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OF Pi(. K VIEWS. |
The Picken
~'W Han i(ldle
Pickens Sentilel-Journal
Happenings of a Local. and Personal
This fine weather is a "spring
fever" breeder.
A. K. Park, Greenville, is talking
to our readers this week on the sub
ject of dry goods and shoes.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ambler and
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Gilreath of
Greenville, spelt Sunday with rela
tives in Pickens.
L. Rotlhschild, Greenville, call the 1
attention of stylish dressers to the
fact that they are "In it" with all the
Spring and Summer styles of cloth
ing et.c.
From present indications there
will be a big crop of peaches this
year. The trees are loaded with
healthy blossoms.
Nothing ad -to the appear
ance of a 6o'- . e velvety lawn.
Now is the ow the seed,
111)dI the Picl Store is the
place to get I
Prof. Cartee will cond .ct an all day
singing at Go'den Creek :hurch on
the third Sunday in A pril, every body
invited and don't forget to bring a
well filled dasket.
Mrs. Addie Lou Boggs, wife of
Luther Boggs, of Walhalla, who has
been on a visit to her parents, r.
and Mrs. W. 1B. Allgood,- near Pick.
ens, returned home WVednesday.
If you have any hens that won't
lay, or any that would like to set,
bring them to us. Will pay 35c ea3h
for awhjile Don't want them after
thyhave set three weeks. CnAIo
D). B Finney is cultivating an ex
'3ellenmt garden, and -will soon regale
'his boarders with new potatoes,
tomatoes, onions, lettuce, radishes,
asparagus, peas, etc., with- spring
chicken and mint sauce on the sidi
Mr. C. 0. Voigt, of Easley, was
exhibiting a coop of fine Rhode Is
laedi red fowls on our streets Satur
day that attracoted much attention.
The poultry industzy is aen impor
tant factor to-dlay and will bear much
study, wheother conducted as a aide
ino or as an exclusivo oc'eupation.
A!l veterans belonginig to Caump
Gjarvin, United Confedera.to Veterans,
are requested to be present at a
meeting of the said campl, to be held
at P'ickens, 8. C., in the court.housc,
immeidiately after the conclusion of
the sah-s, Monday, April 1,
fer thle lurl - - tinig delegates
to the stat- ra nn Iiionls.
In last por wasB an item
Haying th ', npSon (col.) paid
into the t y $2 50 for "wag
gmng h,is torngue on the
streets." To this stato ment Uncle
Sam Simpson, a hard- working, re
spected colored farm er, res id ing onr
the Liberty road, objecta. "Some
low-down, no 'count cullui'd man,'"
he says, took.his name in vain. 1
Ul? LB U'"S
OF --
s Drug Co.
The Best."
Cotton in limited quantities is still
oming to market, but the setlsou is
practically closed until next fall.
Rev . J. K. Hair, representing the
Bop ist Courier, of Greenville,
reached in thN B ptist church at
E'ickens last Sunday morning.
The eighteen months old child of
'tr. and Mrs. S. L Darr died Sat
irday night after a short illness and
as buried at Enon church.
The Pickens graded school have
ssued a beautiful line of post cards
Ilustrative of Pickens, and have
)laced t het on sale with Belt & Co.
or the benefit of the school.
Alle ye singers will take notice
te Pickeus countie singnig conven
ion will bo holden at ye churcho or
Jorcord on ye 4th Saturday and
Bnnday in ye mouthe of Aprile.
After the barvest conies the thresh
ing. If you are in the market for a
ttr eiler, entgine, boiler or a saw
Imill, the Sullivan Hardware Co., Of
Anderson, calls your attention to
their ad. this week.
There will be an Esteer egg hunt
at the home of Mrs. Newton. tits
Good Fridav, \larch 29. Admuirsiol
10 cents, I te proceeds to go to the
graded school. All are urged to
come and bring the children.
On Sunday afternoon the barn of
Mr. Benjamulin Childress, five miles
from Easley was burned with all its
conttents. He lost a good m._le, two
hogs and aill his corn and fodder, a
child five years old was playing in
the barn and had a narrow escape.
It is thought that the child was plai
ing with matches and set the fire.
It will probably be an item of
ne.vs to most readers that our genial
postmaster is not compelled to make
change at Uncle Saum's oflice. It is
a queer rule and but few persons
know it. Usually the postmaster
is anxious to accommodate the pub
lic, and besides he is generally
anxious to gat rid of his "chicken
feed." But you would be obliged t.o
wnake your own change if he was dis
posed to be stubborn; and he is not
3ompelled to take over twent -live~
pennies if he don't want them. It is
a queer law, but our Uncle Sam has
some funny ways.
What tender nmmories cha stIer
around the scenmes of our b)eyblo.>d
The old towna pump, with its rus.ty
watering tioughi, and( palgodaL s;hIad
covering, old andl grav, from~ thei
scorebing suns of sammuier ad bla st
ing winds of winter h >Ids an affiee
tionale placo uudirV ouir susp'emh-lr
buckle. H-ow many times ini the
days long g>ne, whens seated ini frott
f the livery stable, witluag the
swveat from our heated brow inule dI
by over-exortion from whaitt.1ling 'ai
ail keg, have we gazed I uon tho)se
Isigly-illuminated1 decoramtionsa fruom
thea artistic touch of the lestivye
irt ummser --"L'itt le larly' Risers,"''
'Chew Cut Plug-or wva(cheds then
patienit mule slakinug his thirst from
he crystal wVatero asB ho switched tho
lue-bottled fly from his ef hind log.
Biut a livervzlau from an a !joimotug
town hitched his hors ) to one e"u:"uer
'ttd upset our ru-uita"tion4 at,.i oa.r
p1)gWoiat. Willing. hands replacu'l the
''ld ldtttmluarrk, ttand tho sigt s are still
at}ppe,linig to 1,he( puhlic t-I "Chew
Cut Plug," nud the "Early ltiie,rs
.re stiil attending to busitlosR, but
uur uhd friutn. . i tome itry dlo:r ii
so'newhat dinligur, d The spire is
attSry and the roof inure holy than
righteous, but the old pump shed
still ttands an evesoru to the passer
by, and a warning to all, that ol
"Father Tune" knocks the good
'ooks out of all of us.
On Display for Easter.
These warm days when "Old So'
gradually climbing towards the zo
nith of the heavens impresses all
with the approach of summer; natur.
ally milady is thinking more aboul
her E1ster bonnet and the styles tc
be in vogue the coming season
Wbat to wear is the all-absorbing
thought of the fair sex just now
ui exactly all of .them-but most
The display of hats, new wasi
goods, artificial violtts, roses, posies
and ribbons are very much in evi
dence. There is not much -that can be
said for the beauty of the hats thit
spring. 'I he fact is, there is no spe
cial shape in women's headgear. II
is simply a co.wbination of everything
that has gone before. The wuoma
who feels unable to buy a new httat
ornament this season can take bi
labt year's hatt, mash it into sow
unrecognizable shape, tack on t
bunch of 11 werd here and a ribbo ,
there, and her nearest neighbor wil
think she is out with something te.v
But do not fail to get on all tht
flowers possible, for i:, is very proper
''hey taake the old look young au<
young look yauiger.
All hail the wash goods, so fre:l
aitd fair to look upon. At 1o tim,
does femininity look so charmliug at
when arrayed itt raiiment of imm111naCu
ulato wasb goods; toyer so near ri
v lling the lily in all its glory. Tai
about winter wraps of furs anu
c astly gowns, but when woman wat
to show at her best let her don
cotton frock on a worn in Ju e ant
C >me down towtt when th birds it
singing their wee test songs. The
it is she looks ten to t%wenty yeat
younger thau during the tutl: he
it re Then it is that the daint
aists and fluffj skirts vie with th
1ery cbart.ms of nature
In itbe meantime step into Lh
stores anid take a look at the man
attractive goaods so beautifol to0 104)
The Daughters have postponed th
entertaiimont which they oxpecte
to have giveni on the 5th of April un
tLU the 12th.
Tbo program will be published nex
Bears the Ih idYoui lave Ahwa 8 Bougi
A (Card
TisM is to certify thatt all druaggists att
authorzied to refund your money if Fo
ley's Honey anda Tar fails to caure you
coultgh or cold. It stops the cough
heals the lungs and prevents serious re
suits from a cold. Curea Ia grippe couigi
and prlevenlts pneumlionia and consumpl)l
tion . Conts no opi ates. Trhe Ot'unt
ine is in a yellowt package. Rtefuiso subl
stittutes. Parkius Phaurmacy, Liberty
and Packeans Drug Co.
'Theiy M1ak Yuc I,a I"ett Gooa
uen by10 al~nl whota ust Chamrberlaain'
*Momaa''I ande. Iive'ar Tl'ablet,, tand( th<
heailthiy ctnditiona oif thet btody nIandimim
whlicha they (venLi te makes one4 It el jovrl1
Pric ', '2 cot s. Sampile fr'ee at liiek
urns Dlrutg (Co.
A (?:Tt'1As U u Iita Vout, aux<: ei:
t\: in . a o t -l:i e. in tpo wd r, ci ies'r Ii ret. \ i
newc ntniiin. .\<ttress. AXllen S. iilietest ,I.
lRears thoe IhoD Kind Ye 1.t lh' A lk
Signaturo ,
Notice to Debtors and Cred tors
Notice i heeby g|Vetn oall pers,' htin :c
4(n.iil',(1 t h y i nustiit fite the sann' n.ub I:
unleter.sigunet pren (rty ilhtpoed on vi i i i,
the fit d aiy of3 it y ale:t air bce hnrred.('
i*.~ \.'YT'aA \ I hi
O F F.
For more than sev,
been busily engaged
tile bussness, making
country produce a sp<
time of our coining tc
not know of anythii
people needed any it
one to open up the
and make it possible
chickens and eggs ar
ducts to an advant
spent hundreds of
menting with differei
we, today, think that
the handling of sut
than any one in Pick
equally as good as
state. We believe
and hard work have
the Blue Ridge m<
Southern Railway an<
to Saluda River. I
many bare foot ceib
made proud with ne
poorly clad children
cently clothed, many
dishes have been
homes made happier
to seem to be wort
great efforts we have
the people good pric
duce as has heretofo
cred almost worthle:
better prepared to h
In conclusion we v
attention to our e:
Spring and Summer
Dinens, Lawns, Mus1
broideries, Braids, L
tlemen, nice shoes
quantities of other g
k the right prices. C<
will treat you right.
Bull rHT
;Chi cken
I,Nothing '
cean run through
it, or climb overn
IlIvetric welde1d. Every inch sold unl(
turni any known atjnia that Erawvel on t
-n years we have
in t..e mercan
the handling of
,cialty. At the
Pickens, we do
ig the -farming
lore than some
stagnated pool
for them to raise
id such farm pro
age. We have
dollars experi
it markets and
we understand
:h goods better
ens county and
any one in the
that our efforts
been felt from
)untains to the
I from Keowee
Ve believe that
Iren have been
w shoes, many
have been de.
broken sets of
replaced, many
and caused life
h1 living in the
made in paying
es for such pro
re been consid
;s. We are still
elp you in this
rish to call your
cellent line of
goods, such as
ins, Laces, Em
adies and Gen
Oxfords, and
oods, always at
)me to see us we
it, crawl under
t, and break it.
r a positive guanranteedc to hob ' o
so, three, four or umore, feet.

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