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been sick they ne
ion.to bring bac
But the strongest
Emuls ion is that
sick to get results fr<
It keeps up the atl
0 thin people, makel
brings color to a pale
vents coughs, colds ar
Food in concentra
well, young and old, r
And it contains no
A Washington Birthday Dinner Given Ly
Junior Class of Winthrop
N, & I. College.
Yon IIhavo often ble~lI t off n r f (-oul,i g
W hllre we pr"nctil2. tine( a tef-k
The tt ti that are. l"hiltitr to make a
TO It mU)n worth whilte to sw( k;
Where wo Iarn the Ii:, st, broad to
To roast, to ttoast, a111d all Ihf r. iq ;
Ho V the 1ihes we have luarned to
We servo in state to stOt)ely guests
Well, perhaps you'll list(', now,
While I tell of otur ltate"-t ft:te
'Twast: t Wainglt~t,'.+ birthdlay dtin
ter --
(Oh, tht" tusk was Vert :,re,lt!)
We il vited as 'Gourg.-" anl "\Marthal"
A dear old co uple, the %'hile
O ' r 'her g a V. tn kin l all)
In :ld t:uunill l ihaI.
Axsai9ds we served itt tiey c'ap",
e1111 t1 b CF'ue" rev't'' I eale L I
'hc - ior HC t:le IId t)t"111 wV.r'(u
y"' '' 0 f( I'l.h) o)CCat'i't --
C) lI"I , ) aTt i d I 1 1a0h 4 we(
t ho decoral;i >l.
. ; . , igton) family em.t of armUS
Adorne'd th1.e Siinplie laluecIrd1,
Wx ihi*: in enoh da ti nty h 'n- bon~i bo x
Carnat onas for,med t he cetetrpiece,
And candiled. red, wo.e (oneditl
Wi thI shatdes adorned wit bu cher r'ies,
r ipe,
A ra.ngu d the tablei 'rou 'd.
OCur .meno wasI more dillicuilt,
But turkey all app)jrov *.t,
~And <eherry salad we t4ouaght su.a
a the .dinn.-r' i-iwoIIrdlOI mov-.
We~ nieedt not tell of all we served,
'AwOUild wearyLI :ou, I kcnow,
So w'd~'i tell of how weu bode tarewnll
When i our* guests wer e about to po
'tie iormed two lines~ outside the
IFor we all had ai pass8ion
'To coml t95sy low, as they pal3e-l bly
In true Colonial fashio..
Ti'he guests respondo:i hoartily,
And "Georu lee"u,-theo deer old man!
~nst guess what hesaid to us -
Lt don't bo'inve you cain.
"'was, "I hiopeou eaIIt'ch wi'l hae
I toll you, girls, I naan it;
.And that each home you cal! 'my own'
Wdhl hatve a 'Genorgio' in it!I"
ame,s Ihe Kindl You liave Always Bought
No (Wc ny Away from Temptation.
It n saild that a youniig man, heir
to . ; 'rablo foirtn, is b einig
wi yo. mUother ot a tra-ya
a Uahb 1, cruisO aroumnd t he~ wvorld that
he may not ho exposed to the
temptations of lilo in New York.
No) doubt this good mother has
considered lorng and pra3'orfoly
this plan andI has adopted it with
high hopes.
But it is no0 good.
Now York, \vied as it is in
- omel parts, has no0 monopoly of
wickedness or temptations,.
Vice extende all airound) the
Some parts of ho world have not
tow that if they have
ed Scott's Emul
k health and strength.
point about Scott's
you don't have to be
m it.
ilete's strength, puts fat
a fretful baby happy,
girl's cheeks, and pre.
d consumption.
ted form for sick and
ch and poor. $
drugs and no alcohol.
50o. AND $1.00.
resist temuptations he wou'd be as
safe in NFw York as anywhere
else. Ifi he tas not; power to resi't
'hem h, can capitulate just a
,ioily and as -ften on the other
id fit th, wor)d as at home.
And it is better to have the vice
of -mly one city th.in tho vices of
Imian V.
A journey around the world
tkert one wher) there no Ten Com.
mandments and no treaty ports
that suggest a treaty if amity and
alliance with the Evil One. It
,uthjects one to the traveler's code
of morals, and that is tiot the code
it good home-keeping folk.
Besid(es, I young man carries his
lemptations right with him. The
n% c) Id is t)c)t wide enungh for him
t, hide from then. Steam cannot
.'arry him fa.4 enough to leave them
beh ni. Th'y are as inbeparable
fr. n himl as his Shadlow.
Uinh-lss the poets have sadly fale.
ified, the great wanderers of the
race-Ishna fl, Ulveses, Aneas nt d
their brethren to liyroc-n-were.not
ii the achr-minded, t.ec.ptation.
resivting class.
Anyway, totnptatton is not a
thing to run away fron, but to be
giapled)> with and over.rnlme.
Tlhe really gw at and g(ood men
thel world1 over have withstood ihe
fi re of the turnace of ter iptation
and como out strengthiiwid and
People of' mere negati v 'Diorality,
who 'never yielded to teumpjtation,
simpjly because they never- *uncouni.
tE'red it, are never quiti sure of
ilhemselves uutil t.hey are safely
But, then, neither is anybody
else.-[ Andersen Inolligenicer.
From a Cabin to a Mansion.
A London cab)le ini the Phitadel
phia North Ameqrican says;
"Samuel Newhouse, the wealthy
min ing operat tor, has julst presented
to his charming wife a mansion in
this city, and she will spend mucb
of her limo hero, whore she is pop
ular in court circles.
"Mrs. Newhouse is credited with
having the finest string of pearls in
the world. A single string of the
gems cost hter husbaund $150,000.
irs. Newhouse has had a re
markable career. She was not
twventy whon sh'i was married.
Hecr husband was comparatively
poor, but he hadl picked up a min-.
ing claim inm Colorado anid pinned
his faith to it. His young wife
was plucky, and wheni it was sug
gested that they live in a little
cabin on the claim she quickly
assented. During her experience,
she said recen tly:
"'It was a two-day ride on a
burro from the last mining camp
to the isolated peak wve were bound
for. We lhved in a tiny cabin, and
we were alone in, the world.
'''I did all the housowork, cook
ing washing and ironing. My stole
was so near tlhe dining table that I
could reach over andl get the
dlishes. At twilhght we used to
watch the sun go dtown, and my
husbaind would tell mne all the
beautiful things he would buy me
when we got rich. Ii was a happy,
contented wise on the top of that
"'Wall. Mr. N0othoe0 found
Why Do Cot
Flock t
he is lonesomer there than a
even more frequently he fi1
ten story walls.
In going there the boy
lars. For years his daddy a
and his Aunt Mary Ann ha
the big city for Mail Order
Result: Hon
thrive, grass grc
jobs are to be h
new business,
goes to the city
where people h
and built up tl
and provided o;
siders as well a
mulate mnoney. in iargn sum , an
all he had prophiesiod oni the, m,un
tain came trute.
" - feel that it is good to ha'
been poor--goodl not to forget i
It keeps us human, and mio,o.
seems s0 often to have thi Cm'
trary Offect.'"
Union Meeting.
T wri" will be ai meeting of ti
Pickens Association beld with M
Tabor Baptist churolh, the 1ifth 8 mt
dlay in March atl Saturday b)efoi
10 n. m.-Devotional services, con
dneted by R1ev. J. E Foster.
10.80.-=Orgaizat,s ion.
11 -State mliins, openoel bi
Bro. WV. B. Ailgood, thon gene(r,
AfenmeHm muissions, on
od by R1. T Le~wis, then general dia
Sunday, 9.30) a. mn.-Devotiom,
services conducted by Rieo. J. '1
10.00-Sunday school work, ope'i
ed by J. P. Robuinson,, then genoen
11.00-- Maistonary sermon by Rei
P.~ F. Crawfor<d.
Sunday afternor-A mass meet
ing in the interest of foreign muis
sione, the discussion to be opene
by Bro. WV. T. Biowen, followed I
We urge every preacher 1u11 ti
deacons and1( Sunday ac4 vorfei
in the Associa~tioni to be priseAtl
We also urge every ch th to a n
fuill set of delegates an. itnsist o
the delegates going. *
. . EGA
D A,
K IL L TEn COUthe'i
-Dr. King'
New Discow
FO ou as :
intry .
a Big Cities? e
Most small towns
are short of young men. -
As a rule there are
plenty of agreeable
girls who would not ob
ject to matrimony; it
there are plenty of old 4t
people and enough ba- *t
bies to go around. But
the boy-oh, where is
The boy, the young
man, has gone to the
city, where he imagines
there are o)pportuiiities.
To hi, the old hoime .
Ile sees no futire for
himself there. B3oih for *
social and financial con - V,
siderations he rushes 111
to the great city". Very
frcqegntly he fimds that ";
.t home---nearly alwaYs so; and
,ids that riches (o not g row on
simply follows his dalddv's d1ol
nd his mother acd his big sister
ve been mailing their ioney to
ie merchants don't
ws in the streets, no
ad, no opening for a
and the young man
because it is a place
ave traded at home
ieir own community
pportunities for out
s for themselves.
The Farmer's Wife
fs very ca.refiul abloatu, her cihurin. Shm -
scalds it thoroughly aI fter usig, a al . i VI'S
it at sun bathb to swee0teni it. She L II,ws
thazt if her chiurun is souri It will ta'tint ihe
butter t,hat is made in It. Thle stomach is
*a Chuirn. InI t,lhe stomaflhcI aill| dj!1'.-tive~
y, alidl niltritive trats ar 1"' riorn'.d preI1ll -
cesses1 whIich are e'xactly akin1 li the
churniing of buttter. Is it 11ot1 app:arent.
The1I ev'il ofr a foul stomach('1 i, m1it alonie
brea bth caused by it., but,11( the corrupt ion1 of
1,he( pure1. current of blood141 and1 the dII i:iim
. D)r. P'ier'(4's( 411(1 G lnI ldl 1I Disc'ovei-v
3It does for the st.1mneh wha~r'It. till wasinga C
tremov'es (every titin g orI c'(orpl n Il ;e- (.
~ ment. Ini this way~ it (eures bh. b'l'',
pimples, erup)t,IOns, scroflous411 swelinos,
sores, or open eatintg ule(ers and41 all
humors or d1iseases0 airis ing from1 hai blo.~ t
y' if you have biitt(er, nasIIty, foul tat1 ill
your miouthi, coaitedI lAongue, fr mtl briea ih,
are wveak and1( easIly tired, fee1 lI'epre.+:ed
and despondent, haIvn freqtu'ent, he:ulacheIIs,1
dlIzzy att,a.cks, gna wIng or4 dlist ross inI 51tom
atch, conlstIipated (or ir're'glarl bowels, so 'ir
- or bitter rIsings after 'atLin and poorIllil
appetitc, thOe symI p)t oms. or' any '411 onier
able nuiimbier oft them,I nldient t,biat you1 a r
I suffeoring from1) bliousness1'5. torPIid, orl l:azy
Sliver with the usual aIccomp44J:mvin g ini
-gestioni, or dyspepsia a11( Ild thi' a t,tnd ('1(1 lt,
TPhe best agents kcnowni to) medi'l el-~'I
.. once for the cure of the a bove,4 sym oms101)
atnd cond It.ions,5 as atte'stedI iby t.hl' it in
of leadiuig teaichers and1( lpraictit if mersl" of
have bween skillfully' and14 hIarmIoniosly
comblhined) ini Drm. 11 'l'See's Glden' .\Ni a'l '
Discovery. TPhat this Is abso)1lut (I i tru
will he readily p)roven'I to voor11 Sa tl'-sfac4.on
If you will bult, mail at pol4tal ('ard1 requjIst,
- to Dr. R. V. l'Iirce, Iig uffalo. N. Y'.. for
a free copy of hiIs book let, of ext ractls from
dl the stanidard medicaI authorit ir14s. gLi vingl
the nam.ties of all the I ngr'ed ients enteriinIg
'7 into hIs world-famtied'mule 4ines a14( ndI how
ing what the mlost einenott mced ial mcn
6f the age sa of thlem.
'8 Ol1AI(LE~STON & WV EST1'C1N OA 1(C1 N. rA A
Arr ival sand Departure (of Trains,~., os,'o.
d l"*-44. 0. E4'eetiv A prhl 4-, I14444.
U 4:30 a la, No. 484 daily ex'e.pt sumhIlIy. rfor 1.nn.1
hauItrens4 9:00 a mn
12:15 p m No. 53 dily for haullrens,5 I'1int<.n
Newyberry, tilt4bIR, 544nter and 1(11'harles
tonl connieting at Stumplter withl .\. I '. ,..
TraIn4I1 No. 82 four 4'IlElIond wasin5IIgtonI
11md( easlItern cIties, and4 aIt I,nuren'IS wit jI '. I
W. U. Tirain No. I for spIaltnurc and I1
Itrain11 No 2 for Gireenuwood, A ug ust11 a, tc
Ie A rrive Lau14rens I :35 44 mI, 4 'linton1
2:22 pIm, Newberry 3.44) p. in. C'olumhi 4: 4n
I Sum ter 6:20' p 1m, Cha rlestfon 9:l1, "14ar t Il
I burg 3:30 p. m, GreewoodI 2:4 pju m I, iy mI
4:40) p mn, No. 36 naiily excep'4t SulIltay. for 1,an4-1
reIn and11 inlterme(dit 11 tations1(1. A ii 4h at
Liurens 6:401.1
10:26 a Im, No. 47, diIly Xexet iStmlday, fal
Lau11rensand1)4 I1IFnt ritestat ion.
.00 p m1, No. 145, dlaIly except .Manday,B from
'baurenimandu Intermecdlate attionq.
8:25k 1m. No. 621daly fr0 " 101 to n ter,
Columbia, Newbo 1 4pprtanbnrIig4 C
TfBIl3~4.f4Rid . betweep
asrlnati without hA
ton ph
and plants unfertiied and in consequenc
This and.other inter sting experiments are de
Culture" and "Profitabis Farming"-free to
by experts, and full of valuable suggestions v
better and bigger crops and larger profits. 3
New York-93 Nassau Street. or Atl
T 0 Ba 14
S made of the very be
on the very best lea
T1o those who pre''er
we unhesitatingly say
iarrison Wy
Easley,' S
WhoIesale and Reta'
xP1rin. I ny, Ilur. n<I A.
ve have just received three car ko
f flay. Ve also have a full stock
_hops, Bran, Shorts, Oats and corn.
ole Guano Distributors and Cotton I
on money by buying from us.
'Phone or write ns. Your orders v
(i.tion. You
WVe have a nice graded street run
r~iy (the RObinsOn Place) and we are
:heap, This propertp lies close to th
:otto n Mill, and it is the cheapest
round Pickens. Let evesybodly who
itioni of their children come at once a
WCse beaulti ful building lots..
Money invested here will Double
ickens is going' to be Tin.: town ot th
22 i-acre loi
1 4 3-5-acro 10
14-acre lot
I 2 1 -5-acre loi
- 1 8-acre lot
1 26 1-7-acre 14
Mloney inv'estedl ini this pr->perty
'tlunir twelve months.
(Call on
204 acre well improved farm for
'ickens. Six acres river bottom; eig
cres upland in high state of cultivatl<
~bout t1oo of fine original forest well
*nd p)lenity of it. Good To-room, 2-S
oigs and two tenant houses. The J
ell worth r o,ooo--dur price, 6,500.
ne-half cash and the balabcein ne 1
These llluei
show the varlatiol{s
tween a strong, vigol
Lut-the result of ferli
a suffering from Coto
,scribed in our books,"
my one interested; -
hich, followed out, will
Vrite for them to-day.
nta, Ga.-1224 Candler B
st leaf thaRt we c :kb
t' market in the ~~
a natural leaf t' b' c
hat after one t%i'il
he future. Every lnirchr
nllait uus hia g4tlti1lf it;fop- y
to us for our uLceial iXIQOy
Dealers in
ads of Flour an
of Cotton See<
We sell the ce
1lanters. We c;
vill re-ceive; prdl
-s for business,
ning through ocL
lOW prep)ared to
e Graded Seh<
property we 1<
s interested in t
ridl get first ce
itself in Twelv
sale In1Ove ed Vt
t in branch bottomi;
tipibered, 9QcI' w~A
tory dwdling, orLbu
L. Stephens Iper
Titles good . 'J

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