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Pickens Sentinel-Journal
Happenings of a Local and Persona
Little Miss Etbeleno Gantt is quit<
Little Miss Malanee Thornley i
quite indisposed.
See change of ad of Bolt & Cc
They talk garden seeds..
rn on the 2d instant to Mi
rs. Amos Dodgens, a daughter
rshall Parsons was on a visit ti
t:.her, B. F. Parsons in Picken
" eek.
'"'hat's in a name? You wil
when your communications dt
.ot appear for lack of one.
--See ad of Folger, Thornley A
Co.. They talk Spring goods anc
will treat you right tn every deal.
-Mr. J. T. Anthony left Tuesda
for a trip to Texas and Oklahoma
and if he likes, will buy and setti
It is a poor excuse of an old hen i
permitted to run loose in a town tha
can't make at least one enemy out o
a good neighbor.
Mr. Henry Williams of the ens
side of the coun'.y, drove a fine mar
to town Monday whereupon it sici
cued and died during the night.
Moore & Mnuldin talk to you thil
week about cotton planters an
turn plows and the time is near a
hand when these two articles will b<
in great demand.
Houses for rent is the one grea
need in Pickens. S;;veral partie;
have been in town within a week an<
been obliged to turn their backs of
the place, owing to "no houses fo
IIon. Wyatt Aiken believes i
taking care of the rural mail carrier:
He has succeeded in getting passe
the bill allowing them $900 a yea
as conpeusation for their services.
There is not as many people i
- -.sual during court. Farm
- >busy attending to thei
c ss to attend to other peo
s if not compelled to do sc
> the cotton mill is beinp
mo on aceount of lack o
The brick work of th
I I is (co.pleted and a stari
e on the stack as soon a
t. on t,he ground.
Thie importedl Germian Coach stoc
horse, prpr' of the Easley Stoc
Co. wa'is exhibited on the street
Monday by M r. L. 0. L~atham an
was pr1onounIced the poetry of syme
try, style and action, by all lovrse
fine stock.
Our ex-auditor, Mr. F~oster. Keitl
wvas seen on the streets Wednesda
driving a finelv matched pair c
mules, a late pu rchlase, and Foste
was as proud as a little bov with
red wagon. fle fakes to his new lif
as natural as a docnk to water.
--Mr., Ed P. McCravy and Mis.
Lizzie Robinson, dtaughter of Mr
and Mirs.. Johni A. Robinson of E is
1ley we -e mairriedI on the evening o
the 5th inst. at the residence of Rev
have the congrat ulations of their ma
-nly friends ffor a long, happy an<
p'rosperouls life.
M~ar'ried1, on the eveningz of the 27th
uit., at thbe r'osidence of Mri. Sidne,
D E lena, Missi .Janie R.oper, of Pick
ens eoun ity, and Mr., Norwvein Hari
dinr,of noirthierni Ind(ian Territory, Mr
W. E. Ed nR, Jr,, N. l., ofliciating
Tihe young couple wvill depart in I
few' days for the latter's home in th<
WVest, whore they will apend thieil
hIoneymoon), wvith the best wiehes o:
their mnany friends,
Mr's. Mary Folger, relict of thei
L,te Dr. A. M. Folger', died at th<
home 9i her danghter Mrs. C. M.
JBIayloek in Ea&slhy, on the 2d instant,
?"om nfirmilies peculiar to 0old age,
hie was 91 ye,ars old and leaves flye
children beside a~ host of relatives
and friends to mourn her death. Her
remains were laid to rest in the Wesi
View cemetery on Sunday evenin~
by the side of her husband, Rev. J.
F. Mattheson conducting the obse.
qules, a large concourse of relatives
friends and~Acquaintances witnessin~
I adries
Did you ever iock up
and look at it and wont
was in it, wonder if it w
It you could see how
cine in every presbripti<
store, and had the p
appreciate the quality it
skill used in preparing
have such doubts.
Your Doctor know
which we prepare are e;
Miss Cassie Bolt is clerking for
t D. B. Cooper.
Misses Eileen Taylor and Maka
Boggs, who are attending school at
Greenville, spent Sunday 'with their
Mrs. B lt and children have moved
to Pickc <n, and occupy a part of the
Anibler house, on the corner of Main
and (Garvin steets.
Mr. A.- T. W inchester, of Ilazl,
was in Pickens last week and treat-4 d
himself to a Mason & Hamlin organ.
He made a pleasant call at this oflice.
W. B. Mann, of the Six Mile see
tion, was in Pickens, Wednesday, and
reports things quiet in his bailiwick.
He states that Elsie Garrett is moving
his house.
Miss Nancy Robertson, of Oconee
county, who is teaching the Mill
Creek school, is quite sick with t3'
r phoid pneumonia, at the residence of
R. B. Lumpkiu, where she is board
a ing.
- The whole Mile Creek section is r
r portod to be beset with colds and an
occasional attack of lal,rippo. So far
- none of them have been confined to
their beds, but it is only their hardi.
ness and indomnitable will power
0 that is keeping them going.
t W. E. Freeman & Co. are dailv
5 receiving their stock of goodr, which
they are putting on their shelv-es and
displaying to a great aidvanitage.
k Mrs Freeman will have charge ol
the dhry goods and1 millinery depart.
m~nenits, and is nowv arrangring. antd dis.
playing her stock in goodi taste.
Mr-s. Freemani is ai splendid sales
woman, and, no) doubt, will drawl~ i
large trade frm the start. We
', bespeak for the firm of Freeman &
y Co. a liberal share of your patronage.
r Mr. .W. T. Giriftin, while ret urning~
from his f irmi, Wednesday, wvas pain
fully bruised a!.out his head and face
by being dumplJed from his wagon.
He was sitting on a spring neat anid
a viewing the landscape o'er as his
.team .was jogging along, wvhen the
-fore wheel went down in a rut, and
f '"Billy" we'nt sailing through spafce,
.and when he "it" old1 te -ra firma
*had a haird jolt. No Jess than ten
.yardsH of court plaster was roquire -l
j to make him prese~ntable again.
Thmn enginteerors of the C. K. &
W. Rrv. are in thle field pushing theirI
way over the miountalins. Trains are
running on t hi.. road between Green.
ville and Traivelers iRest, and the
company arc at work onl contruc tion
between that p ointI and M.lari.t ti.
The corps st arttel fromta the latter city
and( are locating a line do-vn the
Oolenwa~y by the Pet ernic ou00tlet,via
Sassafras bay .T uis in t~ h1 1ne in which
Brt vaid and th mtoutin conuntr'
aro so deeply in teres ted , as it meic n
much01 to them and the coun try 'south
of thie mountains.
Up with the Carey3-Cothran bill,
down wvit h the dispensary, and wel.
come prohibition.
Rav. B Hioa ha.
Por Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
sears the
Signature of
a bottle pf medicine
ler what it was, what
as good?
we prepare the medi
)n that comes into our
rofessional training to
i all the drugs, and the
them, you would not
> that the medicines
cactly according to his
Business Locals.
Noth-es of Snle, Wialnts. Swvaps, etc.
inserte'i in this Coilu n nat : cents per
IIne for eatch insertion. Nothing taken
for Ies< thaii Itrecnts.
Easlter falls onl i t ite ar
make yOur1 selecttionl Ifrotn our imnrnese
a,sirt,ient of new and st.ylish suits, at
low cnt prices to yott. Latlies' tinr.
dretss uoo:s, Silks, etc. It. U. ("aines&
(hissawtay Bros , cetitral, 8, C. 41
Wantetd-TO rent it furnislhed room.
Address "RieUnjr," Luck Box 2.
larhed wire, hog wit'. chicket wire,
fe'nce wire. See uI. for JAMw prices on all
hardwtt"are, and everytthing. It. (.
Gaines & (assaway Bros , cer'til, s. e.
Mahtcksmitlhin- in al its )rattchtes done
b me. Ho1 seshcueing at (l0i. All wtork
guiraniteed. d. L. iaiders, on W. T.
O')ell's place, Liberty, S. c. It. F. 1). 3.
Strayed or 5tol;n--Soty black horse
innle, weight a bout 71'0 polnds: aged.
S. 11. Watts, Pickens, S. R. toute 3.
F'r Sale-Ono siy 11 P. engine.
.Jat. M. Barr, l+asley, S. ('. 89-4w
Stop paying rent. We'r will loan you
mon 'v wttith which to buv)' or build
houuss in the town of Pickeins; at 5 petr
cent. interest. For full pattienars l.
dress Vascoe D. Loehr. Walhalla. S. c.
Five earloads of Flour. '.M jeslic"
best, (pmtent). Bught Iefore tihe rise.
Every sack guaratited'c. Prices anI
(lua11lity right. Ve cfn s"'- you for less
rmoney. It. G. Unities & Gassaway
lros., Central. S. c.
If you are paying rent totu are throw
ing your tnoney a way. Vto can borrow
coe L.. L~Oelt'. WaihIalla,. s C., :ndl own
and( pay for a horne chea per tha rt iie..t
wd'il cost you. Write him for part ie.
W\hen in flisley lpht. tip your stocek
at B. P, 'tlarliun's feed andl livery slit
ble. lie also banalles all kidsf
heb Wrbl's~ t 8 F amoens-the 8.l Cotton
il)tr. ~ The bltn tltons aniltb ion
Ce'ntron \eath.I , Phii~.nto Tthem.
"i.yiianC et lite,g(lt~ amuike cap d: ot
enl ek olil (year. 13 . (oe ear;y.
s i ay B - s. Oentral C..
II IaeSe.I'-'toe'ork mes f>r
''dte of thne or for.' also, luI. J
Weibed rCl ite ot .; teken, 7. pe. a
Ceni,ral W nil S,edlt.nT,is
each wek. One ay onl . 1o:n .ry
"Queenl ofi the So'. it A. Nin ti
buslhl. B. .K : 1
Pa e,ta,S . Thin -.3
Then youher o hod- mNs benvs.
wa ver badpindtion. Yoes, ul
Apoarion,. 1I1 you ar sdrubt, thn
onsult, your dotr We .no
"2.h7t hE wlay abousers
grndol family mitediine.
Thialte , frtusti hin, dctrwol
Then"Ar your blood. rus to beknw
tatato r aco ndiopytin liYouciv
cetilyou now r whuarbat to ltie
thseno taker Pit-Aylss.ra
parila. f yo doubtoe, then.
consult your o~to. Weo w
wha ellsyaoths
as. A e you boeres r egua? iknsh
tha fdailya, of at owel i boutely
essetialto rcovey. oo y ur H er ativ
osso yr Ilirglr ytaiglxtv
When you buy Shoes, i
The following well kno,
Battle Axe Shoes for m
Walkover Shoes for me
(Godman Shoes for wom
Bloydenl Shoes for' meni, $5 :
Zeigicer shoes for women, $!
All the latest styles in shoes
WVatch for our Spring Ann<(
Polger, Thor
(Clothinq, ,Shoes,Hu[ts andl Geni
ole Aqen(s for MIitiece l7agons,
stobes, IN(w JHome Sewing Machinu
WValk/over' Shoes.
O Call(~1 for Butteric k Patterns.
. t4
L1ways buy the Best.
ivn. brands are leaders:
en, wone:
n, $3.5O, $ L. e
en and children.
ind( $(6.
1, $3.50 and $4. -
and1 Oxfor ds.
muiicemen Ct.
Tnley And Co.
s Fuirishing Goods a Spc
Chase CJity Buggies, Iror .
~s, Hawes HIats and Boyde IK
* P

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