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l Soltlll-Jourllal
h Sotntnel-Journal Company,
TOMPsoN & RIoHEY. PnoPs.
Aubeoripbtiou $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
4 'Entered at Pickens Fostonleo as Second Class
; Man Matter
Where, 0 where, has that little dog P(
Where,, 0 where, can lie be? a
The dog tax raises nary a howl
;;I wonder if the yaller dog's free!
;;.~ cc
'Where is the man who pins his tU
faith to the groundhog, the corn w
shuck'and the gooso bone? fi
Congressman Legare seems to be d<
one man who has found the soft side
of Uncle Joe Cannon's nature.
Apparently it is still a toss-u) ca
whether the government or the con.
tractors will dig the Panama canal.
The ma'n from the Pacific slope ,
still keeps ahead aid blocks every
move of New York's famnous lawyer.
Magnanimous Rockefeller is bless- in
ed with the grace of being able toi
give altnost is easily as ho is to take.
The Baltimore Sun says "South P
Carolina has driven the cork into the Of
dispensary bottle.". No; wo have a
smashed the bottle.
If Jerome believes Thaw insane, mt
what does the world think of him an
for dragging Evelyn Thaw's past life to
before the public in the way he has th
done? the
Wm. J. Bryan has been tellin
convention of Minnesota edi ... that
President Roosevelt has one much
and is still doing iu n that he ap
The northern press Speak of the
"unwritten 1 V" as at product" of is
the south. Just so, and we are
proud of it God bless the "unwrit- ac
law." as
When Mr. Roosevelt becomes sn- to
ator from New York there will be
some omabarrassmoent wvhether to lo- as
cate him on tho Republican or Dem- ra
ceratie side of the etnmer. i
A erk in a store at Soshione, th
Wyo. , put out what threatened to be ni
a serious blaze withI thirtten bottles at
of beer, which is jus5t aibout thme<(ifU. fri
tity needed to quench a Wyoming at
thirst. i
Mr. Tillman is going on the loc-- th
ture platform for thirty wveeks at d(
$1,200 per week. Of course he will liv
not bring any of that northern money
with its corrupting influences into Lb
S3outh Carolina.ti
Over 8,000,000 Bibles wore sold co
in this country last year, but it is do
not likely, remarks the Washington th
Post, that they were subjected to the St
sam~e wear and tear as the millions rm
of poker deocks that were sold at the p
same time. iF.
After four years of "sound( and fu-- th<
ry," the U. S. senate hats declared in
Smoot, $,he memiber' from ben iglhted
Utah, entitled to retain his seat in nig
that bolly. The short--haired women sh,
and long -haired men of the country' liti
will now send forth a howl. o
1n answer to an' inquiry from Mr. . wi
S. W. Lawson, of Pacolet, as to . b
whether it would be unlawful to Bell hia
tonics containing alcohol, Gov. Ansel rig
replies that it would be in conflict mn
with Sec. 1 of the Carey-Cothran bill ca
and the Beller would be liable to pros- i
ecuitiot Druggists haid better take as
warnh g.
Wilem J. Bryan is again looming al
spsa possibility. Witb Wmn. J. in is
the White House, Roosevelt from si
New York, F3oraker from Ohio, and I
TilIman from South Carolina in the w
sentate, over the door of the senate at
ohamber might hang the Irishman's h
tt at Donnybrook fair, ."Where w
vosee a head, hit it."
Spring it is cheery;
Winter is dreary;
G.ceen leaves hang but the brown
must fly.
Lone and forsaken
With heart that is broken,
What shall an old msn do, 1.ut to
That's easy. Send him to Pickens r
-the finest climate on earth--to re
3w his youth.
"There's only one girl n the world
r me."- [Smoot. 9
Son in-law Lon,;worth saved the c
ople of Cincinnati from a negro r
Hector. Pity Teddy did not have
son--in-law in Charleston.
South Carolina can grow enough
tton for twiee as many factoies a
Oro are in the state. 'ho streaUtu3
ill supply water power f,r four or
'o times as mnuy mills.-h'lit St.ste.
But she must inim)rt the labor or
'populite the filIls.
- - - cc
Spangler, who predicts the destrue
>n of New York, Boston and Chi
go this year, and the end of the
>rld in 1908, claims to have fore
sted the downfall of Galveston, San
ancisco and Jainaict, and all the
eat disasters of recent years, but
overlooked the downfall of South t
rLliiia's Great Moral Instit ution rc
1907. >c
A New York restaurant man says o
is not alone the increased Cost of tr
o[ViSions that nIS in>ce0ased1 the cost. im
hotel and restaurant meals. He
s that it it were not for the "sou
alir hunters,, who are avla s .t'~?i
red to carry away Over .in g
veable excep)t the ilevh r, bobl 1
make prices low Honest people in
nrefore, hav to be taxed for what
. unir hunters" steal. r
The Negro-An Old Man's Views.
PieN"is, S. C , March 1. s
the People of South C trolinta:
1 will now write I few lines on the -
'ger question. Ben Tillman is aill
ht this time on the matter, but he e<
42 years behind me in foresight. !
In 1863 I advised all the people to 1i
,opt Lincoln's peace proclan3 "tion, t
the nigger would be free, amnd the
verniment would send thet back
their o ' ni iountry'3, 01r coioiz
emi1 oin some islanid to thems~elvesc., bt
God never intended that twvo sop
Le nationalities of people should ei
o together on the same island.
lit waIs his purpose, for he kntew
it the negro and white mnan coul d
veor -live together in peace. Looke
ourselves, who fought to be free I
in the yoke of Eniglanid; look m
the wairs in ancient times - t
1 nation conquering aniotherii -and '
it's been from the fou ndaitioni ofm
a world. Look at C nba right now;
n't you see thait mixed tribes cani' t
0 togethier in p)eace?
T1hie r.iggers are not much more
im beasts, but sup)erior to many na.1
ns of peopio. Now the papeors areP
liciting the natives of other lands to (
no and live with up. I for one a
n't want them, You wvill have in 1
next 30 years in the United
dtes some of the most undesirabje
es of p)eople living. You have now
mty of mixed blood here already,
['mn any judge. Tihe more mixed
>od you have here with you now
more imixed blood you will have
tihe future. d
Nowv the cry is eduonto him (the b)
~gor). Now, I believe all peCople
mld be taught to read mind write a
lo, but a book education without
ne good hard senso is the biggest c1
ufoolery I know of. Give me one ii
th good common sense and a little ('
ok learning--not enough to make
ai a fool --then you have got one
ght. I know somet that have so
Luch book learning that you have to
rry Webster's Dictionary along b
ith you to understand what they
y. I think this is too much, ai
Now, I ain't no Solomon nor Sol.
non's son, but Jeremiah Looper, e
-td I warn you DOW that if there
na't some wiser laws passed in the r
atp and the United States than has .,
ion for the last 45 years, you people e
ill get into the worst trouble that
y nation ever had. Tbis is my .
mlest convo.clon, and someo.o
II li vo to seit.E
Fire Sale of
;ale begins Tuesday, Febri
ne until the ell
\ large portion of our shoe
he night of the destruction of
lot damaged by either Fire, Si
emoval only to the extent tha
>ur regular stock. The dan
luality is not affected. The lo
mn and children in all leathers <
)ut upon them will be a remt
old. This is your opportunity
alue. I Nothing charged, tak
uring this sale. Remember
uary 26th.
io6 S. 11ain Street, .
Vomen as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
>urages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
- ..l disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
.Kidney trouble has
becomc so prevalent
that it is not uncommon
/ for a child to be bor:
afflicted with weak- kid'
-- neys. If the childi urin
ates too cften, if the
inc scalds the flesh or if, when the chi;d
ache. a'e when it shot:ld be ale to
ntrol the pa , :age, it is yet :ffiictcd "uith
d-wetimnfg. cepand upon it. the cat:3 cf
e difiicul'y i: liida:cy trouble,:c g fire:
p e:1ul )l c towards tb -trcatm"e:nt c
C:c i:nportant organ;,-' This unne ,ar.
.uble u due to :t '._.1aed conditicn rf the
aneys .nd l i-:r and not to a habit as
Wome.!';;; well as men are made mis
ab.i' fith 1:: inc- and bladder trouble,
d both n'ed the same great remedy.
n0 :id and t:' immediate eficct of
wamnp=Root i:; c)n realized. It iz sold
ciru;gists, in fii:y
nt and one dollar
You may have a : nK1
mple bottle by mail
.:A:,O pa.aphlet tell- rtomo of sca"-'t-toot.
ail aio,o" it. including many of the
t:ands of testimonial letters received
m z::fir.rs cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
Co.. Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and I
n;ion this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
a name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
w.mp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
Y.. on everv bottle.
F'o.-}'S I-I(niy ;InI, Tar enros the
snt litmtr 1:1iL's ntl expels the
>bl lrotts liv. sy:,t t ,is it i"< nlillhy
X i ie4. It is gnlrantt'(d. Do not risk
kin;g on bu r:1t th i mine 1-16 1 in) th(1 101
w lelow.Parkin, Ph .:rman(V, Liber-1
a12 P1ik's 1)rug Co.
iedt lby aill whoi use (hultalmrbin's
l1t y 1 :- 2 li2 1 o f ,j h ei b o dy10 . 1 2u d ( m in d
m -. 2 ce1fs. am ple free at, Pick
is iru , (x.
A1 Card
Thbis in t cr inht all druggists oie
m4h coal, It stop th Ile conlgh.
iti' ftrlm a ( uid(. (l's b2 griippecong
'22. 1 'qutinis ne ''fejues. Thle (lenn
*'1 i in a4' yebu IVacikihge. Refusil sub-1)
i?Inte*. Park i n P ''armaciiy, Liberty,
til '2ek(ns Dr I) ug Co'i.
q1uickly eied'. by l)r. K~.ig's Nowtm .L1if
is. llThey remove' all po2)i4sonoust ge'rms
om24 the2 systm anditi~ infutse ne4w li fe anid
gar, 1.' enre 2 s t. am-iich, n in:.42, head1.'
g or2 4 ihs2oot. 25:. Guat:rante.ed by
w(kns Dru i,- Co.
WJakoa Mildnn'rn andu Blladder Right
TPhe Coutn ty (CommnissiioerS wil IhIohl
> mee'2tin ofU ('.112 he Bor neI iIxt lTuesdayv on
e-me)t of ourt f. TheyI wil m--it Mon..
ty,.% M.4rel 11 :ii allt ii1 Persons havwintg
tsiness5 withl thle 1Board2 will coe2n( thtf
y . F,. F. Lo2or1tE1,
1,2001 bushe2lt(1 of (ont. Will pay~ 77h
sht, delivered att. Poikens, oruf a e Poor
F"odd(or, deiliveredOl at Poor) II (2use, ar.d
ill paiy $2.10 for good F'orler.
E. F1. Loor'ien,
4t0-2m Suipervisor'.
I will apply to J. B. Nowhery, Pro
ito Jtudge, on the 16th~ day of March,
)07,, for a nult% settlement with my
ards, John E. Steele, ot al., miniors,
2d ask to be dismiss8ed fas guaianitt.
B. EI. Steele, Guardian.
Feb. 16th 1907w4
No'noT.-All persons\ are hereby
otified not to hire, harber or in any
'ay employ) Minnie Gt er, as the
aid Minnie Greer has b4en given to
tie, and she has lef 0 Ilthout leave
r provocation. iolation .of this
4oz be pro. td ta" '
Fine Shoes
iary 26th, and will conitin
tire lot is sold.
stock was danmaged by removal
the Conyers 3uilding. It was
noke or Water but damaged in
t we cannot carry the goods in
age is slight and the wearing
t includes shoes for men, wom.
und prices and the price we will
>val price because they must be
to buy shoes of quality under
2i back, or sent on approval,
the sale begins Tuesday, Feb.
- Greenville, S. C.
T h e G r i ffi n
lands have been
cut into lots and
laid off in streets.
They are level
and well located
and the sizes vary
from one-hall to
five acres. rI.
is a gol.den oppor
tunlity for you to
own a n1onme in
the best town oi
the Pied m o nt.
Real estate is ad
vancing rapidly,
but the prices on
these lots - have
been made for
quick sales. First
cone, ri'st choice.
For Plats, Prices
and rer1m see
J. M/Lc). IBruce.
All po(r.cons liable to road duty who
do not Day thti r road tax b)ofore the
ti mo 'x p1ires w.ill ho reqired to weork~
livoe dnys oni the public r*oarb1 unodr(
the dIiroction of an overseer of the
scrape. Thle counity Cornmisisioneors
wxill] not emaploy any other ov'er.seers,
bu t plrop)os to worl)k thle roas with
scrapes5 and banrds who (10 noct pay thoi,
road tax.
I''. F'. Leropor Supervisor
fi r al e ax .tr ' r ay
nai to t, o'.Iuot Color.
obtain a thorough business training and good posi
tion, to writo by first mail for our great half-rate
eih.Scos inde,enden cand robable fortune
Tfhe Ga..AIa. Business Colloee Nacon, Ga,
F"erry's Seeds8 1.(. n npr
We od's Fr< shi 1907 seedtl'.
SeOJ nnb( (1 (lods
If potwe'r Gin the farr,nU isi whait yell need,l
the Ohio enginet wilIl 1111 every require
mont. For efficiency, dI.lrablilit.y andl(
economiy it hosl rno eqIual. Wriite for Cat
alogue to WARRWEN SMIT1H, R- F. D).
N'o. 8, Central, S. C. 86-2mn
Notice of Final Settlement and Dlscharge,
N OTIOE 's hereby given that I will
make aplication to J1; B Newber3
Eeq,, Judge of. rrobate for Pickour
county, in th,e State of Soutb Oarolna
on the 28(1 day of March 1907, at 1]
o'clock in the forenoon, of as soon~ there
after as tdaplocation can be heard foi
Ie~~o t4i asettlen onrt of the es
(fT.' leedesod,and ob
r f aal
Robert Buist
Is the household word .for ever
Fresh, they are always reliable
that make them indispensable I
We also have a Fresh lot
Come to see us when you
Up-to-Date Druggists,
J.'McD. Bruce,
-:- 5 Per CentlInteresl
J. F. Banister, B. A. Hag
J. M. Stewart, I. M.
T. N. Hunter, H.
I have '
Among the) are the recomr
Clocks with weights, wl
And a new line of SIJ.
Silver WATCIES. A n:
glasseos to fit eyes. All ki
11. SNID)ER,
*Or (atchgq
v ertise
dI'( Spjring BIZusines8
the mioney anid spaUce
Nf~ow is your chlanIc
& Co's
They ar ab
a .:e the two q
o .s - ful gard
3i PkR S SEED.
get ready for yot
md CC
1. M. M
- - - $20,.
- - 20,5
- - - 150,c
Paid On Deposits -:
Dod, W. M. IHa=
Mauldin, J. McD.
4. Richey, J.
ood line of
endfhe old style Seti
lling at special1 -
. Also solid
Spectacles; I p
work in the jew
* ~ Easile
)ennyl Ac
f Or Sp)ring -.*.*
;, and(~ wvill n
inl our1 store.
I goods1
e to buy (lhea,~
ED 1901.
1,40. II
edont, . I
,S. C.
an, -.H.; P. 8x ausx
k6 1 d dals solicited.

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