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ital Company..
.6 l MMUnY. Pnors.
; .J. 'L. 0. -o.poq -- pI~
.T1HOM1'O,Ero. t
iption $1.00 Per Annum.
Avertising Rates Reasonable. a
S4 lekens F'iBtOffCea6se00Rd Class d
Mail Matter
RBOUAY, FEBOUARY 10, 1907. 1
Ati editor at Kalamazoo, Mich., e
a . his office each miorning with o
yer, and still there arJpeople
o claim the world is growing a
cold wave struck New York on
- 12tb, and run the mercury down
V zY~ ero. Several deaths have result- c
S,oand many persons on the streets
ae badly frozen.
The postmaster.general has kindly a
anted permission for mail carriers s
1 I fdeliver in automobiles, Now if "
e will take one more step and d
. , r Vde the automobiles and a chaf- 1
er, te carriers will be supremely
y i a p y . ' _ _ _ _
We notice in our exchanges a ha
eumer of towns are having heavy el
peti lties to pay on account of dam- a
gee: sustained by dilapidated sido
v ks.. A broken board in the walk
'otone town $10,000. A word to w
t;hwise is sufficient.
I you want to ruin your boy just d
ftale his side on every question and dis
Iute he has with his teacher or your C
neighbors' children. Just let him
I' w you are with him, right or at
wong, in all his disputes. This wili 1
give him a good start in the down -
vard path. a'
The people of Ryan, I. T., held a is
1ass meeting to express disapproval bi
any citizen of Ryan running for eo
6ffice in the now county, and oxtend- h1
jn a hearty welcome to outside can O
4didates. Here is an opportunit fo y
.ome of the dihappointed.c es in er
r oliens county. '" sc
The average 'ousewife will soon
begin to ma ife a burden to the
other inma 'of the household. She
Will ti / a g around her head and.
e&iio the dirt in a way that will 3
'make your hecad swim. She will tearb
isp the earpets, empty the cupb1oard(,
look sour when you show up for din- pr
fer and slamn and bang things around 01]
t, a queen's taste ~nd if you don't
hle it take y meals up town. b
yrting time is a,ery unhappy event i
when honse-eleAing is on.
-'.here is the iban s0 happyj) as the
nfe who apl))ies himself to iiiiii mn a
~br? Where is the home so happy gi
sa the one where each miember of h' la
*ousehold feols, at time closi of t he Al
y,that they have performied some a
tleast of the mnany duities dev'olv'in)gh
pon them? There mayv ho a clash '"
me day between caitnl mad labor. I"
';hould this period over come, I le te
134e is thant labor, wvith the conqujcer
StreadIU of a hero, ill tramle)l ho- -
ith its heel the poe that has, to s
ecs'rable exl enit, madle la1bor
"dtboriouis. i
"Keep it out. of the paper" is. the e(
,, try which the local newspaper pubt aI
lisher ,daily hears. T1o oblige oftci4
costs conseid'j:ahlo, though theL partI'y
who imios the request thinks the
g rntiog scarcely worth sain
than a you" for. A newspaper is a
Ipeculiar thing in the puIblic's eyeA. s
The news gatherer is stormed at be- r
cause he gets hold ot 0on0 item~ and is b
A''used because ho does not get 'An
't.hier. Yountg menCl, and( ofteni .y ounlg a
women, as w411 as .other perons11, per1 .v
form acts which becomo le'gitimalte
f,4~p~4o'~ t'bli,catron, and thmen rush
no Ci ispaper offiilc i (nd beg d
no tto notice their esCm-1
Ih neyuo.t day they condlenmn
'pper for not having pub- t
et oru~e party doing the same t
~&g Uie a ere guilty of, forgetting t
. 14 p~r $ their late visit to the
Knights of Pythias.
EAQLEY, Dec, 31, 1 foQ.
Dear Brethren: --I send y n
New Year's" greetings, and. wish f<
mr lodge the most prosperous yei
E its history, and for each membi
eace, happiness and success duriu
ie year.:
Our annual convention will be hel
t Liberty; Pickens county, Feb. 1
L 3.30 p. in. Do not fail to sel
Past G. C., Hon. B. A. Morgan,
lreenville, and our present G (
[on. M. Rutlege Rivers, of Charlei
m, have both promised to 1)e proi
3t and deliver addresses. It Is i
pportunity you cannot afford to mi.9
Let every Knight in the distri,
tend. Fraternally,
D. W. Hio'r-r,
.Qhas. Bridges and Win. Hodg
ho are in the county jail awaitin
te action of the grand jury on th
large of -bigamy, were arrested i
ocoa, Ga., by Constable R. T. Chai
an and returned to Easley. Bridge
d Hodge were married a short tim
nce to two young ladics at the Gler
aod cotton mills, and it was s01
scovored that both men had fanmi
s residing a htGaiue.
Mr. J. A. Shepp id, of Easlc3
as in town Monday selling bills c
rd, meat, etc., to the Pickens mer
iants. Ho is doing a nice broker
;e busineSS and has built up a fin
ado in this territory. Mr. Shop
trd has bought thi E tsley hot lin
Irks and has associated his Ron
ith him in this enterprise. 1 Ie ha
3proved the quality of the sof
rinks usually put by this plar.t, an
building up a good trade on thi
ass of goods.
At 3 o'clock Wedne.mday afternoon
the homo of the bride's parenit
r. and Mrs. W. B. F. C"rbii,
Talhalla, Miss Lillio Blake Corbi
id J. Thomas MIcKinney, of Piet
is, were happily married The brid
oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs Coi
ii, and is ia young \somah of man
cellent traits. ol' character. Mi
eKinniey' is well known in uppe
trolina, having for a nuiib lec
ars been connected with the fei
al revenue aid state constabular
rvice. The yoig couple have ti
st wishes of host:i of friesils. Ili
d airs. McKiiie will make tlhei
men in W~alhala.-[K',owee Couriie'
The legislatare of TenneUss'o ha u
3t passed( a bill giving to the P'el
dy College for Teaochiers, at NLash
he, the sum1 of $250,0)00. A ppro
intions from other sources8, notu bb
e from the; Peabody eduocation fun1
$1,000,000, which liha nmad<
t depended upjon [lhe appropria
ni just passed bly thle Staito ot Tet
saee, make tihe tota l aready gi vei
>re thanii $1,7000,000, whib ~i W
mne( tol thle college t.h is yea r. A81so r
ces of other doniationis had1( hop
1(en, to be made as ioion as the e.'i
do' wed, whlichi isi now' praLctically
coilpihedPt. Tii ~hecl(;' wvillhavt
1,n1s, addi htia pro110fei.sors, and
oiis(s to be) o1m ot the ( greatest
s~hiers' colletges of thu couniitry.
~J udge Eiinest (ary, of Columibiai
>licitor' J. E'. I aggs, of Pie~lsensO, and1(
.en.ographier Lon'Ug, of N a wvberry
tre ho (11el o)ver-lt, I wit'h imui -
ted. Th- are (eni oiis nol111 pinhS
Waite Goes With S. A. L.
Ii ton, Iy. *eb. il:; .. ( it ii,
al).suernndn of .Ihei .I.~t ('8
aen iiin of th (11 1bai 'iinnat1
iote raiway has1 tender< o
.itnation0l .rn wil) no wmuih i w 18111
ar Air ine , a t& p etloe n
00 i h l.3. ills suteo'' 1 aUm r no
rec.reiht Trackis ollie.
Coinmbhi , (1'b I'rnmt.B h .\ t.
[stncetelhn(e a ncanrint frcmiA
w .o nton, S ' ., t 3latry Tney
son betwee to freigh Srins Col
neo h enine la und r th,
rock._ Th rckg n ,o
Brssinss Locals.
r Notices of Satle, Wants. Swaps, etc.
. Inserted in th is Column at 5 cents per
r for less than 1 i0c nts .
line for each insertton. Nothing taken fa'
Dr. W. M. Horton, dontitst, will be in
d Pickons Mondays, Liberty Tuesday:,
Central Vodnet'sdiy, Pondleton Thurs
days, Clemson Fridays and Saturdays of
ci each wok. One day only. Come :early.
FOR SALE.-Good boilling lot.
in t1he town of Pickens, noar the
t., buinness part of towi,.
1 tf J. J. Lowie.
I3totterick Patteris at I'olger,
S1'hornloy & C".'*. 36-4w
s. When in Eaelty put up your attel .
!t it B. '. Marlin's feed and livery sta.
ile. Ho also handles all kin,is oI
f elatt'. 38-tf
Foit Sn)I; --'Two work mules for
sale', on tine or for (+ash. M. .1
Velboro, Route 3, Pickens, S. C. 3p
F~onL S.u. - t'biLning' znachinue i.
L(od runnina order W. H Suther
laud, i D 4, Pickeus, S. C. 38 3
t-aking in their several positions
.Tdge Uary is considered one of thi
- ableit judges on the S >uth Carotr.a
benub. When out of the hall , f
justice he is a genial gentlena.
pleasant and aftf1ul to all, and ftill i
good humor. He numbers hik friendl
in Oconee by the score, and his oue '
8 (1nal visits to W'tIal11i are it s,uure
of groat pleasure to all who kilo
him.- Keow c) Courier.
Bouri the lho Kind You lI;.0 biays B3)Uh
A Youtng Mllt.herr. A t. :o.'
\".\ ' ither hlatt Mudden; v 'e-. n ll't'
young at 70. Twenty years of itenst"
flerngi ..-11 dyspt'la ha..1 ('tir1l%
lisuabllel hlr, until l:ix ,.tot ha ii;;r , w i.
nho b r:n aking El. etr'ie litte'', w I(
havo Coil)Iete'ly CUiid Il-r uili r, 'on
tho i.tre gith ; llnu.'. activity Sh hid :n ti,
prime of life-," write .Mr [ . W. L. (1'y ti
riulk, of I)anforth. !e. G r.a - t r(usi ra
Iive ill.licile 4) th h gltie. 8et:i
eb. -ilver andl Kid.wy"p ri-.this, potl .b
the bllOod, and (;ures .libiria. IIi'in
l1084 atlid , '1akneSs s, \ t , tl.- 1
Nrlv, TOnie. lrie 0o. (it::nIar ' -
by P.'RIic t..(l, i )rtr t'l .
or 1)ty11 1 'auai e 11 pIWtt111 . 1iI tiii '''1 "
. or hov :1. 'atIo or w lo Sin ais i;;d I v -o
Of ai n1t1i1 if Inei endti's :\r'ni t1 ).I V' ItI " :1t p
li(.( p)rompltly. G. J. W el(,h, Of 'T't';41
Bshai, 111ieb., says}': "I. i1se it inl my1 I'm:i'I
r"t ("n's, .14 r1,s an1 1 a11 Skinl i1j i, s1. .:.
.litil it perlICt.'' Q ii klst .il( C --
n on. o st hlinliig i- l aiiio. : .
aet Pi.k 'Pl DrgCo.Id'' X:ri'ia;
A E TA' CRElR 31E.'IN j
pbliedmpbreaf thei-.s harser t r'ock..
way A ' 'eppl Coh.r.ry Nectralo
hatop thde, outhng: ad hefals -.
the7 torn a embnan ot-e. wtbn.
T.hde Jhn E. kind l , tetmaltie
"odfr.oe E.ix:yee,hardsa."i
N(Yl' Ee.TiroraA} of:\ ).1
All persons liablelt roI S. yw
donot ny thei r'on taxV befor11 jh
the iec tin li of aln ovr er ('I o rf cli
Bilraue. Th constyp Com retard ro
butvpryoCue toeswaIh Ayr' Ps.
sIO hrnites andI ohad wI bo dcaol o iv1h- to
ron tax. lbuiestnitl) lla Y'~( 0
(10rn,tnassir Dn'arm ay mmmr0:oe
Th e s.Aa arcic~ ooli~,Ma.Gs
an tQear thpe tha and pi~ns _
uicl4;the hIleltyitissues~ i:?'gie
4)ver-Work Weakens
Your -Kidneys
nhealthy Kidicys Make Impure Blood
All the blood in your body passes throug
tour kidneys once every three minutes.
The kidneys are you
. blood purifiers, they fil
ter out the waste o
impurities in the blood
If they are sick or ou
of order, they fail to d,
their work.
Pains, aches andrheu
matism come from ex
cess of uric acid in th
^-- blood, due to neglectel
tidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unstead'
eart beats, and makes one feel as thoug]
hey had heart trouble, because the heart I
)ver-working in pumpirg thick, kidney
>oisoned blood through veins and arteries.
it used to be considered that only urinar,
roubles were to be traced to the kidneys
)ut now modern science proves that nearl
til constitutional diseases have their begin
ting in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistakt
>y first doctoring your kidneys. The milt
nd the extraordinaly effect of Dr. Kilmer';
wamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is
eon realized. It stands the highest for it
vonderful cures of the most distressing case.
nd is sold on its merits J _
y all druggists in fifty- '~ e .
ent and one-dollar siz
s. You may have a 'I 'as
ample bottle by maii Homo or sw,mp-oot
ree. also pamphlet tellinf; you how to fin<
'.t if you have kidney or bladder trouble
siention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmet
.Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but remembel
name, Swamp-Root. Dr. Kilmer'
"'amp-Root, and the address, Binghamton
'.. on every bottle.
.ii he'p the bow els open when von It Im(
tolI :'tid iwe a g<od remedy t' all'1
It. i liin .,.ti'n (of the Innolt s mo1n1.
:is. hI ti st is Kenntdy's l,nlt V1
1 "'';lii,i '1''I. It t' i illls tilo tpltab s,
I' . t' I. l'ow'!S, <lrives ''nt I,' eohi
r''Ih:)bl' i,ti I.".tts gZo t<l. :"ul I.ti
' c; .) . t ' C ' e.. . .,
ears tho ThO Kind You Havo Always Bought
huof( 1'olsoniug
- tta ( r i: onic c mnaipatioi, whihel
'ki 'enot by D -. Kcing's New Life
. 1"- y r:ove a'Il poioitont germs
hOwsyst~1m 31nd i:lfllse new life an 1
: ', Y)i s ii' :t0o1li t'h, utinsin, lhea I
ZZile 4it (l :ele,wji-"11on4* prtit
oi- .ihsc ru-'"i ||Mit. O;naratn'eedl b
t"k. us D)rlla
'They Make You Fool 00011.
The piea4anlt purgative clffet . x;)("i
[tCCId by all Who use Ch .tiitni'ir;1ii1
t:,matnh atl I.ii--r I:it ""-. mil Ith
- "ti. t'e t.' ti-m' i tl(' :b fmit\ m1Ii 'w h.'
ch1 I'e en a i t n'tik,t 1neur. I'I jn, .'t. .
r'-' . ( , _: t" . -'--untll -. Ii-ti ait ick1
Is Drag ('t.
A ' iirau
I his i " to certify ti,t .11 dra' i -.154
Y''s !litnt'.\ :"' i T:,r i. s c"It' N < )
It illc I)' I to
i'.ih or cl)S 'dj.q (~ul an ps l the nh
'III ihoit 'sysm t evn" i n re-dl
tsit o. :t i,bl (:nia' od. la gropp i-i1b
. n. tai htt the geie Th (', c.
iot Inic '-'o ---in "-im a, Libry
amt 'ielns D)rug Co.
04Otiinite cough and epsth
ibi from ouhr ytlea it is.mh
, mlPikes DrgCo.
UMakes Kidnyn agd Bladder Right
mft iito 1ots andC
'1id (o)f in streets.
n dI the sizes vary
romVl.O one-hal18 to
uve acres. Tlhis
s ag'olden oppor
unity for you to
he beOst town o1
lie IPied m o n t.
{(eal estato is~ ad -
mlIt the prices00 on '
hose lots have
>eenl m.ade for
iick sal es. Fjirst
somei, first choice.
oer Plats, PIrices
und Terms see
J. McD). Bruce.
Ist he watchword of the tines.
front ranks with all those who be
forward business is what counts;
people of Pickens Cot nt) the ver
them in this way
Our stock is becoming mor<
are better prepared to serve yot
endeavor to win the confidence
child in the county. -
Come to see ns Mhethei" eou
Line or cot; we will make y
If you cannot find your
eave your call with us; it wi
him your call.
Remember that we are inI Dr.
J. McD. Bruce,
-:-5 Per Cent,Interest Pz
J. F. Banister, B. A. Hagood
J. M. Stewart, J. E. 13oI
T. N. Hunter, H. '.
Ten cent cotton has put lots
Many people have been robbed
Safe blowers have tried the
and failed to get the money. D:i
an account with them today and y
Interest paid on time (ep>sits
$.oo will open an ;a<count I
can run through ih
it, or climb over ti
tu n an un l i l (that I V . In . I
10 h- < n v .h t
You will find us in the very
lieve in progref s. Straight
therefere w e- will give e A
y best of our efforts to s.eve
complete every cay and we
than heretofore. We shall
of every man, woman and
Earle's old stand.
1. M. Mauldin,
- - $20,500-00
- . iS,ooooo
- - 140,oo0.Co.
Lid On Deposits -:
, - W. MVi. la;o",.I
gs, J. Mlc.. Bruce;.
Richev, !. P. Carey,
of in n(r' in th( country.
and ki l-- for thl.ir Iti ey
a'y-; arc <iangeP)<ro. is (p
HI. C. Shirl':v, Casier.
v th: L b tz * uk .
1 ~I i
- ,:'. t. : nn.. .do

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