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~Fntered April 23, i9U3~ at Pickeps, 8. C., as~ second ultu' mntter, under sot, of Congress of M1arch 3, 1879,
Accidents Ha]
as Well at
Ltearmer Larc~hmont-' Colliaes
WiUL a Sehoonpr.
11aptatn '6aya 'that He Hai on Board
f'Vom 'f6 t+o -200 Passengers, When
the CoIliGioek Occurred,' aid Only
t Eight of These E$caped...
C:TBloc1 1id, R. I., Feb..,12.- Cap
fn'in :Ceorge McVey, of the steamer
4..a;rchmont, said to the Associated.
Press ftM he had on board from 150 to
200 lma.enMogrs, when the collision
tir:rurred, and only'eigh. of these es
caped with their lives. .
Wt the time he made the s,tate
tnenit-,, fou-teen bot)ies had beei' wash
:1d 'ashore, . making ot'ly ;2 out of
rh:c tot.al passengers list accouLted
A%t 11:1.Th o'clock four more bodies
tivtu( vashcd ashore making a total
of tt-f>n h 4 's recovereal with
'eight su:ri of the~ accident being
t_%z,red for oi ,Ih island.
Providence, R.i I. , Feb. 12. -A
p'ivate mes:=agt reached here from
flock Island stated that 1"1 bodies had
blren 'Inushed ashore.
I_:ck island, .1. I., Feb. 12.-The
teinor l.archliont of the Joy' line,
"th i- 1 a1 pa ssenl ge'S on board,
ani3dh fl(I f:;ri Providence for New York,
- rAI: 'ff "t:c w est .. le of 1loc'< island
-ea;ly T1 fesday after having collided
vit.h the three--masted schooner Har
'r .Knowleton, of Quonochontaug.
'The passengers, and crew from the
r tmer took to the boas, but it is
fearedf that some may have lost their
l-,wel. 'iihf' by heing drowned or by.
freezing, as 'the tempera'ture is be
low zero.
The schooner's hbw was cut away
'and 'her captain ran her ashore west.
of Quononchontaug to prevent her
sinlinlg. The crew of seven Ien,
Inc".'in lug Captain Haley, reached the
shore in safety in their boats.
"' the cause of the collision is not
knowr,. The night was clear, but
there was a strong northwest win,i,
and the sea was running high. I't was
.-an Intensely cold and bitter night.
When the first boats came ashoro
from the steamer it was found that
- m of their oc; u;ants were dead.
-n the firt c.onfu:-ei It was not
kn own w h< ther t hey ha-! been pulled
from th ii-wa. er aft er havinug been
xdr rned or ~ whethe r t hey were froz,en
t:o death.
'The Knowltoni. whi-ch hails from
Eastport , le. , was hound from
8oIthham'byyr for Boston, with '175
lons of coal.
The I .archmont left Providence at
6.: 30 Alondlay night for New York, in
co~mmandl of' Captain McVey , of Prov
Idenee. She 'carnriedl a crew~ of about
50) and hadu.an bfa.rel some passengers
*and a miseeil'aneous cargo of freight.
Thme L.a relrmont registered 896 tons
no ,,650 groiss. She was built at
Bath, Me., in -1885.
fl(ston, Feb. 12.--Eighteen per
nonis are known to have purchased
deet !n this City, to take passage
en New York (on thOe I.archmont . The
nams niCD only t wo of thes pa( 10ssen gers
a re on record3 at t he otlice of the Joy
*Linio here.
B]hmk I slanad, Feb . 12 . -Capta in
Chales~m Mitchell11, of thle ntorthi end(
liife sa vintg stati ion off~vI whi point
- rhe I..archbmont is sunk , es-timates that
%Netwe en I15 and 20) bodies al ready have
omue ashore fronm the sI(teme.
Uip to 10:31) o'clock several boats5
had landed and others were mnakinig
Mo(w pr'ogress from the wrteck toward
Providence,- R. I., Feb. 12.----The
prilncipal Joy line dfhice in this city
ait 10 o'clock( TneOsday was without
definite in formation conc!erning 'the
*imklng of the steanmer 'Iarchmont.
A 'P'he officials- stated 'that their only
* 5wiedgo-of the, disaster was a tele
'rm sent by Captain Mc'Vey to his
if~1e stating that lie >Was' safe, A
private messengeor reached here from
Bl~ock Iland stated that 14 badIes
t .eoylin..officialg estimtate that
' ewas about *150 'passengers on.
d~w..anA9the oew..amnbered abott
pen on Water >
oil Land.
New Orf6a1s Celebratea In Typical
ConvEtional Fa 'iion. -
New Orl.ean.s, - 14gl); - i-.- a tri'
gras was celebratod by .w Orieans n
'TuesJjy .n typical coniW d-t-ai t'as -
lon,: ..Under th'e'blu.est oif :1'es-ei ' 'a
w.ith the weather ainimos-t h"t, 'tlie e
streets scion after' sunrise beAme pic
.turesque.- with 'thousand's of' 'gaudily
inasked children. The' nuinb'er of,
mnaskers greiv steadily, "hindreds of*I
quikal'' c6dtumes and aitles .l eing
fli'tlShed by the New' Orlean's..negro
population, Early in. the forepoon c
business hou:ie and stcres of.all- de
sci"iption closed, lid a '*eneral holi
da,v began. . About tlocW Rox, king
of the carnival, paraded- the streets,
followed .by 22 huge cars,. represont-'
ing as many different nations, tie enl
sejible forming tableaux entitled "The
Visions of Nations." The identity'
of Rex was revealed Monday, R. H.
Down-man, one of the leading lun'i- s
bermen of the south, occupying this
Chattanooga Lynching' Case.
Chattanooga, Tenn. , Fe'b. i 2.--'The
United 'States supreme cotirt is 'ep
resented by special Commissioner J.
U. Maher in the hearing that began
hero Tuesday norning in the case of.
Sheriff J. F, Shipp., of this county,
charged with contempt of .he court in
that. Edward Johnson, negro, was
lynched in Shipp's custody nearly a
year .ago. 'rheie arc 26 other de
feudants, several of whtoi)n-are alleged
to have taken a pai't in the lynch
ing. Probably a doz'n witnesses
have been subpoenaed so far, sane of
whom will testitfy. Secret service
men -who worked up the ea'ie are very
retice'n't as to what they 'expic'. t
prove. 'No action was taken at the
morning session.
Voliva's Dream Abandoned.
Geattle, Wash. , Feb..12.--Overseer
Voliva's dream of establishing a new
Zion City in the northwest. has been
abandoned with the announcement.
thac he has given up a trip here and
along the Pacific coast planned for
next month. Rev. August Ernst,
elder of the- local Zionitt organiza
tion, says the plans have been
changed because of fhe recolt in Port
land, Scat te. Tacoma and Vancou
ver against the rule of- 'oliva. "We
believed in the teachings of Dr. Dow
I(, but we do not believe In the one
mian rule, which lie instiluted and
which Voliva is following,'' said Dr.
Paintings Abandoned as Lost. t
Phil elph in, Feb. 12 . _--l'< i ar ...i..
pai ntings arie now~ abamliidonedr as lost r
by t hose w ho arie restoringiit thle arit
collection wh.vich was kept in "'Linden..
huirst ,"' the country home of Jlohn
Wanamiaker , which was destroyedl
hy ii'e la st lridi'ay . The paintIngs r
are "Our' Lady of Madrid" and a e
''Nymph'' by Muriillo: "'Two Angels 1
HolIding a Gariland of' Friu!t"' by Itu-- (1
bens, andlt "The Savilour" by Benjamin v
Loses Life In P'ire,
Philadelp)hia,. Feb. 12. ---A fire in
which one man lost ii fife and sevei'- r
al other personsa ha d niarro~ w 'scape. P i~
from (leath I Tuesday . s'riously daim -
aged the flyve story building at 103
1(17 Sonuth 'i T i'rd st ree(t. iin thie hea~irt
of (lie flnancial dlis(ri't . Tlhe build
ing' was occupliedh byV i- Pho'inix
Pants , Ovei'alls and( Sh irl 'omnpaiy,
anid Dumee Sons & ('o.. coilon coim
mi.sion briokei's.
Ministers Tender Resignations.
The Hague, Feb. 1 2.--At I he open r
Sig of thie sittLing of th e secon d chiamin
beir f' thie Nether'landls. parliament
Tuesday, Dri. D2iM'eesTrr. (the ae:ing
piemier' an m11in iisteor of finanice , a n
noiinced that the minister'is ha d t en -
dler'ed their' i'eslgnatiton t.o thie queen C(in n
coinsequenice of thle rejectIon of the La
ai'my estinmates. Tho chaimbei' thenr
adljouiined. I '
Fruit Packers Meet.
Dluffalo, N. Y., IPeb. 12.--The Na
tioiial convention of Fruit and Vegeta
ble packers and allied associations
met here Tuesday . Mayor Adams
ddlivered an-address of welcome. One
thousand delegates have arr'ived and r
nearly as many more are expected.
TIn SoldIer Poe of Peace.
Chicago, Feb. 12.-iMrs. Lucia
Amnes Mead, of Boston, who address- 0
ed the -Chicago section of the Jewish 4
council of women, ~1%onday believes 'C
the tin soldier, the play'thing of-happy P
childhood, Is -a foe @t -Internadfonal 14
Honor Memory of Abe Lincoln.
Newx York , F'eb, 12. --Twelve states
f the uni. nt 'T'uesdaY oflficially h)tnored
e menimory of Abrahall iincoln. IAin
oln's birthday is a legal holiday iti
iii state, Colorado, Connecticitf
WInaw re, Illinois, Mlassachulsett.'=
linne:>ota, New Jersey, North Da
ota, Pen\sylvania, Washington and
Vyoming,. With the passing of each
tleoessive. decade the observance of
hE natal. day of the ci1.l war hi5
iemory is becoming. more mn Red.
iany political 'organizations, soci
&1es and rl1 1 1#ti4 n this
ear with dinnei's "nd sujiI -
lgs. One' of t'le. lrgest of tlchc;
as the -ann1ii Lincoln birthday ban -
uets"'f the Republican club at the
Valldor'-As,oria.. Ianks, exchanges,
chools and. postofllce stations was
loae( beca'ise of.the' holiday.
To ChampJon, Russiah' Freedom.,.
N'ew Yorlt, Feu;,.12.-Alexis Aladyn
ader of the patant iSarty in 'the
ttissian dontlta, vtill" arrive here on
'hursc]ay-.by ,.lisetampr Majestic to
hatupion freeyi ,ti-nd justice in Rus
Ia. He will deliver addresses among
ther places at ale and Harvard. As
oclatcd with hihi wil be Nicholas
'chaykovsky, .one of the figures in
he Russian 'revdliiti'nay iovement
ram 19l0 to 1$75." Aladyn will be
let When the Nteamer dockR by a del
gatidnn-'o tludt'e ' less pi'nnent
mericai.1 1e11l. t1il,. womneni, Sub
equently a ptmleli mOJifttg tigld, diu
er will'be given 1\ ( arnegie hall in
is honor by Ai.e.t;icn synhiathliters.
Charged wt.th Takihg M,oney.
Montpelier, Vt.:., .b. b9e-Astati
lent of the acro+n't"ti' of former btati
tallroad Conmitsioner Ga rge T.
toward has been 6ent by.stWle Audir
or Graham to .Attoi'hey G ene)al'. la,
X. itts at hlte"TtAn - legtiefst . Mm
;joward w'as Yte .\ t"hlarg 1 by
egislative dimnii'tor' 'iNv'th taking
noney wrongfullQt''oni a -state li
,he matte"' of inif .y and, e' eses .' I
S - supposed t hat 1he, an to lu'st tak
>y' the l:ttltrney ngtl;"l 11- preolim
nary to bringiig a ,uit agains t .\Mr
Protest Inpi.sonment of Men.
Waco,.Tex. , Feb. 12. -- lass meet
ngs are being called iy Ihe lnho
,ottnlcils, embod.ving -all the labo
tnions In the Vario's - cities of t hi:
;tate, to protest agains: the imlpris
lmmnlent of .\Ieyer, lnywooul and 'Pet.
ibone. who have -etn in pr"is 11
'ear in Idaho vithoit trial. T
hre men were oflices of the W(st
rn M iners' Federation and arc
-harged wit.h the ir der of formlle:
ovcrnor S eunenberg, of Idaho,
ittle over a year ago. Union me1cl
iere allege -:hat th(Sn.men are hain.
llegally rest rained of their liberty
mnd -thal a conspiracy exists to r el
hen from having a ria:l,.
Child Burned to Death.
Dalton, Ga., Fhe. 12.---"fow.ar
Ica;h, the 2% year .old son of wIll
lea.h, wa. bu rn1ed so sev'ere!v .ion
ay afternoon that death resulied :
ow hours Iater. The lothing of
he child caught fire from the grate.
,ittlc 10-year-old .Jison Manly
uIshedt to the childI andi tore' off 'the
urning clo:hiung, but was too( late.
Samuel Richards Dead.
Mobille. Ala. , Feb. l2.-Samutel
:iehardes , agedl 87 yourvs, one of the
Idest membiuers of the B'Nai I'lUit h
>dge , in the sou th, died lhere \1lon
ay night after a shoi illness. ile
*as well knowvn ini the eas: and leaves
large estate.
Reward for Slayer.
Atlannta, Feb . I 2. -.--Govern,,r Ter -
PllI has offer(Ni a re watrd ofI .$ I for
u e arirest 1(f Artl inir 11)bley, 2:8 yarvs
Id , who is, wan:(nd in lIen 11111 coIUi..
v , for the murderC1 niear litz/gerald,
n April 7, 1 90(, (of Hal Walsh.
Woman in the Case.
Eflhorton, . I, Feb. 12. *--AI a n'..
1o hot supper. uni'ar .\1idl:(, H la
'(Ione shot and lilleid kaery TIhomp.;
mi. Wh'ile I th fael s are no1 51t s V
a w ov~er a womian.
Crest of Wave Passes.
\'ioksburg, M i:ss., l"eb. 12.----The
gh wiuri (rest of The .\ILsissippi
nassd here sonui time duing .\onday
ight , the river showing Tue'sday a
il of ione-tenlth foot. Tlht gauge
and II. . Thle high water has
mt~ed thus fai. without,.a single mils
President Walter Dead.
Itiohmnond, Va., Feb. 12.---The
cabuoard Air iJne ofiee here has been
iformed -by wire of the death in New
ork, of Pres/dent Walter, of that
yad. Mr. Walter was elected- pres
lent about six or eight months ago
i.succeed J-. -M. Barr.
RI'vMr Rising at Natchez.
N'etdhez, Miss., Fob. 12.-Oauge
ri Tusday morning at 8 o'clock readl
1.9 feet, and rising steadily, the
iest 'being expected to reach this
lace in about four days, and the
vYee .boaf'de are confident. the' levee
$fate& (iaf Thaw Suffered froi
Forms of Insanity.
New York, Feb. 1-2.-The fact th;
Tuseday was Lincoln's birthday all
consequent.ly a legal holiday in th
state, had no effect on the ''ha
lfital, which went ahead at the ut
uaf hour. This .J i'ce Fitzgeral
ordered last week, owing to til
hardship ot' the jtury which is to rc
main locketi 'ip uintil the end Qf ti
\\Yiie. 'Thaw was walking to i
1ihreO h. co.unsel table, as he wt
i;pwt4ng.. &s ulster coat and f<
so,me tomhhents' .jfter 'taking his 8tct
1ie kept his eyes on tisti4t Attoril(
Jerome a-l ignored his own cAinsi
for the time being. Mr. Jerome wa
busy with his papers and did not sc
Thaw's unusual action.
The first witness called by Mt
llelmas was Dr. Britton D. Evani
Dr. Evans said that he noticed o
'hiq"viSit 'to the Tombs that a
suffered from forms of insanity ' hat
aeterized by "an exaggerated ego,
including adolespent insanity, 'the lat
ter due to heredity.
br. Evans said Thaw also exhib
ited symptoms of having recently un
dergone an explosive or fulminatin
eQpdition of menii:tii' uisoundiess.
8t.uatibn Especlally Interesting.
l,ondon, Peb.- 12.-That the mem
bers of tW hoise of commons regar
the present Ktftiation as being espe
cilly interestinfg, *ts evidenced b
the keenness sl -Wtv to secure goo
tincats. for the opening of iarliamen
'l'ue5tlay. - On the stro:e of midnigl
the cofpctit,46n began and there arte
a Stc ;1y'-r'A I of menh- visit(
the housc irj cdmmons and placed thel
Scards in 'thi places they had select
eI. Later.'in ihe, morning the cum
tomary search of the vaults of th
houses of parliasment was carrigd ot
by the yeomen of;the .guard froin tl
tower of London, 'withiit.t the disem
ery of anything pointing* to a repet
on of the gunpowder lIlot.. Lar
(ciowds gathered within the precinc
of the parliament to witness the ai
rival of the distinguished personage:
.litle Proqress in America.
Chicago. f'b. 12. ---The Rev. At
na Shaw, president of the America
Woman Suffrage a.sociation, whie
will hold its ann ual convention in Chi
eago, this werk. declared Monda
that the suffrage cause had m:ade l"'s
ptog''s iIn Aerinca (luring the 1a:
fmyw years th:n in any other lenlight
enel eountry. "'E'en in Syria," sh
said, "at tite foot of Mount Ararat
lie i,e ople are awa':ening to the imt
potlance of 'Ie wo1nImni's sulffrag
n:ove nt . All over the. worbi hi
has h :n on", of thev m1ost plromtliin
thiar: but! e' tri(IIn f tno ug the Ilo .a
pro;:tri s to h it: ho n made htre in Ame r
e;." The onlv ntion r ill open (a
o'tursd' tn1w ti i ellrAon fo
'fv e 'y ' '.
Pai'rs ar-l Decorators Conven .
Uo:-ton. Fti.h. '! Ti',i I"t"vity
thiid of.ntihn of the inilnv t.imMa
A\s::ec'i;t i..i" 'f 111r W t s e t in
a rta a d De it)ators dofv t'.i 'n
Staes andii Ctutri:a.g opee fere Tve;'
day. lgian interetera.alac
cid it vtl m i( the rp rso c 'n (it s flit
pinj)ted to invetg t thle stjc
. ae chol i appren'iti e. i le mar
vi'edl1 progra viofn papersl ai' specia
toi(esL' dtoified1 wilh ih work) and thi
orgnizastion( tas ora fd Aot(
delgaes 1er pres Amr.n
Salrdi Grash wth Natc.
Nlatchez M, "tb 12.eb.1iir 1f.rm ii
atl l kint of h teO nth Otril A r.(''
di'as in NIl he, arrieI~ivedi th hOi:
atcaia ot, Naichez, nigt. noenea
Tasday thils WClmin wsav de hiil
lIa nava tarle 1)0 lnd dowein hriv
tcr'vesalut of tim ton by'C 'te ais
Dray fMoin a)n a7 usriors Goe
Belsm gan 'iterretera os
cs.:y hs w hsat mayhe obermatdra a
niipa iterphate, finte erso 9 Og
lste lgian .\ir-. ea .t Ford, amaCy
heer,to m tr ou !ng an
tin s -thong(th eyesCt of th rCif
Tacoma Whlippntly and othera Amro
en owrshiB , larshed wth the polth'
at 1St.ay sula nit. ee
al o the lr ere sevrely cu
Great Disast
e Frty Dead Bodies of Miners
Bakhmut, a Small Mining Town, Is
Visited by Terrible Mine 'Disaster.
Epioslori 'oourred While Men Are
g at Work in Bowels of Eat*h.
Bakhmut,. Russia, Feb. 12.-'The
coal mines at this little town caught
fire in some way Tuesday while the
day force was at work. Many men
were deep in the shafts of the mines
- when the explosion ociurred and the
casualties are .feared to be great.
Rescures immediately set to work
to rescue those still alive In the un
derground passages.
Forty dead bodies have already been
1 taken from the shaft.
The poulation of the little mining
- hamlet is grief-rriken, and pitiful
scenes are witnessed at the mouth of
the mines of the relhtives and friends
it of the unfortunates that had went to
i their daily toil on Tuesday morning.
Moving Troops to Frontier.
Pan ama, Feb. 12.-Adviccs from
San Salvador say that, both Hondu'ras
and Nicaragua are 'moving troops to
the frontier. Honduras has' a -force
of 12,000 men available and Nica
raugua 15.000. Thus far there has
been no fighting.
- Low Birth Rate.
y London, Feb. 12.-,Sir William
Dunbar, the register general in a re
t port on British civil statistics for
- 1905 reports a -low birth rate wh'iich
p is generally held to be a sign of a
nation's decrease.
Ask Governor to. Show Cause.
s Columbia, S. C., Feb. 12.
Counsel for J. B. Wylie, J. M. RZaw
linson and John lIlack, directors of
- the state dispPnsary, who were re
I moved from ofice last week by Gov
r' ernor Auel, appea red before Justice
Ira B. Jones, of the supreme court
at chambers, at Lancaster, asking for
a writ of certiorari, calling upon the
governor to show cause Febriuary 19
t why the board should he removed.
Attornevs for the hoard asked that. a
I fuill eour hi e priesenlt to hear the mo
tioni. It is likely that .Justice .Jones
- will call i his associates to hear the
- ase.
STwo and a Half Cent Bill Killed.
Columbia, S. C. , Fe'b. 12.--The
2%-cent p)assenger rate bill wIas killed
in Ihe senate by3 a vote of 25 to 14.
The bill passedl the house last. wvek
by a majdri'ty of 8 to 1.
Japanese School Incident.
Venice, Calif. , Feb. 12.-The Ven
ice chamber of commece at a meet
inug held last night , adlopt ed andl or
d ered sentI to P reshulen t Roosevelt. a
cet of resolutions, reciting that~ the
"anti-JIapanese sentiment, expressed at
San Fanlcise) dloes not r'epresen t the
true0 feeling of t he cit i'zens of Call -
for'nia , and resolving that the chamn
her ot comnmerce does not recognize
the school inidi(ent or continuance of
rthe prIesent. friendly relations wi th
.Jap)an as a menauIIce to the proIgre(ss,
dlevelopm ent andi pr1osperit y of ~ali
torn Ia , or to I he success andl welfare
of her cit!'zens."
Killed by a Car.
Chicago, Peb'. 12.-- P. O'leefe , 45
years (o1(1, whose home was in l*oirt
Smith , and who wvas saidl to have
been a HImiing priomioter, was run over
srufurb, M\onday night. Hie was
walking on the car track and I he m11
torman did not see him in time to
stop. His head was almost. severedl
fromi the body. The motorman and1(
conductor of the car were arrestedl.
'Will Appoint,New Governors.
' -Hlavana, - Feb. 12.--Prominen't
t Liberals assort .positively that, Oov.
Magoon hAs decided tq appoint noiv'
governors ot al- daban poinj ae a
soon as 'the abn1tr.es's in th nto
Stes adjouen' ~
r In Russia,
The Democratic Platform.
How will this do for some of the
essential planks of the next Demo.
cratio platform:
1 Whenever a protected article
is sold abroad e4eaper than at
home the tariff oi that article
iotild be reduced until the' price
is the, ame"to the citizen ae to the,
2. qyerutuont by executive or
der is foiigil to the geuius of .
free people. The Tegiel,ive puet
abidos only in Congress, the imme. -
diate .representative of the States
and the People, and it is usurpa
tion for any other departmlent to
assume the same,
3. There should be no further
legislation regulative of the indug.
tries of the country until the eifects
of legislation of that character
now existent shall be made inaui,
feat by actual operation thereof.
4. The incorporated dollar
should render the same obedience
to law and receive the same proteo
tion from law as the uniLlcorpo
rated dollar. The property of the
citizen, whether owned and oper
ated individually or in that form
of human effort known as a corpo
ration, should be equally submis.
sive and equally safe.
5. Excessive public expend
itures are a burden and a menace,
depleting the substance of the,
people and building up' corruptive
influence dangerous to th\, r rights.
6. Unfettered industry ah i un.
menaced prosperity is our hom
policy; strict abstinence from in-.
trnational intermeddling our for--.
lign policy.
7. Every American dollar shall
oe, anywhere and all times. as good
is any other American dollar, and
>f the same relative value as the.
;urroncy of the other leading na.
Aons of the world.
8. A.ll men should have equal
right as to persoi and Property,
but the white man alone should
roiLaii politically domuinant in
this country.
Oin these pr'inc(iples the D)emoc-.
racy could go to the country with
lull c'on fiden ce.-[ Augusta Chron,
Cut Out the Cigarettes.
There is a bill before the Logis
laturo to ablilsh the sale of cigar
ittes and cigaretto paper in this
State. The~ Lodger hopes this bill
will umeet wi th favorable considera
Lion at the hands of our lawmak
ars. Next to the whisky or drug
habit we know of nothing so hane
Ful as the cigaret to, and it's high
Limo sonthinog was being done to
save the boys. Cut out the cigar
rtto. It's a dest royer of health and
also mind1(.- [Uaffoy Ledgor.
Watterson's Christmas in Spain.
They make no great ado over
Chri stmais in Spain. lhtI, at the
0isonsul general isto, or, rauther, "'in
stad(o.'" (I anm fast losing my Eng
lish I) wNe had1( a high old1 time
underh) the miisitoe and the flag,
Lordl! how the flag comes ini away
rromi home among the frog-oating
[oroigners I Why, we had mince
p)ies an(d eggnog ! W hat more
wouldl you wvant? Nobo)dy maide
my speeOches. Weo just snuggled
Logether anid sopped gravy and
loved one anothor! There was a
royal duke, two or three grandeea
nd a .Don of the Order of ch ilecon
ari and, of course, we said
Va les Espagisil Ufut we did
t'orget Uncle Sam, you betrnor
hktnQky, and what was left \of'
the and drink waIsn.
(k rying awayt-.-{Loisyille -

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