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*'I A1
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
; THOMrsoN & RicuEY. Pltors.
J. L 0. O.THOMPSON, ED-ron.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Entered at Pickons F.stoilce as Second Class
Mail Matter
Massachusetts and South Carolinii
have buried the tomahawk, and both
are now for tariff revision and state't
The revolting testimony in the =
Thaw trial still encumber the metro t
litan press. But the morbid taste
f the public demands just such un
savory recitals. t
A Washington scientist claims that
he has found a way of making whisky
without a worm. What is really
needed, however, is something that
will eliminate the snakes.
When a man pursuing the daily
peaceful avocations of life goes around
with a revolver on his person, it is
prima facie evidence that he is either
a fool or a criminal; and in either
case he ought to be locked up.
Don't we need more backbone for
the interests of humanity? Not a
-spinal column that cannot yield or
bend; but upright, and that will fear.
leesly express upright and just opin
ions--a gentle, honest steadfastness,
which is cruel never.
"Senator Foraker did not answer
a single point I umlade," declared Sen.
ator Lodge to a friend after the re.
cent Lodge-Foraker clash. "'1'hat's
easy," said Foraker, hearing of
Lodge's remark. "Senator Lodge
didn't make any points."
The legislature fired the dispen
spry, the governor has fired the di
rectors, discharged the constables
and appointed a commission to wind
up the al'airs of South Carolina's
"great moral institution.," which all
- goes to prove that our senior senator
is a false prophet.
Tihe Charleston Post thinks it was
very nice of Mr. Rockefeller to give
thirty-two million dollars for educa
tion in the United States. And it
was thoughtful of the Standard Oil
comnpany to raise the price of ('il fif
teen cents a barrel immediately upon
the announcement of the git-t.
The Americani importation of pre
cious ston]es continues to increase.
In 1904 it was $34,998,513 as comn
pared with $26,086,813 in 1903, an
increase of nearly $9,000,000. ThisR
included $10,281,112 worth of uncut
diamonds, $190,972 of diamond dlust,
$6,850 worth oicf glaziors' diamonds
end $20,375,30 wcetLh cut, l.u t iunse t,
A recent estimate laces the total
Roman .Cathol ic population of the
Unit'od States at 12,651,244, or an
increase of 189,151 over a year ago.<
The total numbher of churches is 11,
814, and the numb1ller of children at
tending parochial schools has in
creasedl to 1,066 207. The numbher
of schoots is 4,281, and there are 869
colleges or' seminaries.
According to Williamn E. Curtis,
Presid nt Roosevelt's ambition is to
occupy a seat, in the United States
senate from the state of New York
tial term, following a trip around the
world. Hie is said to make no secret
nof his desires in this direction. By
the way, there is talk in Washington
of making ex- presidents members of
the senate ais representatives of the
country at large.
Rioscoe J. Stiles, of Anders<n,
Ind., at one time president of Gren
River College, Kentucky, is at pres
ont conducting a blacksmith shop in
his home city lie says: "I would
rather ho a .rong, healthy black
smith tha:n o tired, wornout college r
preidinI,with tihe grave yawnih g
for i'' i s !r a- ,irand(n' er,
Eza 8i2, 1pyesidenlt of Yalo
Mr. Hamp Stansill, who remove
rrom the Oulenoy section t.. Grd"
,U unty, Ga., about the year 1873, w'
killed last Saturday by a freight trail
near Calhoun Ga. Mr. Stansill wm
a Confederate veteran and had
ntubor of relatives in this county
Ernet Freeman has return.. -d fr )m
Charleston, and %%ill in future ma'
Pickcens his home. He has the paint
rs and carpenters busy overhauliin;
he s;oro building lately occupied :
Uraig Bros., imaking ready for tb
>pening of a full and all new stuc I
-f goods.
There is on exhibition at Bolt '
Jo.'s drug stoto a Masonic apron thn
of inter(at to members of Ihe fr
ernity. It is the property of iMIaji
. J. Lewis, and was worn by bi+
,rndfather, Joseph Taylor. It i;
nade of white satin, hand--painted
td was in use a century ago.
Married, on Sunday, :17th im t, a
he home of the bride's paretts
IIr. and Mrs. 0. P. Fields, Mik
daggie Fields and Mr. Edward Alex
,nder, of O;onee county, Rey. B. F
Jurphree officiating. May thei
vhole life be as pleasant a- tbeii
vedding day is the wish of a host o
Trim Hammond, one of the unclei
>f the old days, was in Pickens, Mon
lay, and received a welcome fron
nany of his white friends, who knev
uii as one of the "old-time darkeys.
['rim gives his age as 108 years, a,(
ie is hale and hearty enough to b<
cod for a couple of scare n ore. lit
nemory is good, and he delights ii
alking of the old "massa and mi
ius" and the happenings of the days
ong gone. The old-time dark,-y is
)a1Sinig and his place can never be
itled by the present generation
More is the pity."
Anyhow, Thaw's money unearthe<
DohlnaQ, remarks the Charlestoi
Filtc-ring the air to be breathed i
public school buildings in one of th
later experiments in St. Lonii, an
s Isaid to result in greater menti
ilertness and aGtivity in the pupil
the suggestion has been advance
.hat the text-books in use be filtere
1ext, for the reason that mental at
;ivity is wasted in tackling the trasl
vith which too many arithnetic an
zrammar publishers have flooded th
3ountry, There is no doubt re'
wced for reform in many of tbi
books now in the schools.
onisidi r what the hen doues wvho
the is wvoiking, now that bet strili
ieason is on andl she clamors ft
'ations. T1he market v'alue of "Bidd3
B about 50 cents and thei value c
ter daily p -odiuct 2 cents, or or
wantty fifth part of her own worti
['rue, her career is sho,rt, but Iong
mough for her to earn her vaiu
nanty t.imes uver, and1 thIat cannot :
Aid of omo in this worl who huvi
~r.at pre-tensionis to uiseful neisi.
Was Hamlet Fat?
Wa S I buniilet itat or slenler? M. (
itlle Mentiles, who helkI lhe I atteri vi en
~va ntl y :* iiled Iby al swond tht 5
ils. U'nforinnatly the rapiers oi
>iercedi the skin of' thte duel isis ati
iot the mytstery wthi waus thle enut
>lte d isimte.--I 'erre L er'ouge in Po'
S PI( Rev eti tinl.
For Nonsupport.
She -I enn't utndeirstat<t whys Lor'
Rlusted wanl ts a ivor'ce. Ills w ife hat
Tm-Yes, and she's got every penny c
Exercise Without Effort.
Miss Gaysett-Do you golf, Mt
Slopechinlf? Mir. Slopec'htln-Quiteo
good deal, y'know. I have* mue matn g
round the course f'me twvice a week.
Wher'eas, on I-lie 15th daty of Febrei'
ry, 19)07, a commission wINs issdHi( h
he Hion. R1. M. McCown, Secrotne a
state for Starolina, authiorizinig and em~
Ioworitng 'T. D). -Harris, R. E. urneo ani
>theorA to opon hooks of suibscription t<
hie caipitatl stock of ''Piedmtont Ligh
imd Power Company," after one dliy'
revions notice thereof to be given in
i'ho Pickens Sentinel-,Jount: Tak.
otico thatt:
Pursnrint to the said commission, th,
midersigned( willI open hooks of subscrii
ion to the caplital stock of the sai<
?dmont Light and Power Compan,
mi Mondany the 25th day of February
907, at thte office of Hetatth- ruce Mot
ow Co., Pickeus, S. C, Sa(d boo0k
nlJi remin openi one doy, from 9 a. im.
. Ila i ,
Is it Your
Own Hair?
Do you pin your hat to youi
own hair? Can't do iti
Haven't enough hair? It musl
be you do not know Ayer',
Hair Vigor! Here's an intro
duction ! May the acquaint.
ance result in a heavy growtr
of rich, thick, glossy hair
Use this splendid hair-food
stop your falling hair, and ge
rid of your dandruff.
The best kind of a testimonial
"Sold for over sixty years."
Made by J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mali
Also manuthoturors or
Business Locals.
Notices of Satle, waents. Swaps, . t.
i nserted in this Column at 5 eents per
line for each i Isertiou. Nothing taken
for less thau 10 cents.
Vunted-To rent a frttnisbed rog!
Atldret:i "Roomer," L:eek 13 1x 2
Fjr Sle-2'),no v- Il P it
Jae. M. B ut r, -:as:ey, S. C. 89-a
Butterick Patterns at Fu lg<
Thornley & Co.'e. ,6-4v
\W'hbtin it, E -s1.v > n' u) youlr st, ,
at B. P', M1artiin'sa feed and likery i:
ble. He tlso handles all kin I,
fvee.'t u tf, 38-t f
Fo) Sm: --Twt wrk nl,ts f1
Satle, on t.iu' (or f,r )a-- . 31.
Velhori!, Rl,")utv 3, Picken', S. C.
Foil :.u1.: - t'1aning. matn(.)e
good runumlt ore.or \\. 1- Su;.i
i land, h D 4. Pickets, S. C. 38
IDr. W. M. Hiorton, tlntist, will bw
Picken4 Ml)II41V1:, 1,a-~riy 1'nesthu
Central W\e,ln edl ,,%", l-tn h
h ,,y4, Clomson Frid.ys :ntd Salrdays
eatch weok. One da:y. only. lone 'tar
C .A,. S ' L ...
1oarl thu 3 , : % I SW u
A aoam. 1a. A/AAt (
?''Mly 111,t.llel h1a3s SnllUi(tal1+1 l''1 I
younug at 70. Tw'enty y(-ar. of inte,
41nireringf frunm dysp si?,' i llul.i ('ntir.
disabled her, until six imnttuhs ago, wt
rihe) be". 11 tatking Electric iltters, wi
have coiltpletely (lIt h. ar t, 1 rsto
j)primel of tife'," w1rite .Mrr. W. L. Gi
C riok, of Danuforthi, M!. Gn-atestrlse'
tive tuo.iinIo oni the' g. . Sets* Sta
aehli, Liver uid Kid.'a i rizht, pnril
the blood, and( (i cues j sahiri Bilie,
nj 10+-8 and WX,nuealms- *. .ander
Nerve Toni.e Picet 50e.Gaat
'by Piensli )rui' 0aa.
or' boy. 1n12(4 or wVonlieu. 1is tiekly<
fof pain ii Buclent'si Atnc l) tve: is
e pllied pr1omtly . Gi. .1. Weaichu, o ti
sh12, Mlic'i., says:'[ "ltus it inl my11 112m
-* fotr ellIs, Hore-. an.l atl skint inaj itOs,
Iind it pret'Qiks 'l
known2a~:. li.st~1 hel;ing .?Jalve mc. '.
lIV1aat itas Drna Ia2,-..taz ai,l-'a
liaa\. N t
wiial applya toa .1. 11. Newbvlerv, P'
h tian' .ind ' , I!i Il- I IV: < 1 f M
19Ii7, faor a I?' . a1 l--,uta.~a t wi-h I
a1211 2.sk to' b--' isllI-. a s aia.
;a 1p:a I F .. Ih. ;nad:an
Fe . tI a .IlIaIa ' lek
l -l t a* .al I, at l .a'ro at hn-)7 P :.l
14'2 .::'a' ) . : ar -h eie1 ' 7,e ..t.
1111 e , '1k in . lr (s*n ora (:4a41 1oon th
estni1e4. 1,. N. (Geer,
Al1l pOrsons" liaibl to road duty w
(d0 not limy tei r road1( tax hofore I
tim 1(ex pireis will be reoqui red to we
-five dnys onl the public rorva l n
v tho direction of an ovorseor of t
Sscrapo. The coulaty Coinmissiom
willl~ not emll)oy any13 olther (oversee.
y but p)roploso to worpk the~ roas wi
I scraipos and hands who (do not pa"y th
a rondi tax.
i. F. Loopor SupeOrvisor
- Cleanse's undl benautlesa the hat1
P'raarnoles a luxuarintat growth.
-_ Niever Falls to liestoro Gra
lir. to its Youth,ful Color.
' Cures sclap d'eraaes & haIr .1 aa(n
We eatrnestly rc&tuost all young persons, no mai
Ijwlimited thi. p;nen or education, who wis!
oill thoroue' b)usineCsstriniing and good1,
tion, to 'w , ,t mail f'or our great half-i
of'ir. Suceas.in Ptdemce i\lrohnh4n fort
'aver-Work Weakens
Your. Kidneys,
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood,
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
The kidneys are your
bleod purifiers, they fil
-- j ter out the waste or
impurities in the blood,
if they are sick or out
- of order, they fail to do
'. their work.
t Pains, aches and rheu
matism come from ex
- . cess of uric acid in the
blood, due to neglected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
over-working in pumping thick, kidney
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their begin
ning in kidney trouble.
N If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is
soon realized, It stands the highest for its
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
and is sold on its merits
by all druggists in fifty
cent and one-dollar siz- - __
e:. You may have a "' "'
sample bottle by mail nomo ot swamp-loot.
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find
out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and -the address. Binghamton,
r. N Y.. on every bottle.
':tope the cough and 4ental ng:
wKeep the bowels open when you have
cold 2nd use a good remedy to allay
the inflamrl:tion of the mucous mom
hi aes. The best is Kennedy's L lintive
-I. Honey and 'Tar. It containsR no opiates,
moves the bowels, drives out the cold.
Is reliable and tastes good. 3old hy
Picken- Diug Co.
O .EA. ' LX OIt. A..
I- Boers the The Kind You iave Always Bought
lit- ,d I'otsoning
in results from clrouie co:,)tiptioU, which
is quickly eured by )r. King'.o Nw Life
l'iiis. h'ltey r(lm(ve:: all oI t)o. mObln germs
from tihe system and in lfse new life and
vigor, nure-. sour toni nih, uanaia, head
"i :tuhl, dlizzin)06; :md t:til., with+outt grip
'" ilng or diseomnfort. 25 -, ( iurant''ed by
of .
lyn. ' oI hey Ilake Y~u V.,. I (.:oa,1.
cI1d by all who n " Clilillhabelain's
1ell'- .itnlach nv,l TI ;Ir Tablets, atlnd tit(
Iw:lthy c"nd,litionl of tie 1idy .i1l mi1
wlhichl they ereate nh',< ono f. eh joyii.
Pro -. 5 e,-sa. Smp1. fr'e at Piek
(n Drug Oo.
de --
A Card
l'hir, i- to certify thct all druggists .Ii
:iit tholz ', to refutnd youilr mlonoy if Fo
ley's Honley anid 't'ar fails to aire yon
co0,nghl or cold, It. st"ps lth.econghl
heals the lui s 2... 1r.v.n's s.-iou r
at uit fromi a cold, Cures lai grippe congh
ra- 1 P.n prevents pnieumnia and couisump
i-tuon. Comntains no oh iittes. The Ge'nni
imnn is in a y'ellowv packags. Refuse snb
stitutes. Parkinis Phamaciiy, Liberty,
faand Pickens D)rug Co.
td Foley's Honey and Tarl cuires thi
most obstiuate coughs and expels thec
cold from tthe system ads it is mildly
llIxativ'e. It is guiarante'ed. Do( not itl
Iakinug any1 buit th'e genino132 in the vel
low' paickage. Par-kin.s Ph r m-icy, Liber.
ty, and Pickens Driug (Co
"fVf' IEarly Risors
.The famous little sills.
4 Make HaTidneyn anId Eiadder- Rigit
OlII iUIO t ]Ots 8 id
laidfo in streets.
wjand1 well . located
*land the sizes vary
:from one-.hall to
f ive acres. Thisp
is a golden oppor
Lunit for youl to
hown a home in
ithe best town o1
the Piedm on t.
R; eal estate is ad
hvancing rapidly,
but the prices on
these lots have
been made for
-quick gales. First
D' come, first choice.
For Plats, Prnces
and Terms see
13 0
.1 is unex:cell
for cleaning C
Goods. Only I
Buist's and F
Seeds Just, Rec(
Up-to-Date Druggist
J. McD. Bruce,
THE P1 c]
-:- 5 Per CentLInc(
J. F. Banister, B. A. I
J. M. Stewart, J.
T. N. Hunter,
I hasT1
Amon)g t h.m are
Clocks with wolgh
And a f.ew lie c
glassest. to fit, e)yfA..
0r (Catchi
Weare jn-ep)ar
the mioney anl spa
qluenitly for' the ney
West nd,
Can:n,1 \
D6)Qiit: -
~ N IN,
Acnn.mntwn Marnhants. Farmiors.,
NU '
ed in its usefuln
lothing and Lin
'en cents per Bot1
e'i y's .Fresh Gard
and CO.
s, . Pickev.
U 1.M.Ma
.EN S BA.;.
- - - $20,51
- - - 18,0<
rest Paid On )eposits -:
lagood, \V. M. Ha
E. l3oggs, . \IcI
I I. 4 . Richey, J.
11 ,;rg rld lIii' of
:.Idablr" old( st c i e .e
an s l ling ai s1p.i
VARE. AIr ts Id
(i f Spiet cil.: 1
e ipair wo rli i he jt
.- Eas '
9'ED 1901.
ET. , . ,R I -:.
RTY, S. C.
-- - t20~,00s

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