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Entered April 23, 190' at' Piokcvs f8. C., as second class matter, under aet of Congreve o ' 34arob } 1879.
Adonted at Big Convention In
Macon, Ga.
President G. Gunby Jordan Calls the
First Session of Georgia Immigra
tion Association to Order-To Send
FidId Corps to European Countries.
Macon, Ga. , h .b. 19.-U'nanitnous
plans' for a, uniforim nidnho:i or se
curing for the Enipire State ef the
Soul i the best class of inmnigrants
_'re p i tt ii b i( i ly
adopte(I by four Ifun(red of tie uost
con.:ervative citizens of this state at
ihle iniinigra.iont confercnce held1( here
'I'uesulday under The auspices of the
(orgia linmitlgration assoriat io.
The four hundrl d ((l delegates \who
were gathered toge'thr( 1c onstitlt((1 the
r(pr-". s(ntation of -the i wo and a half
nilliions of people who have been
awaL.nled to onte of 1he great est inceds
of tIc til .
Pr"n oinient leaders of the soulh, as.
sis!el by the wislol of officials of
flderal departinen.s, governors, in.
diist.i lal and ianufacturing represon
Ia'I .vs an-d well known agricultural
expoeen'ts, niet in p(ace and har
mlon' . to -(ieiss coilinllol interests of
a colnonll cause.
rin the calling of the con vent ion
to o1-ler by P'resident (1 (inhy .lor
dan 'n t.hn crowded1 ali.lorium I nt-il
thel" aftterno n!I session adljornl fol
the toke7 which was given by the
M\acon C'hatuber of C'ommero1ce, (enthtu
was adopt d and pldgd 1hir Co
O!)" 'a1lion (n) the stlggestions mnade h.
sth . ,'nu o m t r
'eThe conference was calle for th<
pt11r-1)'e of ptting lthe slate a' art
in t:lch Wiit the bh uines, l lan d
optra'ion of the association lin secur
f i.e bo t cla.-s of immlt ligranlts anc
to n i t - r and a is
ftie of t.he state. The((' paur posi t
the it. 'e in was realizdoI by the stilp.
,r por; hi. wa.s frvely offered.
TIe( plan ) the futurc work of tIh<
ar:so('i.tion has been .)utlinedt in th(
ropor( of the comnnitt(e,s (;n resolu
lVi \ W lnin moans. s:t.' orgalni
za'iont and t:raile and t'ransportatIon,
rat eon , Ga. , Fitbh. 1.--he irg
s;sin of thE' directors of thie eor
gittr ilnigr-ation assocciaito , relat-v
to ahe work of the convention, wiic
th'ain herr Tuesday iornin at C
o'(:Ice . was hld at do'clock in the
c'Vein- at the office of Chairman J.
A\. 13(jernan, at ihe b.anicir hotel1
F,:ar'y in t.he day fully hal'f the ntemi
hi'rs of this body Were present, and(
by evening the larger nunirer wcr'e
N ready to take th1eir place. The s(...
Mon marked 'thle beginning, of then
iegi, laturo Appropriates $850
000 for Them.
ixed Sum at $300,000, but tih
Senate Added $50,000, and th<
House Concurred-Legislature t
Adjourn Saturday.
Molltgoincry, Ala., Feb. 19.
loth hises gi;reed to pnins by wihi
t is expectniId 1 thtadljo-urnmenIICIt fo
he rccess will be reaclk d by Marc:
I, i the neigihborhood of the en:
'C the thir.y-tif'th day of work.
As a nove In that. drection, it wa
greed that the two houses will ad
ourn from Alonday to WVedttesda'
und from 'Thursday to Saturday o
his week.
The lost interstin.g work of 1h
lay was the effort, in the tdnate
vhich prOVel a success, to increas
he appropriation for the ct,omnlo;
chools $:,),lllt insteal cf $:1,0llO 0)
LS was reported lroim the coltitte
in ianiice and taxation. The hous
Otrher leatires of the school ef
ort of the lay. in the senate, wt r
)ills by MIr. Ilia,cml onl, for the s:v.t
.o establish free libraries it school
hat are not able to proculre hctm
ini by \Ir. lteyrolds, to pr"ovide
in eahl conlcgressioinail di rict, a big
=chool to he located in a town a
Some colinty that has n school a
this tinci of I h igh schoo gra
The onihns salary hill Iimssed g1
house without oppositicn and will h
sent, to the governor at one. 1
all salar!'s in the citpitol n
pra-c,ically. ilcads o' drlu l c n'
w ill r.eceivo $: : lnl ti l[ (-ht'I !" eb .l
The lulose alno p;cl the hill
prevent the exiiib!tion of piet mt',
nude mt' nu li:i I'i)wnll il pubht oth
than inl art galleres,
In the hti'ii t he bill t ?roviel f
ithe s:taa ics of tow\"1 +fic r . ;
pas.sed , tixing the illax'in ituu salt
of n'a orl ul $:.i jrt )
Tli h.Ols lar greater lUiaingha
aml for he ti ngerf lowns a'Ind eii
ih-o Ipalseu.
Tie hill to prevent tipping, and 0
o take iiw 11 nlly for a situit Wi'
iet nt t ra'. ish punishabie by deat
vc'rc reporl - I r;ta1ra l, to the senatt
Tho el"etion cf tle ristee, of tI
deaf and im school Was reporle
to -hle s011n.11 in a nsoo fromn tl
gov1ern110,;a d Ih+' nwmbos', t +;i th hoar
tonfirmcd. ;l, f ,ll. 1wi . iii \]c'
M Tillatn, C. A. .lro r '. I. Ilur
'l. B. ('ampr ., . 1. l;in, h
M. Ilobbs, 8. S. E. Creete.
Negroes Are Aglainst Liquor.
Af uontmery, .\ l ., I' '. 9
petition Signed by I le ic i"(
-f 11ont;gle ry,. i .il ndci;a r:
"Othe lcime i'5(1 )ae
the resident dllsticts. Tile nlegrae
tre canlSP for' in-ereasl i1l. er111 C
hCi r race,* and( appeal0 for a il'oe<f
ect Ive eni'Orlement of Ia ws
Victim of Sandbacgger.
Pirmainlghalin, Ala.-,- Feb. 19.- II
itrphyll , famiiliarly known as "Iik
*urphy, manager of tIll Brown--Alar:
:lgar storell, wasi Sarnl'ihaggerl and1 rol.
Cd hy twovi unIkno(wln Iingoes . at A.
1n11 F' ansl 7" s ventl 1
wo block. fromli tile et Qii
-sr :tl. ily 50 ue l:ock't chtanll
.0s t'e red, a tro 11 y car fII rige-:v
rs tY ay. Ar..\lurp
ftor i erlal:ma etizn o
His Neck Was Btroken.
Mlru n. Al.iss., I *lb. 19. \vaT
- I v i * :' 0! - 1 :- In c I i
V a t? a l. I:1 Il Il Ir M.10
"dl ' ). : ri ,nIl
WaEeinCr,i I mb r'Ct:'in I the aed
Eonn1ece n Kiled: Fiemn. njurled.
ieorge M erchan t, was ,blown to frag
iones and( .lFiremian Ii. Elliott was sC
iouisly inijured0. TPho iocomnotive Is
a11d to be the same 01ne -which blew
>'n Htouston an'd1 Te'xas Contral road
eeOks ago, and( waIs makinag
xin;eont ntnr bctno- epnaIred.
Provision for Their Payment Is Now
Agreed Upon.
Washington , Feb. 19. --The app)ro
priation of $20,000 for the eiploy
men-t of experts to work abrcaai to
ITcrease the business in cotton prod-. I
nets, whic'h has been In conference
for several weeks has been finilly
agreed upon. The ileni was first
stricken from the appropriation bill
by a subcommittee.
Colonel L.ivings4on in-troducned it a's
an amendm-ent (on the floor of t'y.
house, andi it was defeatedl.
Later it was intr1oducedI in tV e son.
ate. by Senator Overnran, a referred
to a conteren'ee conimii (' Comiosedl
of Represntativs L.1v ivigston and ,it
taner and Senato' Warren and Cul
101. r
The e,i'en.ce report containing
li 'it(m was signeti Mowlay after
110011. 'Phe whole appropriation for
extending foreign trale in American i
mnanuf'acturers 1s $50,000.
Burned Herself to Ocath.
Jackson, ky., Feb.' 19.--.Mrs*;. Jen.
nic Strong, wif(e of ClIloway S:rng, a
arler, wI) llves 5 mlliles north of
lt"re, con'.mittcd stilcide by hurnino
herself t.o death. About G o'clock
Mrs. Strong welnt olll inl the back
yard and after saIllratlng her cloth
inl- wiLh coal oil, S(' Iir'e to it . Th'le
fiames we re leaving four feet allove
her haead before she wt"als 'Iiscovered.
There was no chance to c'xt ingulshi the f
flnams and her h ldV was itrn"d ;last
all semblance of hllmanity. Mrs.
Stron'g has becen sufrin'ii1g from a
men tat malady for several 1111its.
She lc'aves eight childre:n.
He Resisted Arrest.
Collinsvil.le, Inll . T., F )e . 19.--.
\1ayor Parry and \larshIl I yneh hve
been a'reslts l on a fedeial waria!L
charging them t withl 1111rder in the
first degree in conun, ion with the
death of 'T'hnwmas McQlirlc, an alleg
e(1 bi;llmist. They were colunltcd
to jail wit.hout hail. An unnown1
womnl,9 camlle to ta;'ln a.-l claienr 1
:l1(Q(uirk as her'l husband, although he
declared he had never seen her he
fore. The womanu swore out a war
ranlt for McQuirk's arrest on the
char ge of bigamnly. 'heit mlaiyor ' l4
the Marshal s oug;,ht to 1r"rest Me
) tirk, who resisted antl was killed.
Emperor William Opens Reichstag.
ferlin, F(1. 19.--i hmjernr \\'ili!:i
(pcnicd the n't' ccc: stag Tu(laty,
reading the sper'oh from the tbrone
in a clear, loud voice, wit conlsit
e'rable clocutionary c'fIice. Ref("r
ring to -the forc.fgn reiationls of Cr
iialy and to international Ia)ce, he
aid "The general political situa
tion '(nOitI' s us to the assuranc' that
peace will Woitin l1 to be pi(served.
\ly governmeli' maintains with out
allies t1ur old', 11 rti 1 relations
anud with tli' other powers good' and
correct coi'ditions."
Life Insurance Code Amended.
W\a-in-.on1, '1)b. lf).---T';e house
as ilsmed a1 hIll almen(ding the codo
-a a'e Dnstrict of Columbia :ela.tive
') aicsessmet l life inisura'nce compiia
'ieslTh bill1 pr'ovid es That such
n-mipanics mu'ist hav'.e $50.,000 assets
'they do not issue polletes above a
'EouIcand. andi S1001,0001 inIvested a.s
act s if Cthiey do no I iu large p)ol1
el's. The sin:all sick ben1e(4-t comn
Janlie are1 'd 't( reluir'ed to havye a gularan -
ty fund ofC at. least $l(l,00l0 and it mu lst
be1 ati leas:i :i perl ('en of thir out
stjandting lift' r.isks.
Roosevelt Commends School.
Alile I born, Ky ., l"tb. 19.-43
Eiily Wi t.ers , matrtoni of thle Grace
Net t!eion Memorial Secotl of Cum
tberlancd Gac-p,.'''i3 T n ., is in reeceipi of
a lett.'.r fro.m1 Pre~sicent iRto.-sevelt, in 1
whliich ft w~ork of this mounilltain ill
s- ituition! Is highly c'tommcel-led . TPhe
flrecihc't enelese':t a 'hieck Cfor $200.h
st ag tha0.1 t' mon.iey was fr-om an
A-a a pupil of \lisc; W'ciner's when tilt)
l1residentlu's w.ir - cVdha youncc ladly.
Gen. Edgjerly Ordered to Atancta.
wh., o retne Iin,-cld bi'pi pl
mfen; <if thrt gc'f.
Struck by a Tra In.
Clevelanld .) . . Feb0I. Ii.-d'~N
I iOnkiiss was inIPiantiily ikilledi am1i his
wife iprobabily lfatally injnnc ci whenO
0 a carriage inc\ chih timy1 wi- Tin
wdasc' slick biy a Oaisfengr tr;ci,c
Two Men Fatally Injured,
P~alestui ne, ' . , l"ob. U9.-.-T'wo
m11e W'n 0Ii I we ft i iju roed whliIle work .
inIg inside a box cari In thle Interna
tional a nd GreatI NorthernIl railrload
roadl yarlds . A swi te.h endne0 back
(1d -int.o the oar, diIvinig a lonig Iron
r'od, thriottgh the Wood work wich111 pen.
Otrated the skiill tof 0. B. I yey and
mrangild WVillIHudsent a, T
most instantly i;
'to a hiosnItt
J t Comeswt High-But
Pick('n4 Is i'l>ittin
OurI En:Iterpr)1iing Mtoney(L i
an<d Shving-(.) Their "c L
Compav 101 the
A re Vo a " Sticke"? The
a1 Few
Tre1'o( is nothing slow about us,
it'd we prot est against the oppression
if th't, soulless corlporation1 known
as the Pickens Railroad, and we are
just tumbling all over ourselves to
-et up to the counter and scratch
doii our cognomen for $1.50 worth
of stock inl the "gold brick" rapid
transit company to be chartered un
der the laws of South Carolina for
the solo Ipose of peraibulatting
g11:so1line wag~ns between Pickeus and
Euasley. It may come high but it is
the one tihing needed to complete our
:;appiness. It will be a thing of
be?auty, and a joy while it lasts.
.'hat is, if the promoters will paint
the "znauheens" in colors that will
tiot, be trying to our coil,kplexionls and
will lium ouizo with our hair. An.
!color will do ats long as it is red.
lhere is no doubt that the line will
rove protita tle and pay for the gas in
'he tanks. The bslance will be fur
nished free gratis.
( reat sclh(ut', and more fun than
ehasing ileas. J uwt think of it! W
can ride the maslheen downl the hill
IT d then we can .jump11) out and push
tl e Ima hee up thu bi!l, while oi'
t giri its and lookc_ (ow ) on1 us in
pily, saying ''Puol' Willie, ain't yon
orfully. fired?'
It. cones high but it is woirtIi ib,
.1( d then Iho.C: hIl r RLS ny hlan ded sioS
S.1 oil in i he fieIIs Ib'y the ' )1 i(l('
will know that we an(I our girl "air
oin somnewhercs, an' air up inl Ill,
w< rid four fc:t more or leas." Then
ne can cal ry a little poke of (orn,
:andt,cthrow it to the chicken, l)y 1lhe
(di-iu(e. And it will tickle (111i girl,
'il !' he tce b1eei it'1d i iggles to f(i
t.e ("d r)oo.I(ht' t"Iln.
it comesi(' high hnt it. is wo)rh Ii .
:h~ d when'm pale1( Luniia she ds her soft.
oinRg light like ac shimmering xlheenf
o'er th an'idscapti we canI have au to
miobiile' parities, providedl the colimny3
wil tendic the sainBecurtesiesi as
>iii piopulari liverymnan, Art hur Grave.
Iy, doe's with the straw rides.- run1
(mn: 'In tiek.
(icores high but it is worthi it.
A I lihe moire we ponldor the nmore
en11tuiac e be tcCome, and have
111)o iRecd to inclreas ourii subl
uript io n toi i dth s(ock to fhe amuniit
'f 81.75, pauyale( sonnI--annuaiilly.
W\hoot -1 e t!j)I withI thle gas
waigon and*iu down11 wVith Tlyran ciny! The
worm,i has turined anal wriggled froin
munder Ca~:p. TIayl's iron b'eul. T[ake F
y'our hands lf ur thrF li(oats, Captain,
andui kiep yo 'ur ineat her eye Cld
fr we aure going to striike stracight
cIIm, "(hve xls niber , or give usci
,ib ." No', no(. Wei meani gaso
, youlr cainhg. lii the nmje of a to
a uilet:ni p)Jublic, bIy whatuc imiiral u
ighlt (1o S io(urg uis fromi ourii (down1y th
- ich o tf sitra w, at thie unccan ny hour IH
,f 7 a. mi., whuen we wish to rido your La
ram down to) t he crocssinig? 18 thoro or
iih brthierly hove inl y'ouri soui? Have h(
you placed thce prisons bars around af
youir heart and shut in all that is MI
.oodi, noblo and aIccomm)odating? p)C
uMotlhjs' so, or whoa tihe cook has gi
burned the biscuits, the stovo wood wi
is wet, or woe are ob)liged to runi to i11
the neighbor's to borrow a pan of sti
To the Witness Stand by -.ie Defense
In the Case.
Now Ytrk, Feb. 19).--The usual
crowd, hgely conmposed of lawyers,
filled the court room wvlen the case
L opcued Tuesday inorning.
f)r. r3'irtton D. Ev'ans, the defense's
alienist, was the lirst of the char
acters of the case to appear.
When Mir. .lerome arrived, he pass
ed closed to ihe alienist but did not
speak. Thaw eat;'red the coilit room
= when called, with -his usual quicl
Step an(1 at. oncc biegan an ali-mated
conver'sation with Dr. Evans.
A decided surprise was sprung by
the defense In recalling Mrs. Evelyn
Nesbit Thlawrm thO .11 nd immedl'tiate
ly after co'urt couvened.
;rs. TIhaw look.;(d pmle and serious
as she took her place on the stand.
She appea(.r1 in the sane -,imple girl
f ish costm111C' tihar she had worn eveiry
day since the trial begun.
She sniled siightly as she (aught
her hu')and',s (ev. Thaw returned
the smile and uhen Iurned1 to .\t
torney O'Reilly, with whom he Ialk
ed for a miant' ex'mt-' dlv. Th<n i Ie
returnel l) his (Onver:sation wiih Dr.
Tlrans, hut fror the lost Part kp'Ii
his eyes on his wife, only turning
Soccastonally 'ii whislper inl the lot'rti's
- ear.
As Result of Gas Explosion in a Coal
Mine in Mexico.
A ol crter i t i xico, e b.c1 ) 1;1.--A
dispatch fromn 1.-as 1:::;era'lza>;, C
hullla, says th-a.t iltir'ty-nille i1lu''l are
known to hi (euil , and I wvelve injured
as a r'esult of in exi)loSimn of ;as in
f the coal muin(" at thatt ph'::r(.
The list of deal and injii'etl u:iy
he greatly extended, as 1u1Or( than a
Shun1dred1 muln are he(lit'V<d to havo,
been in the mine at the inle of the
t accident.
Iht c"xplo-ion O u(' re' 'd at 7 p. in.
in the C'On<(:ista mint' No. : '.'Thir..
ty" de::t bodli;'s havo bt-(n I'aken out,
at:;l it is tImated tha' 75 moure are
"t in ib: minle,
>f I-As Ei'speianzas is lonratd on the
lito of I !nt('rnatiOnal railway,
ahot st' i(l v-II c' iniles fr(om Eaplc
X Pass, 'x. It is the principal co:al..
i ci"' nter it \l(X!,en, a"ti a'aun y n- .
including a large number of .lapa
fnese. ire ein iloye(.
n1i _ _____
Burglars Enter Broker's Office.
PAeia, I-eb. 19.----.\ tri ; box,
0 belonging to J. \ mi 51it.hi . a brok
h r, at 29l.' \\'iit( all :t.trvet, was
found by Pa. rulnen Marl in and 1liir
ris In a stairway on Central av\(enue
e and of) Itvest igationl at 'INe (l iees of
d the brok'r It was asct'rtaint'd Ihat the
e safe had be:n cotlilely ransacc'(d,
d and iiml)O'ta t pap)er's Ve'e s5:(a0t'ired
- al over III(, llooi near it. No clew
. was (b'tair h by h e antlhoritiestas to
who the burglar or burlar;1(s were. It
is thought by I he police that he rob..
be'y was connniiid in oiler to so
('urr t' n;w' tap("s 1hat niight he in
\ the broker's keeping.
'Stayed b)y His Dead Master.
C<!amb ius , (ht., I'd h. 1P.--Th'e
1body <:.t IDozit'r ineaibr e , a wvil e
- mnan, was oinel In thie woo1s, 12
- Ila-i.a county li iw.' lit' had b)een
l.ti het k s Iilletd by (C n h i nt ,a '
a In''rI, WU h w: Va li it is 'nreporid
hit was 1':: tIblin: 'Tha ile'grt moalr
his ko(*lce \\'hen' the bondy we'u
ed by a : iiin's dIte. It Is srppeosed
lils eib ad maste's s'lile Ito' hours.
Neg'o Shoots is Wife.
reachl I' it ty of al probte'le d.a'eiii
hniouil'lea: fleeh I.-' and, that has
greatly arouised ft' nuegr- s oif tha!
- is; wift', a.mi hir t wle with a pls
to, :ing' her instatly:. lIe than
UI i ng~pHhlti a a!b le e e m r
Telephen:' Girls Oat on Strike.
o ie d t i' a iii to ~ I ay 'Ip
Mr end i 'h .,h F ine
C r1 -' o ' iti, btten
aIr' . a: ' wi 5 Briery,a a
t u abu (). 13 .-- Nry.
pyer i't V'den. 1)1'leveltul T r lin'i
in Ite mat 4 ~
Pleadtod no ,..'"t sire t. Thery
under $2, hh. ,.an werei retlased
b- --Y,
We iMfiis; 1-ave It.
On Airs Some,
dcn. arC " Walking Ho1-m0 e"
0ng (I-eeni " Into This
Fun of the Thing.
Im is .R01oom1. On t1he Lst; for.
flour or ration of meat for breakfast,
you would hold your ioasly old train
an hour or so to accomm1 odlato us.
Perhaps it 's your dolight to "rise
with the lark," and when the rosy
morn chases away tho shadows of
the night you love to listen to the
whispering of the breezes in the loaf.
less treeses. The melody of the song
b)ird in the bush as it sends its joy.,
ous notes toward heaven's gates may
fill your soul with music, but you
should not forgot that some of us are
not built that way, and are nursing
a soro head caused by too lato an
application of "seven-up," or, worse
yet, chasing the paregoric- bottle in
the dead hours of night, and we long
for "just a little more sloop, a little
more slumber," and it is your duty
at\d should be your pleasure to send
one of your assistants around to wake
us up; and it is no excuso for you to
say you 'Iid not know you wished
to go," If you IYn't know you ought
to know, for whal%';e you there for
except to see that io l'f, v1ylo a 1.110
Captain, you have our syh pathios
and our heart thumps go out tCo ou,
but unlets you will turn fron yVti
Afulb)orne1mof and the error of yoU
ways, and run those trains to please
each and every one of us, wo shall
3tille our sobs, wipo away the
alling tears, steel our hearts against
eou and get aboard the gas wagon.
Recipe for a Good Town.
Sn ap.
Talk about it:
Write about it.
Cheap property.
Healthy location.
Speak well of it.
Help to improve it.
Advertie in its papern.
Patronize its mnerch)ants.
Good country tributary.
EFlect good men to offico.
Honest competition in prices.
Flaith exhibited by good works.
.Make the atmosphere~ hlthli1
aire all loafers, croakers and (load.
beats, Let your objec.t be the
wvelfar'e, growth~ and promiiotion
oi Your town and ifs l)PO
Speak wveil of thu pubIlic-spiriled
men, and also be one of (hma
youirself. Jo honme I fi
ful with all your fellow,.men.
New Arrval.
Major' J. MV. Stwr ea mo dlown
wn Wedlnesda5y morning, at anm un
mali early hourj, his face a'lo w wvjih
at smile that "wvon't ('ome( off."
oWas inquiring for the consus-e
kor, stating that the pojulsion of
r little city had beeni increased, and
desired to have it showv immredi-~
Dl.y upon the census rep)ort. The
aj. says it is a ,most promising 9
und boy, The attending physician
Ves the encouraginig report that
thi proper care the Maj. will speed
recover from his attack of "son-o

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