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r.: }..; ;f.ti; ;}rf ' P e r
Mr. (Iustav Sehmid, Saring Vnlley,
"I had eatarrh of the head and thro
worse every year. About three month
and Manalin, and now I am entirely
Your medicine is surely i blessing to n
have not lived in vain, Doctor, and I tl
me. May you enjoy a long life to help
Dr. S. B. Hartman, the inventor and
riginal manufacturerof Peruna,is one
r the best farmers in the Middle West.
His farm comprises several thousand
cres of the best land in the State of
lito, located near the City of Columbus.
As an importer of French Porchoron
nd German Coach horses, the Doctor
as not an equal in this country.
The fowl-raising department' is a
tarv6l of ingenuity and perfection;
ut, perhaps the dairy department is
rhere the Doctor shows his greatest
ense of order and sanitary science.
His milk cowa, -of the purest Jersey
lock, have. all been subjected to the
aberculin tests, and he gives to the
ity of Columbus a pure milk, certifled
y the Board of Health.
The milk stahbles, the milk men and
be while proaess of milking -are' al -
piutely faultless.and clean.
The Doctor himself,past70 years of age,
i the managing ,head of the farm.
P.ey ubwily wtlK ii-.. thing v"-ly
n-,ul on the plastlt of (i.g eat . I1 d..
P'he unsern pulous supply men~i star'
lut to pitl tie helpless fools for
1 thy canl to rsHve th.-melve
while the miortgageriu cottoniL' tr.,-5
rie4 to he it 1whett neshai t all to
aO (21 sa Ct..M. i4 Isi .331.. 4al 0.1
4ter.nl her e~ on uimt her 8id. bmut. r..
aiity njuiler ie (1..5 t t t.,bt 1i1gg
11w Jgets1 the pi-iz- a ani anta sll law -l
4-r5 lre k-.pt hos,.v
Kilock ot the' p3I'ze systEmr for
n el'ity atiI rE hi e pro.-a in. to
nieonsrage th" gro5wth of1 cha racter
1Id a rqgnare d,n: Inil n r..and3(
The Wrongj View.
A XNew Yo, k ma COmmgitu '.d s.ti.
bA. aW .w Vb tIs4 l'4 beans3.. hel had
Ilio let a lt ter* Iin which he
,lu.Vht tA4 justty his4 :3et bv .7 .
Scolt d itti ?t 1i-ts hfu..M.n- ,t hjr
en to his family. He I boiught. it
1I0 Ii 5' di tg f<>' hi 'n l' <!.' Ia et,
1I C| and' get~ out of [t.. way.
I ls" ti iui '2Ci --e Wis v'in|d,e, ill
C'it ;3' d con n .-'. h' r,. I.. lio
1 *'teI 'rr:ibl. l.' th o 3 &4fall
1 : 1 1 i !1 - I' 3'( le ;)3 11.- , . *
.\d ".t Li,I la t, Whi (II' h is~
C d i Id i. 0Wrollg thing.
I18 tIie l'h, j hid'.', a WAll 1a1s 5)o
ight, to end( the life tbat, (od hsaa
ivon) him.
And5( in) the second( p'aco, the
nia by killing hiself caused his
>ved onent mulch more sorrowv andi
uiffring than he would hsave
:I1used b)y living and allowing themn
> take care of him.
If he loved his family it follows,
f cnnrse thnt they 1om,d im
"j/ I
...*-.-- -
-MR. W. J.
Climatic Ailments Overcome By
Mr. W. J. Tlemple, R. F. D. 8, Dela
tware, Ohio, writes:
"I am a farmer and so necessarily ?'
must be exposed to all kindis of weather.o
About three years ago last winter, I
was taken sick with -bowel and stomach a4
"One doctor called it ulceration of
,the bowels, another -called it colitis. :a
Another doctor helped me tempo- ih
"Then " ai druggist recommended
Peruna and 1 followed his advice. I 'b
took altogether five bottles and I con- vi
ider myself a wel Iman. sl
"Before using Peruns, it was uttely
Impossible for me to do a day's wor.k, ,
but now I can do ifarm work without 'ti
the least trQuble,or fatigue. I consider C
1Perna thbest nedicie and tonic ma :b
-the market. I
"I hed.nt.eate meal for fire yems l
without distres. mutil I took Peruna: -a
" have recommended it to sevawsl
frienda with good esults." c .11
sacrifice for peace and good-will
toward all.
e " c
Is eaton m1ae out,- I i ongers and
mn111n? If t o, 1;and thtPe two prim..
acthra in th production of cotrn
COs inore t hatn doeble whar f he y.u
dit he hSouthdsrs ni btoo edu on
flye-fcecot, howpeaen thed ,oo-ii
cotoan farmrllwke.bak
exlsiJ~o in hie aff. Iager and i
Ifi1~.?I mrhs ad t..seupprien
tatar io ath irt akin of nrnt
iot r ofui twrien whar. emoiy
fire-heir cotu,omr o gro the ir
a on ford.-u" p' 'wt hos.e. bt.hise
woul goeaclng ay suwprd re
movang he condat.it aions in rahe
Souh that duims he cotto upk,
Iht ar ar rkeof t the i jugr oan r
force diersif dutIa fri-nL'~gr. ie.
WO I g ,i l ,n ,a .ov.h h~
Tioe iuen that perss1t1 i ain ~
Sth condit dios t h tt)rces l is I
1r)a erl ilini e Why b ,i Ii'.(
ton' khol S u La <lo w-rii,--hl i
loran diver astum on b.-ia cotto
cropmorene srlo d it - a
Now th~is may1 psound hko arugh
ton rop,- bu while theroI may be' a
lfew hone st achnt and11 0 hont <
kind of widinggrowing, tear's c
majority of the lhen law or mort- t:
gaged cotton growers and the men
who sunplv themi are a rough a.ct. o
ru-na, the Most Relia
All Climatic All
Chronic Catarrh of .:":
lead and Throatt Lasted
Thirty Years.
ter Prai1sing Pe-ru-na.i s
11l., writes:
2.t for oer thirty years. it became
ago I cr!nim:tnet"c: to ta:" Peruna Ic
cturedc GY thtat trtallesomie sickness.
iankindl. Y.iii can truly mtay that you
ank you for the :.ood you have done
suffering humianity."l
H- himself supervises the working
details of every departnt.
lec-is a model of strength and vitality,
and tince Peruna is the only renedy he
cyfr mtkes personal useof, his physical
condition is a testimtonial to the eficacy
of Peruna of greater value than could
be framed in words.
Dr. Hartman is one of the few doctors
wherk take fhr iesown ytidiin !and -hie
whrtk hi w eiieadhssplendid physique and strength in his
old age -are an eloquent argument for
Peruna very dificult to gainsay.
D)r. Hartman, being a farnner himbelf,
knows what the farmer needs and in
speaking of Peruna to the farmer he
speaks to his own kind of people.i
Pe-ru-na for towel Trouble.
Mr. Stanly Bell, Ashley., Ohio, writes:I
"I was afflicted with rheumatism soI
badly that it was painul- for" we to
move, I took two or three bottles ofc
Peruna when I began to feel better. It
lso gave e rlet from bowel trouble.' s
They would have cared for him
gladly until the end of his days.
His suicide ha Cansed the sorrow
and angui-h that will be with
Opem aKs long ns ain of them live.
Phe-rurrow will Boelerole. he
&ne. fany el h shley.b yi.> wtem
Immwate Eacuawtho rofumanchurs.
moeutook teo tapaee abotlsaor,
ha whfiend thegn foeen bfete.f th
Thekadoha orde red hmeiat
gnathe ujec the mnse osas dais
is doniider to restor the sor
al sate- tfaaill ln Mancha
andbs s.rb dwing a~.e sIcVCer de
sir ,.tou resume omp'ete I findlyred
Iammed i;he Evauai.o anhra
St.:Fmc,es.mig C.FIeb. 12.-Mhe
snhas i:eth oreig: me -or thy
mikal, whah ordtsr'd th:e ofmedaor
m acto Of an wcliui:m in hSote
Cona,t heour h mstr say. This
isnd wlrone:erd a taw weiorhe inor
by~l s t he ,o f a .r TI: illM iecomes
airl 1 ial c, C:ive Ilp 1, oficr thi
yeart ::::d wi ( Cofhj Ct fIiluely rfer
.lanuary !, w 1hili8.~
Cit- o .u : C, FI. 12.- o h
lul. wri AtsI I ls so flao
up (:on ;rv iiW .\e ico Ciiy Mon-h
tions have caused s g r dal of sih
foing hartHicuflarlv among the poorore
the( cila In (I: lh garentsiand
nferna Macie forl Wite.JU
patc receiyedl he.e fro St. Ptrs
d(icovere identally i ii al ahmey
ofthnousa ciedy ount itt
'te ore i,1,-- ''Th-- 'rhne
Il v hna ' m i ui i:.V. ( . ihi' C n(i
ble Remiedy For
A Nicessity in the llome.
J. .B. Alexandor, publisher of the
Fruit and Floral Guide, a Magnzine of
Iortict!liure," pui>lished in Hartford
ity, Ind.,says of Peruna:
"I was aillicted with eatarrh of the
hroat and head for over ten years. I
was treated by many physicians, but
row worse until I was seldom able to
o out in cold weather.
"About ono year ago I was advised to
ry Poruna, which I did, and I am now
mntirely well of the catarrh.
"Poruna is a necessity in our home.
With the first symptoms of a cold we
1se it, and are never afflicted with ca
"I advise all who are afflicted with
oatarrh to try Peruna. There is cer
tainly nothing equal to it as a catarrh
71 Years Old and Able to Work.
Mr. John G. Hirdler, Garfield, Kas.,
"I was injured by a fall on the rail
oad and mty entire nervous system was
mpaired by the same. The help of a 1
hysician was useless.
"I then tried Peruna and atter using
t for three months was entirely well.
[ am 71 years old and my work on the <
he railroad is hard and tedious, but I
an work like a young man in all kinds ,
f weather, heat, cold, rain, snow or
torr^ alike."
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Pe-ru-na, a Household Remedy.
Mr. Henry Schroeder, E tey, M ich,
"I suffered for almost ten years with
atarrh of the stoiach and all doctor
ng was of no avail. I took nino bot tlp
f Peruna and two of Manalin and ain
tow entirely cured.
"I recommend the inedicine to aU
vho are afllicted with thisdisease. It
s my household friend."
)ne of Dr. Itirtman's Orateful Cor
Mr. W. R. Callahan, proprietor of Big
Hill Farm,and promninent. fruit growt
mnd stock raiser, G lonvar, Va., writes:
"I write to express my kindunes
,oward you and your good medicinp,
"I had a very bad spell of sickness
mud could not eat anything, at all. My
iead, stomach, in fact, my 'Yhole body
iched, and it looked as though nothing
would do me any good. I had alnoal
given up.
"I decided to try a bottle of yiup
Peruna and before I had taken half t.
:>ottle my appetite came to me and my
mead became all right.. In fact, I was
ill right all over. Peruna cured me."
While Peruna Is not confined to any
ne clase of people, yet it is, probably
ruo that the farming class more than
mny other, rely upon Peruna for the
revention and cuXe of all climatia
Per CentU
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!antagc of the
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Af~ SLt<M i seE
At Work On the Farm and
Feeling Well All the Time.
Geo. H. Thiompson, ()ratft,
Miss., writes:
"I have been cured of ca
tarrh by your medicines,
Peruna and MNanalin. I had
been affected wi th .cat:.rrh of
the stomnach about all my
life, and was taken bad every
t3pring and Sunm-mer.
"I used sev'rml kinds of
.patent mnedicines, but they
1didi mec no good. I then took
'a treatment under an Ml. D.,
which did me but little good.
By this time I had comec to
wvhere I couldl-eat uoth ing but
a. little soup. '.t had Severe
pains, had lost in weight andlc:ould
not do anything. I began taking
your mnedlcine:t, Peruna and Manalin. I
then weighed 1261 pounds, but after tak
ing several .bott.les of Peruna andl
one bottle idf . M.snalin, I weighed 16Ai
"I amn now at work on .the farm nind
feel well all of the time. I eat all I
want to and my friends say that I look
better than ever before. I will -ever
praise Peruria for Uts healing power."
Pe-ru-na is a Systemic Remedy.
If Peru.na proved efficient for catarr h
in one place, it will be equally potent
in any other place, because it is a -sys
tenmic remedy.
" The people generally are very rrn -h
misinforaned as to the natureof catarrh.
Oatarrbiis usually believed to be oon
fined to !the head, nose and t%ron;t.!
Lately wafoomettmes hear of cata-rrh ,of!
the atomach and catarrh of the bowels,
Sieldom,t,ever, do we hear of eauta,nrh
of any o*her organs.
-It is neotbecause these organs awe mndt
isubject tatcatarrh, nor that catarihh,er'
these organs is not a very coin mn diio-i
ease, butaiimply because it is not gener
sily- known th at affections of tthese
organs may.be due to catarrh.
Farmers' Union
BO urea1 Of
-t ondutcted by tte -
South Carolhlnn Fartners' 1'-ducationad and
Co-Operntive Union.
ment had be cddresd oJ StiMg
Pendlt. Sout ann a
long stache abotonill aper
iour andx week'ke barmer'Unn
colUmn. so,. kirndst ofth -
dritch syse.me. bTwo rowicote
anld twco roow. cor ihn orio
I treei une fanture abvDn
1tlhri teht l es tobd o c
here th imark h.d poge v a
Uimon,l iot sthtg hamoyta
a littets. Xa d aboe vr. oter fr
putn ,orth aot thn We nt natil ona
aot dtlanthi. Ibgntk
Ashin welel11 pnown, bovt althera
bn evttil bvitlc,o rivar.m andis
- ohne bote .d proar.n, Iigedr16i
pondfamr <n hnot. rd
"h- amne wr "Uorion" thefammedt
be wrienal ont th im re letr a
themi top and at fried haat of ookr
bestten and eve bfroe. I il phice
hpfraio thui foretig heain foew if
anyrogrivo farSstmiemeprctic
otrnaproveof ecit f-or c.awr
on anther pame, bcus it ordr t
e:The oe gnal hareonious-like
ordenfrmest thes poe ntur of atrrha
aaie uhsuallyu blevdbo reou
tined to go he,rough and a rea-.
Entered Ap?1l 23. 19013 at Pickens, S. 0., as onnd ninq nt.tv. nn*er act of Congress of March 8, 1879.

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