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Entered April 28, 1908 at Pickens, . I., as econd olade matter, under act of Congress of MaRtb 8, 1870.
I will try to give your readers a few
of jots from this little burg.
Farme s are begining to get a move
on them the;o dasy.
'loalth is very good except colds,
y<ur scribe is 30 years 9 months and 9
days old, and bought the first bottle
of medicine for individuil use last
Thursday Jan 29th and that was a
bottlb for the eyes and- was prescribed
by Dr. Webb.
Danial Winchester killed a hog some
time ago that netted 350 lbs, and A.T.
Winchester killed a pig nttting 325 lbs
and from which he got 5gallons of lard.
Miss lda Davis has returned from
a pleasant viisit to frienns and relat
vies in lasley.
Mr.& Mrs. H. F. Wright are on a
visit to the latters parents, Mr. and
Mrs John Cantrell.
'he stork has been visiting our neigh
borhood and loft a fine 10 lb. girl at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. T.
Bgrn to Mr. and Mrs. B.R. Giistrap
on the 27th inst. a son.
That good and substantial citizen
Mr. John C. Graveley, has moved so
the farm lately purchased near Pick'
ens C. H. and is much pleased with
his new home We regret very much
to give thorn up. But Piopens gains
where we loose.
A quiet home w dding occured at
the home of the bri res narents Mr and
Mrs. John T. Cantroll when Mr.
Hobert F. Wright led to the alter Miss
A.tie M. Cantrell. Rev. B. F. Mur
phreo otiiciating, after which they
were all invited to the dining room
where the tables were laden with all
the good things the inner man could
wish, the ycung couple have the bcst
wishes of ibier many friens.
We are glad to note that E. F.
L>opor our popular supervisor is again
to the front and is having a new road
opened from the head of Oolenoy near
Mr. W. R. Pric"s on the big Eastatqe
sear ILee W. Stanuills. This roabi
when completed will give us Morntain
people a straight a*oot for the Court
house Hurrah for Looper. he dont
fill to look after the Mountain people,
neither does the Treasurer when tax
paying time comes.
Mountain Sprout
No 3
Theb'ealth of this comunity is very
good .at present, the farmers are pre
parlng, for another crop and if the un
ion- Will hold out faithful thye will
get a'good price for their cotton.
We 6V6 a flourishing Sunday school
at Pleasant Hill.
Mire ifary B1llingaley of pEnkxa1
visited 1lties L'c,ella Bell 'of Pleasant
till'8atui-daia d-Snuday.. - .
Miss Lola a d-' E$a- may Merck visi
ed reatives bi.ene Suridif '.
-Garvin sebooliis prUgrssln. nioely
w.th Muss Berh Jones 'tead1ier*And
Mise .Mpie Parrdqtt aseItanut.
Mto R.O. Mere of: Sik iptie finted
*eIMives and.NAqnds- at Anderson last
wepg . Wako.up, old Riddle *and give.
sthe news tf Six mile.
- A re wre llatendhg tio hea the;wedding
tell ring arounPt 1leasant Hill' soon?
FROM 1Viot.
The health is very good at presnnt
afrmnrs are oreparing and gettine every
thing in good shape or planting cot
ton and coon". We are havilng a flou
rishing Sunday school at Pleasant
Miss Lile Pinson and brother made
a fiying visit to Centra last Saturday.
Miss Lula Merck and sister wvent on
a visit to Oconeo to see their uncle.
Last Saturday two young charming
Jatties rom Norr.'s, Miss Ethic and B3ru
notta Alexander visited their' consin
Miss Lula Merck of SLx mile.
Trhoy are having a good school at
Garvin they have about eighty piupils
on the roll.
Mr. Bud Land moved to Oconee, we
hatLd to give thomn up especialy Miss~
Mr. W. R. UIll has a very sicuc child
hat is improving. Wake up old1 Rid
dlii arnd uirop ini Six mied dots.
Mr. Robert Hlolcome has occuieid
C. W. Garret t's hrouse at Six muilo.
Mr. Elisie Garrett has about get
hisn house completed.
Sun Flower.
Dear Editor having not aeon an~y
news from this section throgh the col
urns of your paper I will endeavor to
4 give t('o many readers of your htrast
lng andi valuabla paper a feiv 'soos
from our section.
alhis very good in our part of
Executive Board of State Convention.
Dr. W. T. Derieux, assistant secretary
of the State Mission Board will,proe,uh
a 11 A. M. we want several a sort talks
by the brethren on bow to reach every ]
member of our churches and induceo
them to become contributors to the
Cause of Christ.
J. M. Gear, Chairman Ex. Con.
About three weeks agn the ittle two
year-old son of a Mr. Farmer of
Peizer, was attacked by a mud doe.
Mr. '.Walter Griffin a young man who
was standing nearby and seeing that
the dos had the little child down,. ran
up and, nocking the log ofT, picked
u i the child and was takinw it to a
place of safety, when the doe juped
on him (Griffin) and bit Lim on the
Last night the littlo chiUd (lied at
its home in Pelzer and this morning
Mr. Grlffinr breathed his last, both of
tiin dying from the efTects ofthe dog
bite The doe was a line, large dot-,
and bolaned to Mr. Farmer, the father
of the little dead child to whom it
seemed greatly devoted. The dog was
always left with the child when all
were away from bomo and always irr.
t ected it. Two or three dafys hef ->ro
it went mad it was noticnd that it
was acting rather peculiarly and it
was sh-t up in the back yard but
somehow got out to the front yard
where the child was playing and at
tacked it. The dog was killed im
mediately after itbit Mr GriRin.
---Greenville News.
The eight year old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Lumpkin cf Dalton S. C.
who departed this life Dec. 13th 1906.
his illness was short but sevore, his
body was laid to rest the day following
in the Mile Creek cemetery after ap
uropiate services conducto-i by Rev. W.
C. Sarborn.
Daer R. B. thy gentle voi-ce is hushed
And on thy pale and pencnful faco,
Is resting deaths cold and chills,
Thy hands are clasped upon thy breast,
We have kiFe bthy marble brow,
And in our acaing haert.s we know,
We can see his smiles no more,
One preolous to our hearts has gone,
The voice we loved Is stilled.
The place made vacant in our homes, I
Can never more be filled.
The b:on his love had given,
And though in. earth the body lies,
The soul iet eafe in.Heaven., I
Though all pains at tines he'd smile, "]
A smile of heavenly birth.
And when the angles called him hotne,
He smiled farewell.to e'rth,
Heavedreteiineth fnow our treasure,
b.ralin lonely casket keeps,
And the aupbean longe. to linger,
W b t.or a.pgl R. . B. jpep's
A-sleep d i eaus'bleAed sleep,
From which none other wake to weep,
A calm and undistuirbud rep6o'
Unbroken by the last af.*% '
A sleep in. Je.snas fa,r from .0t'0,..
T*iy kindtrett ih. their uIrane. msay be,
Bn6 -hine Is still a blessed sleep,
Btoni which none ever' watkes to weep. .
Peaoftil be thi' sileed slumber,
Pesffn in"thy griAve so low.'
n'iore 'w'Ill join our number, *
bo .o rndre orir sorrows know,
Yetgati~w tv kope to meet tisce,
*Whe,n. the.day of lIyte is fi ud,
And in Heaven. with joy to greet 'thee,
-Whore nso far-ewoll tears are shed,
*Ea'-ewell d'aririig, FEn- will deauir. (
.Peaofull he u hy silent resuit,
Sunlmbier sasooly, God knew beit,
wVhen to r'all thano to rest,
Farewell to our precious darling.
Se insust, say o-,. ist s- siurowil.
Till we meet beyond the river.
Happy there with thee to dwell,
May the loved ones loft bolh i feel I
chore is a tendeorer chorcd tnan over
hofore to draw thoem nearer to desus
and may they tr-i v to meet little R It~
in Heaven.
M. Ri.
O( DEl'N, Uath, - -Western Express No.
5, wes4t hound On thei Southern Pacific,
was ditehod at Deethi, Nev., lIfi nus
west of here, shortly befor 11 o'clock
at night. The entire train ofegh
cars was hurled from the track .irndl I
turned competely over. A numb'r of
p)ssengors wore injured, but the rail
way officials say that none were sori.
osly hurt. The accident is supposed
to have boon caused by a defectiveo
break or break beam. ]
. If you haivo loat your boyhood spirita,
conirego and confidence of youth, we of.
fer you new life, fresh courago and frec.
dom from' mt heoalth in Hlollistcr's Rocky:
Mountain Tea. 85 cents, Tea or Tablet8. 1
Pi1n enm Dru .
No Evidence fir the State.
A Oharlotte, N. C, dispatch says A
hat the case against lolla Del. t(
ingham, henry Gillespie and Geo. T
[rvin, the first named a woman,
,harged wit.h the nurder of the '
Byerly family at Harbor Junction b:
ast July, wast c,lled Feb 1 in the at
[redell superior court at Statesville. at
rhe State found itsolf at a stand- 1b1
till before the trial had no more v
ban started. Whenl the mob of
whlttjs lynch-d the '>ther three to
-gpro;s implicated in this Qrime!ro
t Saltt"bur la-t sun i -:-, all the "w
vidence in t h-- vns. for tho prose-1.
ution was wip dl oum. Th'hre was.
- Or
io evidence tt*atlinst theisut vivors of sl
he mob's vengeance . othur than in
that the Dellinghatm. wm.nan was t
.he wife of onj ..If the mA,,h'e vic
.ins and Gillespie the brother of'.a
itnother. Judge Moure ordered the o
ury to br.o g lin a ve' iet of not
;uilty. tc
Mlount Sinai Just Common Volcano.
Berlin, Feb. 2...--V I . Smiln1, a
With its miraen in fire. dnscribedl tl
ll the cid Tes8t aim-nt, was nothing e
more than i volctn i itionI, do.
-lared Prof. Gunkel in a le:ture atc
Be:lill University. n
1uf Gunl el, one of the most 0
1Iots d thl-o .'gians1 in Germany, has
iow made i( i th-r di.con - ertina r
statemt-ents r'garding Bible stories
in a c .mminentary on th* Book of
Gens.is which h, has just pub
In th" wIork the professor attempts
to connect the religious ideas set
forth in the Book of Genesis with
the myth of ancient Baby lonia and
Assyria. All the accepted views
0i the early history and religion
of. ihe sraelites are contrive.Led c
by the pr. -fewsur very learnedly and t
at great length.
The clergy in Germany are t
greatly shockHd and excited over d
this lnteet exampl( of the 'higher j
oxaway Hotel Company Files Answer at
Asteville, N. C.-The Toxaway.
iotel company, a Georgia corpora
ion operating for ~ th's past two s
t"ars a t.tring of hotels in the fa. H
nous Sapphir" (rouniry, has made of
nswer to petiti in of certain credit- -
ra seeking to have the iompany
eclar' d bink-tip-t
Several days ago creditore'ronre. it
onting accoultx$ approxi:mating tt
12,000 filed a -petition 2n the 6
Jnited Statesn ?ercutL .cur~t er'e
anuestinig t ihat. ihe- TI4xaway Hotel
vre isen t to .indge Blo) d and the ~
rox4iwy Hlot al ..eim.aany.Wa cited1
appear and mnake a'nswer JFeb. 2 gi
he answer haa tMen file,l and in bi
~frect delaIres that ihe's'id United el
ita I es circuit cour t. is without juris d.
It is probable t' at. the next step
ii hiLmtteiill bv I I tht' fixing of
I thle conieg i..n ir Ih.. Texawvay3 s
hen lik.-v 11hat thle cret'tors will i1
''14 d u'ner the Starte laws, and ri
se i. attaeh pro. rty of tho 0
-lel c e mpaney. It i s probable, t~
'owever. thiait ciim an~g 1insat the
Omtpanyty iv eC-i oled out of the i
~rand Levee in the Mississippi tircaks. d
Vickshurg, M iss. e. .-h
iivaIte ltoes o urroundi(ing the
~alm Ben IstlandI in the Mississippi
iver, twenty miiless below herie,
tve way to-day and the water a r
> oding. the island, on which are ai
veT plantatio)ns, including Briar C
ield, formerly owned by Jefferson
)uviue, and the Warren county
onvjct farm.
ear a iha inm You ialm Alv was8tigg t(
(The Augusta, Ga.,) Chronicle says
litorially "For days to come we are
> bo deluged with the details of the
haw trial.
Thaw plave the 1 rodigal son except
at ho never had the grace to get up
om among the beast and think of
tter things. le kept on grovelling,
id in his career Ine it a handsome but
)andoned, woman. With the brutish
in moss to the destinution between
ce and virture, which some men ex
bit he finally married her; and,
sowing or beleiving that one of her
rmer paramours had re-established
lations with her, s6iot him to death
ithout a word of wp ing.
The nurderkd. man was oven,.a more
spicable Wretch than his mnurdere?
e being a mere swine, while the man
sin, had' brains Whicu- ho':6mpio.ed
laying deadly; Ana:ts for iihcenot
d urinuspeoting irls,
Ile is (lead now, 'ut ofr in'bis snd .
id gone to .his. oii n pipe.ce,, tl)erc i,..
to time to- be confronted . w th .the
ice pure souls he'sullied. :
With his slayer, justic? is now about
deal, and a horrid panorama -of
msecntty and blood is to be slowly And
ihticly unrolled In lands free from
yVteria and morbidity a quiet trial
id quick bnnirag would constitute
1e cnt -e performance, but with ue
ery foul particular will be served up
a deii:'te morsel.
How any man who claims to be
ean, or any woman possessing the
ormal delicacy of her 3ex can gloat
ver such recitals passes comprehension
Te only right thing to do for some
mo to come is resolutely to refuse to
end any thing lablled Thaw. Pitch
efi' es.
BUFFALO, N. Y.,-BIi caure he
voul 1 not go to church with her, but
itayed home to read the Sunday pa
)ers. Mrs. Philomenal Tozzo poured
i wash$ boiler of steaming water upon
?e,+r Tozzo. The h,uhand, who is 60
'ears old, may not survive, ann the
voman is lookedi up. Mrs. Tozzo is
razy over religion, according to her
uband and neighbor. 4 I'll teach ypu
have proper religious spirit.," Mrs.
'ozzo is said to have exclaiuea. 'If
ere's no other way, I'll boil the
evil eut of you," As Tozzo lay
ritbing in agoiny, she went to a no
,bbor's house and told how she had
formed htim. Mrs. Tozzo. will be ex
nined as to her saunlLy. a
TLANTIO CITY, -N. J.,Jan. 31
- lerman Flolzapel, 10 year old and
Confessed safe robber -is in jail hete.
e was taken in custody by a'detective
i n obarge of larceny and after being
Cked up atated thrt be had t;oobetl
ie. safe in *thp. ofmee .of W n
autbhlin, a- real-estate: oporator,;on
iree different -ocoasions, 'taking from n
about $350. The-last time'&robed
e safe, several weeks 'kgb, -M6 took
~00 and vmiuable 'securrties. S
.Detectiv wow 'r said
19.t thatef ;bes opened. by an
:erte grlu Tere ,pas. not
scratch -on th1er.oniide to .indicate i
at '1* had bhsba pne. :
The- yul-fitk"Vfabuer told .ttre' tie- t
c~tlvos -tilt li'e Yta e''nd"'th' safe 1
Ith a' fi'e'ge of' '1fgergl'e they
iva theni an. exhbtQ of sgre ro(4igy
7' accompanying -them ,I to *i.e -.ren
itato,.man's offiee, whera with an or- t
nary l'ali-r,a, he lqickly 'opened the
Ig ..brglar-proof' samfe while iho
entha stod aghast.
Poker on the Mississippi y
Thei. realppearanlce) of the camrd -
iirp on the A.tlan1tic liners, to.
nihor with the fabulous losses t<
nput&d to young millionairep, re- ec
inded Mark Twaini tho other day .1
I' an an,to-bellum happening, says ir
le Buffalo Express. I
"Whetn I was a pilot onl the
lisissippi'' he said, ''I saw ono
ight a handsome black boy stand- ci
'ig alone in the stermn, looking s
isconsolatoly at the dark aned is
>nely river. Ho was, of course, a I
ave. 5
"'Hello,' said I, 'who do you i
elong to, anyway?'
" 'l did b'long to Mahstor Car
oll, sah, whenm I came aboard,'
'id the boy; 'but heo's bin in do
tbin playin' p)oker wid do capt'n) th
ber an hour, an' I dunno who I wi
'longs to now. "
lany men give lavi.dhly of gold, O:i
o build bridges and oastics and toweors
' oldti
you want everirsting fame, a be'nefuio-str
m* be,
lye the poor and needy Riocky Mourn- s
In Tea. Piokenns nr. no. ha
the county with the oxccption of a few
o->ds, caused by the suden change of
the weathe.
Ms. H.A. Freeman who has been in
feeble health for some time is still on
the sick list and is not improving ta
tihs writing.
Ms. Sallie Prit;thet an need widow
abopt 87 years of age died at the home
of E. W. Looper on Jan. the 31 and
was buiriod the day following, at Eb
enezer Baptist church, she leaves two
daughters, Mrs Marvi Hall of Easley
and Mrs. SarabiGreen of Ashville, and
a host of frieds to mourn her death.
Mr. Oscar and Miss Nora Looper were
the guest of James and Anna Hughes
Rev. J. T. Singleton iilled his reg
lar appointment at Nine Forks the
first Sunday with a good congregation
in attendance.
Prof. Jessie W. Looper of the Sandy
Fleat Section who is teaching scaool
at that place was up on a visit with
home-folks Saturday and Sunday.
J. G. and R. J. Hughes of this
section are in Gr.enville building a
house for Walker Granaer of that place.
Look out commissioners you know
what you promised us you wuobld do
when you come in to office. We are in
need of a new bridoe acoss carpenters
creek if you want our surport. two
years from new you had btter look
after the wellfare of our roads and
bridges, we are lookng for you around
Mr. Looper.
What has become of all our corespon
ents? Like myeslf I spuvoso neglect, if
it was not for the news our paper
would be a failure so let u' give the
news of each section and make the
paper agood one. Mr 13. let, ur hear
from you, I;de!ibgt in readin the news
from your section. '1ith beat wisbes
to the Sentinel-Journal and its many
reaedcs I remain.
Mountain Boy.
-Easley H. F. D. No. 4
Prof. R. A. Gentry, teacher of Rocky
Knoh school, hap been very sick with
fevor for the past week.
Miss Mary Leslie, has charge of the
school du'ing Prof. Gentry's illness.
Mrs R. F. Wyatt is visiting her
daughter Mrs. Pool, in Greenville ,his
. Mr. Browning and family of -Peizer.
had recently moved in this vicinity..
Rev.: J. Walker filled his regular
apoointment at Zion Sunday after
noor. .he and his wife have moved
in. Mlr. George Hamiliten's house,
recently, occupied by M r .an4 ..Mrs.
Plgrim. . - .
Miss Ida League, left Easley. last
Thursday for Greenville, B.C. Weh t
she will spend o month or twd with
her sister.
Te 6ers Afsooiatiop, o'ogan zdd.
Several, of the colored school.,teachiers
of Pickens county met at Easley .Nov.
10th 1900 and -organ izen- what is-oalled
itregtiI'dr teacher's assoc,iation.-'
.A comittee of 3 was a'ppointed to fix
resaoutions to suit the.oec'at'iot.e which
reads as follows.
(1 ) Be, it resolved tliat. tg.eQIoored
teachers of Pioliens 'nme mnoro'or bet
.tor obserVation air.to the attending
our teachers Sumner schopl than here
tof ore.. - . .
(2 ) 'Note the parents 'of the defici
enceeg now existing among their
chidren on the account of their none
cQrroboration with the teachers.
( 3 )If interest he ta sen to this effect
among both teachers and patrons it
will better the whole cause of schoolnig
& ecot.
(4 ) All teachers that fa il or neglect
to give their atte'ntioni to the abovo
named matters their ablilitios as tea
chers will not be considered.
Cenmiittoe P. 8. Little
J. W. Jlohnson
II. C. Johnson
The~ actions of this association P tit
ions the Hion. CoOtnty Saipt. B. 'f.
-11 allums tonrge this comptulsively up
on the minds of thto teachers and1( a Ilk.o
indorse our foehle uffert anrd maiko u.
ain early reply th rongh, the p)apers.
Our i n0it teachers asFocic tion w iil he.
at Easloy on Satuirda.v before thle
2 Sunday in March 1907.
J.. B. Simpson~ President.
F. E. Jobson Soc.
.The Executive of thte Piedmont sso
ciation dsrsthat all' Pastors Oreach
-era and Deacons in the .Association
meet the at Liberty the- third Sunda.y
( 17th) of Fobrua4y to assist in divid
ing the apportionment among the chur
ashes according to the regnest of the
List of Jurors--February .Term.
Robert T. Stu,wart,
James H. Qafne'p
T. D. Harris;
J. Con. Greveley,
* John P. Smith,
T. D Chapell,
R. H. Holcombe,
Mathew Fiendrioks,
John P. Farr ,
John Singleton,
James C. Stevenr,:,,
E norv Ji'es: ; . .
B D. Mauldin,
-oe W. Smith,
W.- B. Jones,.
W. D Cantrell, Jr:,
W. C. Newton,
A. Jack Looper,
C. B. Grant,- -
D. E. Garrett,
W. Thomas Freeman, -
V. H. Chastain,
J. W. Gilstrap,
Walter J. Boggs,
J. K. Latben,
A. M. M\fluldin,
W. it. Taylor,
Tom A Hughes,
J. I Vickery,
Smith Boweu,
J. C. Kilbey,
B M. Hester,
1'. F. Nelson,
RobFrt Mosey, Sr.,
W. F, Ariail,
John C. Duckworth,
R. E. Cnildress,
J. M. Nations,
Thomas Welborn,
J. W. Sheriff,
James M. Porter,
J. M. Willians,
Elbert E. Perry,
A. C. Smith,
W. 8. Parsoia;
J. Warren Hopkins,
R. B. A. Foster, \
J. 1B. Brook.
Court convenes Monday, ?et4 ,
I will put up a photograph studio
Pickens about April 8, 1907, and '
ncerety desire the patronage of
e and all.
35-8t . E M. FARMER..
CEditoriaf Lemonade. a
Th9..report is.d.uied that Gov
wettenham is a. descendant
ord Chesterfed.'-[Atlanta Joy
al. ,
Lillian' Russell'' 'dauughter'.
cured her fi rel.'t .diyprge
wing mother's-footsteps?' -
1n0r Sun. -
Oeorge.Ado has written a
at makes auieces-lvvop.
'8 not an'otlier' comedy.--[A
ngl.and' s ,directory hae
naended .to read: ."Ca
arthquake, Catastrophe~,
'nham.-(St'. Louis Chro:
Rogland has her Swet
ut we hav3 our Chancel[
me biggest k now n a,si ini tI#
onng Rockefeller no ei
-[ Birmingham Age--HorJ
PecrhIaps England has I
> explain to the Kingala
mor why he b:uoderei
ogi lnd uniderstand(s tl,to
ig wvill bo neosr.
The statement of
er'ry that she will or
vilized portions~ of
tates dluring her fo
explinefd by the
>ok her to Omiaha
ec was in this co t
gton HIerald1.
The Diffe
Mike--"Kin~ ye
' IIffer'ance boti i
t, Pat?"
Pat-4.W5ll, it's f
ce betwane~ whii
aw. from. tJL.br
nidle av a n._

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