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t r ..tq ^ *i~~ ~ ~ ~..;' .rrt ,, i. r l,' " ,
Entered April 29, 1900 at Pickens, B. 0., as second elass matter, under act of Congreas of March 8, 1879.
rwo Hundred of Inhabitants teet
Were Killed. car=
-_ wo=
Ar Dispatoh to Madrid, Announced str
to the World the First News of the a s
Awful Affliction Visited Upon the stri
Southerin Part of the Island. of
Madrid, $pai, Feb. 25.-A tele
gran from Manila, the largest city of Cla
the Philippines, khounced Monday at der
noon thirt the southern portion of the rol
group of islands have been ravaged,
The details are very leagfil', car
The dispatch says that two hundred 'th
of the inhabitants were killed. Clt
As a consequence of the terrible af- tri
fliction, thousands are rendered home- his
less. tn
So far no definite news to the Unit- Wh
ed States government has been re- an
ceived. wt
Mrs. Thaw Again on the Stand. W
New York, Feb. 25.--Mrs. 1"velyn al)
Nesbit Thaw was called to the stand
Monday as soon as the judge had tak- Cl
en his place on the bench and with- th
out any preliminary statement Dis- ha
-urict Attorney Jerome plunged into the W
erota-examination. Mrs. Evelyn Nes- ti
(It Thaw looked somewhat refreshed W
after her three days' respite and an- S
swered the first question put to her a:
confidently. Thaw brought with him a'
from the Tombs several packages of w
letters and papers, Mr. Jerome, ba
as on the previous days of his cross- fF
.examinq'tion, continued to jump about w
fromlf point to 'point in' the witness' a
story. Mrs. Thaw said she had of- C
ten been to supper with George W.
Lederer and Jack Barrymore.
Chief Engineer of M. J. &. K. C.
Mobile, Ala. , Feb. 25.--Official an
nouncemnent was made Monday of the
appointment of N. S.. Jones, chief
engineer of th.e Mobile, .lackxn- and
Kansas City' railroad to the po4fton
of general sanperintendent with fu'l
power of cointrol of the business- he
tween Mobile- and Middleton, Teann..
The general ofices will be aholishied'
antd T. F. Wllittlesey, who iel: tli'
position of geneal manager, will g;'
to the Seaboard' Air i.ine. h'lle hol
ishmeunt. of rhe gtneral oflices is ill;
f keeping W. h the policy of B. F.
Yoakunm, chairn:tn of the lxard 01
lirec:ors of the 'risco systemt , whc'
recently ratie anu inlspee ion of ths.
Central May Open New Division.
t Albany, Ga., Feb. 25. ---A persi,
-tent i1mor is in1 irlti ! ilton rail -
as h),;i circles het that thao Central o)I
Gorgia ra h: - to e-stal)its ^ lw'\ idi
vision with ilead(Il iarter: at :\lhally.
The pro osed t) e" alivi.,ionl w%ill et -i"na
.rom Sith i vilI. , sou thliw. t, to the
lv(i lof thei C entrol's lines at .\oi -.
lWiry1.' anid F'lor'a. A!a. Proiimi
.'euut ilials of the ( ';mra:l were in
A~ an.'.lfy . Ga . , Friday , utni1 it is ho
e i'ed th:at I ii ir visit: was in ('nnecC
Si"ved Train from Destruiction.
u otitn far l m- ' v livesi at Glas,
.1' i h he 'ale railway,
l.he t he whiis
'lhe tIeobl ow 11s
befo0 it v.' th e al
rd,i t re Al1 tr (2:'s hav'
Believe H*le Had I Rit Man.
dlisappear<I ~ d from Newv lita1i
other(1 peop1le. lie 51tys
I ing aI teh gra I'l11 ver y mint
iii toConnectient c hie(f of polk I
Is '~'j4(~to Opelika M\oonday mori'
FIoI) 1 lC-hether' Ilarper was i
Wio wtent , .or or not.
Boyish Quarrel.
Killed in .iiie ltOl
Memiphis, Tent ~ air Ty
ning aI boyish1 q, 's epetv
ntr Tiornisden, and t o(11t
Lged :14 :and 1o5 ea. ha b
ie former was -s*tabbx
i(d late FrIday.. Ti
., Feb.23.-']
tate senae hWalpaerd ,'aye
las *fvc,~ "~hoh ~ rs,~ reseciv
ad t deth
A. J. elI, of Columbus, Division, to
:Scrcceed Him.
adn,'Ga.., Feb. 2.6.-'Superinten
'.)*t Frank J. Egan, of the Macon
tai0sion f eth' Southern R.ilway, has
-uxgned ; l pfosition), to .take effect
-3teafch'l.. No an'nuncement is made
-> garding the resignation, other than I
t bhe will join his father in some
:uiYh American enterprise within the
.xt ifew weeks. It is bolieVell -that
Mr rtwo will embark in railway tcon
.nicftIon ..
.J.. M. Egan, father of the supeilh
1- n1ent u'it the Southern, was for a
aun\ber of years president of the Cen
ta *I .an'd both are well known in the
c-inway world. Frank Egan has
I.'iern *in charge of the Macon dlvi
-. 4totthe 'SuthOtn since it was cre
. .ei IIM. (t'41%4" Jjis ieA.YIug the
1l6n has T;rc -it,il l onlg it stir.
jtiPfle,, but a matter of genei-1 regret
tz(those who knew of his en'terprise
s. tihusiness capacity.
' r. Egan will be succeeded by A.
.4. iRell, who is at present superin
,iwdert. (of the Columbus division of;
.t3 'Sotf.hern, with offices at Willi::m
*an..i'r. BelI in turn, will be follow
.a hby . J. L. McLendon, the present
.Ntcon train dispatcher., J. C.
'Eifts, 'thb- present chief dispatcher,
4i1lhtsuccede Mr. MeLendon.
.KIRX WAW.S THAT $40,000,
(e ' Wlt ''Not i I-tavz jo Pay OaynoW'9
Fotff6it rewt6,
ik Washington, Feb. 4.6;.-4The case of
.:?ie"'a.nited States V'"rIs William
&;'r, surety for John ''. Gaynor,
-*hosetlrarltion from Canai .on ac
amy~ t 'of the charges against 91im In
.nnetion with the allegeil ifratrds in
;1m rpilat11y works at Savahiiah, Ga.,
YtaUmte\l :st rutuch annophhce "some
yEers 'n)gm, 'Xt 'tecided by 'the su
&exne court. 'i tlfc iU:nited States oh
Nfa'uialy favorably tn kirk. 'he
-1udt-<( Gaynor's bond was $40,000,
Lhi' VSA't who resides at Syracuse,
was his only surety. When
y- QJf I fled td appear in the Sa
-u",rn'ah (iW.itt in 1902, as pledged by
VUK.b'fnd ', ide'proceedings were be
t.x iii. that Odis+-t to collect on the
L% )'ndi.
Kirlk xosisted )aynlc'tt on the
S.i%n-nd that. he was not a resident of
"A,rr"gia; that his property was locat
It) iln New York and that. he bad no
N,ersundai ar,vice. The dlstrlt court
,k ibe northern district of New Yorl
::t l# ,t.he court of appeals f<r the see
&.i fcuit toalk this view, relievinp
:r% vfroiv responsibi'lity, and it wa:
.tif:"ed ~ b the decision, Which ha
ti1mud 'ithe decision of the court o
preanls by a divided court.
Rounded Up the Vagrants.
' Aannah, Ga., Feb. 2G.-The Sa
nah police dclar,ament started
,' -' o problem-" Monday night
wr Were issied to the relief, thu
-n, to lo)lc out for the vagrantt
weit ,ice "obeyed the instruct.iol
Te' venelnce. 'l'ho result wi
Ssii-1 'b alleged vagrin'ls had be(
T\ :rfWC p at mlullht and plael
:Jmro l -acks T1 PIat N , the fc
I"he hwrt -,ive ,bondl were'i the onl
'"~e vith a their e---'. All w
and pedi''.Oi' court ,whl
i t li l - 1 s how~ of
will st:Iri hts
1 h( eht!nIl, ' t1'( hI er Y
' a' s b~ '!aekls,r ihm, ight ie the d
- 'mostown.
AldalMma Exhibit 'ut nh --
ni.mr,Ala. iM apro
has~ eeae l e b Iil t.~ live
n al'ec Voted to reectmit.
euom ofl t!e 'ax ((inializalion hs
'ben is back to the conimftte
lind 811an. 'the senate
wo.ebill to e'xemlpt for~ tent yoa.
"cI cn n'il! !ropet)ty . newly (lcn trt'I{t
ori a(diii .0t ohi imills. The
'olmobile hilt was p:issed, mainjg
Migaor.v on all dri iver Is to stopc
nu n bnitnals seemn to be fr'ightenled.
-'eepices Applies for Pardon.
Washington , Feb. 2'('.---Wllliam
.4 E Peoples. who is serving a sjx
rwx 'hs' sentIence for an alleged emii
S'-. ment of at smtall atmouti'l while
C as'" ipostm'astr aI ft i(ini.'Aland,
iGn has mlade applliction for a par'
danI~ . -eaimuing 'that only 'a 't.ehhnicil
v2"ationi of tihe law waIs commiitted.
Tn- Amlounit of the shortago ehar'g'e'd
ag;:at Peoples was$290.25, arni 'Was
IWom'A$l'y mTadle good.
Fire at 'Lahette, 'Ala
X-- ,.. Mrc huouse and hontents of 3'. M.
om Lanette, Ala. , hMye been
' 6 A to the gi'oundi. Thii bnnlaing
port edbefoi's thi' signal o't
~ to ~I n ,~' and the enfire stock I
\ was, desben oef b th' r
~: .K$~:~ )>f goods Mannnikted C
Misappropriating Big Roll From Ala
Atlanta Dry Goods House.
lanta, Feb. 25.-Otis Clark and 1
ly Willis, two 16 year old boys, dor
e arrested Sunday night by De- me
lves Bayne and S.tarnes, and ih- evE
orated at police barracks, a wh
ge of suspicion being entered on lail
state deket against them. spE
>ine two weeks ago Clark, who ing
ked at that time for the Famous, N the
goods store, at 124 Decatur Ju,
tet, was sent in 'the afternoon with voi
um of money, which he was in- foi
icted to deliver to the general of- a
s of the store in the central part
le city. Although tiere was but ed
.80 in the envelope entrusted . to di
rk, the sum was in bills of small tl
oninations, and it made a large te:
1. it
Lt ti4e psycological moment Clark gi
ne in contact with Grady Willis, wi
result of the meeting being, so sa
trk alleges, that he betrayed his be
st and appropriated the money to tii
own use. At Willis' suggestion,
3 two boys lit out for Macon, at bE
ch place they spent the funds, di
d remained until Saturday night, fe
en they returned to Atlanta. A
Clark declares that. his relatives sc
1- make good the sum wrongfully w
propriated by him. '
rady Willis, he youth whom ir
ark charges with participation in
e wrongful conversion of the money ' I
d a short and meteoric career with cl
ne, women and song a little less s6
an a year ago. At that time he
i enployed by the Knoit & Awtry a L
ioe company, from which , It was
leged, he embezzled in small sums .
amount aggregating $700, with
hich he kept up the pace that kills,
ing profuse in the bestowal of his c
vors on a certain chorus girl. He I
as proseeuted for larceny after trust l
few moi'ths ago In the superior
ourt, but wlien the case was called',
is fornar- nimployers reqested that.
be noT prosied, his rtlatives hav
ng made rest.ituition. .ludge Roan
ave the rnaetter that. direction, \'illi ,
Laving first solemnly promised 'tire'
ourt that he wonTd hencefocth waii
he-straight amd narrow path.
rwelve-Year-t15d. Youth Is Kll(ec by
DiscRarge sf Gun.
Decatur, Aia:., Feb. 25.-Little
Richard Horton,. agef ablout 12 years,
ied Sunday morning at in o'cock.
Late Saturay a.eterncoAn tlie little
erlow was pi'ayihg with a 22 -raliber
Flobert rifle ati the home of Is par
Qnis, Captain and Mrs. loy C Ifor
ton, at "Wilder Pfavh," abot three
-niles from Uttcat tre, z'hen 'coming
down a stairway his foor slippe<d, and
ha fell, and the rifle was discharged.
The lall entc'el th lower part of his
ody. passing thrrngh the ?),awels,
and the doctors wyrre ,nable to Io
c tc' it. lie li,. 'c d until mitornling,
wheni hae died.
(':pla in i il n . th oe li r.l ' fc llo w 'r
f ther, is captain of' 1)iel: :Ar:.
1litlea. comlpanly N. Ab\aail, na
guards . C'atainm [io:'tn is~ alsou one
of tIhe larges0t anid 1r.1)t snImfu
pla:rs in this portionm of the state.
Rilhar iiw:as an onliy son.
Wreck 0n 0. S. & F.
gla, S-outherun and Flirorda passen1'2
rin No. :. which 1' it Mar:m a:
12:5~0 o'clock M\onay mo:unimf'
.ak(soilile . wats wVreem. I at I a. n
-h t a iuad;!ia anti hu. .'ol
I ring .the we joa:0 e;arl te firo
in wiZithi o ai'c w mizr:ute: .o n Ile o:
in at a aid rate t n b0 ('di d th'C '
roun ang oint hur;r Di .".en
I (in a hor ilimie t car.i:I wer cun
ume~' td by the~ pa'ii"! 7i'igm.
Prom IinentLav: -. i: 'i, (
to(' -' vy, i a min Ni (Jmleafmi
r ar and Jla Woafrtni Df ugee.
,isfundes, (who' reh 1.' 'A. appinh
- indaofith f tir dn idial coui
notrle waf is hwaina Newlorleans.
Judgei ta Wh.aeoford Dea,'S
Wofford,it judgawe of thea riia tmo
r,though her' hmusbanLd's p)ockets, 5'si
,y lg that when a man marriead he cc
n(d ferred1 this prerogative upon his wi:
Oen He served with dlistinction in
confedernate army in a Georgia re
'he Ho Killed In Self-Defenge.
,t Kissimmee, Flat., Fob. 25.-JC
d-| Hughes, who shot and killed Irv
s Simpson here Saturday afternoon-, 'a
nt, dicharged by the coroner's jury
bama Legislature Is Swayed by the
Iontgomery, Ala., Feb. 23.-The
ninance of the temperance senti
n't in the present' legislature it
rywhere noticeable, and the ma
o goes out against it Is sure to b.
I. low in the end. The senate
mt a lot of time Thursday in talk
about the local option bill and I
mn passed: it by a vote of 29 to 1.
3t before it had passed by a large 0
te, a local option dispensary bill
the whole state by almost as large
the house committee has now vot
to report favorably, the Moody
;pensary bill, 'the one passed by
e senate, and as the house is larger d
mperance than the senate in, falct,
will go right through. This will
ye two bills that in their workings
iA make it mighty hard to keep 'the
le 'of liquors by open saloon's from I
ing pushed out of most of the- coun
In addition to thoe bills there have
ten passed a large nuitmber of county
spensary measures that'hve ti'e ef
ct of eliminating the opesl sal'oon.
mong these are Colberc and Ma(i
n. In the former the only pjces
here it will be sold will be Shefld
uscumbia, Leighton and Cherokee;
i the latter only at Huntsville.
There is also much talk of a move
lent to try to get it out of he large
unties like Montgomery and Jeffer
ast Number Are In Danger of Being
New Orleans, l.a., Feb. 23.-A
revasse, which unless closed imme
iately will cause overflow water to
)ac up as far as Gretna, a town op
;os1te New Orleans, opened Friday
2 miles below here In the west bank
levee of tie Mississippi river. It is
the first. serious break in Louisiana
since the high water began.
No lives are endangered, but a
large area of rice, sugar and 'truck
farming land will be inundated to a
depth of eight feet. in a few days.
Among the plantations threatened is
that. of former Governor Warmouth,
.of l.ouistana.
'VTne iracks of the Crand Isle rail
road are also being washed out.
The break first appeared after
dark, shortly following an official in
-:pection in which the levee had ap
peared safe. Crawfish are believed
io have cut through the em1bankment.
Five hundlred men will be put. to work
in an effort to close the crevasse.
Collision on the M. & O. Road.
Tis'e io;t:=. .la., Pelb. 2:;.-New:
has re:ched1 here froit Pearson. Ala.,
a station a few miles sou Ii of 'this
rint . Cln the Mobile and Ohio rail
ro:l , of' I rcar--rull cOlli.onl , vhiel
<!rer?rc'l her"t . l'roml whlat enn b11
.e - o , it i:'I 0b; .!- ( th 're Iwer tw.V
. - ; :l ' a I :a:I':h i hlt oil. 001
a to : u'') i /ind the l o(th , : m 11
. c: e! . a' ;: c 'c: :n i;! t with :
: i.h ..d. . ry asi J" t aI Jok e
.l'as t issc i ( sman 4 i I
i na of Pea r:o ,1I" the een1 4 et'
tin t i e ;: e. .\l. \\'. (''41 a 'r.4 41
ai rI nn t 1.l . \\ . Al l r . Th4' h'14 t
I1er )di4d 1:4IIire. i
-:ei Knbery FanJust aJoke.
0:: r'v iOle . .\b 4l. . 2?b. "1.- .li1~
n \\iii, wh 'e was te ' 1U1i in i
uit1( hI-m ' er th" c'l:a pl o ioh!'
a . l' h r lat 1lhl4I 4ity.a if :; x m ?
i:-, h. I 5 ; 1 .t15 44r 41m ~the pr 14'h
mning the fi was a .j4i'1ly. bu 14W1
fac haeii he :ad st some of tlIl
Weayo Knne Financirminea.
Ny w O3irneans Febl. , e. 2eor.
\lin- r y~F. ne of hicakownar
henwirs in the ist.r't nti e.d
homday hr. unly stay followi
tagastrenfrpomdhy. recet m
palh capig in hic salgod hei
andpenjoed a'bry J.BiCvnaugr bn
rTirinnneor ,th_ofgh.1wEiare
MayorD e in B iro;ringhm.
y- B uinht ,Al. Fb -
laring Thiet Raids $ub.Tread. ti
ury at Chicagot
weat-Box Methods Have So Yar w
Failed-OffiIdals Believe Some M- a
ployee of the Department Must, f 8
Neessity, Have Been Invooed.
Chicago, Feb. 26.-.Ihe Tribune
ays that one of the largest, it not
be- largest, thefts from the United
Itates treasury has been unearthedi
a. Chicag'. t
Somewhere between $175,000t and
200-,.000 was taken from the iboal
ub-treasry last week. The money
Las disappeared as completely as it I
tad vanished from the face of the i
tarth. The authorities here and; in
Washington, have been working night
1nd day on. the pobbery since it. w.as.
Chief Wilkiir,, of the United States.
,ecret servle-,. has been keeping, in
kormed by telephone and telegraph of
very development and, according,. tb
legraphic advices, he will leave.
Waghingto& at once to take personal
iargi of the, inrestigation.
,Secietary Shaw, of the treasury dU
parimeiit, was told of the gigantib
theft whjn in. Chicago last week and
was in co,lyference with sub-'treasurer
William Botend.wveck and secret ser
vice officials..\
The money w.is stolen either a week
ago Saturday,. the next day, or It
Mondu.y. The ctances are that it
was abstracted on. Monday. Tdle'
loss was discovered pa Tuesday..
All the money t akeP was in la-rge
bills, bills of the detiomination. of
$1,01)0, $5,000 and $10,oV)0.
Just who d.scovered -th' loss, tihe
sub-treasury officials would not ad
mit. Neither would they teh', from
what department the money waslht
en, nor how the loss was discovar,d.
At first it was believed that the
mu.-t be soie error in the bookkeep
ng. It was thought -to be impossible
that such a large sum or money could
have been abstracted in face. of a:l
the safe guards thrown aroundt Uncle
Sam's strong box.
ECvery man who haw anything -to <to
with the case was called into Treas
urer Holdenbeck's office and put
through an exhaustive examination,
and a still more rigid cross-oxalina
tion. (aptain Porter, of the secrel
service, assisted in the inquiition.
They stood the ordeal every one oi
'them.. They denied all, knowledg(
of the- theft, anid protested their in
nocenee. But. it was perfecetly ob
vious that some one was lying. '1Th4
chances were I ,000 to I that one o
mo)"' OF the emlloycs. actually ha
purloin'edI the cash or had connive
at the thelt. by some outsiders.
F.ay .)y (d:y since then the swetitin
has ben h'lt llp. Mr. lloldenweck
-' Cptian Porteor and his assistan ts hav
" or-lod tromn daylight. until (lark , an
.from n4 iigh t unItil muoi'ning . All<
't 8uumly the invesi'igalion pri'oeededC i
- M. I olenweelVOk 's pr'ivate offce.
-Saitur'day (he're camne a glimmer<
'1 lit .A faint clow pointe~d in il
- dirtio oUf a cortin11 elerk and1( th;
tollowe-d upi, direct ed the linge'r
tusplcion to anothe'r empjloyee,
(los assbocia teof n 'he first man.
m1 TIhe'i imenf wereO Summ)Iloned into il
0iinisuiton4i chamber'i separ'at ely al
- subj30eul to a griuellin g exaninaltlo:
'lThe sutsp1(iis ciricumntstances agnli;
rs the were0 paradedI'(, the ceritaint y
I- <h( 1eet11 and1( ptnishment was it
v.)pr'.('ed upon0 Them, andl they wc
ucdvised4 to tinuake a clean bre'Cast
4%. Pi','Cer part. they had plIayed1 ini t
en 'oniraci1(y. One, thought to b'e I
al mov' ig spirit , ('ame1 through the <
hO mained(11(' almi and( self-poss5essed, I
sang fi'oid a mazedc the arncers,
'they' put1 limt dlown asn inniocent oi
mas1 ter'I h.and of citnIlnallit.y.
. Thel atherIi, yountger and m1
we'aker, showed signs of' b)rcak
dlow v.IJust what hie adlmitted,
secret (o v(ice(l men0 refuse to (discio
Ihui it is blJ(ievedt to be taintamo
Sto a& (onfeFsion.
Evier'y empliloyee of 'th4e office Is
Ideri surtveil Ilande' day andi night,
I should one or nmore of them provi
il. be the 'thief or thieves, escape
tl' be' imposs5ib)le. All have repoi)
. or' workl dailly since the discos
was made. IOvery man, too, is
I der bond, but not to any amount
,the loot taken.
vedI Tho huge vault of the sub-treat
and is construtlCed of many layers of cl
es.ed s'teel aind has a number of ha
apwhich must be passed before entri
i-is secured to the apartment cont
ac- ing the money. The theft of m<
d J which had once got into the vault
in. been regarded as aun.impesslbity
-ram 's.m.ou. littea niita.
ital Day of Washington at Liberty,
Ever since the impassioned sad
imortal cry of Patrick Henry, "Give tt
o liberby or give me death," Waeh
gton hae been growing greater in
e hearts. of his countrymen. This
uth was- emphasized Yriday (22d)
ening by - the "Annetbe Literary
lub" in the- auditorium of: the Lib.
ty graded sohool. The anditorium
as crowdei1 wi.b an appreoiative
ad enthusistle aadience- and an
laborate, tastefnl and artisbie pre
xamme was elegantly rendered by
Lie members of' the club. There
gere many fias looat h$te whisk never
ailed to provoke generous agi ause,.
ad-the imusie and songs Were espe
tially enjoyed. The performance of
he different parts showed oareful
raining. The pieces by the nausio
wupils were excellent and showed.
hat Misb.Clarke,,.who is in charge
>f: this department,.. is doing some
ue work, teachig, her pupils. that
mIusic has a sout that. sings. The
readingsr and recitations. were all well
lone,, and the "Annette Literary
Club" has good reason. to be proud .
of its success. 110 evening was
mush. eojoyed by all. who, atteuded.
Hon. .J. E. Bogga. was present and
gave a very pleaint, talk, whick was
m.uch. eiajor d, but, owing to some
oversight or misunderstanding he wa
on the tail-end of the prograrame,
and. had to cut a firet-class oration
down. to about ton. minutes, to the
regret of the audience,.
This is the first entert.ainmeut. by
tha club, and they are to be con-,
mended very much. for the class, of .
goods they delivered. to the audience,
and. their next programme will draw
a packed house.
"An Explanation."
HAZEEL, Pickons Co., Feb. 21.
ao the "Churches" of the Twelve Mile!
\ River .Baptist. Ajiooiation:
De Brethron,,Siaters and Friends
-- feel o oxplanation is due you on
account of 'ro "Mlinutes" being so
late coming out. an use Rogfer
the following: First, we have three
churches that wore not repreeented
by letter at the last session of the
aseociation, and..in order to make the
very best report in the "Minutes" and
to the Stato 13aptist conveniiou and
to Washington, I). C., and to the
American lhyetist Publication society,
* and soie other places I had to make
out reports 'nd send to. I did not
a want a singile church luft out, so I
took the oid "Minutes" of 1905 and
a wrote to eaichl a sepairao letter, the
r pastor anRd clerk of all three of the
" churches, (.I was alIso waiting for BJro.
>r Atkinson's re'port tou come in), and
0 "1 awaiting their reply. Someo few
iweeks had chap: d (no letters), so .1
appele to the cler'ks again. Still
no0 reply. Byv ii.Li tin I1( had a spol
ie of severe sicknies:s, cold settled in my
a ycs, nd thebenlue so affheted I
could not reaid nor write until I had
of thmn treato I S all th.is a ccounts
1- for my~ delaiy. (Though on the 29th
1of January one of the boss piniters
htold me1 tha t they1 had1( neverO r'ceived
he the paper to in int thoi oni. le said
>r- they mide (an11 order, but the answer
came bac1k t hat the house had been
uddestroyed by Iure thec samei( day~ the
.a lett<r was~ r(eve.) I niow have
them ready for tihe press, and the
ich l)rinters tudl .I lu lcy will get t.hom
teout at once. I trust this expldanation
s, will be fully' satisfact:ory and1( will
unlt meet with your appro)val.
u . I desir( to thnkh you one and alt
1111( for conl ferring oflm IYI th lino n
to confidence iin oleting me1 clerk of the
~vll asoca,i0n. Just as soonf as the
'ry ':MNinutes" com' fromJCtL the preuss I will
un- mail echcl chulrchi its P>ro raita.share
ear of the saineo (accordinug to theu inoney
aithey paid). TILhantkin)g you again, I
ul-rmainyor obedienlt servant,
1er11..rmiyo A. T. W,Nr1uNTr-'ra
alin- Keep the bowels open when you have
mely Kold a use a good remedy to allay
co te lan ~~iO of the mucous mxein
raes influ bes is Kennedy's Lamtive
.Hbrney. andhTa. 1t contains no opiates,
movey ate bowels, drives out the ol.,
.*I 4eiatble and tastes good, t.old bj
Piokens Drug Go.

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