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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, March 28, 1907, Image 7

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A! mi fi.cent
Footing, Lace an
and Dress Trimm
Clothing, Shoes az
Gordon Stove
and Walkove:
(iall fc.. .tterich
Pickens a lJournal
Happenings o n ne j and Personal
a ;are.
Mrs. T. D. Harris and children
spent Friday and Saturday visiting
friends in Greenville.
Mr. J. McD. Bruce has returned
from a trip to Florida and reports
hot weather in the land of flowvers.
The picnic season will soon be
with us with all its accompaniments
-deans, mosquitoes, chiggers and
gnats. lBut there is bushels of fun
im a picnie.
That phonograph scheme at Craig
Bros. is a 3atchy trade-winner. With
every p)urchase you receive a coupo~n,
and when your purcha.ses amonnt to
fifty dollars the firm will give you a
high-grade talking-machine. Th11at
scheme ought to (10 its own talking.
Each~ year the poul try indlustry is
becointg more lucrative, and now
ausflC proportionJs that will soon
rival any branch of farm industry.
Sti'l there aro farmers and others
who wvill claim that t,he hen is not
prVoitable. Probaby not, if comn
pelledl to shift for herself, forage for
her living, roost iu the trees and take
all kinds of weather. But give the
heu a sqt'are deal and shte is a
monaey-makiler. T1he 01(1 hen is wort.h
abocut twenity-f'ive cents, and she is a
disgrace to the name itf sih: fails to
lay 100 eggs per year, worth one and
balf do"z swrh1 et
each. N $ rfed11(
you " ill n hasL' not only
been self- , but has earned
('over ( andkoop, over four
timeso. her . Will your ti o
hundrLed-dollar maule, or y'our one.
hundrod-doliar Jersey show up as
well as an investment? Every farmer
should improve his stockd of poultry,
provide suitable quiartors, give thiemi
p)rop)er attention inl feeding, and he
will soonl realize that the old1 hen is a
assortment of Er
d Ejnbroideried
ings etc.
Over 5000 yards
One lot Bleaching
One lot Bleachin
One lot Bleachin
One lot Bleachinj
Large assortment
One lot fine Swis
One lot fine Swis
Large lot all over
Grand display of
Torchon and all <
Lace and Embroi
Belts in all collor
Watch for our Sp
every day and by Apr
chandise ever shown;
..GE R, "I
id Gent's Furnish
j, New Home Sew
r Shoes.
rs i'ayoni & oz,o
PermanDtly Lo,ted in Liberty, S, 0,
Corown an~ Drigo oi'k a
"H Ih"le ot msiae wl
''e hog (lMasotifticaton.v
W.ild thS ~ orough maslI~ti(cation) there
cann ot h. perfect i)ig..estion
WVit,hou t perfect digestion there can
not1 be proper Ass~irnilia. ,
WVithou t pror astsimil ation there
cannot be .N ti 1 .ijon
WithoutI nutrliti ion there cannot he
Without, health what, is LAi fe ?..
Henuco the paramlonunt impor' tance
of the teeth.
TPhe nertenual health can not be mamn
tainedi in its highest dlegreei with
out good teeth
j. 1". H A RRIS,
Is Called to Ou
aibroideries, Val.
Collars, Belts, 13
embroidery at less than cost at
Embroidery 1-2 yard wide wo
Embroidesy worth 35c to go :
Embroidery worth 25C to go
Embroidery worth 15c to go
Bleaching Embroidery to go a
s Embroidery worth 20c. to go
s Embroidery worth i 5c. to go
Embroidery at all prices.
Val. Laces with Insertion to m:
>ver laces at all prices.
dery Collars in all styles and al
s at all prices.
ring Announcement. New C
it we will show the handsomest
It this store.
ing Goods a Speci.
ing Maohines, Mi
Business Locals.
Notices of Sale, Wants, Swaps, etc,
inserted in this Column at .5 cents per
line for each insertion. Nothing taken
for less than 10 cents.
MONEY To LoA .-App1' to J K,
Kirksey, Crow Creek, S. C.
Easter falls on March 31st. come and
make your selection from our imniense
assortment of new and stylish suits, at
low cut prices to you. Ladies' fine
dress goous, silks, etc. R. *. Gaines &
Gassaway Bros , central, S. c. 41
Barbed wire, hog wvire, chiiecen wire,
fence wire. St-e us for low priices on all
hard ware, and every thing. R. <
Gjainbes & Gassaway Bros , cetrail, s. c.
Five carloads of Flour. "'Majestic"
best1, (patent). Bought before tihe rise.
Every sack guaranteed. Pices anmd
quality right. We ennh sell youl for 1ess
monmey. RI. G. Gaines & GaJssaiway
Bros., Central. S. c.
When in E 813al) pt up your stock
at B. P, Martin's feed and Iivery sta-t
blo0. He also hanttdles all k in'del of
feedstuff. 38-tf
'I he World's F'aimus-t he Cole Cotton
Planter. T1he best 'ottonl and( corn)
laterCi 0n earth. Plenty of them.
Come andi get one, and make cheap cot..
ton crop this year. R. (1. Gaines & Gas
staay Bros., Central, S. C.
Fon SAI.E.--Two w~ork mules for
sale, on0 time or for cash. lS[. J.
WVelborn, Routo 3, Pickens, S. (2. 38
Rthode Island Rled Egg~s for hatching
$1.00 petr setting of 15. Thle general
p)urpose fowl' Mrs. C. G. VoigI.
2 miles north of E ,sley.
P. 0. ICasley.
ilrs. A. R Tallev will have a lol
line of millinuery at her home by the
25ith, latest styles and price thit will
please all
Fon SaT.:-Yoke of good wo rk
OXenl. Glood size. A pply' to A Ilg oodI
Mon, P'ickens, it1.. F'. D). 2, blx e;.
N oTli:. --T'he impor ted coacht stal
lion "Flamlius'' 2201, will unik
thle seam.on of' 1907 as f illowi.: 1Ea:
\Wednetsday of each we'.k. Pickenis,
T'hurisdahy and1( Friday of each week.
1.1berty, every Haturday3.
1,200 bushels of Corn. Will paiy .
eash, deliven d at Pickers, or ir l'-*'r
of lodder, d-li vmied at Poor lIlouse, a.d
will pay $2.10 for good f"ohler.
40-2inE. F. Looin,r
I aces, Torchon
,gs Satchels, Ladic
the mill.
rth 50c to go at 35c
it 25c.
at 15c
it IOc.
t 5c. 6c. and 7c.
at 15c.
at 12 1-2.
all prices.
oods are coming in
line of General Mer
L EY &
alty. Sole agents
-chell Wagons, Ha
Before Buyi
a C(
1See Our' "NTew j
nooga'' Plant<i
This planter is guaranteet
Any made and Superior to Ma
der all circumstances and condli
This phlter consists of a
very short tongue with wvhich y
rowv and is so light and handy
with ease. The seeds are pldan
thereby saving a gre:at deal of
Prices and terms v'ery reas
we guarantee this p)lanter in es
TIhe C..armuical is the only1
$4- 50. They're the~ best to beC
.1ulnl IZD Af of the (
nOOga 'P U n 'I 1c
all Ki i s JuIst .
Dealer inl Gr~l d I MerchTn
' 1.) 1
Laces, Bobinet,
;s Hand.herchiefs,
for Iron King and
wes Hats, Boyden
)tton Planter
mproved Chatta
to do good work, Equal to~
ny. It is Entirely reliable un
stog opc te frame,~
hat ay plowv boy can handle it
tedl ini a perfectly straight rowv
.ork ini chopping your cotton.
onab)le. Remi~ember too, that
cry resp)ect.
orse Guano D) istributer tha
IKE UP~ when yor guano is
arantee them an)d they're only
had at ANY PRlCE.>
elebrvatecl Chatta.
ws and R-ep)airs of
diSC., it'lntiire, Stmoe etc.

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