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Oliver Wins Panama Canal
Contract on Condition.
Jcw York Man's Credentials t d
to Be Unsatisfactory and c ,Wa l
Turned- Down at ,pon rhce
hte Houso.
-; spial sayi: As
extended coi'ercnco
'no wine nRP ttouae Friday,, jt 'vs
eided to. reject, the bid Qt OlivA}
Md Bang:; whio' pl)oposed ''to coj
'hlete the eon?tructloll of the Pni6mna
,canal for 6.7F per cit of the total
t' < :mated cost, In so far as Ans1on
Al. Bangs of New York is concerned..
Whilo 1io official statenent was
- givel out, it can be authoritaltively
a d that it William J. Oliver of
!K.xville, Tenn., can enter into a
.::factory arraugemetlt wkth some
-1hE'r contractor, who Is iflnal}ciall'
::s31onsible, h13 will bhi'givei 'tho.' Itg
demr act.
TIo fact that the , MacArthllr-Gilles
ii, company of New-York, whose bid
was 12.5 per cent, was represented
at he conference, leads many to be
0ve that a :)mbination may bO
t)ed between that firm .nId Oliver,
I know1 tihat the MaeArthur-fill
e company has convince'd Prv.c
lient Roo'ove'lt and Secretary Taft of
ies oponibility and the cranal coma
m1issiion officll are satikfied tlat: 'i
1er is able to carry out his end of
h.r agre1nn'.. There would have
b-en no qe'.tion as tc awat ding the
-.r1tra<ct. to Oliver, an gallar-s had
Ilhe credentitis prosented by fianga
1roveat a; satistactory a. these 1ur
ni3aed by (liver.
The decision means tha1t Mr. Oliver
-wiii be given a chance to take :cme
(.ther contractor into partnership. The
-c:n.al comm:lis iion, with this reguire
znon"t met, will not undertake Ito dlie
taie to him who this contractor shall
The rcjec' ing of all hids was (Is
m: e.i at Friay'; cabinet meet ng,
maul this dleciuion had been practically
w1',1 Ced6 upln b('for:) the nilg;t confer.
W :(. If Mr. Oliver refluses to consider
-fhe contract after the rejection of
Mr. Bangs, the (anal comui:isi.n will
i a call 1.)r new bid s.
.sin M. Fr.;s of New Yovk, Mr.
Y. m! O. Md. Ca.rter :in th!!. Ea vannahm
larbor fr.ud.. Thin fact, 1b\wtOr. it
!! atated, had no influCtnen wit hi the
After clie cabinet meeting Mr. O11
Ter left Washington for New York,
a id it is adtr.tted1 by his represen(ita
*ives thdft he will aisk the Machr
1 butr-Gillespie company to join him in
submnitting a prop;aal in place of the
i2 suibmit-ted under th,o fhrm name of
O(liver & Bangs. lt is s:a-ed that a
-compiIromlise arrangemnt .will..1e .con.
Aldered b)y tho canal co~lmiss ion, pro
'cided Oliver succeeds in ntking, a
u,atisf,actory arrngeme.nt jth. the
7dncArthurGillespeo company, to pay
9per cent. of t.ho total cost for theo
Czar's Government to Complete .the
Evacuation of Manchuria at -Once.,
In a cablegram received in WVash
iigton IFriday Mr, Rockhill advises
110 state departmednt that the dh!
nos gover'nment has been infor16ed
by the Russian minister at Pekiim
tiat Rlussie would comnplee thoe evc
* Iatin of Manchuria at .OnCe, leav
aig only the railwvay gtiaj'd, vhicli
is in accordanco with tho' treaty of
thousand troopa to be withdrawn.,
' ,jlion Dollars to Be Appropriated,
Secured - cyrLeno Receipts.;
S h seatocetMrbtet o ropit i
eld"he ousebil maint approia-Q
tionvs 'toa supplyc o g additna urgen dae
itin otio millin -o a ratloan to nth
Iio~ Qllr n pOxrf U #iotho
- Ye com
-b to p r
By Republican Senators on a Resolu
tion Endorsing Hi$ Course In- the
the Brownsville Affair.
The aiti-administration senatoes on
the republican side are jubilant over
the result, of their rebuke . aduiniister
ed to the president Tuosday, says a
Washiington special. They have passel
sh'i Foraker resolution providing for
an L'igiry at BIownsv.illo,. and are
hugging 'th'emselyes lfn d ligl.t. B y
tuiriilg down' th1 )resblutio is of Mal
:1or, of 1iida,.y and Culbers'on o
TO'as, which both lonilitt'to endo"se
the president's action in the Browns.
vIlle affair, the relmiilicans have prac
tically stated that they d'o not en
ror'o that Aqtil1, slid ,th,t the. (its
rilrge was wIthout consfitutional au
Lho democrAts, :vith the exception
of -Til,lman atnd B3lackhtirn, sustainel
the lprosideit throughout. Blackburn,
the floor leader of the democrats, ol.
Monday, expressed himself satisfied
Witl te ,Foraker: redittion, and to
l consistent he held to that positifo
throutghout the balloting Tuesday af
The resolution of Senator Mallory
deelured; that the president's action
was "vitli n the scope of his authprity
and Ad$wer, and the proper xgrc[se
ther"eof. The Motion to table this res
olution was carried by a vote of 42
to 2".
Senator Culberson's resolution stat
ed that "the president was authorized
by law, t'nd justified by the facts 1U
the (lischat ge without honor."
This was also voted down by
ye-a ~ and nay vote. The republican re
calci rants had summoned up th'eli
courage, they had forgotten the shad
ow of the big stick, and they refuse'
to vote their approval of the actior
of 'ihe'dore Roosevelt.
*No one who knows the man call
bel've' Or a.minute that I will;kbt
co#ttinte wil this'.. action o the ire
tilY;a setnitors or) accept t,ie exlqa
gotlioi{;"that tag, paYrlial}hniaty siha
tlo: on- the ilcor made it uece:s:ar t'
' ithhold approval of hIs 'etion iy
dismissing the negro soldiers.
Regardless of what action was talc
en on the Foraker resolution provid
irg for- an investigatlon into the facts
in which inquiry the Ohio senator ad
n:lts the question of constitutional au
thority, is Intricately interwoven, thi
president has declared that he wil
stand on his order until the star
fall, and that no one else can su
potd it.
Supreme Court of United States I
Without Jurisdiction.
,>Theycase of Q. \W. Buchanan again:
the state of -South Carolina, involvin
a q\iestion as to the amount of th
sala y of Buchtinan, as' a state zi1
ut: judge in South Carolina fror
184, ' was dismiSsed Monday b th
s;uprmc ,01nrt Of -the UJnitedl .tatc
-for" Avatt" oUl juibdlet!Gni.
Thet dlsputo (as due1 to the fac
thait there was doubt as to which c
two South ,Car oljiIa statmit s conltiol
ed~ in the 'attr. One of these,
gener ai lav, wai( ap)proved Decembe
.2, 196P3, and -flAed the salaries o
cI:cuit judges at $3,000 per year, whIll
the .trr,a regtlar' appirop)riatiofl bill
w hich bbeaie a. law the next dlay, prc
vided for tI em at the 0old rate of $':,
59Q, hle suit wdh~ brought for tihe dIfI
fatrencee alppuTn fg to $500 a year
l e extra sum' )Ivas dlenied by thi
mprIlOn epu1rt oSouth Carolina, andi
~thg bIg' p,ount~ decision has the ef
Acet pf a ffh'i:ing, hat ruling.
Beats 1His Eunemies by One Vote in the
.,Texas Legislature.
UTnited Statcst-Senator Jloseph W.
Bailecy 'wsas roedectedl UnIt ed State.s
senmator Tuiesday 'hy a vote in thme lve
branches of the~ Texas state logisla.
.ture of 108,to 4(. In the state senate
ile vot,e was 1t4 in favor of Sehnato,
Bgiley, and 10 .4fItist him, and1( in'
the lower house. Senator Bailey re
celved 89 vojtes,andi 15 wce"o cast
- 1aginh1.96 ehi.m.,.Elgh t y-thriee votes we1e
necessary to a choice.
Bales Turned Out to January 16 To
>t W-ishlin n WVednesdty v he c'n.
repoy y insti Which shoW'
fhat J2,1 0 7 bales .51h 'co tori coum.
lng. i'bund. bQles. as half. bal i, htmv
been- ginned frbm1 the-grow.lr of Iifl
The pub'er Mo a't ve glmnories thil
teim'. Is 218,52'5 ;,.
The sea Island cottIon gli ned t(
.anttary 1t,9Uittliihuttg li' states
was: Flor'ida 23,d166 bales Ge gia 24,
R. F.'D. Men's Wages o Be R tised~
to $70 Per Month.
'1 he p)'tilleeC and1( post reads coni
milttee of tha house Wednesday reach.
ed a d2cislion In the ,i nmtter in
bFacAy'.. muse ''ii'o dellve4y of
a ''d4k~ andlt /tIl reIeMiordf tjmt the
tl4x)nyrn. ypla.jy 11e flxkiqd; tP per
year, or $70 per month.
National Legislators Givo
Theinselves More Pay.
Hcnca orth..0 tor;and Representa
tiKe4 Will _fai$7,500 Per Yea'r
anc Vice ,rresident, . Speaker
and Cabinei Members $12,000.
A W' tshington s)ecial says: 'The
senate Wednesday passed the house
anieltdme}it to thW leglaalative applropri
u.ion bill, incroain tie 'salaies o>
the vice president, :peak9r, member.
of the 'cabinet and inCtembers and sen
ators, by a vote of 53 to 21. The bill
increases the salaries of senatots and
nenbdrs to $7,500 aild, of the other oi
ficers muen iioned toi2,0b.
In the course of the debate the ven
erable Senator Pettus of Alabama paid
a frank and sincere tribute to his col
league, Senatoj 1organ, as ain illu5
tfatioit o t133 in' s4aA. f nan who
enltee'' the' Iiu11i sei\vfcd, {saciilceing;
his plersumtl business and personal in
terests and his outside pursuits to de
-vote his time and talents and energy
to the goa ernment in legislative halls
deserved some recognition.
He said Senator Morgan had served
thirty years; that he had not accumu
lated a fortune in that time, but that
the people of Alabama were proud of
him just the same and loved him
because he had not grown rich in
tho. United States senate. He thought
the increase asked was small enough,
in view of the $15,000 or $20,000 year
,y income, which,en.ator Morgais.ad
sacri-iced -for so.;'llanay. years in or"
der to remain inr tbe;si.natd;.The i
cideit was a ifiqit' feilture f,. the
day's session.
Sanator Money of Mississippi voted
for the measure and said if he had
$750,000,000 per year to disburse he
. would no' as a business propositiOa,
give ab, .iuto powdr-. to disburset'it.
. into the hands of men whose services
- were only worth $5,000 a year.
A number of speeches for and
I against the measure were made, the
s principal ones being delivered by Se.n
ator Berry of Arkansas, wVtho opposed)
It, and Senator Tillman, who favored
its passage.
.Senator Tillman, saying that he had
just been elected to six mvcre years
s of service, would vote for the in
crease, not because h would get more
t money, but because he believed it was
right. He wuld rather have voted for
C it last year before his re-election. It
fault was found he was willing to
it resign.
e The vote in detail was as follows:
S Yeas-Aldricti, Alice, Ankoniy, Ben
son, Beveridge, Braindegee, Bulkebey,
t B3urnham, Burrows, Carter, Clark of
I Montana, Clark of WVyoming, Clarke
-of A rkansas, Crane, Cullom, Daniel,
f Gallinger, Hale, Hepbunrn, Hop01kins5,
Ki tt redge, Knox, Lat imecr, Lodge,
,McCumber, MeEnery, Millard, Money,
- Newlands, Nixon, Overnmin, Penrose,
Pettus, Piles, Scott, Simmons, Smoot,
Spoonier, ISutherland, Tfillman. Teoller,
Wairner and Warren-53.
Nays -. Bacon, Berry, Blackburn,
Iiurkett, Carmack, Clapp, Clay, Culi
berson, Frazi.er, Hlansborough, Hoemen
way, LaFollette, Mcoreary, Mallory,
Nelson, Patterson, Perkins, Ranyner,
tttone, Taliaferro an( Whyte-21.
ET ENHAg iblCiDEl9'$$NbS,
Uncle Sam Washes His Hands of the
Whole JamaIcan Matter.
The p)resident: has finially dismissed
the :incidlent connected with .the re
fusal by Governor .Swettenhamn of Jai.
mnaica of sad from Admiral D)avis in
a lotter mladle public~at 1he state daZ
liairtnment Wednesday, addressed b)y
Acting Secretary Bacon to British
Charge IHowa rd.
So Saya Public Printer Stillings In an
Order Just issued.
-Public Pirinter Stillings has issued
a general order iit which he says thec
da~ysr o' humd -composition are fast
comine~ to a close. Thes cirder was Is
suied to call attenilon to the g)'overn
menat printlig office's niight school in
instruct ion ont typeet tinig machInes.
Trho int! ruction will be free, but no
pay' ~ 'give for the wvork accomp ilisheQd.
In the evenit of reduict!)n in the force
of han- )i pintemr, t-hose whot canm Oper
ate the machines will be gi ven prt
e renice.
For Negro Soldiers in investIgation
of the BrownsvIlle Case.
TIestimlony concering the affray at
Brownil IIle, Te'xats, will b)ei tkent b)y
t he sena;te commiiitteo on nmilitmy 3 at:
commiiiitte wvill uit at. thtat tilme in
Washington. Subpoenas will be ied
a'. ciuce. Senator i"ora 5r wil Ictmi ct
Have Been Spent So Far in Canal
Work, Says Rotirfng Chairman
Shonts in Banquet Speech.
Theodore P. Shouts, who on \Wedl
nteiday resigned the chairmnalship of
the istlhinlan canal commission, was
the guest of honor in Kansas City on
Thursday evening at the monthly din
nor of the Knife and Fork Q1ub, and
dl1"ied an iintereshting itddYes touch
itg h') Panana Q al.
"Thie cre,anvq pood,' decitred -4r
Shl:>nts, "has come to an end, and
the period of active construction has
iettn. As to the nanner in which
the creative task has been performed
wo- are content to let the facts speak
tor themlselves."
In closing Mr. Shonts quoted as
follows frot President R;o:sevelt 5
mlessage, written after the chief exec
utive returned from the isthmus:
"The wisdom of the canal manage
ident ha: been shbwn in nothiing more
clearly than ill tile way. in Whicli tke
foundations have beenlaid.''
Mr. Shonts denied that his resigna
tion of the chairnmanshi) had result
ed from any disagrement with Pros
idetlt i'ucsoveit, or, any mlunber of the
comln;son,' and deelared .that the be1t
of relation-s existed eI)ctween himself
and all his ca.al associates.
itegardir; the nectsmary preliminary
weork he said:
"In Utli$ )rel minary worlf, we have:
spent dovwn to .ll.nulary .1, 1907, about.
$32,000,t0). O1 'this amount $4,300,00)
have been sp'elt in government anld
salnitation; about $7,(u0 in colstrue
ii'i of quartets and ,Iher buildings,
do ks, wharves, railway enlargenient,
water works and sewers in the zoine?,
and in elgiincel tg work, .nti al)out
$12,(,!)0,01;; inl primanent plants; U er
$4,50;0,000 in miscellaneous materials
and supplies, and over $1;500,00U in
the consti'uction of sewers andi water
works and street paving and improve
nents.in Panama and Colon. The last
a:n.d will bh refunded ultimately to
I the s:vernmenut.
"\e have driven yellow fever per
manently from the isthmus. That is
the supreme achievement. For four
teen montis there has not been a
single case of this terror of the troll
ies. The stegomyla mosquito of which
the extreme period of life is three
iminths, and which is the bearer of
the yellow fever germ, has been al
most thrown out of business.
"So far as general health condi
tions are. concerned I can give you
a stronger evidence of their favor
able character than by stating the fa'et
that among about 6,000 white Aneri
cans, imngluding women and chill.treii,
on the . istlhnus, there was for, thre
hllonths in the rainy season of last
! year--August, September and Oct()ber
- nol a single der.th from diseas6.".,
Contiluig in his (etailing of he
comlailshmenlt'Is, he said:
'As [ said to you in thi' opening
part of my address, the work of ac
tual1 ecavtiV on wvas retrIicted diiring
the crecat ive p)eriod to merely pre
para1ftory lines. Still, something has
been dlone in the (directloll of maing
thec 'dirt fly.' Duriag the fiscal year
emin g withI Jun 1110st1 1,*500,000) cublic
yards were t aken fromi tile canal prism
againust 742,1000 yardls removed duing
the preaviou1s year-.
''Aitogether,. the siurface inl tile 'Cu
lebra cut has been br-ought down'I 65
feet below the level left by the
French. A large 'amount of the excai
vatee malterilal has been1 utsedc in filling
fo:- railroad yards and double-tracking.
uf the Paniaa railroad.''
Chl'ef Eflahteer WIlIl -Atso Act Chair
man of Canal Commission.
AnnOmicelent wJ1 ilmade a. ihe warn
dhepamen lit. Thlusday thaIt the ofhee
of chair'muan and chief enlu~peer of
the iathmalan canal commllIisiIon wouild
be cutmbinedc, anld '.that Mr-. Stevchs,
ilh presenlt chief e'nglneer, wouldI be~
given the0 alpp)ointmen't, the undicergtan
(ing beinlg that he wj,lh maintafr a
resideriee on thle isthmlust.
Commitment Trial of Merchant Groo.
ver Again Awakes Interest.
G. I,. Groover-, a proi-enent iner
(lbant ~of Opelsea,- Gag, wvho is now
in 'jail at Sumnieryllie' will have -hIs
the poisoning of Mrs. hlookas, the wife
of Rt. Ii. HLoks.
Owing to the stand ing~ of all partIles
concernled a great deal of te rest Is
felt as to the result of the trial. Mr.
(iroover had his first tila! sever-a)
mlon1ths ago and he0 was alcquittedl.
In Frightful Gas Explosion In CodI.
Pit at Primero, Colorado.
Tw~enty miner's, accor-ding -to the1
most authloritative iniformiation availa
ble0 Wednesday eveing, lost tiheir
lHves as a result of an (exploSion wl)cte
occtur-red edrily Wednesday In the Col..
)rao' cl andl Iroil compan~iy'9 cial
mine '. :r- Primiero, C'olor-ado, twcuty
miles est of Trinidad. 1
Epitome of Work of Nations
Union at Atlanta.
Wind-Up Session Was One of Ut
bounddd tytlthu*Iasm-Resoiut(ons
and S4 gestions of .Paramount
Interest Were Adopted.
After what has been ulnanimoust
lescribedl as the most enthusiasti
ind iiportant nmeeting in its history
tie Farme'rs' Union adjourned at A
Ia-nta Thusrady noon .InIid songs an
congratulat.:ry speeches and genert
good lceling.
Action taken by the convention ca,
be sunined up in the following it
sune of the tht'ee days' session. A:
oiiitolin of the mnore inipprtant res(
lutions is as follows:
That the state' business agents b
required .to meet annually and fu:
nttlate plans to thtlt end,
Tle substance. yf the report of th
cnnInittee on ;c''ttoI} crop is," that ti
next national union fix the lnihimnul
price by grades taking niddling E
a basis after having given due col
sidera lon to the acrange, the supp)
of i te I ltftela a'du nn ati factu c
i()o 1 s l h ia i' the' (eiand ' ft
said goods. That the establishment i
c( :1:n warehouse. be encouraged 1
the union th:"oughout the cotton bel
said warehouses to be incorporau
tunde(r the laws of the several statt
'Tihe report of the committee on c(
,:n scho:ls advocates the establis
1.ieit. of cotton schools in every sta
in the c ton states, each state to ha
t. separa.e chool, 'but all states
have, a dniformjm gradp.
The $nil tee on. market reco
mnends . that f4ctoriql be entablish
and owned by farners for the mi
ufactu:e of certain afticles used
the farmer. This applies particularly
The t'omniittee on educdtiton stre4m
the inlpitance . of urging b'etter el
cational facilities in the rural scho
throughoutt the 'south.
T1he committee on fertilizer recc
menidel that. nu union man buy
use the fertilizers of any manufact
ers or dealers who refuses to ret
nize union agents and !.ell .to th
at same price and terms as Ot
By Campbell Russell: That. It is
cnse of this conv.ention that all p
tikians:7 and others not faniliar w
the needs 'of agrictltulra who may
tendered appofmlnients-'s trustees
ther official liositions Jr. coilnect
'WIth -any %gri ultural s6hool or (
l:gd be asked to :how their pat r
i-nn by refusitig to accep)t sublj I
tions for which they are nianiifes
ThIe erDt. 'of tit e .oflumitteio
Iiultiinral schools5 criticizes the m
agcimoit of a majority of r.hese at
institutjins, and(1 .rectonuin:ends i
thd~y sliall be u)lace:l1 under the (d1r
tionj of the bcard of pulilc lasti
tions, tha. the trustees and IOcards
di reectors shall be farmers. .
The columflittee .on watrehouises af
aduvocn.ung, the establishmnmt of' lo
ed wa0relosges~ recoinmndi the, hid
tion 'or spime feasible phzil of sch'i
cotton1 direct. o. the sp~innfle\sand tU
thle organiization as5 .soon as pssil
be. established t0r 1tihe purpoJ)Iso
-indiicini" atd prgtcOtilg of cttoil
tic Fini ares' Un ,n wvarehouises.
11h0 comnmittee en (diversitll Cr(
calls upon. ji Farme.rs' linton mcw
Ibers t9 diveri'vtheir ci'opa nd the
by r fralp 'f omn living ,out 91 --paj
That a. to~i terece of the spinnlI
oif the east and the F'arrlper.i Ujnl
be held in May in ille city lof hi.ihii'
hunii .or- other con venient. cit y .in. J1
'the commititee onl cqoration yr
omnliXods thai.!f 59t41rnfm Un ci
op)erate w'.ithi T.h wool gr-owers a
other co-op)erators9 of the nlorth a
weCst. in the~'Qktablishinflelit 0f" c. o
er-ative woolen 11ill1at. anly suita!
Point.; that the j~1lrinrs' 'Union ,v
aid in thoecap)italiz,at1:1on 6' the sa
and' patronage of the 'same.
B3y the comittee on' legislatio
Rcs6lved, Thlat par,ccls post systi
should be established ':an4 iu a ,
will be presen')4d to COlgress to ii
end, we hergby urgo each l'ocal col
ty and' state jinion to send Petitic
to 'their re'spOctlve se7)htors~ n'nd 'r
resentatives to inge the lactment.
a ll.rcel-s l)post .law.
.'Ion., Tihomas 10.. WVats.on wats
lect9d as general o rgafzer fo' '
Andi Wherl Hso Retuined Witii Doe
She Was' Dead.
Mrs. Cels~ Young, tin aged wvomn
du~ piddely~ at dert honie ftaar 1)a
Y 1) J 'h b)ea~ 4 ick A
let hislund, fez.u i 4 1id)ight t
lie got back! Sh was deand.
Head of Oanal Con I0 'h
Quits Job tp. f~riga h'
_________. " .j' .r.
The resigiatcin ofU
Shonts as ch&irman df t e 4thttj
canal a>mniselon was .a
the white house" Wednes4yj
been tendered to the pl0e4
i accepted by , Wm, aecordin
ipondence ni4tde lublJc; l
i'ect not laL'r thai l r
Shlontstihail g just b i,
Itesidbtit o the lilte 'O
politan company, whicik 'Qnti .
Iapid Transit and iiany sur
in New York.
N', announcemdnt was 'nnde "I
who will succeed i11r. 8ho0is
man of the comnuissionh, :V4t >t
learned aithorilttively that.E i
ters would be removed froi i t
ton to Panam-g and' a. Shiglr Is
chairman to serye in . tlydt C .,ty
alone willi'not be lamed. TiiI 04
adntittO{, It' iollows"tjat Jojhn X' t
vens, tlfe engineer Iln. 'haage of tli
construction of the cainal Would nL
be made .subordinato to ,.aiother ut.
ficial on the isthm us. Witlout db11t11c
e ,innounceinent, therefore, ,It ,s regard
Ield as i . certinty th t to t
9111 be hamted as 'c the
commissisont and will sstue '.i uu
ties as such1 in connectin:' with his
i(ost of clziief engitc."
M lr. .onts' rpt emet t..'
" c mte vi{olonti4 surp ; it ~. h
bcent t umoredf persislent.ly t sOO a
action had be:n talkn upon .the ro
osititon to build the,o canal by ocnr.' t
thut Mi. Shott would See.r hieo
nectiont an(1 resule I calling tpoC
t' congnlial to his taste. 'Secretary',att
of the wa r delrlrtmtent conflrmod, tl i"
Irumor by sa ing that \Ir. Shonts' re
a ut ion was voluntary, whieh fact
borne ':ut , the letter of the pr- :1
to dent. avcep(ltltg. it.
1 Rotten Murder Case in New YorkN
to Has the Boards.
The trial of Hlarry Kendall Thu
e(1 millionaire, for tie'. "na1"der of St<n
l. 'ord Wihlte, arcitituctj aq the Madis4
A S iuaro Roof GardeYl t.ht evening
,June 25, Nt06, began in Now York 0;
m-1 WVednesday morning.
or h'lte exatminlfton of talesmen (I
- 1._ fully develop the line of defena<
og. thougti therc were allusions -in-t:
en questions of th,e lrosecution both
1er. to the law as it relates to the sanil
of an alccuse( person and to theI "'.
li wi'ittent law" of which so much h:.
oli- heen sai.il and w'itien since tle tna
ii edy Was enaicted.
bo D:uring the exalinalign. of the fir
or talesmanl, Thaw's colttlpe1'o!fectc(d
on the form of" quest ill'as'.p441oundt
60. by ther Witict uitor' as t Insn I
or the, unwritten Ia II , ,ev to
..the court t hey did not object to 11.
( ti onsl. in( p i il.
lit rep)ortersi (.nd tc ij)sonllints anldt
p~:'tolico. 'Of. the newsp)aper' men0 tihe
S'tu-- 'e pershaps .20iI. andic there wats
of j)lolema for1 eh. Thei great aqu
ofh .blue tio,ats Ii as minanded by
er po(lice~ inspec(tor. Onily aibout fIfty ne(I
1he Uem1ider of 01spaice ini tihe COnl
ri i'com bihn rec ved for the 200 tali
ilen \iuml none3ldg th Ile special ju.:
T 'he iriai becganl befor 01Just ice Fit
~ gerauld .of the aupr,eme ll
Mob L ynchbs Nd i Close Proxirt
tta oe' 'sResidence.
a niegro namelid Hentfl :y lHel was lync
el at,.Grenwood, the home1 of Gove
l nor11 ' Vatl~iaan,' Tuisda nit iigh t, by3 i
kncown parities. The [email protected] as.raulti
Mrlis. GriaveS of th:u p1lace rome men.~Itl
afgo.: hl- had) 109d itI Ihe" 9NenvIl
iall for safIken0 dig.
Tii~uesday n igh her arrive11~~ d at Gree
w.o-In ligij of a deuty sherIi
and1( wVil111 that' of1helal~ waIs tainjg il
from the triain to the jil he IwaIlIs sil
i'>iundedl by flfty n Ich,~ who took hi
aIway afnd stetuig, hh11 to a -railh'o
bidcge. TIhe corI'aner' 9 jury r9tIIrned
v:erict that1 ths negro c'ami to h'
death at the hat111I~ of lifyi iown lia~
11 Agricultural Appr,oprI tionl Bill.
Reprilesentat re \Wadsprth. of Ne.
o titre r'eporIted te apgit'ultura'fl appr
The~ hill caieLs $!'5.uS700 a theO 0
di IinaryV and1( reguilar routinpjw~ork I
the agr icultural dieparint
or Atlanta Man Wh6 sto;I 'Nb,O00 Fro
* ark Is R8fu8ed'(RtAlbn.
nfl A WahSingo1ti5r dlispatch salys:
SHaIila Slms. whol. was . encedI
ix ta~ i; lth I t 'ral pri
dollars1' frontl thle Ca pitali 0 yIaflin
' auiljo' Alant a, '.hit" ho was'n~ cleo
~I iAt!%. Ltitutiop, hasi been denied

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