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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, February 16, 1907, Image 5

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Piokens seuiue1,Iourua
itspenings of a Looal and Persona
v. J. %I. Nealoy, who has beet
4.yiie'Muk, it rnp)ntcd bott,!r.
I1. H11uter h R In ivetd in to Uratr.
I tte cottage on Liberty road,
Mr, U. 1. Webb, who ha be;r
,id tiic for the past several weelc
tiow able to sit up,
Mr. M0). Brnta has bfen confinec
b. 'gots a nuwoer of diays.
W. H. Ambier and wife, of Gree
lie, spent Sunday in Pickens wit.
cir mnan3 friends and rebitives.
Mr. John L Tlhorn'ey, who iii
,Iding down a flue position with
iiver, t:e ct,utraetolr, is at. homne oi
M1rs. J. B. Ri l r.-.wu In, .,f Picktona,
titel her frit'iei, 11lr. John Grlmifl
. week - [ W1estlninstt:r C )r. K')
3 3e Courier.
C. Q lardy, of th-3 Easley see
), was in Plickena, NI iday, aftet
,as. His stetiot is llo irishing It;
,rding to his r.s nrt.
Married, Sun11day, at. the home oI
ufus Plnd..rs, Siui, Kimnps and Jos,
onders, aill c,lto,tsd. S. F. Ke:lt.l.,
agiltratte, t)flic i ttedt.
Set. 1d. of Garrison, Wvat. t& (Xi
I Eileyv, in tilin It- in . Tilt;v an.
bolesall, thlH.titr"s i,) hay, gril, ii it
tod ft:ud:i ;u1 . t_' :l ou th.liu
MS Rt >xie R !id, who haith-;
.iting r lttivis in Pic:seis it al Son
ct, ret.uru il t.> her I. mw il \\':
mila to --day-Keue nir
Mr. B. C RobutilN ti, prorUitor1-,l
he Piciouh S- ta Exat a igt.t
-l1, i" +in bt: .i.t 1 n lti I w il ,lhi) b i
',O or two c"ar of iII :I- gra.l: 110 h.
We wish 't> (-:l I o ra,c'in A
Ithe ad. of tlht. ;outhlI i Mutltuti LA
kSiu O t,ti1,1n, VhlichI I t a it hatlt 111,-1 1.,
I.i t." ead t.tllu llotit;l itid"bli, 111
ifl it e::IIC .
iilt, wa"I
that. th
i -ICotto
light tt. *ii Iselvet, i?nor
iii j)l~ li'iji f . i i.ni lare
114 b Iit tF r ia at thldii
I)tl ~ pny1 toea t heVili i . olvris!.
me il- ts of e trp ii. i, e
Xi at .Jou door, sof tm Jpek.l
.l di OV D. tan 'ill e h.m bi,-(n er,
iflg It ftO)- oflitsoet for)Qt. VOi..II) j
ofThe hevenuo e Is,tid wh 00hasohee
int otr han f grid a aumer tot
Thereo i.nd and t.oriwa t,fl buibni
Auap o towno tun ivin to eo ou h
each onofthe h modsrwe helpd th
p(onres of t he l beILr0ty 3O,:tb
Thguredy Sc o s.l.Sn
...rAlll fdo ic
Oflicur Gleo. Clbapimatn madet a rl 1(1
a the hig ctlo)rakO on tho' ' Toxn.
, way river Mtouduy night ind(] cut i,1
Ntaind. About 500 gallonN of be r
"vre turne d loose. The plarties hiltd
trried awaty(tht, still.
SMar,i ed, Sunday ovenitlg, 10.'
Int., at tihe hom of the fut E
;,ie bride..i Mr. W1. 1P. 1-akler, trit
kowma Bakt r, of Turkey, . ,
".r. E:-Nard. U ?'Ty e, of Rol:,mtl
C,"O, John TI. Lo 18 outiaittinge'.
Marr'e(d, on the o suing of t 7
- of the brid;
Suthrrand, bsi
and Ml r. U. I
ns c:)ul)ty. A 1.
" i, r ' 'rinrtl t le ceo'
Mit3t E;da Couch, aged abont, 5.
yeuars, died of contlulption at ht
-tome, three milus south ot'. E-tly%
-n the 28th ult , anud was uret'd I
.110 family burial giou:)d. S-o leav
'our sisters. 1h,) but ial s':VIces w .
eonducted by luvs. DuBose an,
lis, 'I'trzah IHu1ghes is ow il fi,
1lorthern m1)lArkets pi ' Ling u.) ti
tatet, at.tyles in iats a-d 1)ilIinery f, I
tier custoers. Thee) daintv cr-tl
,iuns of the )illiuer',3 art, will b)t u>
.tp'ay at the Hiatth-Brua-11. rr. %,
-'").'s store ready for the hatd
MAlinn Laito') , collrl"tdt, coVOtc
a I rse, the prtpilrty of hl Me D,
tel, and proceedled t tie Irls- essm1))
4itliout te frtutniity i" u. p 1 1tH, -
nd had go a as far a.. L 'ert.y i
h. nliit) tl. whetsru ie Wa, voerlta '
Iv O li e;'rs N e el - y 1111 d ( iu i )p i a i
E e- e ,lt u,r, of Folug.-','ll )T .oh
-:, & , is 1)o)w il the ilort.etrl u ni1ty -
ketn pic.tn11r un1 his linlt from )ai i,
bttteHt spring andlt su'etm--r goodts nu
t n Iep tiil.t h -rt, i:ndt w\il1 b).!
:,1h ip i tem downilII t l r"i.h<w:; ,til .
ITey w.ll ait h 1 n (1 1 )litly in) the
store f1r thl Easter tinle.
. rid Iy, F b our 1111.1, w 9 ne -'
lovtll;; cit*zallS will hove an op w-.
ot v I f (i t enu ding; anl aItt(! :. vc
- ttrtiiemetnt at Libetretv, to bet' givel
byv "Thle Ann 1e"tte LiTA-r11v Cillub'
4'I ll;: u ii era wvi h.l be -l;d .r' i I. :
te.:l y of talnite i an. \ y " .;
T ) e Car C, t rv lo l
pa-edthe cont Tue hiv by a' 41 ...
-1halshed,i. The.))u5 bill provblIi th..
('ilpensaryl co W) t'iiesin .\l n fI) i l ).4,1.
coun.t hi pI) reso rhinn
Colleh's id e :it o ( r i.oc, Ilar
I1da '( mornin a fireol)s. di
a teeum N hom1'- odbyl. .Ibox
rs.Unhicion Wnd fi~amIv. Tr .
nilyn asnr.os.da's ,; w - o I
-3es nN ni fm d tn ic ..
3ioe.d' fteby:rnsa
, Is called to our Stc
H% Huse Fu
At this seasorn of the y<
think (of new t hings you wi
0 FRI ,!I1re', '4ett.ee, Chairs,
Our Stock of Furniture
Complete line in the Counti
SU vi ng about 10 per cent in
Oak Beds from $2.O(
ak I )ressers frovm
Oa Was]hstandcs fro
( )nk~ SIit(1S~t'(_)P? %10L
()i k Sideboar' fror
Oaki(1 :atesrom1101
Oak D i n ing Tlal.es i
Oak (entre Ia1bles 1
Bed ougesfrom.8
1 l<ns f rom.Z -2.00 t
\l i~' I1es rom $2.c
Every Descriptioi
mk s1K pec1.i prices .ftroi
1iture to ma fke room for
ovesan Rags-h bet
ige Thrn4
>r itcheII! trayonUS4, Chas (( O iWl
Sc~Uheii Mutual Life Ah
A Home Instituti
T*1" (o mG C aay. O''4)4 as 14 thbst, a
i' i " , a .f v. I -7(J 11 (77 22)0 of s:our1ities. on depo:0
"0 ! 1 102) J~ )Pty
.\ ages from -10 to 5(1 years
I.\t age fro 01 t to t;) year1s.
Managed by its own Cou
Chei)44t, h;afe , Foundest45. i:r':42, and iit est Ph:
worldt. '4n2 41anno4t alfon2i not) t4o belong2 to Ila llomo 4)2)
.your2 elf, your) boity. your212 neihbor- to joini N(O\V.
Dr. S. A. Foster, District i\
J C Caldwell Ger'l Agent
U. D1. GARy\'N, Local Agenit.
'4 DrELE"cTO]E9r
JT. P. SM.'[ IT ,rs. and)4 Treas. ]
- . W-. ( OHAPMAN, Mer0chan1jt.
(1. 1F. NORIS$, Secr'y Norria (.
A. J. BOGGS, Olerk'of Oourt,2
WV, M. LONG, M. D).
J. N. MORGAN. Merehl mt, Cenlt
J.J.JAMLSON,,Magli8 rate, Fgw
Chairs o
(r 11i Ta1 0 ,
ck of
,ar you natiii'ally begiti
ill need for the house-i
it new Stove or Range,
s by far the largest and j
. e buy only in (ar
)to 1C
5.00 to $2C
m $8.00 to $1C
.00 to $5C
. $12.00 ^8'
) to
o.n $8.00 to 1.
x 75C. to I0
o to
nd at all Pric
Ia now until M\ac
ces. Also 0b)1 ig sh1iuiJ
>n1 earth for the anon~er.
-eat youi right.
By And Co.
hi,n, G')(ds a Specialty.
1 cheapetiof allrconsii
I wvii fanil , Mi
tt to gtuaranlted the pay- no ebancest on nP h
ity Officers,
Inl of I ifte t luranc int the
IsO h.it ion. Y o ow it t)
Pickens county
3, S. 0.
iIIberty Cotttoni Miill ) ps, ~ n h
>t'fn M1ills3 Co. theo Ohio englne v
'al. alogue' to W R
f .
(. )()
_1_ t1
! o f~
CU \\ I' u.<j ether
*Ipi by aI-!; C I,1 see-'s
i lA 1H fl 8.
khciny Cuire
sa~d bladder rlgk. f -
fan isw a Oin
ril "il ev r r-,ie
nc ti rabV( ilit VC n'III -
eqlual. 'Write for (Tn!
1ON S.MI'TllI, R?' F. F)

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