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0&'(1MY i
i)uAVtg Con~mpny
ilon $1.00 Per Annum.
vrtising Rates Reasonable.
fokens Fostoinee as second Class
Mail Matter
IRDAY, MA1LC112, 1907.
of't feel like talking, and I am
Yot going to write;
aould rather sit by the fire, Iorn
a 't ing, -noon and night;
-let the boss yell "copy," I (IoI't
care a flip
going to sit by the fire till I can
, shako the grip.
' iere's a microbe floating 'round in
That gives us all the grip;
home's in frozen Russia,
But it's o'er here on a trip.
le's a hustling, busy fellow,
From the land of Shoboloff,
A.ad when he gets a grip on you you'll
Mr. Jas. Thompson, wayor of
Walballa, died on the 21st ult. le
h)ad been si3k only two weeks with
t grippe. Mr. Thompson was 37
years of age and had been mayor of
Walhaha three years. The funeral
t ook plaee Monday.
If the sheriff, magistrates and con
:.ables fail to keep down the trade
'1 "booze," the constables will be put.
Lack. We would prefer the consta
ules to the booze, but has not our
town and county officials got enough
and and energy about them to keep
it down? If not, why not?
'Zeke" appears to havo overshot
the mark last week in his "Pickiens
nad Easley" automobile artidfe, as
a few of our readers took his sayings
artously and as an intent to find
iwit a d cast insin!aations. It set
\leople talking, at as that was the
bjeg med at, e scored a bullseye,
Ile . 0. are in receipt of a
iy which this paper and "Zeke"
mfie in focr plenty of good- natured
i'nteri:gg, but which is crowded out
this wegk. We will be glad to give
itpleg~ty of front-page space next
Representative D. WVyatt Aiiken,
after an absence of several weeoks at
home on account of the serious illness
of member of his family, has again
joined the other members of the South
Oarelina delegation in congress. "I
sn glad," said Mr Aikon to.day, "to
~ee that the committa on post ofiees
und post roads has agreed that the
~ural delivery carriers throughout the
onntry should have their annual pay
-hereased to $840 each. Tihat, how~
ver, is not enough for them, I thin k
tbey ought to have at least $900) a year.
all the carriers work as hard andI(
teas faitLul as those ini my district,
ere is not a harder worked class of
*en anywhere, and I firmly believe
K ey are entititled to recoive $900.'
aelh. Cor. Coluambiat Record.
Go, or Send.
Decau8e we are "mutier,
d off in a corner," is no reason
S by we should not be awake to the
rvileges and opportunities of the
enlghtened." And, indeed, we are.
- he folks in Pickens county are not
sleep. Their days of dreaming have
i ssd Fortune, though knocking
OR' 'ome time it may be, has not
ikea vain. She has found an
~pe4 door in this day and Is being
.~~econe4 and embraced. It.is right
tits shoda be. In material
- P~ IOa we are pressing to the front.
<~te kight that we should. The man
S -does not work has no right to
~ i~~& 'od cn't use a lazy man nor
4rc er. Heo Himself is a business
ET 1e can employ only the wil
~ butier. But He is hunting
~& ~ an ill employ every one of
en Wit you let hinm j list you ?
b>; 'the privilege of Coil) ng is
, with some of the urent Snn
day school workers of our cou tt y
nd uodern SuInday school m,t hod-,
ho church should not sle( in thr
"adle of her baby principles, tut
'ess on.
The Inltordeooinaiiit ion)al S md,ha
School Association of this state hold.
its thirtieth annuasl conventi, n tt
Georgetown March 13--14 G , It
will do you good, \our family _,nwo
your echool good, your cot t ,olnit
good. If you calt go, senld teietl
your superintendent. Le tlie I ble
cllsses seid their teoebers, at.he
schools send tt.e primary teachers
hey ivill learn s,,ething. The in
tlueneo of th,"e e d.% s will Ist
th rought ut tet niit. . % 1n ur ii ife
(If she is not the 0re : .: is ing) to
run the plow for y. :ss you are
so unfortunate ;as o. r Elis and
nyself). About $2 . ; 3 will pay
expeses. Thec r.'.:. ' give re
duced rates an3 ': .::ertainment
is providel.
While Wa --r-1:ena: Breth
ren, lets see ta: -i ::s valuable
things--a on, w.edge f ib"' spiritual
and eterna'-. eps p ,:. Lets not
spend all onr L:'.i lime in dealing
with the transe.:, vaporous thiugs
of earth. Instruoting mortals in
God's love-message is The work.
This is what the Sunday school aims
at doing.
Now when 1 say "brethren,' dont
you think me narrow enough to be
meaning Methodists only. I dont,
care anything about your denom)ina.
tional theoiies or church governmuent
and you need not care ansthing
about mi.e. God gives the same
Spirit to all of every faith and order
who seek His will. He does not care
any thing ttbout nens little ideas and
theories (except they bother liiun
sometimes and hinder His work)
What is a matter of indifference to
tue Lord need not trouble the ser -
vaut. My only questiaau is, Do y on
love God'? If so wO are brethret'.
Give me your bilnd. You are the
hand, I am the foot-both necessary
to the complete body of Christ. Join
in the yoke with me, there is load
enough for both.
Yes, it is "a long ways to George
towt," but if the peoplO of Pickens
will entertain this convention next
year, I will give them your invita
tion. Let your Sunday .chool so
vote and send me the mesage.
D). D. Jones.
From Ear to Ear' Throat Was Cut.
Cordele. Ga.. Feb. 25. -Pr ~ieslon
Adamis , a white man air Pi tts , n't
tem pted to coinuinit su icIdo Su ndlay
morninug by cutlIin g his thi oatI firom
ear to ear. It is said thiat before
he at (iiemtd sel f- dest ructIion, he tried
to kill his wIfe and a man who hap
Dened to pass5 his house . Dr'inking
Is salid to have caused the trioule.C
Hie was b)rought to the sanitarium
berte ini thle aflternion , w here lie i.
lingeriing between life and death.
"Monkey Girl" Burned.
Columbia, C, e. 25.-"\' ild
Tiee. the itonkles girl from Yucatan,
a fieakl which has been an exhIbition
here by a carnival comnpany', was
burned so badly Sat urday night that
she died (early Sitn day morn in g. Shle
was .1l yea rs old,. ig nor-an t and( 11 id
otic, making her wants kniown by In
artieutlate soiunds. She was left alone
locked uip in a room . A d S's fran -
tIc yells attaract ed auttentilon to the
Killed on Dove Hunt.
(ray, Ga ., Feb. '2,..-liffordl
uraigg, son of Mlr. llvyin a ar'agg , who
waus aeidetally shot on a dove hunt
nea herit-te Sialturdaiy,( dited alt A\1acon
hospital hate Saturitd a y i Mt. AMr.
flragg was a st erljing, industrioa
y'oung man, liked by all who kne
A Doctor's
Mle dic ine
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is not
a simple cough syrup. It is a
strong medicine, a doctor' s
mnedicine. It cures hard cases,
severe and desperate cases,
chronic cases of asthma, ple .t.
risy, bronchitis, consumption.
Ask your doctor about this.
The boat kind of a testimonial
"Sold for over sixty years."
Nado by J..A yoru oo., rowen, Maui.
Alomnfhoturora of
P'lru ..
e.Vo :'2 o'
Fire Sale of
Sale begins Tuesdaly, Febiul
lie un1til the eiut
A laI'e por'ot of our shoe st
the night of the destruction of t
not damaged by either Fire, Sm
removal only to the extent that
our regular stock. The dama
quality is not attccted. The lot
en and chilr,n in all leathers at
put upon thm't will b( a -reno
Sold. This is your opportttnity
value. '4;Nothing chlared, taket
during this s:tle. Remlletmber, 1
ruary 2th.
io6 S. r'ain Street, .
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition: beauty, vigor
_. _ and cheerfulness soon
I * A . disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
-- Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it is not uncommon
for a child to be born
Safflicted with weak kid
\ - neys. If the child urin
- ates too often, if tthe
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cauce of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the fir-t
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unrleazant
treuble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
by druggists, in fifty- ^ '^
cent and one dollar . '
3i-e5. You may have a . *
:ample bottle by mail "?
ree, also p am ph let tell- H om e of -a ur ,.R oot.
:ig all about it, including many of the
%ousands of testimonial letters received
rm :;ufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
Co.. Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and
:nention this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
he nane, Swamp-Root, . Dr. Kilmer-s
Swamp-Root, anr+ the address, Binghamton.
N. Y., on everv bottle.
holtv's Hfoney :1n1. T:n-11 ('m-- t e
mostt (,bstiilito n o bsll mll (xt .-i. the
((1d frlm the( Kystemn as it 11 miil!v
,xultive. It is gunlinteed. Do not risk
'akinfg any but tibe geniliine inl th U %'el.
lnv paek,ge. Parkins Ph .rm1aev, Lilr
ty, and Pi:kens DJrug Co.
They Make You Fee1 (.oml.
''ntcd by3 all whoi use Chiuambeii's
Stomiachi andl Liver Ta'b'ets, anid the'
he'althyi coniditioin of the body anod in
which they create makeos one' feel jov in:.
Pite, 25~ eents. Salel freel at Piek
'1ns Drng Co.
A Card
'This is te certify that all dri'lg ists m
autthoize'.d to retfund your mneiy if ]F.,
tt.'sH Hon)ey nnd1( Tarui fails to c(art yonie
conitgh or' cold. It stJ qs th lit anlgh .
h eials th lI1ugs am1( pr'evenits H e:-ion r~e. I
suilts from a okul. Cures hn grippe'u cnigh
itnd prevts~it piienm:miin and( conIsump l
ton.) CJoituiina nO nO>iates. The luO(n.i
int' is in a yellow Ipauckago. Reinus sh)I
titu tes. Parkins Pimrzemacy3, Libertfv,
and Pickens D)rug Co.(
IS quiick ly cure bym IV ). King '. N, w I f'
l.'is. Thliey('l' reno a !notomm* e rrm'ui
inll r i) h i-nl'iafort.I l' '. (baran' n ii ed by~
e itns ])u,.z (Ct.
M2akes& Kidinnvn "nd Btntder E1tht
1,20 mu ofl our. Thrn. will mey 7ao
busines woith theit Ioni(jw'i i4 c'm' 1' hat,l
day Eoio,d'i~t. F it1. 01 Lse'n. (
I 'i I piy 2.10 orgoo op i' or
ca4,t elve,2 a Pmions. ' ir ',o
HIso Will alo take 10 0ehe'0 Pro.le
oft Fode, d thie. a (t P.lt of ni'l, a.
1willfo pa.1 forngol Het.er.twih m
K E. F.eto Lurn.
40-2mf ialSeten auperis.har,
N wilap1 oJ B. Ne wy iPro
bato, Ju dge onf Pheo1th d.y ofMrch
I1907lt, for t lina Settlementf ith my ja
Feb. tii h '21907w4O Mueh107 1
otclof inl fotlenot 1 and scIhre,
makei a t phottionu toll lJ. .iNew ry
Esq.,I) 41 , . nag fu ProbteI forlll Pieen
on th 23d da of 'arc 197, 114tb
ok'chloc intefoeon or as , ter
afe asP i plclo n e r o
Fine Shoes
Ity :IM61i, and will cont iu
ire lot is sold.
ock was damaged by removal
he Conyers Building. It was
oke or Water but daiiagied in
we cannot carry the goods in
ge is slight and the wearing
includes shoes for len, Wom
d prices and the )rice, We will
al price because they must be
to buy shoes of quality under
I back, or sent on approval,
he sale begins Tuesday, Feb
- GreenviHie, S. C.
Business Locals.
otices t,t' sat'e. w:nls, SwnI,, ete,
inserted, in til ,'u;ttnun ,:t :, t"ents r
Hine tor. eut-h in',etlilo. N("thing takent
for less" Ih,tni incents.
vttled-Tl'. ret it a furnisb .d roorm.
Sddr eiss "Roomer," Lock 1.3,x 2.
For ti1--Otne i'Y 1:1 P. En"gintt
Ia. 11. B u 1, lIds'ey, S. C. 89-4%%
'Whn i E .y-v pt. up yo.ur stck
t B. I', MarLin's fetd anud livery Stll
de. He talso Ii udilt' -l kinls of
feedstull. 38-t f
Fon S.uo - k wwm k u1. fior
ale, on t m fit or trt cE-h. , il. .
IEl ihin, Rt >t,:3. ' n S. . :38
I 1ilf) 1 0 as
1Fhn ..r:-e'nn lahiee
und wDll .lo.,y .cated
Dr. W. e. varyrton. dent, wil'ht in
ek: i on -hl], Ltio rty Tusdays.
'ent ac; W\<h ein tltton This
biys, I'eu eo id n. Otur-ays tf
AIh week. 1O0tt1, t. uly. '):,t early.
h e wet: 1't:.tt f,r s-de
4'ue1 o' ti thi." A -1 . lin" im.
>rv,- Ch1ser 7ttn , 5c pr
li (. 13. P1' t. E is.l,
t'rnta . (s. ., R. 1.:3.
100(~ JITS-clFO) S-ALE
Tl h e G ro i dt i n
bin-ld s ha .v e be en
The ty teradtoore eve
mv dyno the sizeslt varyund
ive re. ThoutCmnisnr
sl ao mloyen opor-eH
uitys toforp you nwth
hoe Pie mox.t
Eanci. LopraNpoidy.
Otnc ldbutaitc the cs o
For voPi ats' PneaoeOry
r C rt isYUitllClr
il esnslal to roai dutEwh
Wo enstly teir oadtaxn oore noith
how diredtin ofean oeaton,o wif t
crapn. Th oughbanstyann gomisoneroo
lin to rte bm y fis aiy oor o er see hlfra,
aItc prCeSiiopo orwopk he roabs tu
crao uaaned had hon' dely noit toay.ta
rod ta.Aa lsnnCd.e lcn
of 0
Boili Sir 0II
it is unexcelled
for cleaning Clot
Goods. Only Ten
Buist's and Feri
Seeds Just Receiv
Up-to-Date Druggists,
J. McL). Bruce,
-:- 5 Pcr Ccnt Interest
J. F. Banister, B. A. Hago
J. M. Stewart, I. M. 1
T. N. Hunter, H.
I have a g
Amiong hen ar, the reco
C;loeke4 with w(>ights, whic1
And a rew liie of SI;V
Sil ver W A TCIES. A ice
Sglas-os to( fit eys. Alli kind
Or (Uatclhi
tihe mon(<yl~ and( spa~ce
No i.s your chanzc
A. K.
WeTst End,
President, Vice Pi
'F. U. 310cAN, W. T,C
- J.v-..lotx,'. C .
3 Acnn.ntf of ]Unrnlinnti It .ero. T'i:n
G Purpose
in its usefulne
hing and Line
cents .per Bot tl
y's Fresh Gar'd&
md CO..
Picke-ns, S%
1. M. Mauldin,
- - $20,500.00
- - 20,532.00
- - 150,000.o c".
Paid On Deposits -:
odl, V. N. Hagood,
vlauldin, J. McD. Bruce.
. Richey, J. P. Car,
0(1cl lih e' (t
1 si vie Seth Thon )
at Spe.cial bar-gaiml
' 1 \[ ,' s lid (Grold au
taICles; I guuaranut
- IC in the3 j'AEn-Iy lin
- Easley, S. (.
(ennfy Ad
andeil ee
II) OUt' S1Ol'O.
d4)(V X We Wi!n
B, and Idividiuals hOSc
t. t nil.,4 at ad Se

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