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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, March 28, 1907, Image 3

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.Eutered April 23, 1903 tt Pickciv, .9. C. u 11" .;I kttk or af'. of Con1grese4 of M; rch, 3, 1879.
~VOL._ XXXVI PICK___ ___ -Qv___ ~ Us GARG IA, .TIUU'DAY. iARP 1 29, 1OG7E O 4
Pickens-R F. 0. No. 2.
We are having beautiful sprint
weather. All naturo sems to smile
Mrs. Thos. Durham, who has beo
sick for several weeks, is muell
Sunday school was organized at
Six Mils last Sunday, with Mr. Ma
rion Stepr ens as superin ten den t.
It is hoped that much interest wijl be
taken in ma.tking it a success.
Mr. "Colonel" Smith, who has
been attending c>llege at Nashville,
Tenn , bas returned home.
Miss Zora Su ith has been visiting
home folks recently.
Six Mile school closed on the 22d,
with Mr. P. M. Durham as teacher.
There will he an Easter egg hunt
on Good Friday at Garvin school-.
house, 29. The little ones are antic
ipating a good time.
Mr. It -lnnter, from Picens, has
moved to Mir. 0. W. Garrett's house
at Six Mile, and will take charge of
the hlacksmlith shop there.
N'r, Elzie Garrett has given bis
house a coat of pnint, which adds
much to its appearance. To1it'.
S''ATE t1 EN'
Of the Condition of the P ickens Bank,
located at. Pickens, S. C. at the close
of business March,.2', 19(.7.
Luans and )iscounts 127,498.2r
L)t'muand L .:ns. 20.010.(
O Verd r f ts, 6,.999.4<
Boltct ttht -,eks owned bv
the 11ma.k,
Banking H1us-, 8.1w,.7h
Furnit tyr :iad Irixtuires, I,574.2
Oher liimti lat:te, nom
I)nt' ftatllt I at.aks and Banki s, 23,lGq,9
Currency ,10,t<(
t;told, 00.0.01
Silvi"er, Niei: " : l Pe aie , 1 .251.01
(:hecks idtl Cash Iteat s, 54.,
Exchanges for the Clearing I [ouse: noua
L.. liIJTi ll a
(apit a[ Stok Paid in, 20.500 O
Surt lus 'ut1tl, non
Undivided Profits lets Current
Exp -115 and Taxes Paid. 22,0,5.4|
Due to Panks ald Bankers no1p
Due Unplatid Div'idenids. nonc
Individual D)posits Sub,jec't
to (:heck. .l4i,G)4.O:
Demand ('ertifieatt s, nom
Time Cert'tiait S, noW
vertified C hicks. nlo) e
Cashier's Chicks, 1.O8;.50
Due to ('learing House. non
Notes and Bills Rediscounted, Pont
State of Sout Ii Carolina,
County of Pickens,
Before ne came I. M. Mauldin Cash
ier of the Pickens Bank, who, being du
1y sworn. says that, the above and fore
going atatement, is a true condition of
said Bamnk ns shown by the; hooks on~flk
in said ban11k. 1. M. Mauldin,
Sworn to anid subscribed before' me,
this the 22d day'of Ma.rch. 190?.
(1. R. HeondiekP,
Notary Public.
W. M. Hagood,
J. McD. Bruce, Directors
J. P. Carey.
Executor's Sale.
By permnission of J. B Newhery
Judge of Probate for Piocens couinty
I will sell to the highest bidder at
the late residence of JeRRe (Orenshan
deceased on Saturday the 6th day oj
A pril ne~xt at 10 o'clock a. na.:
1 lot cattle, 2 fine young mules
one1 horse, 2 wagons andc otheri per
so)nal prop~erty belonging to said es
tate. Terms cash.
JT. M. Stewart,
20 Man chi, 1907t2 E'xec.
Sore Nipples and Ctiapped H1ands
..n ahqui . .x er. l hv lapplyvin a mbrli
Salvre. 'rr ivt; it is nt suce.e,. ire 2: cets.
Good1 blox1 a-er lad (entvelopeiS. Sc.
30o) lot of' goodl writing papeir for ink
tate ib. Sh,(' et, sic ait ne 52lls for 25c
A lartgie famiily 4ibale, i$1.50. Tecacher'
Tlesta aeis, I 0k. Webter'tVs Uni~aidige
Dict ion nry, overI 1'.'00 p;ages, intdexed
$1.50. Schooaal D)eictinaries.~ 0 and 1511s
.looks. ot ti't ion,i 10)l ad 2io kin d. lit
anid 10t. Schooa l cralyonsH, I ad 10c
boix. Sbltes, 5'. Tlts. I tO o1 -e
TI' 1). If A \ 1?I1.
News Notes.
1Frunk Hf. Jones, assistaut Cashier
of the (Chlrlot.te Nationil Batk, iats
gone, atncl with him $68,000 of the
bank's money, Jones was i member
of the Presbyterian church and very
active in church nffairs. Another
case of a goocd man on the wrong
side of ti.e stock market.
One of Uncle fan's mail bags con
taiuing valuables to the amount of
$400,000 was stoln while en route
between New York and Havre or h -
tween I-Iavre and Paris. The sur
prising thing is that the thieves
did not steal the stenmship.
One ibouaand pounds of dynamite
exploded in thi powd-r mills at Em
porium, Pa., and six men lost their
lives. The jar was felt in towns 20
miles distant Not a vestige of th,
six men of the mill or tools were found
-only a hole in the ground.
Burglars entered the depot and
postoffice 4t Honea Path, Wednes
day night. Eight dollars in mvonery
and( a valise were taken
Rev. Hlenry Whitney Cleveland,
l g<d 71,dic d in Louisville,Ky , on the
20th inst. He w is a native of Georgia
aid privatte sa cretary to Alexander
H1. Stevens, and in President D:tvis
sE-crct service. He was related to ex -
Presidett Cleveland.
Edward Howell, a bmanler amnd m
of the tuost i1 fliential negroc- i:;
southern Mis;i:sippi, was sht i'z i1.
iback ualn killed % hilc: on lis6 u% ;1
t 1 tie sink ng oIf thie (h t im =:
)1st.)1er 'lorn' in the Noth S. a,
t 210 perso-1s l."t th rt lives.
Divoms in high life come high
lme. Anna G; ubl's lawyers la v:
presented li htr1 aL bill f* ,r $175,000 f.,r
sceuring ia divorce for her fronm, ht:
Frenclh count. B:ro. Ucorge, whll
has charge of the countoss' iutere:ts,
refuses to -et tIe.
.\bs. A L AtIanw, of (:r. cr, ine
C,tered suit against the Southern
railr:dacl for $10,000 c;wages. She
wits passngc r on train 11 that ran
into an .mpty coal car left. slanding
on the main line and was wrecked.
) Mrs. Adams received injuries for
which she asis the above smun.
Of the Farmer's Bank of Central, MarchI
19th, 190.
Loans anid DisCounts $3316
Demand Loans u,c 0 CO0
Banking House 1, 55~3.45
Furniture and1( Fixturea 1,69c6 8;
Other Real Estte 1, 350.( 0
Due Fr'om Banks and Bankers 2, -59.94
Currency 6,I00.c 0
Gold1 100 00
Silver, Nickels and Pennies 598.0:I
Checks and Cash Itemis - 815.68
$40, 824.63a
Cahpitel Stock paid in $2'.9O 0.00I
Uhdivided proits, less current
expenses q0 7.Mi
Due to Bamnks andl Banklcrs 1,754.43I
Individual De pl ositIs :.ub.'jct toc
chack -I. 118 90)
T1idme Certificat,e -r,080.
1, 11. J. ?le( eec, 'ashci.'r of thce ah,ow
-named bantlk do0 solemnlytI su ear thal. the
above' staitemen'Vt is iue, 10 te ha at c
imy. kn1ow%ledgei and bieh''f: and do for
Sther swear that since t he' b; t ret curn
madoue to thec State Banck IK\nnciner'c of' t'
- concdition1 of thIe banuk. tha.:t thc. h-o ''k
evaded(( any obligationis imp:- by h ~I:w.
- STA 'TE OF SOUT1Ii C\lu 1.ld .\,
' ofAlarh, 907. O.. SI'. .C
(, orca.Itt at:
c W'. \'. Clacyt'c, )
Catarrh, the
Affects the
Kidneys, U4,
Bowels, ~
Catarrh is recogn
a formidable diseas
hundred thousand j
other countries the
For nmany years
place as a standard
Pe=ru=na is well
eastern hi efmisphere
- 1-1
a of the W
the Standard
1zed all over the civil
e. In the United Sta
geople have catarrh
ratio of victims is as
Pe=ru=na has held
remedy for catarrh.
=known in both the
$15. 1 CsaFn
Do' ev temaOnR ewS
ie al oe the civilr
eA n eecmoio the ed lya
inopae catarr lohs;
hrati st ictissa
Peatsimlynan' hraksa el
riements for sklldtailringh y
Bes onf env, they mave in ai of S
tntone yoa otfnd n on e omfot
no mter cowfr isc notuh pa y
j0r tlandigod uait are YQCan
l'0 . ain t e t. ofsildt.lrn
SAffects the
ized world as
tes alone, two
innually. In
g'rea t.
he foremost
we-stern and
>rn Sut--e
of weaing it
om Aoft the
I -'l
.....n.u...al -...y . In

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