tho, gaiubls that th.-r
satisfaction in adopting this resolutio:
was attested by long applause, and
'every indication of intense satis fc
Thie conventIon also adopted a res
olution calling upon03 the farmers of
thle entire country t3 diversify their
crops, andl to raise bomne s,uppies.
At 4: 30 o'clock tile convention ad
journed until WedneCsday morning, in.
order that the dlelegates might have
opportunity to arr'Iive ait the Baptisc
ITabernacle in time to secure sea
to hear tile address (of Hon. Thomas
E. Watson at 8 o'clock p. m.
At the Tabernacle meeting, Mr.
IWatson held, under lis mlagic influ
ence andl power of logic and oratory,.
an audience of 3,500 peCople, f31r anl
hlour and( a half. 1His subject was, "Na
tional Farmers' Union," andl not forl
a moment (11( Mr. Watson lose the
close aittent.lon of his auditors.
By far the most st.rising incidlent
of the speaking w as the indlorsemnent
given by thle immense aludienice 1o
Pr'esident Rocosevelt, attesting their
approbation of hIs -course in the
Brownsville, Texas, matter, in regard
to the negro troops in the United
StIt'es army. At Mr. .Watson's sugges
tiot,' eviery ma~n, woman andl( chlild
rose to express a vote of thank:, to
thei president.
'4%very white man, every white we
man and every white child in the
south," said Mr'. Watson, "(Iwe it to? .
themselves to any that thef~ endorse
President Roosevelt's course in the
Brownsville,. Texas' incident. I be
lieve that Tillman, because of his per
sonal pre'jadlce3 against Thoodore5
Roosevelt, has been led into a falae
position, andl tile longer he stays in
it the wvorse it will he0 for liOn. I
wvant every man, womlan and child in
this au dience who1 endopses Thoodo re
Rloosevelt's course to manifest it byr
standling and( giving a rising vote of'
In a moment the vast auidience wasm
on ita feet, and cheers for Roosevelt
resounded, followed by cheers, equal
iy loud and1 prolonged, "Hurrah fItr
Tom Watson!"
Labor Council Votes Down Proposed5
Resolution by Heavy Majority.
By the overwliing maijority of
835,000' votes against, 90,000, as rep
resented by the delegates, thu labor
council at Belfast, Ireland, has 're
jected asn amiendmienlt to theC const itti
tion, the' effect of which would have'
bea to tre.asf'orm it in11o an~ avowed
lyocniaisatic ownnlliatlonn

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