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E I butNerTEJ - le . . - vde r . re " ul arob , 1879 .
Birmingham Makes This Record in 2
Birmingham, Ala., Mcl. 11.-Fou
murders and awo highway robberie
is the record for Birmingham an
vicinty within 'the twenty-four hour
ending Sunday night.
J. P. Billons was shot and kille
by his stepson, Jno. Riley, at Helen
bess at an early hour Sunday morn
An unknown white man was foun
murdered in a field Sunday afternooi
near Short creek. One man has bee]
arrested charged with the crime an
officers are on the trail of another.
Bragg Thomas, a negro, was mur
dered by an unknown man near Ox
moor Sunday afternoon.
Will Alexander, another negro, bru
tally murdered his wife Sunday af
ternoon at Fossils, on Red mountain
south of the city.
F. H. Carpenter, an aged farmer
while driving across the mountain of
Sunday night, was held up and rob
bed of all the money he had.
One negro in the heart of the cit;
held up three others Sunday night
on one pf the principal streets an
relieved them of all their money.
Warehouses and Cars Burned and
Steamer Damaged--Loss $80,000.
Brunswick, Ga., March 11.-'Fi
at an early hour Sunday morni:
burned about 250 feet of F. D. Al
en's lumber docks on Academy cre
together with six warehouses in whi
were stored about 40,000 crosstiei
also eight box ears of the Atlant
Coast Line and one of the Atlanti
Birmingham and Atlantic, causing
loss ranging from $55,000 to $75,001
covered by about 75 per cent insu
The four-masted schooner Eag
Wing, loading ties, was scorched al
lost top sails, main top mast, al
probably main mast, causing a lo
around $5,000. A survey has be
called for by the schooner. She w
make temporary repairs here, ai
then proceed after completing carg
The four-masted schooner Alma I
4 A. Holmes was at the same (lock
but was saved WI1h no damage I
tugs Coney and Inca, which subdu
the flames with their fire pumps. TI
docks will be rebuilt. The fir
because of its location, is thoug
may have been of incendiary origin
Boy Shot with Parlor Rifle.
Columbus, Ga., March 11.-On tl
farm of his father, John L. Wlli
south of Columbus. Sunday afterno(
3er.y Willis, aged 1.1 years, was i
in the left groin with a ball from
parlor rifle accidently discharged 1
his young cousin, John Henry Ta
bot, standing some distance awa.
His left leg' was paralyzed, and ti
hemorrhage was so great that it w
feared that he could not recover. La
Sunday afternoon physicians left f
the Willis home to perform an ope
ation on the boy.
Guests Fled from Flames.
Mobile, Ala., March 11.-Short
before 1 o'clock Monday morning i
broke out in a cafe on lower Dauph
street and soon enveloped a thr.e
story' building. The fire commiun
cated to other buildings and drove ti
guests out of the St. Andrews hote
but the fire department made a hai
fight and controlled the fire. Ti
three-story buildings on lower Dai
j)hin street were gutted and sligi
damage was done t.o adjoining buil
ings. The loss is estimated at $50
Hardy in Mucogee Jail.
. .Columbus, Ga., March 11.-C. I
Hardy, who has been confined in Ha
ris jail at Hamilton, awvaiting tri
on the charge of murdering his fati
er-in-law, Charles Brooks, at Chij
iey, was brought to Columbus ar
placed in jail. He was carri(
from this county 'to Hamilton a to
weeks ago, but for some reason it w*
decided best to bring him back
Muscogee jail. It is claimed that Hal
dy is hopelessly insane.
"Water Pearl" Dead.
New York, March 11.--Wat
Pearl, 'the ibig 8-year--old colt, owne
jointly by Sidney Paget and E. 11
'Thomas, died at Sheepshead bay c
aunday. He had 'been sick only :
hours. The colt was one of the bei
2-year-olds out last year, and we
over $42,000 for his owners. The
refused an ofter of $100,000 for ti
borne last summer. Water Pea
was insured for $26,000.
Died From Polmoning.
Tuscaloosa, Ala., March 11.-41h
death of lAura, the 7-year-old daugh
'ter of Mrs. T. T. Steppe, occurred a
the residence of her mother, in Shad
Dale, near the Bryce hospifal. He
Sdeath was due to poisoning, but a
what nature could not be determined
'The only thing she had eaten tha
- oteld have caused the trouble we
* candy, but of that there is a~
Ini -
Negro Robb?r and White .oi
ch'nt Kill Each Other.
Indications Are that There Was a Des
perate Struggle, and It Is Probabi
that the Robber Had an Accom.
Columbia, S. C., March 11.-C. L
Green, 45 years old, and married,
merchant of Shandon, a suburb o
this city, was waylaid and killed b;
Edward Marshall, who himself wa:
killed by Green. Robbery was the mo
The shooting occurred about 1
o'clock, but the bodies of the men
were not discovered until about
When found, Greens' clothing wa:
on fire, his body being badly charrec
around the heart, and side, where th:
bullets took effect, and a roll o
greenbacks were burned in twain.
Te feet of the men were. less that
a foter war"showing that they face
e each other whe ,were killed
At Green's right hand lay a32al"
. ber revolver, with four empty chaf
k bers. Near Marshall's right hal
" was a 41-caliber six-shooter, with fi
empty chambers, while a .38-caltb
Ie pistol, which had not been fired, wF
at his left hand.
a Under his body was a, well-ma(
leather slingshot or sand bag, havir
. two pounds of small shot in the enc
Near his head lay two burglar
e masks, one having two bullet holc
id in it, and was clotted with blood.
id Marshall was shot twice throug
a the head and once through the rig
a breast, while Green had three bu
il lets through his heart. The ba<
id of his hand was covered with bloo<
indicating that he may have had
. struggle with his assailant. Seve
,l pieces of silver were found sea
y tered about Green's body.
;d The finding of the two masks an
te three hals leads to the belief ilh
Marshall had an accomplice, but up I
it this time no arrCsts have been niad<
Marshall was 24 years old. unma
rir"d ard1 i'.: s,. of the m1ana5o
the large apartment store of . .1
e Mimaugh, of- this city.
The fact that Marshall had a pi:
in tol in each handl. it is hard to um
i derstand how he was able to manipt
a late the sandbag.
y The tragedy has caused a great set
- sation in this city.
e Claimed To Be Jas. McNally,
s New York, March 11.---.\ man wi
to I said he was James McNally, once il
r King of the Green Goods Men, walk
. into the center street police court a
Sunday, and, wih tears in his eye
asked to be sent to the work housc
He said he was without a home at
ly without means of support. He wr
e sent to the work house for thri
n months. The man was in a pitab
.. condition, the resutlt of the long u;
.. of drugs and of exposure. Recen
a* ly he had drifted to the Bowery lodj
~, lng house district, but his physic
*~condition was suich that lhe (cuild n
a even ear'n the pittance required
- live there.
-Will Deal In Hotel Supplies.
..New York, March l1 --To save tI
profit that now goes to the middif
man, prop)rietors of large hotels ari
restaurants of this city are consic
.* ering-'the organization 'of .a, co-opei
-ate corp)orationts which will deal I
zi all kinds of hotel and restaurant sur
.. plies, Aaron Rodenweisen, of Mor
.treal, has .been in the city for tw
d weeks interestig them in the pIari
d and it is expected that a compan
w with $10,000,000 capital will be or
5 ganiz~ed. Stock in thtis corporatic
.0 will be sold only to proprietors of ho
tels and restaurants.
Fire Proof Mall Car.
Now York, March 11.--fThe gire
r fire-proof Anlerican mail car, practi
dcally all steel, left the Pensylvani
stat ion in Jersey City at 10 o'cloc
B unday nigh't, for Washington.
e is 70 feet long, or 10 feet longer tha
~t the maximum length the governmen
Srecognizes in paying*for. - ii trans
,portation. Only 370 pounds of fire
*proofed wood are used in its construc
.tion. The letter and paper case
and boxes are of metal. TPhe life c
'the pos'tal clerk aboard the new ca
will be safe as that of a traveler o:
btoard a Pullman.
.1Two KIlled in Explosion.*
-| Metuchlen, N. 3., March 11.
- Two men were killed and a numbe
Sof others hurt and Metuchen wa
shaken and threatened with many fire
t Monday when a boiler of a Iocomnotiv
,i on the Pennsylvania railroad explod
t ed while drawing a treight trai
through town.
Was in Its Incipency Markcd by Much
Disorder and Violence.
L.oui>ville, Kiy. , M1archt II .+The'1c
first few hours of IhI estri!:, Of 4,hr
enploeecs of the Louisville Railway
company, which wa.s iatiugurated Siun
lay morning, was marked by much
disorder and violence.
The strihcrs or r syIpathizes,tS
who were quiet ant orderly for the
frst two hours after t:te company be- C
gan to run cars, gradually grew bold
er and before noon, several p )ople had
been injured, stones were thrown t
through car windows, cars were hcli
up and the motormen and conductors
Many arrests were made, but the
police did not appear to have the sit
uPion under control In many in
stan'es . i
Snortly before noon Chief of Police
Geunter was hastily summoned to
Fourth and Hill streets by Captain F
Jacobs, the la'tter claiming that his
detail of men, num'bering 50, were
insubordinate and either could not or r
would not make arrests of those cre- r
ating disorder in the hall vicinity.
Chief of Police Guenter went to the
scene in an automobile and took t
charge in person.
The casualties reported at the car g
barn were:
Motorman Pierson, cut on head by
a rock. a
C. Buckhold, cleark in the railway's 1
general offices, hit by a brick while
.acting as conductor of a car.
d glen, clerk of the railway com
e pany, stiG on the nose by a brick
r while acting a motorman.
s A. Carter, puslidea'the car while o
trying to adjust the, trolly. ti
e Robert Watts, a clerk in gs n
g urer's office of the railway company,
. struck by a stone.
' Ben Greer, a conductor, assaulted
s with a black jack.
Fearful Experience of the French
Il Line Steamer LaSavcie.
New York. March 11 . --'i'h,e i rei,,
a liner I.aSavoie, from Havre March 2
carrying more than 1,000 passenige'rs
- arrived here Suntday aft perhas the
ImIOSt vr V( cXperivence of the t ras -
d Atlantic iincrz that have recently rte
t. 1)0rted r'oug h wen:hor a : tse a.
o The steamer ran into I serie; of
gales, which increaed in violoce
tntil rhuirsdany, wh n 1i 1 nter w" .
if S\. 'It ;loe 111:11 (I0Ch, t1!' 'ci rr ('op
I. tain Tournikr to brin:; his trembling
ra11ft 'to. -h' dritilt i e ;t hour
- before the voyage coutlhi be safely
This wave, which te:lsured, the of
II('rs say, abo1 : 5 feel in heighr,
.. broke vr the ship ftro1 the forward
p( side. In a lolmelt tons of water
flooded the vessel. shalttring a heavy
on-k door which open(d into the vor
o ridolr outside -the smlolking saloon,
le (reat vol1ts of water rmsitwd in,
q] "wept along ".he corr1idlol an1d thenl
n ponred down the grand stairway into
the main dining room. The heavy
iron stairway leading to the mlain (leek
cI 'down to the promenade deck was also
i washed away by the flood
eo Occup iant s of the' stmokIitng room
ec were thr'own to their feet. and when,
eupon taking I hemselvyes.I they opented
-the door to learno what had lotppe ned
-t.he water from the corrid(ot' rulshed in
il upon them. It invaded th(e cabins
It and state r'oomls, mainy of t hemti' big
oflooded to a depth of several feet.
Fighting with Honduras.
New York, March 11.---A bit of
Sjinteges'ting news regardling the llotn
duras-Nicaraguian war developied here
dSunday. It was that General Frani
-cis Coruiz Sandoval , the vet eranI sol -
-dier of fortune, is fighting unlderI the
SHonduran standard. Generlal Sani
-doval, who is a Mexicanm by3 birth,
-has been missing somte w.eks from
othe Latin-American colony here, of
which he was a promnti(tt figure.
- Wounded by Bomb Explosion.
Yalt, Crimea, March 11 .--Colontel
-Dumbadze, comantdant of the gar
rison here, was slightly wounded and
his ad.jutant and his coachtman were
seriously woutnded by a bom'b thrown
tat the Colonel's carriage from an up
-per window int a house on a street
through which he was driving. Th'ei
man who threw the bomb committedi
Wilt Make World Tour.
- London, March 11.-Prince ICdward
and Prince Albert, two eldest sona of
the Prince of Wales, it is understood
will, in due course of time, make a
rtour of the world in a battleship.
rPrince IDdward will eventually go into
the army and Prince Albert into the
,Protestg Against Treaty.
Gt. Tihomas, D. W. 1. , March 11.
-drormer President Morales, of San
Domingo, who is here, has issuted ai
protest against the treaty 'between his
government and the United States,
He declares that the treaty is injuri..I
ous to the welfare of San Dlomingo,
and asks his countrymen to reject it,
~oroner's Jury at Eastman Gives V.
dict Against Mrs. Freeney.
E1a >.ntan, Ga., March 11.l-Prob
ioly a thousand people witnessed the
burial of V. P. Harrell Sunday af
lernoot, conducted wi'th 'Masonic Ion
)rs, while the rain slowly fell. The
Masons and Knights of Pythias at
tended entasse. Mr. Harrell was
killed Saturday afternoon by Mrs.
Sallie Freeney.
The coroner's jury returned a ver
:ict .Sunday morning of murder
iRgalnst Mrs. Freeney, and held a
atan by the name of Rye as accessory.
Mrs. Freeney has been operating a
boarding house for some time. On be
ng arrested, Mrs. Freeney claimed
hat Mr. Harrell had made improper
?roposals to her, and that she shot
l1m in consequence, but this is not
3elleved to be true.
Mr. Harrell has filled various posi
Lions as county officer and was a
:ighly esteemed citizen. It is be
lieved that the shooting was occa
sioned by Mr. Hat-rell threatening
Lo dispossess l(irs. Freeney unless she
should pay up her rent and on account
Df Ill-feeling engendered on account
>f other matters.
., I
J AMSt sruo T'
[One of the b rot tr'1S1 t Naq -
ted at Culpepper, Va. , r l
W. P. lI. waters a few nntttc
ter Ihey iand loreed "im to imr
their sister.]
No inquiry Yet Arranged.
Yoohama, Mlarch 11 .--'I'he cret
of the ire("k'e(l steatter Dakola hia.
heetn discharged . The Eulropean:
Will he sent to A merica on the
American steamer Tr'eilont. hl
Asiatics will be sent. to Ilong Kong.
The najorily of the passengers lef
here will lake the steamer Siberia,
The holtel and other expenses werc
paid by the GIreat. Northern stean
ship comtpany, owners of thee Dakota.
The American consul has sent. $151
to the governor n. Chi-b prefectire.
for distribution among the fishermen
who assisted in the rescue of the
American paissengers. No salvage
measures have ye't been taken. An
official inqluiry has been arranged,
steps having been taken for the p)res
ervation of evidence. Captain Franckc
of the Dakota Is still at the scenc
of the wreck, awaiting the decision
of the underwriters.
Will War on Opium Vice.
Chicago, March 11.--A dispatch tc
The Tribune from Washington, says
that the United St:ates government
has taken the initiative in inaugurat
ing a new war on the apiuim vice. Fol
lowing a careful sounding of Gireal
Britain, China and JTapan, the three
coumntries dliretly Interested, Assist
ant Secretary of State B3acon,* with
the approval of President Roosevelt,
has extended an invitation to all the
powers having Possessions in the far
east to particip)a'te in the national con-.
ference which shill devise measures
for the suppression ,for t?re use of
opium, if this is possible, or at least
Its restriction. 'Negotiations on this
subject have been in progress since
last September. TPhe Powers which
have been asked 't take part besides
those named are France, the Nether
lands, Portugal and Ghermnany.
Human Soul Has Weight.
New York, March 11.--Dr. Duncan
McDougall, of Haverhili, Ma, who
Is at the beam of a .research society
and has had four other physicians as
sociated with hitn In a series of ex
primente covering stx years, believe,
.that the huma.n soul has a definite
weight which can be determined when
it passes from the body at death, ac
cording 'to a Boston disIatch to the
L.ittle GIl Killed.
birmingham, Ala., March 11.-..A
a result of attempting to blow out
the light of a, kerosen, lamp, the
lamp exploded, fatally burning the 12
year old daughter of John Legal, at
CenterJle. 'The girl died a few Mwy
urrounded In House and Shot
Into Do 1 Rags.
egro Desperado Had Wounded an
Americus, Ga. , Policeman while the
Officer Was Attempting to Arrest
Him-Murderer Alto Captured.
Americus, Ga., March 11.-Sur
Unded in a huusc and fighting to
e death like a demon at bay, 13111
eese, the negro desperado who on
unday morning portally wounded
olice Officer Williani Morris, was
hot into (loll rags at 7 o'clock Sun
ay night, his carcass being fairly
ddled with buckshot and pistol bul
Shortly before dusk it was ascer
tined that Reese was concealed in a
welling on Davenport street, a ne
ro suburb. A detachment of five
Dlicemen and Deputy Sheriff Fuller
'ent hastily to the point designated
nd quickly surrounde dthe house.
Deputy Fuller and Policeman Wil
s rushed to the door, whereupon
ie negro Reese opened fire with a
evolver. Reese advanced, iLring
pon the officers, and Policeman Wvil
s received a bullet through his right
and. At this, the other officers
pened fire with guns and pistols, and
le desperado fell, pierced with in
umnerable bullets, expiring instantly.
'le caras was brought i:nmediate
y to the ie barracks, where hun
Ireds o,f enii1 ptop!t' viewed it.
Willis, the polie ii 'hiot, was not
,,eriouisly wounded. ..,ic Olieer
11:ris.who was rhot h (In deer
ad Reese While resi.tin ar
n a precartiouls conldition at ilhe ho~.,,l
The l.-.ling of Ree.:e by the offcers
created cons:iderabe excit:lment, but(
no I rotthle is alprehe:mlded.
sought to arre t Recse was the shoot -
ngbefore dlaylight S:Inday ntorning
of Policeniln \\illani lMorris, of the
A ttriers ltol!ce depalrtn:en!, while
that tf!ter was Wa Matting to arrest
condl ct . Ii is thouhlht that. the olli
icose tirud t wvice, 1h ing o li_
ccr lorris in the ;bdomnl'11. the eve
and hullet, piqnetr:'ting lhis wind-1ipec
lnd throat, a1n1 haling in his nick.
.Morris wa,s ec1:ive'3cd to the Aiier
ils hoSiital and Ilk. r-c"o vry is Very
rlouhtI l. ieese esi ni ed aftur shoot -
ing the policeman.
Aa .o r n ;:-ro 1 .i:! '1 e: at :he
lhne wh:'i enpln- mcii 2 arnis Out to~
tc a I--ntrh--a mu lrdctI with a reward
'f Si ,11p tton b1.3 head.
Morris has becn on the local force
for years .anld I:: a care(full and ex(.e('
lent oilice'.
Legislative Inquiry B':gan.
H a rrisbu rg , Pa. . .\ach 1. --Th e
egi -lali ve iniq uIry ilnto the new1 ~ state
api)toI conltrafcts and1( neotnts was be
;on hertIe Monay . Thiie in vest igatlion
rew opit of alle.at ions mad(1 .during
he last state ca to pagn t hat there was
.ross ext ravagan(e , over- charges and
luplicat Ion of It was ini the ornamnen
atilon and( correctionl b)uildinlg. The
3api tol was huilt1 unde(1r the di rec
'lons of a cao 01l)buildling commlIit
en at a cost of $-i,000,000. It way
urnlishedI and equipped by the board
ft publlic gi ounds3 and( buIldings at a
~ost of nearly $9,000,000. Trhe inves
Igation Is being conducted 'by a comn
ulitt(ee created by the p)resent legis
Shipbuilder's on Strike.
Detroit, Mich.,* March 11.--'ho
111101 shlipbuilderls In lhe Ecorse and
9't. (lair plants of thet Great Lakes
iTngineering Works, walked out on
dfonday, leaving only the machinists,
tarpenters and laborers a-t work In
hose yards, The men at the Wyan
lotte yard of the American Ship
tuilding company, went to work as
isual Monday morning, but are ex
ueeted to quit during the day. Dis
a,tches from Bay City say that the
nlen at the Amterican Shipbuilding
tompany's yards there are at work as
isual and probably will not strike.
Attorney Longfellow Testifies.
1New York, March 11.-lFrederick
V. Longfellow was the firat witness
aIled by yDistrict Att/>rney Jerome
rhen the Thaw trial opened Monday
norning. Longfellow formerly was
[haw's attorney. Mr. Longfellow
ras estopped from giving any dofinite
estimony as to Ethel Thomas' suit
vn the grounds that he was asting as
P'haw's counsel and his dealings with
im wore confidential. Justice Fitz.
eorald matained the objection to Mr.
1oflelow's testifyIng as to service
~r ~ n Ethel Thomas' case
gain ,.l
To Indict Engineer. '
It is very prob)al)e tbat, Engiut3,'
John T. McCorklIe, foinerly in
einploy of the Southern RailWay b .
tnow 0cm)ployed by the Louisville&
Nashville Railroad, will be iodicted
for criminal carelessness, as the
South Carolina railrcad commission
has decided that he.e responsible for
the collision of southbound passenz
ger train No. 41 and the first section
of No. 74, a freight train, which.oo -
currtd at Liberty on. Ohristmas
morning. The comnmissiof'bas turn.
ed the case over to Solicitor, Bogge
of this circuit.
It will be recalled that No. '6 nd
No. 74 collided about 100 yarda r'Ol
of Liberty aboul, 12.10 Chretj lai
morning. No. 74 had orders to
main in the siding at Liberty to al
low No. 41 to pass. The enginetr of
No. 74 pulled out on the main itne"
and started toward Greenville wa'Sia
out any signals or orders from theo
conductor. He met;No. 41 in about
ten minutes and the heavy freiglbh
engine crushed to pieces the passen..
ger engice. No one was killed, but. "
the negro fireman on No. 41 was. '
The cause of the wreck was, to r,
have been investigated in Gr.eenyjJJl
some time ago when the collision of
Nos. 38 and 40 was investigated by
the cowmlission, but it was impossi-.
ble to get any of the witnesses for
witnesses for the investigation. Cow
missioner Earle later took testimony
on the wreck. and it was on his find
ings that the comunmission decided.te.
turn the case against MoCorkle over
to Solicitor Boggs.- [Anderson Mail.
Is Harriman Backing Foraker?
\Wai.hingtonI Dispatch to New York.
1s Edwardu ( IL iHarurimalln booming
Senator Joseph Benson Foraker nL
Ohio, for the republican presidentiaL.
nom1ination7 in 1908?
QWill Senator John C. Spooner of
1,iCom: iic, ubo yJt1 resig;:asis:'i t'
I ,rtctice liw, beg inniug 'May .1at
k charge of Harrinan's manl1
ifolcl mIt and [email protected] '.
the boom of raker?
ions askedl s
.a'heie tcwo qes(r'11t ther
enpliol t< day 1re a a gnificant
Iy answered when it arued that
IHa) rimnai, Spooner tt Foraker
gathered at a quiet lit. dinner late,
lv at the hone of Senator Depew..
'they were Depew's only guests.
MIany d(e:lare Foraker made ,a b Y
for the ncmination w%hen be caldc
the Brownsville ingiy. It was +.k..
ed .npon asr a bid for the ng o dele
gazten fromn the Sonth to s port him
in 1907 convention. HeAis accepted
as an avowed candlidate./
Harriman's influenes for Forakqr
wvould 'be a trem2endius factor in th~e
con1verflon. Everyi effort wats made
to keep the dinner conference quiet.
It is noteworthy that the t wo sena
tors wiho met Mr. Harriman at (tie
dinner op)poed violently a railway
rate bill which would have regulated
the railroads.
-Y Leadmng up to It.
"Beg pardon, sir," said the i
mn a svi', of faded black, "but are yda -
carrying all the life insurance you.
"Yes sir," answered the rAan at
the desk, -'I am." -
"Could I interest you in a wooCco
bound edition of the works of WI!*+
11am Makepeace Thiackeray""
"You could not."
"Don't you need a germ proof fil
ter in your house?" r
"I d1o not."
"Would you invest in a good aecond
band typewriter if you cop1d get it
"I have no use0 for a typewrited
"Just so. Would an offer to suyT
ply you with first-'ass imported
Havana cigars at ten dollars a hun~
dred appeal to you?"
"Not a cent's wvorth,'"'
"That being the case," ai
caller, "would you be willt4. .~;
a 10-cent box of shoe plE$J);e.rK
get rid of nt"
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