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Their Importance ltl the Eyes of th
Indian Nativc.
India Is so vast thaditt 1frent eli
quettes prevail In dlllfercent diistric"ls.
We have no standhr elicuto.nW -
litandard dress. WVe nto,tly (".iy i:1.
hopean etiqiuettct whIle wvithi I-:iir!pans 1
Even a lkngailes(! Shake, hualc. wi.hi a
Bengalese, speaks in En.ct_ ishi I'oc :1 I, \,
minutes and then bireak s forthi :111,
Vernacular. We shakec hara;!:< w%"lI h a1
European on parting, bmn !t, i j:::;.
again touch the hatnd tc (Il- btr,wt in :1
alaai, so we both shi:!.0 h:.ll
salatnn and do the like, :nit n > song'
mlundedl Eutropeanl ever c:tre:A or
The umbrella is the c)elp of royal
ty, the sign of ia raja;th - so natives n rly fl hi t ncl:s Ic!cr
a rajah and not htef tuIitI k,C
however great. It ..;! not at i,m-t of the
dress, but at prot ",tion fromn the r;int
-. .. t ",; .sary' :appin e,:'' just
like the wat ht and Chain. You miighlts
as well ask: at EnIropeattn to take otff
his waterp)ro f coat. A cooly is not
bound to foll his umbrella when a
brgaiegnea rS Rast. Tut
meia geneortally close down them
however iumble ouht to foh upi thei (1I
umbella, evi n efore magistrate, be- a.
caue he 1siner the nue fth
Eer,I nor. hteLe( boud t shuun im. ri
Butgflee does noi harm.is Il a wo r,i
vnacnrally foldk tihe~ *uela a,
androt an oatherg ht I,hwvr
gatoand thesi hno 1 insu lt, W i:
Whl goen to see1 a 1 nativ hie (In
hsaace nid th aie isitor or1. Iiiea 1
tke offllhis sos the ep:11 i')d
room as atralad the ra h.eih is slit'
thigs ont hi muosnud. trut ifhe isr-i
cied the hudwain. r u un:,hli
afte telaki Euron ie, to thke: l
.Wealowed. fcod Ansu cooly s not .
tivesenn g tIs a rn w~rithoulez au
gaer. enteral the Puist ::i take
mefand geedl atss oi the ueeo aih.
It ids ius in au l.bopa liidiom 0
tho Ifindo humle, oughte to or1 u le
natbvelto eaen beore hilshtat. Th- i
wase ask ouetr ptie to do.t r , the
wue ma etouch o the':i oufehh: oeti. n
saib nork olis 1: bo-: to ralonti hi :s
tef vhlie soe, o :i:ii hi:w halfr, ay
niv, "Sehn:ra fol ti;.,e ltieay e
thera dustas my sup.")enion dliitr
Onze nt. an"te iizn oee i
-ra,an i As Noelt.
Guhe- ginha o egg to g aieeive i
* tade oty wife watIs to have thefsti-:
facona ofaschgn th1(Ile cook. I nek.
celedIn he(iI:i) lg an berl:I d<
afte ththat4 n~I, has
tlvs cn g ta P11: ~ wit a co
gre n Ingr 3%1:
oPfandt5sed t0R ic phosphora 111
sl D01 t i- S i (11t
have been the
because they a
from honest m
See that the tra
is on every bag
genuine without
Moths Vill leaVte if it is sp1rinlkIehJ.
TI'rl (ntinr a!!d :uapl wvill renl( n l:k
( urjni ii wi l ren -
'ile h :nda tnr .stning -
( ' :! .i l Io.-"lls writhl :1 po "lu l; tlnoii
it i nie
XI lerli!Inta ro:aelles if sprin.
e i'il the'ir haunts.
few dtrolp on a wroo1l cloth will
.can tan shoes nicely.
At ft' drops a-dd to wner inl which
lolhes are boiled will whilen Ilatsm.
An ( e1ial lmixtulre of turenIt'uline and
insev:A oil w'ill 1''nU>VO whtite nuarl::
ron furlilure a::'sed by water.
Ivory knlife handles that htve 19.
om0 yellow ('a Ihe reitore9d to thei r
L)rnler vIiteneis by rub1)1iig vih tur
Carp11ets Call be (lOllt('nd 11(1 colors rC
lored by going over ockensiolialy with
broo1n dipped inl warm water in
'Ilih i little tturpentine is added.
Splendors of Cafes.
The cafes and hotels of Newv York
Le rivaling each other in the ailmlost
'qintal spilendor' with which they have
tied upJ smlll r'ooms1 for dinmner andiu
rter* thieater parties. At onie eni Ce near
roadwvay the sides of one of these
'omns al'c comnpos-ed entirely of mnir
irs, a fter the French f'ashionu, while
to ceilig is civered with greeni leaves
idi grapjes, huncheiiis of i .1 and1 purple
'aIpes of ghass, withulumini whim are elec
Icielihs. Theii effec!t is that of a beau
l arboar. Aniothmer cafe hats iniirrors
fleetinig smll ried igit s throlughiout
le room11, whiile thie oeilintg, aliso of'
itanlightl, the e~ rit o if whih is oht
inied lby eletr il- iinui:sed in gilhes
'e (!e ' It ii h tr r o ai nt
( ni e nt p r - i arper
A nIian irarely Im:s realsoni to regrelt:
Qlie thigs lie dl(osn't say or the let teas
~rops of Cor'n
spended upon from land
been liberally fertilized
mplete fertilizer contain
( nitrogen, 8% available
-ic acid and 9%
'tw~ an<1j why 9% of' Potash
try (1ur mni:IrCt- W~III shbrmr
re made
de mark
rfolk, Va.
A (7CrrtLn (,nire for Crotp t'. i r. r.T'rit
Yo AL:'tithout a Fa'i'lure .
lott, a Star ( . iy,
W- '( re1 ant" . is (t !b(, -.
I oi. (If ( I m. ril a' s' (' n . I - -.
Iii. child 11- -v e :1.f i ' :. i.t . .
(" : :d 1 : I i ( . t
th puuE'it 1 e years. noi'
nm iehcf--n. d thi u p b
bo(t1te of ('h "11! .m "rit
was:1 in( tli. lho:els. Ii
1. I ' t 111 r1 i ;11 '1 1 " .
itl\' s(( ' is t l t l t t ii tt l
0 '11 h (!. (:(,1. re ed nev
sped e nrego c. 11. -iI
t Ii, r i ij!) ua l t I:si -- i i '
cfithiave u e t sa 'ee t ih sa CI ~
by ' i ic e t i)n : et l ( 1:1L .1e-.117 .
(iri('s (jr ih lU I r A tr . I I'- ' 1
LIIx ti Xve \' Ho e 'u i Tar -0 1h)7
teb<rvl i ud dives a b'el voh ol
.rc ciick NOTIC I .
Tjoa lUde z'ni wgil ?ak. ' l etu,'
oflico th'in a e:~ir xet t ee h..h
Iaie orutsttan. T:-rn b
~~~The ti x ire nay Blo1oTd .
So om onarnd from yurtrn'
wtr lEx. Cu.\un .t
rcude. S c ' - B.O
. i ix I
Protest Miners Imprisonment.
Deadwood, S. D., Feb. 19.-Fo
lowing a parade .a iuss meeting WE
11(11(1 here to protest against the in
prisonment of Moyer and Ilaywoc
In Idaho. A cofin carried in tl
I;aradc Was inscribed "I.!berty." r
t-he meeting the speeches bordcrt
on the incendiary', one talk:cr cx)resE
ing the hope that one tntitali)st 1
lost for every tear shlec by Moyer
datt ghter.
DIsnissed from the Navy.
Wa.shIIlttonl, C.')- I'd.- \>:i'ia
Iavla.vn tca r W. R. Sp'. . S. N.
i a- been in1 i m se(i f'3j -. ." ) ,
'".count of technicli I )'..
y)>hcr w:as tried aS t,,-1' -: '
u thia city on tl' ch:::' -ci
11ial'c' to atcccounlt for $1 o fna
cuti"u--ted to him, Ti !e 1: rd con
victeed 'hin' in( the l r r. e has bre
be-frc' t: ii er-ry o c ' '1 I- fn
ro-in tlin1e.
C oiti::1---\YI1:t'.. th'. w-i r uith al1
.uln Sw;'ttmpiunr.:t :;i.v.-. You ,on'
s-oofln to like u1.v t'r i'!::t Ib:;(ktlutz. uh
bt hs--No: lie's seifl.hI. ('i1tiitn - l
c'oir!cr n:wt%! tuhIt tl: -T'Il::it's u-t l i
is. A 1mr nc'ar i : c:::,l1 fre (It
other lii;glit, :.I'l Ii:' i:t it cont w\"ith tI l
watitin.. for the res,t (it' is 1111:nhlers of
the .Sto111liil stir !lose to reach tic
scen ie.---lh il:ldlelphi:i I'ubliC Letdger.
What Ails You?
Do you f'e!l wt\eak, tired. (lespoldent
diave freguent he'adae u's. co: .ted tongue,
it. ter or had taste lin inor ilig, "heart'
burn." belching of gas. acad risings ill
thiruat after atti g. stomach gnaw or
bulrl. futi ire:tth. <lizy spells, poor o1
Variab{e aipetite, n1atiseal at times an3d
kindred sy1mltomt?
If you lit,ve any ronsid(ralie uimber of
th( aIo V( sy1np1o1nis .oi re s1yf'riun
iromn hilioulsness, torpid liver wit,h itidi
gestiot or dly-3'ppa. 1r. Piere's Goldiel
liedical D)iscovery is miade 11p) of 1.hinomust
v:ln3able Ined lcinal principles k:noit tci
itl(dical se ee filr- the per' lali('in nt: elttre Ii
si,b h lhuoii c iu(litionls. It, is a i ncst
nill 'nt liver inifg or'ator. stoinceh toi .,
h Ite i r1egil1torl" ut -r t''V s3t reigthen r.
T .' "G(t'tolde(n \ dieal 1)isc very "is not
a pItenlt j1rdc{ei" or secret (ostmlln. n
full list of it:< ing.redients beling t!rint:oi
on its hotlI-wtr ppr a. nd a t l ttd n
o::th. A gh:ne !t its fora:"i la: u i:ii :
Ilhdt. it con1tains no alchboi. : i :r f!II
n'-it-for:nin' druI!". 1. is a1 'i ! (e:t:: -t
I.::. \v.'itIb pimr' . tril1 -:':'itIl .;i'e'-rine.'
of83'3..:3r1strln:!b. riit th:e rtlt of 1
f'ill \'ill;- tumtiv " A ; ll('ric"nIn for's: l1";-u "
i''..h ! ot: 1 i l1, n ro:t. 1 ...
!: yh:! . a s r(8t. 8II33droot, 1an d
1"(1f'.la ro t.
T i3 ' l ld w;8 :: t' ", :iit . mi. ,-.1 :It hrl Ih
R:Inn r:' :1 ti . <f3 f ' 1 e'r"i. ' t " 1 . i "a t . t:i
:I :, f.t r . 1n tif :':-1 !t l' : - .t : : Ii,
:a....\1 -- Na st>u ' i ndb-:;3 .: ;,'r..' .I a t3
.I, t 33 " 1' I .338 . ll3tIll,; " 88 1 .,!' t8 . . t' l . i 3 '
M1. ! ' " ie ti .' "n::: 3.: 8. 8 ' hl :^--. 1h:1 8 .: :.
\I. t W .. f or m m ! :l .: i 'ltf. i: i
A\ :l''' t t i ! .:It : - :l't : P ro .i .!" I . . ci:e
d :r. M.",A m b ro's e ii':- \E h--cl : :;, nfr
L aurtnl' .film , . J I.. \! , 8 l"'. t, .
N. Y.: t'ro . iiII.; Ei!.': ',w1 111d ..' . i1, i n at
33 i O ria1'ii( t i .\ '.ltn III i lI :..I l -1,i.,
! it"al CoIlege Chi et (' ro. 8 tiI':,: c:.,iii :o:t ll
Cr-s urst C oughs. Col.ds.,
aN. V.,Lu.ng'recliv\ Tr.ols. :: :F
:t( uts f Nom wr ttin. e mere .:.1
$..I :11 l1(t ho s and1( n11 nt1 ' ei ' l'l((N 11r.--n .1 lnilh ;
.1D. t,.ec silllta' a 1 ll t s re a te and"" ii
:'l :I lat t n h li,e \afl'l '(V l(:I.d t'diw'b t T 1:..
ma. la sd n otunt\t th litlen
Notath meei
~~ ~ ~ - Dlffei
latest sci
sr*Dlseases 'CUREI
E the Blood. - ~ o1Oya
- Rheumatism.
S Bicians but got
its ar a- it e of ever being
.-.--I have taken
______wonderful m3e
ilgotten a "nev
&.O..of theduiseaselI
* Samste bottle ai
if you send five C
-n .1-s Diges,I ~.Cheerul
0, 7 A.
hon, :1101 's.u Sl3t h D {l ia "rhoc
nesIGi s an1fi,:td fl tt. i OF SLEE .
.Fa;'ic Sim.l ;S int ur o
- NEW R K.
rteyml ailre olbre
everywhere. Be su
}Kiser's King
for men, and you v
money's worthi.
styles and all the
Leathers, Patent C
Gun Metal, Box CQ
i M. C. Kiser Con
reets Pnumonia and SCo:P
hepftt a thecture's
of ll Wh erms yoafnd yet4
itiathat fepbildscu tc
-e theyo ay ohrb re
everywhdicoere. Bet,
Batmoney' Dec.1th.
stls andeufee terill th(
I Lasteather Peadingphy a
no reif Lon s C. Ilsesard
CrE, I Lecde togiec itAst
tworle,and, thankset that ah
diiel, that ee theator'v
de oesnlf." Rveryvetim I.
la n h en oom my iss tem, i
1301 viames iatrnal '
of bookts ermEEd e
ent fom aostherre
Th Kind T h Yo Have
S i rig n a tu re
Fqr Over
Thirt Years
r i
?ld Brand Shoes
trade, because
iable merchants
re to ask for
$3.50 Shoe
rill gtyour
gtade in 37
popular p
If, etc.
pany style 375.
a2 PsONE'Y and TAR
:a, Throat ol
sum pt1on . 'E.Lter.
e old " remedies"' gave,
prescriptionis give ; but
URBU. That is what
; caused by an excess of
nal disease and.requires
medy that willl cleanse
act through such nat
ie entire system.
Ledy. The result of the
~helsame time it cures
eumnatism it'sweeps out
the' blood tlielgerms of
tother, blood diseases,
d cures Indige_stIon, Con
pation, Catarrh,"Kildney
d Liver %Troubles, La
il)pe and "Contagious
mod Poisons.

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