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at, Pi kens, So 0.1 tit{ in utntt 1, uuder net of
ppyy r 'ti.tIM1 , 1StWRI It ". lR"AMtNLrt" tr J t t rl llA4Alrp'ArtC'w1".r1 "'r'4.'t"\r.t. .. . r..".. rr r.... tAMw>f1 1WtMt1M lVt'I.l .\.W' tiYwr
VOL. ? xVI 6 ICK! :'';,, SOUTH CAROL' 1 rO7.
4 40
Nursing baby?
It's a heavy stra
Her system is ca
I. nourishment for tw
Some form of n<
41 be easily taken up
is needed.
Scoft'. Ema
greatest possible a
ment in easily digest
Mother and bal
helped by its use.
Business Locals.
Not'ees of 'ale, Wants. Swaps, etc,
inserted in this Column at 5 cents per
lino for each insertion Nothing taken
for less than 10 cents.
Dr. W. M. Horton, dentint, will be in
Pickent Mondaya, L'hArty Tueadlnys,
Central Wedu'"d v, Pendlntoit 'PlTura
dayR, Clertaoni Fridays and Hat.urdnys of
eaoh week. O,c diy only. Co-ote:early.
FOR SALE-The 'Kennemnre lot in
Piekeus on Pedtletou arenue. 2} ares,
J. P. ary,
(;. E. Rtbius'.
FOR SALE-Good work male. Alp
ply Wim. N. (.tntt, R. F. 1)., 3. Liber
FOR RENT-W. H. Johnson's resi
dence in Piukt us. Apply to C. E. Rob
iue nn. A1;
WANTED-To rent a shingle will.
and hite a man to run it. Addrems,
James M iDarr,
41 Eauley 8. C.
FOR SALE-In Oree'twood enuty.
South Carol nit livi buludrvd torts of
averapa farming lan.l. A hig bargain on
easy terms. H. 8 B ackw.ili,
s Lauruns, S. 0.
FOR SALE -GO tbiling lots
in the towu of hoke., iear tb
buines pat of towIA
tf .1. J Lewis
NOTICE--A fter 1)eenhor the 25th
we will giu cottosi only on Mwaudy of
each week.
de t22tf Pickrnu Oil Mill Co.
An Irish lad on the east side was
obliged recent2y to seek treatment at
a dispensary. On his return hote-rem
the.firt treatment he was met by this
fhquiry 'fr4m is mother:
"An' what d1i the doethor man say
was the matter wid your eye?"
"He, said theme was. some furris sub
stande i-n It."
"Shurel" exclalimed the old woman,
with an 1-told-you-so air, "now, mnaybe,
ye'll kape awaiy from thlm EyetaMan
boys I"-Success Magazine.
Hieu Inupression.
"Nowv I have an ImpressIon In my
bead," said the teacher. "Can any of
you tell me wvhat an -impression is?"
"Yes'mn. I can." replied a little fel
low at the foot or the class.' "An lem
pression Is a (dent ini a soft spot."-B3ir
mingham (Ala.) Adlvance.
Natural En.oughu.
"They say that Bradley goes on like
madI since lhe iherl'ted his vast
"Whlat dioes he (10?"
"Oht. he acts like one possessed."
Lipplincot t's.
Generally the peuchase of a book Is
mistaken for the acqluisltion of its eon
tenfts.-Schlopenu ha ner.
can be,
8-4/gthat has
AVAI AnL ing 3%4
I'OIIOlRIC )~ phosph<c
-Is necesi
a . ok
in on mother. 0
led upon to supply
urishment that will
by mother's system g
rilon contains the i
mount of nourish. ki
ed form. 'o
>y are wonderfully ti
- dq
Ts: 50a. AND $1.00
It Varles Greatly In Different Pe h
. som and Co'ditlons. ' i
The pulse of women generally beats a
at a slightly faster rate than that of
men. It may be said that when a per- I
son is at rest his pulse, that of any t
adult; may he from seventy-five to t
eighty times a minute. Great variation
exists ip different individuals In re
spect of the number of beats. After L.
exercise the pulse quickens because of
the atimulation of the heart, .and the
same result applies to the effects of t
taking food. A dose of alcohol will also
stimulate the pulse somewhat, just as
the use of tobacco, especially in excess,
will tend to have an opposite effect
namely. that of lowering the rite of
the pulse, because of the depression of
the heart which results. In fevers and t
inflammatory *diseases the pulse rate
tends to be very much increased and
also in respect of its character. Instead "c
of beating quietly the blood vessel In u
such cases exhibits a very full and
bounding movement. On' the other
hand. where depression exists and the (
temperature of the body falls, the i
pulse may be unnaturally .slow aqtd its
character weak. Physicians are accus
tomed to distinguish other characteris- i
ties in the pulse, such as become",valu- i
able hints in the discovery andl deter
lination of disease. The practical les
Pon we learn here is that where the
pulse continues for any length of time
to have its beats quickened to an an- I
natural degree and where especially a t
rise of the temperature or heat of the
body accompanies these symptoms we
ought'to sUspect somse kind of feverish
condition or othe' to be represented.: e
The* ptlse alone forms a valuable
enough gulile to this state of the body,
but ltd value is very much increased if C
to ~the information given us by the
pulse we add that which the use of the
thurmometer supplies.-Cardiff Times.
Liht Rlestored. h
"There are many more women living
than I used to think." a
"Is that soT' li
"Yes. Before I marriedi I used to il
think my wife was the only woman in
the world."
Benedick-That luminous paint is a
splendid thing. Singleton-What do
yotu use it for? Benedick--We paint
the baby's face, so we can give him a LI
drink hi) the night without lighting
the gas.
ECgoIsma of Authaora.I
"Very fewv literary men get rich."
"Perhaps it's just as well they don't." *
answvered Miss Cayenne. "If a literary ()
man1( got rieb enioughi to f'ound libraries
lie wouldn't permit peop)le to read anay
but his own books." - Waishington Cd
Star. i
wtIely Inaa. a
"Did any one everx read1 your wri.t- c]
igs?" aked the artist. "Certainly!"
responded the haughty poeat. "Every
editor in tho 'euntry hs real them." Cl
crops of Corn
lepended upon from land
been liberally fertilized
omplete fertilizer contain-. r
% nitrogen, 8% available
ric acid and 9% 0
Low and why 9% of' Potash,
;ary our booklet will show,
*3 Nassu Street. orW
Ati5ntm. Ga.-1a24 Candler Sulldna n
" l(lt1'' UWion
Bureau of
: 4adh,eted by the
outh ('iro;iua Flarmers' 1'.du,entionu~
- t 't lat. v le duriot, h
lent .hould be tiddresed to J. Q. Striuu1I
entietont, South Carolina. V
Whel is the gain to you if yuu ti
ow large crops, if other:t git vi a
to prr l'%;....
hie nan that can see no good
the Farmers' Union because h( 8
adw's o' a trilling maln that he
n'gs' to . the Union, is the same a
nd of man that would.have some- F
uing to say about the hole in tho 0
)ughn ut that some good woman
we him.. ..... ..
Kill;oft' the lien low end then I
is it icbtide6t; n growers
i ]be forced to gr,W their own
)>4"' rpps,.thps itcidentally firc
ig-diversifieJ farming, to the great
ensfit to l*aandnm'd na. Killing
at the lien law would reduce tht
mount of mortgaged cotton grown
y British 'moiy that enables the
hriftless oasa of coftot4 . growers
) get eno'ugh.ohiAp cotton .to kei'
ing while. .he New. York Cotton
xchauge worries some of the .bet
)r class of growers intd '"B$ling
hi ir cdtton for less tha t...'
Down -with the lien law and ti
nerchant. will have more cat.h
rad, , ;iebtt' Class of time cu8
oIer,.t..hile the poia' mn can
hin get his godeleaper oir 'aic
otnt of itnpiov.etent s as to riek
~ the wind' asid' weather crop
lnortgage system that can hy run
nly on the grafters pla8i, whye
lit1, the sure pay tiat,is ai de. t
t ip pay for the loss u1. John, th."
nan that alwaye: c14ns. out be
Down with the lien law and you
aduci the number of bales of cot
tn accounted in hand by Lthe N w
cork Cottoa Exchungu.
Cut.out forf+ign cot ton wires and
,l such grafting things as the
101n law sy6tel, then the South
iFn control her greac money crop
-cot ton.
Step the loolish howling at the
tortgaged c"tton grower to hold r
Is cotton off th0 losing maarket, t
ld kill out the grafter system if
el law that takes these poor dev t
Look out there, boys, the Farm-2
'a' Union hear hannds h)ave struck
.i t rail of several New York Cor -
>ln Eixchanege menoz that are' pirowi
ig arronnd through thie cotton
>wns of our State. It. is said b.
>me w~ho have caught a gl imp
r them that they are ramblhiing
ound after game thuarr. th)E'
il " COtton Bu r,eer.' ' wiIech i
>thinlg more thai a ic kn,a,r.m <r
regular New Yi rk C(oet.on Ex
ange oflice. rt is suppos(MeI
at ths cut toni bears haive new
'ouche~d in their lair about, Colu.a.
a ready to eprmng oult upon1 ur y
unures brought before th e Leg
liaturo looking toward th dii(o
1 ucti' n of their ch'ancm ini cot ton
mesO inl this State.
Comne, boys, let's make a drive
r cotton beCars by having a
und-up and a general heu hb -rt
Sfor cotton bears dIown about
Iluimbia at Once,
Gov. Corner. of Alabama, who is
large manufacturer of cotton,
id also a manly publis citizen,
its himself on record in a state
ont that the New York Cotton
kchange is a fraud. lie also
ates that he bought 21[000 bales
cotton from them and only
out five halbs out of ever hnndred
are fit to spin. Then we are pre
rod to say from this evidence
at the chief stock in trade of the
tt c rrt k 4.row.r 1
111$ ; ( W 1tr1) Ui " t : I .
hile they l)ber c!o iv
'wing a big (ri pJ .i'
te t ewSpapf)rs, and1( a ik.
mil they pr,c.-"edi to <ir' .V
nlnuatl profits over s;
ires they are now atf - 1 1
I 5o0tth CaroIiu.t: i.' er -
hops art' knocked out
'Thr lien law was plnnu
(tor tl e war for the exprel '. S1
OBe of puttinig the niegro in)~.
f the .cott.on growing I; cstc,
iaking it. o.sv prey for -ln
peculators and nanufactur,41rs i.r
mil (Ai large fortunr's trum cot.ton.
:ill it out.
le Lntin and Saxon Terrna Frons
Which They Are Derived,
Our names for each (lay are derived
From the Saxons. who n'obnbly bor
rowed the Week frou some eastern
peopk'. substituting 1lmlei of their.
nwn divinities for those of the clas
leal gods, an Is easily seen when the
ames are tabulatel:
. Latin. Saxon. English.
Dies .Solis....... Sun's day......Sunday.
Dies Lunne..... Moon's day....Mbnday.
Dies.Martis.....Tiw': day..... Tuesday.
Dies Mercurii.. WVoden's thay.. Wednesday.
Dits.Jpvis...... Tior's day.... Thursday. .
Dies Veneris... Friga's day... [riday.
Dies' Saturtil... .Seernu 's day. Sat. 'ay.
Atnoug the ancients the belief :.. the
luftigeuee of' the planets - upon the iife
of 4en was- so strong that many in se
lecting their daily orinatinents would
Weir Only 'the gem asso(iated with the
planet of the day. Thus on Sunday
only . yellow gemis and gold should
adorn the lingers. Pearls and white
stones. exceptlug dhimouds, belonged
to the Moon day. Tuesday. iny of Mars.
clalined rubles and .all stones of fiery
luster. TIhursday. Thor's (lay, demand
ed annethystx and deep colored stones
of .aliguilne tint, while iritday, domi
intated by Vettnut..reigned over the em
erald. color of jealousy. which Is love's
shadow. Saturday. dedicated to Sat
urn. oldest of the gods. had for itv
distinctive tahiman the most splendid
of ii! gems, the diamond.-Chieago
Rec, d- iera ld.
,ils' Time Fht IDrfnking.
In the days or river driving on the
Eeenebee river In Maine old Unele Jim
3ilbert was at well knon..ctaracter.
3e was hale and hearty and had an
norznous appetite. The men used to
ome clown the river with at drive of
ogs and get a iaal at a tavern in
L,ugnsta. One morning. arriving late
nd with appetite shart ene.l, old Un.
le Jim sat down with the first set of
men and ate diligently during the time
hee men made at meal. A new set of
uen came and still Uncle Joe ate
teadily. A third set came, and the
avern keeper, becoming alarmed, tried
o hurry up tile protracted meal by
aying, "Better drInk your coffee, un
Ie, anmd have another c'up!"
"No," said( tile old man. "I never
[rink tIll I'm halt' thuroughi"-Boston
has a very bad effect on your sys
te;n. It disorders your stomach
anid digetitve apparatus, btts your
blood anCl causes constipation, with
all its fearful ills.
Thed fard's
is a bland tonic, iver regulator, and
blood purifier.
it gets rid of the poisons caused
by over-supply of bile, and quickly
cures bilious headaches, dizziness,
loss of appetite, nausea, indiges.
tion, constipation, malaria, chills
and fever, jaundice, nervousndss,
irritability, allelancholla, and all
sickness due to disordered liver.
It Is not a cathartic, but a gentle,
herbal, itver medicine, which eases
withor. Ir tatin.
Pet2B at all n..Uas. .
Ion. Wm. 0. Hunter Uses
Pe-ru-na As a Family
WIEN a man of undoubted reputa
tion comes out squarely in public
rin t, giving unqualified endorsement to
household remedy thero must be some
hing genuine to account for it.
Hon. W. G. Hunter, of North Caro
ins, well-known in Washington and
hroughout the Southern States, says of
Peruna that he regards it as the greatest
amily medicine ever discovered.
He does not hesitate to say that
Peruna invigorates and. gives fresh
trength to mind and body.
Such testimonials as this ought to
nake Peruna popular.
No advertising known to the arts of
man, no commercial management could
wver raise Peruna to such a high stand
.rd of appreciation'as the fraik and un
qualified statements of such men.
Peruna is an
P&RU-NA ideal household
A Redaab hRmedy remedy.It wards
For Colds. ~ off colds and re
lieves eatarrh in
all its formp and phases.
By ridding the system of catarrh, it
cleanses the'bddy of those conditions
which invite chronic diseases.
Cold Affected Head, Throat and Lungs.
Mr. Matthew O'l1are, 145 William St.,
Fall Itiver, Masp., writes:
"About four years ago I consulted a
physician to get relief from- a cold
which had stopped up.my head and.also
settled on my lungs, resulting in ca
tarrh and also throat difficulties.
"He gave me some medicine, but fctur
months faithful use of the same did .me
no good. I the tried other doctors, but
it was just the same.
"So I decided to try Peruna and after
using two bottles my lungs began, to
heal, I did not cough nearly so uich
and.slept better,.
"In six months the cough, oit*rh
and throat difficulties were all cured.
"I was pleased with the result and
wish to write you of it. Seven botfles
of Peruna cbred me." . -
A. L. Hewitt, J. P., West Berlin, Vt.,
writes: "I am happy to be able to write
you this letter in ielation to what your
Peruna has done for my family.
"When I brought the frt bottle home,
I found aiy wife and daughter both
sick-my .ife with.indigestion and my
daughter with a severe cold. They
were both oitred.
"I am willing to state that Peruna,
taken in the beginning, will auro the
worst cold id 24 to 85 hours."
P er Cent
And it is to your adivantag
Semi-.Bnnual Sale and take advw
[he valules we are offering y<
style goods, but this season's g
the workmanship is the product
acturer, Schloss Bros. Co. Eve
s richly worth the original p
worth your consideration. It bi
turers' cost for the same goods t
No goods charged at Sale
p)aid for.
No goods sent out on apprc
We Have Bark
Come ar
Job Printing-the t
TrAdvertising in this1
M 0.WM. G. H UN=tEN
.#ough,Ilolds, Catarrh
e e u .by. Pe- ru-na."
Hon. WmG... ..Hunter,. ex-member
Torth. Carolina Legislature, wri
rom the Census Office'Bulidine Wash
ngton, D. C.; concerning Peruns:
''.Ths. greatest tamily ' aedklae
ever dispovered,' in" my opinion,
which 'comes from experience as
well as obdervation, is Peruna. The
most common affliction to hu-an -
kind is-a bad cold. Perusa driives -1
It out of doors,. wards off c nano,
invigrates and gives fresh stregti'
to mind and body. I give Pesru
my unqualified endorsement.".
Mr. G. W. Taylor, Clendenin, W. V.,,
"I think that Peruna is the greate -.
tonic that was ever put on the axkkt. .
For several years bdy eyes bothered -m
so much. The pain was so severe ega
times I would think they would srely
burst out of my head.
"I tried Peruna and Manalin andasa
to-day a well man. am sure I shl .;
have died had it not been for D:MarS. -
man's wonderful medicine, Pernm.e
Such testimony as the abovo Waa.
given Peruna a high standard in ieew.
timation of the public.
Co ing:
I Per Cent6a
Disconnt [^
____ ____ ___ ____ ___ hae
e to visit our store dui5ng10
ntage of the
i ti
m are not shop-wvorn, <
oodls. Right up in Styl11.
of America's foremost I
ry article we have in th: as
rice, and the one-third" 'mi
ings the p)rice below m: '
prices. Alterations n'
val (during Sale, Of
ain s. fo
~d Get e
120 South Mi..
asty kind-t'A
paper brinigsor'

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