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- . - -Y
The Soalnel4ournal Company.
T.omP8oN & RIoBEm. Pnura.
1,. O. rnoMlFSON, EI-TOR.
iabeoription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonabh .
Entered at Pickens Foatomce as NSeond ala,
l[ai1 Matter
PICEENS, 8. C.:s
A Michigan poker-player is 100
years old. About time for .thze
"grim reaper" to call for a "abov
The Pennsylvania railroad he
raised the age limit of those whon
they will take into their employ fron,
35 "o 45 yeat.
Of coure, -w;e atrduagly dlpea
proving suchctSthfi s yc4}l" go :t se
"Salme" hen t twn.
juot to:make. ur' # ,tsMy ba'
it is.
Wth the a in Nev
Y tr id ber, s
iWi' e n i.
wahe"loses wa ab e ligh
went out.
Two th peo e th
satIng on lnooe lak N.i., on,
daglast:w ke. If this weather holdi
on we wilrepo umb skai n
on Weallpond neat week.
The horse is with us to stay re -
gardlees of -'the automobile, the si
ship 'or " electricity, and there is aI
increasing demand for our four
tooted friend all over the country. E
Senator Tulltian does not want any1
northern~ a"oney in Soth aro1i~s,
en aoeouot of its oorrupting indu
enoee. Evidently Mr. Tillman keep
his bk aooount in Now York.
In appointing a negro as surveyor
of customs at Cincinnati, Roosevelt
may have spored a point on Foraker. ti
but this game .: "tit'fbt tat" ver)
uch looks like a case of "the pub- t
UPI aied."
If Tillinan -tat1ts . Yankee money
kept out of South Carolina, on ac- o
bount of'ite influence, we want th.
Yankees to remain away till summer o
time, if (this is a aample of the '
weather they bring eit them.~
The groundhog may not. cut much k
ofi a flgure in this busy world, but ai
U o one will deny that he knows hib
1.iz when'he hiked back to'.w A
quarters on. Candlemas day, aned it- (
wiser than the fe1how caught shor't, 'ti
un~t~i w?ood this weather. ii
'bicago wgenot brokor won $10,
b I:er; there is a fortune in tha1t
1.3 J ripeculationi, he is wVeicomto r
no toGeorgand take a whirl,
L we cannot guarantee Limn traus~2
4e~ -~ tioni home, says the Macon
- he n orld's record cornicrop of 192
bois 'n an acre of ground : was
a; by M~dr J. A. Ticndall, of Clar -
a ni u' u , S. C., a graduate of
nieQtt.:ra department of Clem
S 'olino ~5tl~5outh Caroi:a
rto fonish~iing a market for
*ru corn ailjlong prices and pay.
he reight.
.atherwvise people can take their
.betwoon the Atlanta Journal
be Ao' IIgusta Chronicle inl the
htog case.r The Chronicle says
tonot lI4 ees his shadlow on
a isdy co.ld wveathor is oveor,
It our ii . gives us sixt wveeks
wnter weaher. The Jocur~
r<re receiving $1.50
uid lihI\delphia miarkcets.
town swoot potatoes
~ >~ wath e ok. in northern
~ ~i ~penw farmers of the'
peO dry, meally
~tt~v , '~that market.
4- as could build
g to their own
and for ship
a e in demand itn
The Circul
and the e
" Address [
ru another ,eek G rg.' G. M :r,
.f New.O'rloana, would fle becom
ae itizen of tbe S ate of .South Dako
:!A where he htd nade saangements
.0 secure a divorce from his wvife, I ut
,leath took a hand in the . proeed
iogs, Myera dying buddenly.. One
uitlion dollarm insan e i'oi,atook
vas. found in hi. keta,.
This ' a one.tfwH the-"-laugh Is on
he other fellow, and"$e lSuirh onta,
it back and enjoy the fun. All kinds
I angry protesta are coming from
Jiucinnati against the appoitnj in
df a negro,s sureyov 'of eutoru.s
hat friends of Roosevelt ate 14.
>ealed to - get. Tyler - to s,y,e will
tot aecept the,plum if offered him.
ryler. says that as Foraker ic tw
riend and will not oppose hiw,tbero
-o reason why he-ishmild not accapt
wvery white man in the Cinioinnat.
fice threatens to resign, and tltin
re growing interesting : .
A Y.aag Moth.rAt '10.
"My mother haa,suddenly been m" da
oung at 70. 'Twenty yeare of iuteiNi.
affnng from dyspepesia hit entirely
iuabled her, untit six months ago, wrN:.
he began taking Electric Bitters, watch
ave completely oared her and ruatored
he strength and.aotivity she had in the
rime of life," writes Mrs. W. L. Gilpet
wk, R, Danforth, Me, OJreatest reft "
ie mediq(ne. on the globe, t4et tki..
oh, Ltyer aud c'idueya' ight,. puriie
te bldod; and' bilreMaist1a, BilhiouH
eM and Weakne aw. Wonderful
rorve Tonic. Prioe 506.- uGtfarte 'ii
yPiokens Drug On: '
r boy, man1 or womua;. zs 11uickly out
t pain if nuken.'s Arnicla Salvo is
lied promptly. G. J. Welcb, of Tiekon
Lua, Mioh., e4yn: "I use itlin my family
in outs, aore4 an,l all skin iunries, miw
nd it perfeot." Quickest Pile oure
nown. Beatt healing salve made.25
bPickone Drug Co.
Il persons liable to road duty who
a not Dfay their road tax before tL
mo expires will be required to work
ve datys onl the pullc roads unedr
to direction of an' overseer of the
'rapo. Trhe consty Cornmissionere
.i111 not g employ any other oversooeers,
mtt p)ropose( to wvorpt tihe ronn withI
erace and hands wvho,do not pay th it
and tax.
E. F. L4ooper Supervisor
A Square Deal,
Is assured you whenl yon bnly one of Dr.
PIerce's family mediicine.s-for all the in
grodienits entering inlto them aire printed
onI the bo4tt.41-wrappe)irs an Id their formula
are attested under oath as beinig completo
aind correct. You know just what you are
paying for and thatt the ingredienits are
gathteredl fromn N'ature's laboratlory, being
selcedM from thIe molst vailuabl atm iv e
meidicin'al rVots forn.l .dlrowing in our
A mr0ijcan forests a nd 11( wili it e t. Lto4 curo
are irfet,ly harmnle-s e'ven to the most
delicate womenIl a ad children'i. Not a drop
of alcohol ent.ers instu their c1 opositin.
A inuich batter aig~ea Is used bso for ex
princirles used't in themt. vi:,.---puro tin ph
rehned'( glycerinei. This agen po.1e
IntrInsic minci in lproper tiis of itn own,
beIng a most val uatble anti se ie and m ani
ferment, nutrItIve and S ioth i ing de-rl''il
GlIycerine plVays a nhmprtalnt part in
D)r. Pire's Gloli tn Medical liii 'covery In
thei' eure of nd igeistion, dyspepsia, a ml
wveak stomach, at i.enidedu by sour risings*
hear~ t-burn, foutl hni atl', coa cted tongue',
p)oor an )p4t itO, guningVI! f'eling in stom
achi, b)I ihIlmness and iRh.ired dierninge
mients~ of the st oinich. Ii ver andi howel..
BeshIes curling all the above dIistressinig
alimnts, t hi ei oien Medilic.a Ile. )ivery
Is a sp erille for all diseases of thiiie ucou
mmbranl)lLi(s,0 a atrih, whehe oiii'(f thle
nazsal passages or of t he sitoah h1owelis
or poliel organis F.ven in its nicerative
stages it will yieldti this St)verighn rem)
e'dy If its use he~ 'r:4Vn tiu in. In Chlroie
Cati Iarrh of t,he N isal nos'ages, It is wellI,
whuIle takidng the 'n hin 'AI \eiial l)is.
coviry" for tilt nece'''ssary conttu ltionad
I *ltretet , to eleone the passagesidi fr'eel v
Lwo) or threo Lime ai('. 0 4y wV~it hi I ir. Nge''s
ci treatmtnt, geeralIly eltres thle wVorst
In couighs and he:- r -ness caused by bron
Stumpit In Its ad vanced41 ties, tih' "Goldeni
luedICal 1)ISCOVery "Is 1. most etliciient rern
edy, esplaIlly in t hose otin a i. hang-onn
C'ongh:, caiuserl by 1-tittion ande1 nye'stion of
coIvery " Is nIot.So) good fior aiente' 'onChs ais
pectedl to cuvo i'ousutitoni in Its an(i:tced
siages--noi mei'(ln wl)4 doJ tha imt hut for al
thei obst inamte. chroitn I. conghIs, whIeh, If nog
Sected. or handly treat ed. leadi up to. conlsump-)
lon, it Is t,he best mediclno that, can tbe takeni.
Iatlon Stimulated
luscles and Joints
ed. by using.
It nVS
25c. 50e & $1.00
d by all Dealers
atise On The Horse*Sent Free
r.Earl S.Sloan,Boston,MAss.
Fatal Aooident.
M ). 1'r+t.te waM ;kille-l l'bursds
flight at tht - Mists Auder:on,
wo fron P e A
l-of., the (,ily ..r,ye ..wit.nesa of th
'fT.tr, iitiwns tl.h Ihootiiig was ace.
IeII al*. ).Am rrlsortedt,tie "wpman b,ay"
the ws i. bed41, Trottpr .aoei..
ti th.li".hoia 1N, wi+h)ing to warns hinlp
'eif At the fire, san u atooping ove,
:o pic'k tinp i -pi es -.4' hrk his pisteI
.il fr!a,i, him. pokske.,and .as di,
shir.ed, the loai. taking rff-et iii tl."
breast.. Aft:-r besing shut Trutte
pick.t- p t bu iup.th 5 a4 Ia_ un -,
iruuik, qt4e satn tiune u syinig 'F ,
'hc+t " Ti.i. r ;r,,nr will' hid wa im.
gsu.t shiiH (Ednct} "t eook.
,at-r wo IH:trn frrm pnit,. wh.
v.ri firnt tit thee 5Kse)a that .11. Trct
rr biv.il f".r sr+v.sra.l Maura af14er tIh.
;-i" iiu., atd uut4t+ at NtatemtnIt t
,1*. I -ill ti .-t tti? +huoting Wso puei
:cidinta+tl, -til wtrnIutt nil agti.
ssIrryInt tlrear1A. -A, this night we
v'rv t.'.t he nttopped to warm, uen
.Y,..+ eai#'d t>y tLe tire while - Mi-.
Auditdern uno l ittiug ill thie curt#*
kSiitatet,t ' titaping for a pieee of
)Krk t+o 1)!,1 a Lb. fi e ta - gut f"-1
rfe+") hit-; cmw, p.N ik*.t,tinl etriking-h
rirv-dog v e .d ec,harged.
Mr. tru-ser w -p about 60 years o;
ige, andi wai tveli epikeu of by. thu.
wh , knes'w himn b,.ist.
.iuun's Fot.Iase a powlor.eures'tired,Ach+
u+t. awentluig, :.wulten feet. Saluple sentuais
11 S,tnplw Of 1-'u0'7-. se,A.m: StranY Cs P4, ,.
+uw invilnlun. Ad.Jre..s. Alleu N. Oluted ,&o
t,"oo, N. V
Why Refer
to Doctors
Because we make medicines
for them. We tell them all
about Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
and they prescribe it for
coughs, cotds,. bronchitis, con
sumption. They trust it. Then
you can afford to trust it.
Ask your own doctor.
The bost kind of a testimonial
"Sold for over sixty years."
Made byr J. 0. Ayer (7o., Lowell, Mass. .
We havo no sorotol We pub>lish
the formulan of all our medicins.
ver's Pilina reatly aid the Cherry1
- 'toral "i breaking up a cola.
~e earnestly reqiuest all young persons, no matter
iow limited their means or education, who wish to
hiain a thhroughi business training and good posi..
Ion, to write b>y first mall for our'great half-rate
frer. Success,. independoncee and probable fortuno
ire guaranteed. Don't delay. Write today.
fho Ga..AJa. Business College, tfaconi, Ga,
Ily .1. 11. Newhery, Esquire, Probute
1a)d(e sit to me to) grant bor loll-r*r of lad
mons)$tjton of I: ~ihete of anid i1'ttct
of 1h Wrisoa. O) Iedrtick4, deceased.
Iu-:siA1 A !: Tliinau wloul.: to cio andiii
l(uioi.iah al sual smugular the kinidredl
md eri .du ' of tIi n salid Hari,ion~t 0.
)ear 1btr me: f, ini thle Court of 'ro
u9 , to b h ldt at iek{ens Courl H .
$. C., on th 12 5h d1ay3 of F"ebrw,in~ ,1907
tler pauhticaiuon G.oreof, att 11 o'e~I( k li
iie i%-rPnon, to iIhow~ causeR(, if :leny tIIE
- e, wIby thloaid( aldnlinistrtioni onil
Ot be1 granted,1
~SE I1,- ieal,thtisi the 2ddaiy or I Wu
ary, 1907, in . t.ku :1 . da
Iour Inlepenldenco.
J. B. NEWiER~itTl '.1'
Th Cue of Many
pudden Deatis
1'here is a disease prevailing in this
coun most dan erous because so decep.
tivo. Madty sudden
deaths are caused by
It - heart disease,
. pneumonia, heart
II --failure or apoplexy
i rare often the result
"-- of kidney disease. if
kidney trouble is al
lowed to advance the
blood will attack the
t vital organs or the
kidneys themselves break down and waste
away cell by cell.
Blatdder troubles most always result from
a derangement of the kidneys and a c.ure is
obtained quickest by a proper treatment of
the kidneys. If you are feeling badly you
can make no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp..Root, the great kidney, liver and
bladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold urine and scald
ing pain in passing it, and overcomes that
unpleasant necessity of being compelled to
go often during the day, and to get up many
times during the night. The mid and the
extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized., it stands the highest for its won..
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and sold
by all druggists in fifty-cent and one-dollar
sized bottles. You may ,
have a sample bottle of
this wonderful new dis
covery and a book that
fells all about it, both ltomsotrwaatpltoot.
lent free by mail. Addresd Dr. Kilmer & Co.
Binghamton, N, Y. Whop.writing mention
readinc this generous offeio this paper.
Don t make any hiistake, but remember.
the name, Swamp-Root. Dr. Kiltmer'd
swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N. Y., on every bottle.
attrt. Ab w esg sIad h..2. 11t
Keep the bowels open when you have
ools and uae a good remedy to allay .
the inflammation. Qf the mtteous mew
hranes. The beet ieXennedy's Lastiv,
Fhney and Tor. 'It omitaina no oplatem,
movrr the .bowels, ,lryea out the cold.
t+ reli*ble and tumatee good,_ tiold ..
'menae rus oo. - -
"load P0e106"g -
reunlts from ohroni comptipation, which
a quickly cnred by Dr. King's New Life.
Pilta. They remove all poirornons germs.
from the system and infuse new life, and
+ig.r, oure p nr,Atomaoh, nnuMia, head
4the, dizaineaw and oalio. without grip.
ing or discomfort. 2b5. Guarantegd b'
Pickens Drug Co.
They Make Ybu Peel oned.
The pleasant purgative effect experi
need by all who use, bhamberlain's
.tomach and Liver Tablete, and the
healthy condition,f. the.body and tnindl
wbich they creat.e waken one feel jo ful.
Pino., 25 ounte. &ilnpla free at 11ck
Nnu" Drug Co.
This is to certify that all drpggata atu
authorized to refund your money if -Fo.
ley'er Honey and Tar falls to cnre yout
sough or cold. It 'stops the cough.
Ie,l.ithe lnug tind prevents serious, re
muts from-a w1id.. Cures 1e grippeoo l b
aid prevsptei pneumonitt and conmpn
liion. Contains no opiaf"f The Genu
in.e is in a yellow pnsokage. Refuse sub
4tituiteR. Parkins Pharmacy, 'Liberty,
tud Pickena Drug Co.
.Foley's H mey and. ' cfures the'
Eno't '.batinate cougrha Mnd.expels thr
sold from the system pa. it in mildly
.xative._ tt is guaranteed. Do not risk
aking 'imnv but then genuine in the vel
ow pacokage. Parkins Pharmaoy, Liber.
y, an)d Pickenas Drug Co.
t i's: :Early Risers
T8 e fmnous ittle all.
*Makes UIidneva and Bladdere Right
The Griffin
lands have been
3ut in to lots and
laid oft in streets.
T'hey are l.evel
a,d well located
a,nd the sizes vary
frm one-hal1 to
five acres. Tyhis
is a golden oppor
tunity for you~ to,
own a-homre in
the best town oil
the Pied m o nt.
Real estate is ad
vanci ng rapidly,
but th e prices on
these lots have
been mrade for
(nick sales. First
comne, first choice.
Fer Plats, Prices
andi Terms see
.T. McD. Bruce.
Ist he watchword of the times. You
front ranks with all those who. bel leve
forward business is what counts; thei
people of 'Pickens County. the very be:
them in this way,
Our stock is becoming more con
are better prepared to serve you tha
:ndeavor to. win the confidence of
hild in the county.
Come to see ns whether you need
Line or eot; we will make your visib at
!. If you cannot find your Doctor'.
ave your call with us; it will only be
him your call.
Remember that we are in Dr. Eat
J. Mc D. Bruce,
5 Per Cent Interest Paid
j. F. Banister, B. A. Hagood,
J M Stewart J. E. Boggs,
T. N. IHtunter: H. Riel
Ten cent cotton has put lots of
Many people have been robbed an<
Safe blowers hdve'tried. the
and failed to get the noney. Delays
an account with them today' and your
Interest paid on'ftime deposits.
$r.cowill open an account with
*- C
--e-$LLS THE
Jgul1 T/AT
*Nothing e
can run thrbugh it,
it, or climb over it,
Electric welided Evy' in -h IO(a w i'di r nis
turn any known animnal that tro n wo, ti.
Ini this cou , ty we~ ha.oe th- ag'n
Thte Best, Neatest, Stronge.. .;I nIo1 .j
We can Save You Money on F2nci p
will find us in the very
in progress. Straight
6fore we will give the
t of our efforts to serve
plete every day and we
! heretofore. We shall
very man, woman and
anything in the DRUG
le's old stand.
I. M. Mauldin,
- $2o, 5i0.o
- 140,000.00
)n Deposits-:
W. M. Hagood,
J. McD. Bruce.
iey, J. P. Carey,
money in the country.
I killed for their money
are dangerous. Open
money wili be safe.
I. C. Shirley, Cashier.
the Liberty Bank.
crawl under
nd break it.
aitine guarni.d to h. 1d or
Of-, f0 Ul' 01 Liim(l-, fee't.
'V .'ti tal IS h4'.

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