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For T
US th* Instinct of Ntar- ' :ith Dorn
In 1Uanki".
The most convei3:. , In proof of
the existence in man o. tn .u:(inet of
aatural death seems to mhe tLat report
ed by Toxarsky In relation to an old
Woman. In tie lifetime of Toxarsky I
begged an acquaintance of his to ob
ida for me the details of this most in
*eresting case, of which I had found
tut aAn Incomplete statement. Tox
aisky unfortunately could add nothing
'to what he had published in his article.
A believe, however, that I have found
the source fron'.%vhich lils instance had
teen taken.
In his book upon the physiology of
taste, which had its day of celebrity,
3Zrtilat-Savarin relates the foliowing: fi
'I bad a great-aunt, ninety-three years
old, who was dying. Although f9pisowe
4Pm confined to her bed . had re
'jWed all her faculti,% and her coudi- i
tia was only boteyed by her loss of
-ypetite and*, he weakening of her
*,.Efe. adalways shown af -
- mens for me, and I was near her bed,
$$etionatel.y ready to wait on her,
which did not prevent my watchig I
* er with the philosophc l eye I havea
weer.had for the things 1i events sur- <
tunding me. 'Ajre you there, neQphew?' I
she esked, in a scarcely audible voice. t
Yes, aunt; I am here at your service, c
-and 1 think you wvould do well to take t
~ 'a little good old wine.' 'Give, mon i
amt. One can always swallow~ liquid.' e
I hastened. Iaising her gently, I mzade f
her take half a glass of my best wine. x
She brightened for a moment and, look
liaig at me with eyes which luid once
'een very fine, 'Thank you,' she sald,
~or this last favor. If ever you reach
1my age you will flnd that d1ath be
comes a need, just like sleep.'
"These were her last words. IIalf an
o.ur later she had fallen asle. p forev
Sr. We unmistakably have here~ an in
Staae of the instinct of natuni:l death.
160 instinct was shown at a rebitively
early age in a person wiho ha~ icrtaln
ed all her intellectual fatculties."- Pr
- essor Elle Metchnikof? In hla-per's.
peat a bAoy out of a dime andJ the
rime will never outlaw.
Comparison may not be a (1 ' nietion,
tut It Is certainly a half' sistei
The truth with unselnish , cplo is
theiy are liable to brag about It.
Where Is only one way in this world
to get your own way-inslst upmon it.
Almost any defense would be all
rilght If you could malike pleI be
leve it.
It 1s just as dangerous to t(ell some
beople a secret as it is to fool with
a *eaded gun.
When a man submits to a procession
-wredding the other men look' at him
t40 way boys look at a hay whose
x40tIir makes him wear our; curIs.
'The man who has made a failure in
bhy line of business never has a vecry
o4opInion of the man who started
ithe sdme line at the same time and
dit4a success.-Atchlson Globe.
Too Deep.
hestory Is told of a lank, disconso
po,loking farmer who one day dur
-$~qp ora of a political meeting
tin Oper l, tltute stood on the steps
wluthe air of one who has been sur
3~t4with a feast of some sort.
$I:on know who's talking In there
d* t emanded a stranger brIskly,
g or ?1 moment beside the dIs
t argier, "or are you just go
r PI'e just come out." said
% n er decidedly. "Mr. EDvarts Is
~~ ~t abont?' asked thme stranger.
~ ~.. ~,he didn't say," thi farmer
passing a knoLted hand
-e made
ie mark
orfolk, Va.
A Certain Cure for Croup Uned for Teo
Years Without ti F plitre
Mr. W. (1. Bott, a Star City, Ind. hard
w.-re merchant, is euthmasinatto r
praise of Chainberlaiu'a Congot- 'uedy
His children haV - Jk_knANt sibjt-et to
croup ad 13 'dN used thi. remiedy for
the p11t t en"% years, tld thotugh the
nL 'flaredcl the croup, his wife and I'
'tlways felt safe upon re>liril)g when a
botila of Chtmbt.rlain'w ContIh Remedy
wun inl the house. Hi" obeewt> child wai
aubject to severe atttcka of croup, but
this rena.dy never failied to -etlet a
specdy dure. He has recnuiuendel it
to fronda and u.ighbori ande all whtu
have uaed it. say that it is unuwqualied for
er" -l .t mi whoopi:-g cough. For sale
by Pickena Drug Co.
A o id is tneht in e-- o tally ear 1
whe::t t I - howeis are op-. ti. htunnedy's
L xt.t.v: Honey tand 'Fur oleil the bow
et st<ct .r:yes the col out If thle system
in y u w -r old. Sold by Pickens Drug
T'Eu . .n rilor wilf tjake au returns it
ameeC this year except thoe. taken by r.m
urica or tiaigtratet. -. .'li:'- people* . I
,d ok note.o retine'uet :'o be t..ksen b
!'he e:n-. 'xires Fes .ru ary 29,19t7, ad
erw ..h Iimoe a pe*nly 'of '5(1 peri e..d.
vill d on3Ef( eneban every one.
so come on and Imake your returns to
bvoid penalty. E. F. Keith,
Ex. Aud.
Sore Nipples and Chapped Btands
re quicky cured by pyinj cha ut erlair a
"M A KES 1
ali the germs and poisor
-spots in the body and a
Nature's way. Purelyvie
most powerful of olean
tinte regulates the liver
up the entire system. I
that cures rheumatism I
other remedies and fa
Percelie, of Sali , Va.,
dreds of dollarsor phys
by half a dozen>bottle
2120 Ramsay atret, D
man."* -Ors; S. A. Comb
it cleans5ed her blood, ti
fMtr Noted Doctors F3aled.
CD.rast jScase cur ad by RHEUM
wrtesr%mtkin s iBUMAC11DE
standIn~ Case trerheumati j1
- e tDar m rvec hp geera rheun
- ats ektWe ymurs spentsev
foun hen e o ctureue t
weige 140 pound a. 1owi weigh II
"I e:tt iny ll:! ;iri." w\ rit.' t COIL
Sldt elvit. " lr uto u l.<-h e; with
('<'tas t: la iy w.. s .:i. She can
hOi;I(! 10 enti thi-t ill i e:li e aId W:
('1tly the butchei'': im (aile:i vith tl
tt:: and t' h:i: -i'1 tli hh; (':np1loy(
i-;i Imu :om i n: , Ita , 'l a ltihsI;
h: t ai na00111' : of mtty littl
1 tl 01.itilll01 ' .i'('i' f Q:. 1111li
ell auiion:; uii Ii Ibecur.l he- 81:gi
i.mertily in thl' :.-min. 'D)id you
t(k to thn bu':he l'c i ke1. 'N:
miotlier, it i; sich a la ":ay, so
aslI('d God I. :.ead i'or the dime. IHt
it not Come ye1'
iIsa:t o44I nl .ecuray,
Pe'ish the thought that tle novelis
or phay\wiight shouldthe tied'( down t
historical alcc'lratcy' Lady I)oroth
Neville (lioles aln illusing correspond
once between Bulwer Lytton and lie
My Dear Walpole-IHere I am at flat
-bored to death. I am thinking of writ
lag at ply about your great ancestor, SI
Robert. 11nd he not a sister Lucy. an
did she not marry a Jacobite?
My brother promptly replied:
My Dear Lytton- care little for m
family and till less for Sir Robert, bu
I know that he never had a sister Lucy
so t:he could riot have married a Jacobite
lowever. this mattered little to Lori
Lytton. for his answer rln:
My Dear Walpole- You are too late! S
Robert had a sister Lucy. and she di(
marry a Jacobite.
So. In defiance of history, the play
"Walpole" came to be written.
Artiists as Si-n Paineras.
It is surprising how many noted Eng"
lish artists began life by painting Imi
signs. Among them were Morland, Da.
vid Cox, Herring and Sir William
Beechey. Millais painted a George and
Dragon sign for the George inn, Hayes
common. Another George and Dragon,
at Wargrave on Thames, has a double
sided sign painted by two 1 A.'s. Gor
Ing on Thames has a sign from the
brush of Marcus Stone, R. A. There
are signs by Walter Crane and Caton
Woodville at Grayshott and Fittle
worth. Hogarth painted a number of
signs for fridndly publicans.
In Cat lnson Gulch.
."What -becatie of that man you ar
rested as a horse thief?"
"Lynched." answered Piute Pete.
"I suppose that ends the matter."
"No. Some o' the boys had their
doubts, so we're goin' to call some wit
nesses an' glt evidence that he really
were the guilty party."-Washington
Presence of Mind.
It Is a mistake to think that it Is
only the l nglishlman Who Iceepa his
head in a crisis. When a passenger
steamboat suddenly struck a rock off
Hongkong the other day. a number of
Chinese on board promptly started
looting the plfsengers' trunks.--Puneb.
The Attrnetion,.
Nell-isn't she i iaeculiar girl'? She
wouldn't look at him when he was
rich, but now. after he's lost all h!s
monley, she necepts him. Belle-- Well.
you know how erazy every woman is
to get aniyt)il at'.rNdug4ed
It takes two to maike a marriage. bin
only one i mar N meeft
Cres Coughs, Colds,
aLung Troubles. Pa
Pickern Drug
s right to the seat of the d
s out of the blood, cleans u;
ets all the organs to work a
getable, non-alcoholic, it 'is'
si ng medicines. and at the
tones up the stomach and
UHEUMACIDE is the only r
o stay cured.
coured thousands of cases a
incus doctors had failed.
spent $200 in medicines ar1
Ioians' fees, and at last he was
a of Rheumacide. 0. Dieti
aitimore, says it has "made
es 114 S. Glmor street, Bait
soIt away her pains, and' mac
like a new woman." Yoi
and recommends Rheuma
orSample bottle and b
frpostage to
Bobbitt Chemical
have been the
because they ai
from honest m:
See that the tra<
is on every bag,
genuine without
Friendslip With Wild Life.
If a fairy had ever offered to grant
me three wishes, "the full confidence
)f wild animals" would surely have
been one of them and probably the'
lrst. If we seek opportunities to be
'riend wild creatures and take advan
age of them, we shall often find, as I
iave done, that there is jo lack of re
ponse on the part of le animals. I,
ce walked up to a pine siskin, ap/he
was feeding on the ground and. ]icked
aim up In my hand. He di "not seem
t bit alarmed, and wheqW a few min
ites later I set him ii he continued
als search for !o01"within a few inches
f my feet. -Ch another occasion a yei.
ow thrpgfed vireo allowed me to lift
ter. rom her nest when I wished to
!unt her eggs and nestled down com
'ortably on her treasures the moxueut I
)ut her back. With a forefinger I once
itroked the back of a red breasted nut
tatch as he was busy feeding on a
ree.-Ernest Harold Buynes in St.
A Pet Tiger.
Out of a river bed where it had tum-.
led when its dam was put to flight
orne hunters in India fished a tiger
ub. In two days it was as tame as a
:itten aud grewv up the playmate of
he camp terriers. It was very fond I
*t them and the terriers worshiped the
Igress. To allay the fears of a woman
isitor the tigress was one night chain
d up. Negxt morning the animal was
ound with~ a man unsder her. Shje had
ot hurt him.4 Hie was a thief and, not
flowing of her existence, had come
vithin the area which her length of
hain enabled her to command. She
prang upon him, lay on him and kept
im prisoner until guards cam~e to re
ease him.
A F'amous Tenow.
Apart from its wide range, the nat-.
ural beauty and sweetnees of the voice
>t Sims Reeves held his audiences
pellbound and fully entitled him t.o be
ermed the fInest English tenor of his
lay. Hie especially excelled in era
orio parts, while in opera his success
was scarcely less pronounced. Per
aaps it was as a singer of English bal
ads that Sims Reeves appealed to the
najority, and it will purobably be many
long (lay before we shall hear a more
izquisite rendering of "Sally In Our
Alley" than that of which this great
enor was capable.-London Mai.,
Negleed~ Rluin.
Visiting Br'itisher - But you have
nothing to see over haere-nothing, I
mean, in the way of grand 01(d things
that have long sinco faillen into din
ise. Gothuaite -We haven't, eh ?
Wait till you get a copy of the cit:
Comparing NOten.
Bleeker--My wife got the best of me
n1 an argument this morning. Meeker
-My wife never got the best of me
but once. lBleeker-Whaen was that?
SIeeker-When she married me.-Chi
~ago News.
she Wasn Careful.
Spats -That old maid, Miss Van
Shelf, is the most eareful and method
ical boarding mistress I have ever had
liaturbing my den. SocratOot8-Yes:
[ can imagine when she goes to
heaven she will want in summer time
to lay pway her wings in camphor
bal. _____
Optlimistie View.
Tom (proudly---Miss Pinkleigh has
promised to be my wife. Jack (consol
ngly)--Oh, don't let that worry you.
Wofnen frequently break their pro1n.
ses,-Chicago News.
Znquire of the young people; they
new evtting,
e,<\ ctable Prep?ara;tioc,
t t f'tStmachs;andBowels or I
r fromtotes Dig(-stion.Cheerrfuf
ness andIRest.Contains neltker'
Opitun,Mtorphiine nior Mineral.
non Sou St .3ch,Dia .
J" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ' ''jtfUdb.1/UiLf7/d1
-ness an d L'oss of SL.EEtt
Fqc Simta signature or
Where dou Afind Shieli1
tpeisc a safe lace to tra
theyare by1d . Weuria
eoerYwhere. eset
Kiser s King
for men, and you will
rononey's worth. - Mal
styles and all the,pa
Leathers, Patent olt,
Gun Metal, Box Calf,
. C rise Compas
for xn, and ORGwi
C rou,yLa G rAthMa
eve tlsumnia all thes
Com aPthes, Pakens Po -t
Gunse Mweta,s xaf
all the plague-e
Crout Lthiee stm,
alte ,lge
d hun
i cured
'ich, of
him anew .
more, says
ie her "feel
ir druggist sells
sokIet free if you senld five q
Company, Proprietors, at
1 S $1
Ai vays Bogh
Bears the ;#
- Use
For Over
Thirty Years
o* . vyu epww yow. Uw YoRU v
Irand Shoes
de, because
e .merchants
D ask for
.50; Shoe.
et your
e;i 37.
Pat. Colt
L'hroat in the
acey, Liberty.
8tL1.3?R. }

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