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'~ 1ck1i~Selltlnei4ollral
Happenings of a Local and Personal
Earl Seaborn is visiting friends in
tOWb. .
Don't be discouraged. There's a
"Thaw" on in New York.
Walter L. Boggs took a run up
from Liberty, Wednesday.
Mr. Hubert MoKagan, of Sumter,
was in Pic4ens this week.
Miss Melissa Byars is visiting
Iriends and relatives in town.
Born, on the 1st inst., to Mr. and
Mrs. Stacy M. Townes, a girl.
'Squire S. D. Stewart, of Liberty,
was in town Wednesday on business.
Misses Eva Freeman and Ina
Boggs visited at Easley, Wednesday.
Three large boilers and one en
gine arrived last week for the cotton
Miss Casse Bolt will succeed Miss
Jeukins at the telephone central
Jack Frost did sme -attistio eth
ig on the windowpanes Wednesday
Craig Brgs. are getting a "move
-n!' plating the stook in their new
etore building.
* &farriod, Sunday. Jan. 27, by Rev.
J. M. Stewart, Miss Missouri Robert
son and Mr. Warren Turner.
Mrs. 0. L..Onreton, eho has,been
seriously ilk..fgy a number. of weeks
With pneumonia, is much impraved.
The Heath.Bruc.Morrow .oA sold
several buggies Wednesday. Buffalo
robes, sleigh belts and skate" would
be more in keeping with the weather.
When in search of Craig Bre., if
you it to Sod them at the old stand
call a the new store, for they are
moving their goods and are "sorter"
Miei Ethel Jenkins has resigned
her position at the central office
and accepted a position as sales-.
lady in Cooper's meroantile estab
When kicking'on the weather think
of 44 below .ero. in the Northwest
-" thaahh : bi'mkae in New Eng.
y 70iou are living
. has ereoted a
* .ey, where he is
enigatgeu-FABi i,a and feed busi
ness, handling stock foods, etc., and
invites Pickenites to call eben in
If it is a 'valentine you .wish to
send her or a handsome post-card,
call en the .Pickens Drug CJo., and
while there don't fnil to-look at the
fineht litno of stationery e'ver brought
to to.vn.
Thornley Harris has p-unted his
estorai nont, and,..!ike...Joseph's coat,
it has many colors. It is odd, to say
the lea.st, and will attract attention,
whi.n we suppose is the object
. Mr. Pleas. Whiten, one of the sec
) tion bosses onJ the Pickens road, is
not o:'ly a skilled and experienced
raitros'l mann, but he's no "slouch" as
a c'.,ti')o .rOoer. On his farmn 10
mi le' .eni h of town he raised last
s,1a-'n 44 b"l--s of the Sbnth's chief
indultt ry . ; aiilroaud men als a rulq
don't~ tako kindly to cotton--but some
of 'e sometimnes ex pecttmate3 it.
Mr. ' 0. Roborteon, aged 65
yealoA at her home Fsb. 1 and
wais buried S'rnday in the family
buiryinig ground. Sne leaves three
somu atal one daughter, 13. F. Robert
son, Philip Robertson, S. M. Robert
so,a Miis. S. W. O'Dell. Her deat"a
occuirred1 five lyoars to a day from
that of her husband. Mrs. Robil
son wias a daughter of thd late Philip
C layton.
it., there was ai
* . he home of the
Golden GIrove
* Ruth, daughtoi
ion:Newton, wes
matrried to Mr. Willie Olayton, Rev.
Honriy perform ingi the ceromoy
The young couple will start i cir
new life in the home provided by tl:e
young ahan on Liberty roa], where
the beot aishes of a host,:of friendb
followv tem. -May hapdiness for-'
ever attehd this w~orno -.
, 3 on 4he t u.lt. t, M. und
Mr1.reo. Bretule oa &n.
Butterick Patterns at Folger,
Thornley & Co.'s. 86-4w
Revs. D. D. Jones and 8. J. Me
Carty are attending a Sunday school
convention at Greenville.
Edwin Griffin, son of Capt. J. A.
Griffin, who has been in Colorade
the past three years, is home on a
We are not giving Dr. I.t any
free advertising as a physician, but
he is quite an expert as a sign
Hon. T. J. Mauldin made a busi
ness . trip to North Carolina last
week, taking in Brevard, Hender
sonville and other points.
Mr. T. A. Gary, the popular man
ager of the cotton will company's
store at Cateechee, braved the weath,
er and visited the "Hub' Monday.
Married, at the home of the bride's
parents; Mr. and Mrs. 'Silas Hinckle,
Sunday,8d inst., Miss Nannie Hinokle
and Guy P. Bowie, of'Nimmons, Rev.
14 M. Stewart ofMiating.
Friday,, Feb. 1, Deputy Collector
Aiken with Officers MoKinney, Gor
nell and Goldsmith made a raid near
.Gowanaville and captured a large
still. Two men were arrested.
The young son of County Treas
urer.Farr, on his wy i ome, lost his
purlq containing $8, somewhere. be.
treen- the courthouse and the. depot.
Finder.please reture to the treasur
er's offioe.
'The Annette Litr .Club," of
Liberty, have issued a very elaborate
programme for an entertainment to
be given in the aulitorium of the
Li rty graded sohool riday night,
Feb. 22, commenoing at7.40 o'clock.
Mr. Brook,. of aendersonuille,
trsve,ipg repreenttive, of the Flat
Rock Knitting Mills, was calling on
Pickens merahants Wednesday in the
interest of his house. Ho itatea that
the artifeial lake to'be constructed
at Hendersonville will -have a shore
Jine of thrirty-Sve miles, d be pre
diott great things.-for that thriving
At the firt quartetly ,oonferene'e
of the Pickens cireult, IeM at 'abog.
Jan. 29, a committee. , pp nted
consisting of one -membe; rom each
of the firs churches on yhscirY6uit to
look into the metter of 4epairing the
pdrsonage, The comiittee 4 i.. at
the par'eonage Saturday. An assees,
ment was M$de on the various
churches'of ana ar'ont suffieient to
build a kitchen and paint the entire
building. This will add much to the
looks of our.town, and we are glad
to see the brethren so progreesive.
Through a misunderstanding Comn
missioners-elect N. Bi. Moore au:id
G. W. B3owen failed to make. th3eir
bonds, and when they camne to qualify
they found there were no commis
siohs for them. The matter was
immediately attended to, but as the
commissions h,ive not yet arrived
Pickens county is without a board,
and Mr. Frank Looper, sup)ervisor, is
the wvhole thing The joke is on
Moore and Boweni, as they' are Out
their salaries, and as the o mntv has
no use for a board during tis
weather, we can~I well aiff>rd t,o laugh
att them.
W E H4
What Is lit
UnIdoubhted ly
for we have the biggest stock <
let Preparations, Fine Soaps, C
soon as we fmdic out that some c
puLt it in stock for her. Howev<
in our~ line that isn't already in s
Prescriptions, Famiy l?#,
.t.ov..?. .r .....w.,.v... d......1 N...'.....r.M.I ....r...,...w..r~11e..,
t 11
. bh ai.rs of .A
We will mal
on all Furnitu:
Is called to our Stock
louse Fur
At this season of the year
ink of new things you will i
urnituUre, Settee, Chairs, a n
Our Stock of Furniture is b
)mplete line in the county.
ving about 10 per cent in fre
Oak Beds from $2.00 ti
Oak Dressers from $5,(
Oak Washstand.s from
Oak Suites from $15.0(
Oak Sideboards from $
Oak Safes from $3.00 t
Oak'Dining.Tables fro:
Oak Centre Tables troi
Bed Lounges from $8.(
Springs from $2.oo to.
Mattresses from $2.oo
very Description
e 8pecial prices from :
re to make room for im
>rdon Stoves at right prices
and Ranges--the best on<
ling you nieed, we will trea
veI edI promptly.
er, Thorn1ey
ss, Hats artd Gents Fiurnishin,
(chell Wagons, Chase Oity 1B
Boyden.aind Walkover Sh
:k Patterns..
----OF TE-----.
Southern Mutual Life Associa
A Home Institution.
re iH no stafer (omnv . Good as4 the besi , and Wher
. ifet -. II n $77,i 0l.0(it of soonrilitie on dep ( ojJ)st to g
At nosi- fr<i' 15 to 30) yeaire .4.00
At ags from 30 to I10 years .-a.(00
A I. ngesM from 4(0 to 50) years.~~ (ii0
At ages from 50 to (0 years . 27.00
naged by its own County
0 1 III '1 aIl 1> ot to Ilon to fis Iii n t)~( ,z
your family, Non neI lighbIore to join NO W.
Dr. S. 4. Foster, District MaUn.a
J C Ca Idwell Gen'1 Agent Pick
IAblerty', S.
J. ~ \ P.A% '1' ,P rin 'i . ; Liberty
.V F; NORRISM, 'h'y rstto
A. J. JOG(i, Clerk of Court, Pickens
V ..
you naturally begiun to
iced for. the house--new
ew Stove or Range.
V far the largest and most
We buy only in .car lots
> $10.0Q
)Oto $20.00
$3.00 to $10.00
) to $50.00
12.00 $35.00
o $8.00
$8.00 to: $15.00
n 75c. to $5.00
)O to $15:00
to $10.oo
d at all Prices.
now unti March 1st
:thense stock bought.
. Also big shipmeni of,
earthi for the money.
t you right.
{And Co.
7 Goods a Specialty.
uggies, Irovn King, Stoves,
.u ...olds, Prevnts Pnm
,Garden~ Seed!
ti0ll. i il l - yor m-- papr at To, '
ew ll f u y - m W o o d 'si a n d e th er e
LpI'~t f tii, ot seeds. tat atre rehlut e aiud fresh. Takevs
hpa fal,cnit o cl1hnces onl a crop by) usinug 01ld sieedm
iuaraintes the~ pay- T- I).* IA IA llS.
EN:. Foley's Kidney Cure
e makes kidneys and bladder rhjgct
officers. **EMRM A
fe T1uIfurance in theAtoM
Cotton Mills, If power en a. farm is whazt yoaneedL1
the Ohio enine wvii lili every, ~
ills Co. ment, I l eiicy, dia 4h'W
County. economy it hus no equal, -Write foe
io, 8, Cebtrpl, 8. C, 84

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