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iL II r'
our competi
to be "just
original Fish
buyers shoul
This is the o
Norfolk, Va.
Columwbia, S. C.
if Explains Plan to a How
eauae It Permit. United States
to Avail itself of Services of Lal
Cobtr.iled by Contractors-Perce
agWill Only Bo -PaId on Labor
Wvashington, kNez. 12.-Beereti
'4it, Chairman Shonta, of the
tbma. canal commission, and R.
,ogers, general counsel for the coa
mssion, a.ppeared before the hot
4mmittee on interestate and forei
loommence to explain the proposedc
maI contract and the plan to mer
Ahe Panama railway company's ma
agemnent with the canal commissio
Mr. Rogers explained that the ch
purpose of the contract is 'to pert
the govertnmen't to avail itself of I
Iraetj experience and efficient
pr ization of an association
cout1;trs. The p)ercentage to
pat4.' o Contractors is to be Only
'oat dflabor, and not in suppi
and equipment, which are to be su
plied by 'the government.
41. response to inquiries from mel
tors of the committee, Mr. Roge
and Secretary Taft stated thatt
eight-bou,r law would apply on t
iathmus under the prioposed contrac
When Mr. Rogeris was aisked( wh
the total amount priobably w~ouild b
on v1ch the contractor would r
celve 'ercentages, hie saidl he hiad n
mnadb any estimat(', andl( that as f
as he linew , no0 cariiefl' e'stimlate I
been made by3 anhy ('ontrafctor.
Segretary TPaft made a~ stateme
about the Painma railway, in whbl
he explahined that it is eon trolled u
Clusively by the governmllenit.
directors ar'e named with the unide
standing thant the'y shall vote as
said any dir'ector woiild r1e removed
once for .tail1ure to vote as instruuec
He said lie deCsired to he heard
length b(efor'e any steps are taken
change the admhiniistr'ation of the ra
way's affairs.
Secretary Taft stated positively t!
he was in favor of the proposed et
Ktract as it nowv stands. HIe said
,believed that with -the highest ch
of contractors in charge, the wt
can be done more rapidly uder a cc
tract than by the' governiment.
Secretary Taft said the chief re
son for running the Panama railw
Os it lB run at present is (lie co
eOn ehee of administr'ution. iIe sa
4 he raila s'affairs wold( be confus
V : ca~~t 2~ero put' directly undl(
Is V
ucerest Fak
The unprecedented popularit
[ERS' BONE fertilizer has ii
:ors to advertise Fish Guano,
as good." FARMERS'
. Guano, and, to prevent being
d be sure that our trade-mark i
nIy guarantee that you are gett
Made with Fish
Who Murdered Young Finley In Mont
Montgomery, Ala., Feb. 12.-In
Corbin Coleman, a negro, ariested
Monday the police are quite sure they
SO have at least, one of the murderers
o~f J. A. Fi9nley, the young mnan whc
was so cruelly and br'utall, assassinat
ed Saturday night. his dy being
MTfud *near Cleveland avenue and Mil
Coleman had on .a bloody shIrt, andi
te' had in his possession a watch said
or to have been the property of Finley,
.when he wan taken by Pat,rolmarn
Sweariogton .and Patrolm~an Russell
* not far from the 'sCene of the
nh'egro, like the part of the city
B.- where the crIme occurred, has an un
savory reputation. Accordlag te
the chief of police he Is known as a
"rOUstabout" and never seems to have
a-had any definite employment for long
at a tIme. He is a black fellow ol
goabout 25 years of age and ha. made
n-more or less trouble for some tIime.
le [The last tine he was in the tolls o1
let the oficers it was on a charge of be
he Ing a party to a mock marriage with
hoIan old woman of weak mind who had
a- onle money. Coea
of enarrested, Cemnsaid that
behe had been away from the section
onwhere the body was found and had
Osnothing, to do with it. HeI said tha-i
p- the blood on 111s shirt was not blood
andl that he had bought the watch
Sfrom anotlher negro several dlays ago.
he He contends that he had no ktnowl
eedge of (lhe crIme and says he caun
ieprove that he wa snot about11 the lalce.
I loweve r, t here is no ex plianatilon
at serns read5 QsonablhIe so far for thev
*blood sl ainis, and C~hief Taylor sayvs
t'chat he has ascertaIned, from what
tseemis p;ood evidlenlce, that Finley
Ihad his watch on when lasi seen S3at
idurdtay night. It ia a lady's smaull
nsiz~e, double t (a se wvatch andl ha s a
T1 lhere seems to be only good (-,-1.
10 dence against Colemiani. There areC
ten others held(I, 50om1e of whom 1may
be conneCcte1dl diectlIy wtit h~ h 1 murder,
tbut so far they have not1 been so Im.
ISenathor Did Not Appear.
to Little flock, Feb. 12.--In the P'er
.ry, county cIrcuit court Monday , th<
case against Senator A. C. Gross wvas
ntcalled. Gross, who is a hold over ii
- the senate, is charged with aceep-tini
lhe a bribe at the last gssson of the leg.
isltur. Gossdidnotappear, bu1
. en a icertIficate fromi a physiciat
)rhapt lie was ill. The district. attor,
fey, however, (declinedl to accept th<
a-excuse andi forfeIture on (Gross' bont
wvas taken -And a bench warrant foi
the s9nat.orB arrest was issued.
hlarg st grasshoppers are founid
wenis reach a' length of five Inches,
" With at spread of winiig of tean inimaes
Dead Body of Reese Jones DIsoov
ored Near Buchanan, Ga.
Buchanan, Ga., Feb. 12.-Rees
Jones, a white man, abou't fort
years old, living five miles east c
this place, . was found dead on th
roadside about half a mile east o
here. The coroner was at onc
summoned, and oni examination i
was found tha; Jones was shot foil
times, onte in the head, once in th
right breast, once in the lower par
of his right arm, and once in th
back. A white man, by name c
Ben Adams, has been placed in ja
charged with the killing.
It seems from the evidence pro
duced at the inque.-i, that Adam
and Jones wcre together the day be
fore at different places. Adams hire
a buggy from a livery stable alidt inl
vited Jones lo take a ride with him
The buggy was brought back aad lef
at the riable somne ilme during tih
night, with one forew ;eel sniashed
Jone's hat was found in the l'qil
soyedistalleu from11 w;ere h>,le
Suited For oXficthing.
"Your little Ioy ..tfl:ty bec"otm' presi
dent some i day "
"I hardlr '6ink so. Archibald Is tot
miode'sk. ?ilid rNliin tg."
" eYi. well, he m1aV get to be vie<
fffesident." --hiladelphit Iuletin.
A Woman's Health
Is a heritage too sacred to be experl
mlelted with. For her peculiar and deli
rate ailnents only medicines of known
colposit,ion and which contain no alco
hol, narcotics, or ether harmful or ha bit
fornling drugs slv>ulhi be employed. Such
a medicine is )r. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription-a remedy with a record of over
forty years of cures to recommend it; a
remedy, the makers of which print its
formula on evory bottle-wrapper and at
test its complotenless and correctnesi
under oa t,h; a remedy devised and adai pt(I
to wom1an's delicate constitution by at
educated pihysiciani-atn exp)erienced spe.
ci1 list in womlan's diseases; a reInediv
evry ingredient of which has receiVe
the written endorsement of the must eni
nent mledicat writers of all the severa
schools of practice for the cure of woml in's
peculiar diseases; i remedy which ht;
more lO(t-fiic cures to its credit that
any other sold by druggists for woman':
special requlire'ments. It is not givet
awa y in the form of "trial bottles " to h<
experiment.ed with, but is sold at ta fail
price by all dealers in medicines.
If a: woman has hearing down. or drag
gimg pamis, low t dowI in the abdotmen. o,
pelv is, bahathe, frequent heacthees
(tizz.y or fatinting spells, is nervous all
easily startled. has gnuawinu feeling it
slomlach. Sees imlaginary lloating spe"el.s
(r spots before her eyes. has mneht:hiil
or blues." or a weakenling (.isagrnabl.
drain from pelvic organs. site can m1ak
no mnistake by resorting to the use of I)r
Pierce's Favorite l'rescription. it wii
invigorate aid t(;ne" up the wile syster!
and especilly the pelvie organis.
No wolan suffering from any of th(
above symptoms can atTord to ncceil ani
sectret nostrum i or med( iino of ti uknoi
comnposition, a1s a subst.itut(, for at mod(i
einle I I)r. Pierce's Favorite I'reScipl
tioll, which is of KNOWN CO.PosMNrLOX in
has a record of over forty years and sell
more largely to-day than ever before. It
makers withhold no secrets from tIhei
patienits, believing opien publicity to h
the very best gularanlty oif merit.
D)r. I ierce invites aill suifferingi womIOI
to consult him by letter frece of ch'ur?qr
All 'letters of consultation are held 'a
sacredly confidentiail and an answer is ra
turnied iln' lain sealed envelope. AddrnesA
Dr. R.V. 1Pierce, Invalids' Hotel and Su
gial Instltute. Biuffalo. N. Y.
Cures Coughs, Colds,
Pickens Drug
ud "Makes You Well All Over."
hireatens the entire system. HleA
:elng indicate that you necd
ebtt Chemical Co. Blimore JMd.8,1
Dear Sirs: 1 was laid tip last Novembel
heumatism In my feet and ankles. buit after tal
ur bottles of Rheuimacide I have not beeni both<
nce. I tried every old kind of liniment anid
idier twvo doctors, andI all I tried had the saint
ilt, until I got R heumacide. Now, I am Dlease
ly. It has not been necessary for me to take
edlcine for Rheumatism sInce February I
veryhody that I recommended it to has had
ime res.. Yours -very truly
P. R ANAGAN, Nanager
Quincy Industrial Co-oneratiV e Socia
y of Royster's
1duced some of
claiming theirs r
BONE is the
imposed upon,
s on every bag.
ing the genuine
Ttttoro, N. C.
u oon, Ca
.A Certnin Cuire for Croup Uned for Tt,
Yent without a Fallnre.
- lMr. W. C. Bott, a Star City, Ind. hritt
prairt of Cha elatnttInl't- Congh;l 1'..wt
Hlis (:hildlren hi"tve al ll-1 ut s Ibj tb
(.-c 1n1 and 'i eth als u1'"(d t ia f-mult tY
thie p)l!-t tt'l year';, n t h- --I Ilh.,
much('I ftIar. d ft- ("rony, his wift1 andl I
-I-tnyit felt safe onu)tt rie Itiring whe.
ho(tth>e of Ch1amub"rlinl's C;tn lh R4t .( tt
Was in the honse. i k oldest. clit i .
t:ubject to s(ev(ro .tth ui:. of rronto, h
ilhis remedy nlever ftiitl ao et, t
speedy Cure. U1 hlia i comenuit(t.1l .t
to friend tlnid n'ia.,tthew eut t w
have usted it. say that it is iueqi ., I
(troup ntl whoopieg teou;h. For su
by Pick er ])rug Co. "
A cold is imuttch mwr, eiasily 'i e
wIeln th1." Ibuwels arhe tyn l:ed. K. utN.
Ltxative Honey and T'ar tpentz tht ibt
Os r.nd drivea the cold out 1 the avsti
in young or old. Sold by Pickens' I)in
~ The annitor wvill take all returno ii
office this year except those taiken by no'
tarica or matuiiistai<. Th" people~ wvi
take no ice, no return4.',to be takem h:
parties mei silgml d --; par'nt Ii N hm
Thbe time expIrIca Fe.-rn'ry 2l 1907, i.f
terwich time at penaalty of15 per) eeniCi
will *e added on eh ain I ever*v one
So come on and make your returon t.
atvoid penalty. E. F. Keith.
Ex. Aud.
Sore Nipples and Chapped Hands
Are quickly cured by applying Chamnbertait
Salve. Try it; it is a success. Price 25 cents.
else .&ttren.- Gare. are. .&. easteee
The Kind You Have Always Bo
e in use for over. 30 years, ha
and has
sonal su
" All ow ni
- All Counterfeits, Imitations all
Experlimkenlts that trifle with a
IWfants and ChIldren--Experi<
Wat Is C/
'tIstoria is a harmless substil
goric, Drops and Soothing Sy
contains neither Opium, Iorl
substance. Its age is its guar;
aud allays Feverishness. It c
Colic. It relieves Teething Tr
and Flatulency. It assimilat<
Stomach and Bowels, giving
The Children's Panacea--The
Bears the Si
The KindYou Hav
In Use For OvE
Where you find Shield Br
it is a safe place to trad
they are sold by reliable
everywhere. Be sure to
Kiser's King $3.6
for men, and you will gel
money's worth. Made
styles and all the o 1
Leathers, Patent Colt, V
Gun Metal, Box Calf, et<
lk. C. K rCompany
Croup, La Grippe, Asthma, TI
revents Pneumonia and Consum1
Company, Pickens, Ptarkena's Pharrmac
ro STAY*
ease and reqi
the Inside,'' and that
after all other remedies hi
sweeps all the poisonous germs an
Those pains are danger signals, warni
idaches, Pains, Bad Taste ini the Moi
Cred. s.nea's*oled roks. MRyEEr
. Therk.sBetter
ught, and which has been
,s borne the signature of
been made under his per.
pervision since Its infancy.
one to deceive you sn this..
id "Just-as-good" are
,nd endanger the health '6
mlco aga.Ist Experimllelit.
ite for Castor oil, Pare.
rups. It Is Pleasant. It
)hline nor other Narcotle
blltee. It destroys Worms
ires Diarrhoea and Wind
oubles, cures - ;onstiptation
,s the Food, regulates the
tueathy and natural sleep.
Mother's Friend.
gnature of
Always Bought
r 30 Years.
1V 6'"EET. NEW YORl oTY.
and Shoes
, because
sk for.
0 Shoe
Pat. Colt
roat in the
itism is an internal dis-m
iires an internal remedy.
Gets at the Joints from
Is the reason It Cnres
ive failed. R?heumacide
d acids out of the blood
ng you of a disease that
atit, thiat ''NoAjco.t tt
of HlghPont, N. C., after she
whoelerdTye rs old..a leadIng
Inmbe th ree years and hi legs
get a boe do yo ns"urruogistg
O., Proprietors, BAL.TIMORE.
r in Delay

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