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Copyrlgl, 1.11, b>y IHer, .S
With Lorry in the center, the trio
w'::ike of'i rapidly in the darkness, the
ri-e;iIive with th1e sense of fear that he
la' ii "nly to a blil ul man. A little
li:ht a ;r :thead told the position of the
_a1o, atitl f'or" this they lent their steps.
Ra( hinlg the g:te, the captain pounded
vigorously, and ai sleepy itonk soon
pered froin the little wwindo\w ti rough
which shone14 the light.
"On important business with the' :
bot:, from her royal highness the I'rin
cess Yetive,'' said Quinniox in response
to a sharp (luery, spolon in the u ili
stark tongue. A little gote besile the
big one opened, and the ' onk. lautern
In hand, bade then enter.
"Await me here, c:ptaii," comnand
ed the slimn, straight soldier, with face
lurued from the Iight. A monent later
the gate closed, and Lorry wIas behind
the walls of St. Valentine's, a prisoner
again. The monilk preccded(l them across
the (lark court toward the great black
mass, his lantern cr"eating ghastly
thadows against the brokei mist. His
followers dropped some little distance
behind, the tall one's arm stealing
about the other's waist, his head bend
ing to a level with hers..
"Is It to be goodhy, dearest?" lie ask
ed. "Goo11)y forever?''
"I cannot s113 that. It would be like
wishing you dead. Yet there is no hope.
No, no! We will not say goodby-for
ever'," she said despatringly.
"Won't you bid ne. htopc?"
"Imupos"ible! You wvill stay here un
til Quinnox comes to take you away.
''hen you must not stop until you are
in your own land. We may meet
"Yes, by my soul, we shall meet
again! I'll do as you hid and all that,
but I'll come back whiien I (li st:1
away no lonller. Co to your rastle u'id
)ook forward to the day that v.Ill ind
me at your feet again. It is bound '.'
They passed inside the massive doors
and halted. "You mnust remain hrre
until I have seen the prior," she said,
laughing nervously and gian('ing dowii
at the hoots which showed beneath the
lonu' coat. Then she hastily followed
the monk, dlsappearing. down the eor
ridor. In ten minutes---ten hours to
Lorry--she returned1 With Ier guide.
"IIe will take you to your roomn,"
she said breathlessly. displaying un
mis:takatble signs of embarrassment.
''Goodby, an(tl od he vith you always.
tuiiltembl, I love you."
Thec monk's back was tuirnieN. so the(
'neAw reCluse sn(tcld the slight figureI
,to his heart.
"Some day?" he Vhispered.
S3he wvolih1 not speCak, but he held her
until she nle4d her hetad.
(CrAl"'TElt XX.
''u S AP'uoA'n INCG1 OFeICAI..
C, Jlii Amrienn:ii has es5ca:pedl!"
wavis the~ cry fliat sprlead
throug1h J'il e'i ss It' next
It b)rouIght unIdisgiised relief to the
wh''lo uphaidei(d Bairon DJangloss for his
a15oundinl nelil ICgIligCee. Never tbeifor'e
01'. lThe' only3 ex~cuseC, uIt teed inl woO
be(gLon1e tone,0' was t hatI lhe irisoni had1
Tlefhe't 'ullstr mil' eC01 11 daring break
form libierly- tlished fr'om, lije toe liip dur-'
lng thme tdy. and11 it was5 knlown l over0~'i
thie wa1teri swept city bet'or'e noon01.
haroin lingloss hiillse'lf hlad gone toi
1.1he prise's teli C'arly3 ini thle mornin1 lg,i
uysifi ted by th c1~(onltilnued'l i absence' of1
I ihe guardi. T1heC (door' was lo('ked, buti t
from iti n (atune gre)ans1 and11 CrIes.
A larmoed at (onc'e, the 'capltaill pro'C)urled t
('red O)ghiot, bound)4 handi( and14 foot and1(
Ithniost deadC fr'om1 1oss oft blood. Th'le
clotheCs of thle Amrii an' Iiwtere 01n th lie
loor', while his owni were mnissinig, gone
wi'th the pirisonerl.
O)gbot as soon41 as lhe was able4 r'elatedo
his ('eperlience of the nighit beforCile. It
was while mlakinug hIs 1011mis at 11111
nihghit that'hie hetard( mio:ins Ilfrlm the
cell. Aniimatedt by a fetelinmg of pity, he4'
openedtM thle 5laih door and1( as5kCed1 if e
were't il. riThe wriote4hied a\ iE'r((1 wa 'e
3ling 4)n the betd, apparliienity adi f''lg
114' Sal( someiCthblig w"hichl thle gua id
ould not iunidersutand, bu hi chl(l lhe
tookI to lbe a i)lea for alshstane. Not
suspeOcting ai trick, thie khid4hl guard
41nloc(kedi the se'condC (d0or and)4 SteppedC
to the biedside onliy to halve- the sick
man11 rise suddenC'lly and14 d'nh him a
,reachecrous blowv over the hiead~ with
the heavy stool he had1( secreted biehindt
b'uuI. Oigbot kiiew niothinig of whati fol
lowed, so effeetive was the blow., When
he reginued conReIlusness, he was ly
'lig on the bed just as the ena\tinu had4
found1( hIm. T1hie poor fellow, over
whelmed by the enormity of is mnis
take, begged Daingloss to shoot-hlm at
gum Qut_Dangloss hiad him 'onveyedI
Threi ie 1iairs in one of tlie ofllees
Iaw-ilman\whu:nt thecY suppocsed to be
):ho aut I:188 ftroi III(' 1)trisoni shortly aft
L1..' ;inml lt' e m r t ilied chlii(t' admi tt ed
imat some ' one 11:11 gone tliroutihl his
p):1iate :par1'tment. As: the jirisone'r
luad t;iae-tn O.bot's k:t'e"t lie e i)c'1ei
in:cid it lit' dilli ntlly in getting ouitsidle
he ,:: tes. lit. vowed 1.)inp_loss storni
ly", he sliould lie recai tured if It re
1iirod the efforts of all the llolicetnen
i E Ildelw iss. Thile chagrin of the grim,
>hl ca (':ptain, who had never lost i i ris
>uer, was pitiful to behohl.
The forenoon was half over before
Tarry Angnish heard of his friend's
seaup. To saly that he w\as larttlyzcdl
vould be putting it much too mildly.
L'here is no linguage that en aode
tuately describe his sensations. For
,etting his bodyguard, he tore down
he street toward the prison. wild with
nxiety and doubt. Ue met Baron )an
loss, tired and worn, near the gate.
)ut the old oileer could tell him nolh
ng except what he had learned from
-at / /fr
"O I cypu In!
Ogbot. Of one thing there could be no
dloult-Lorry wits gonie. Not knowii v
where- to turn or what to do. .\lignish n
rtacl off to the (1stle, his bodygnard
having located hi in the ineanitiiie.
He was imore in need of their irotee
tion than over.
At the castle gates lie encountered a
party of raving Axphainians, erazed I
With. anger over the flight of the man
whose life they had thirsted for so
auv(nou1sly. Had heo beeni unpiiro ected
.ngnish w'ould have fared biadly at
hilr hands, ror they wvere ouitspokeni
n t heIr assertions that lhe had :iled'4
Gorry In the escape. One flery littl'
'ellow cast a glove in the Ameienn(:f's
'a1ce- and' expected ai challenige. .\n
fnisit1 snpped1 hiis f igers anid sa rcas
Icalily inivited the i nsulteicrto meet him11
- ITo nIE ('oN'JlI D. i
Women Who Wear Wel. t
It is astonishing how great a changoiw a 'o
ew years of marriedl life often make In
he apipearance andE d111(ispIosition of mny
vomieni. The1( fre shness,' the cha;irm. t-hl e
>rillianuce vaniislIhlke the bloomn from a
Ieh which Is rudely handled. Thea
intron Is 011n l a11dm shadow, a fainit cho
fi the chiarmiiu~in midlen. TIhere are t w%o
('isonis for thIiis linaingo. ignroranc and -i
egiect. Few yonnlg women a plprec iat I
lie shoekc to the system thironsgh t he(
hang me whii chC coes wvith~ ma rrie ang'id
not.herhiood. Ylanyi neglect to' (Ih-l wit h
lhe unpleasant~ pelvic drains :undi weak I .
esses whuichi too oft en comol4 withI miar
ingo) and mo(thierhod n411,ot un dersitand1(1ing
liat this secr'et dra in is robbing tlie check
f its fresh ness anid the4 form of it,s
As surely as the general health suaffers
h'len there Is deranlgemnenlt of t.he ha 'i Itli
t the del icate womlylil~ organus, so su rely
.heni these organs1: are est abh lied in a
ealthl the face and form at onlce! wiT less
oithlefact inirenewedcomlilel iness. Nearliiy i
million women have fonnd health and c
ppi1)1ness in the use (of D)r. Pierce's Fa-- ?
o'ri te P re.scriptioin. it makes weak womi- Ib
n stronlig and0( sIck wvomnen well. Inigredl
nt s on Inabel -- cont tains no alcohol orti:
arimfiil ihbit-formin g (1rugs, made i
'holly of those native, American. medic- fg
nalI roots most hi ghily rI'connnleld by t
':nding iiedical anithorit.ies oIf alil the sev- C:
inal schlGs of pract('ice for the enrto of r
.'lmuan's pnli( arII :iilmenits. di
F'or niniig n: l ers,or for those broken
4Iwni in heaIth by I too freqiuent hiearinig of I
hild(1ren, also for tihe expeCctan t 11 mothers',
o prepaitire the' systemi for the (com11ing of ~
iahy~ anud imaking its advent easy' and1 h:
,hnost )ainless, t here Is no med cinae'qito 1
0 good1 as " Iv hvoritEl Prescript ion." It, c
in do no ha rm in a ny cond ition) o(f the t
systemn. It is ai most plotent iinvigorat ing
tonie and( strengthenIng nervline nIcely a
atdapted to womiiani's delento system by a
phiiean of large experIence hii thietreat.. re
mnent of wViman's p heculhiar ailments.
Dri. Pierce man- he consulted by letter II
trec of char e. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, 3
invlis'I~tel and Burgical Instituto ~
Buffal, N. N
Cures Coughs, Colds,
and Dung Troubles. P
Pick. n. I)rug
The Taking
Cold Habit
The old cold goes; a new one
quickly comes. It's the story
of a weak throat, weak lungs,
a tendency to consumption.
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Pickens (.outnty.
Court Of Ciomnmon! Plea!.
Sitsi. I-1Ft('r and Blanche llesster,
\lary E. Martin, L-ttie Newton,
Matltie I lt'ster. Mlyrt Lay Cox,
i . It'. 1. \1artin. W . V. ('iv
itonl, Mattit' Dieks( n, L!ttio Holt
at.d Jet-iie Dob1:in,,
((C'oll'p lnt Served)
a h.- defnlts nbv a r Ied:
(,1. A ' HI Et 1UM MONED
'1 r. ir'm i t :.sVer the COInploint in
.: ..Cti--,''f ,whilh a copy is hert with
rve 1'] .r.11 u(l. an1-i to Si I ve a Ca)ny of
nur" :1i W.-"r i the s.id c(om1hi1t on
1." sill eril'r at hiti osl . ofle ' 'iekt'n,
"nt.h Cnr )-na, within twenty &t1, ; of
t ; tvice h1eMreof, xcluSivP of the (3-A
f :elh s 'rvic: and if you fatil to A'It
wer 10h c mp-1amnt within the tin)e
foriesatid. the 'hiiintiif in this action
tll itlpp1ly t" t.he enur' for the,3 relief de
iitled in iht.t compitl)lint.
),+.. d .\Ia' (It ' it A. D. ;907.
A j. B3 >gg:, tb C. P.
Juilituq E. Boggs,
PI'ffTs A tt'y.
. MrIis. Lettin Newton:
Take ntice ti liat the sWI?nhn andi
Ocpll"Iaillt in tIs action were filed in
hei ('hi' k's t lier. oin ihr' ::st day of
bI e *. 100l , ai i, the ohlij.et ot'ftis -
on1 is to p~ it on1 the land (lhreie inl
he Io yi tmt :111: ii per'sonal 'eIaimt in
Julius E. Bogg.s.
Spring Cuts.
God' at Iir, I' v'r'y sack guarnli iteedi at
oi t nk wavn1~ 15, p.- giallon: it goodii
>bm.-'o :Ph th ut iiud; salt 10)0 lbs ini
rbe Cmtse of MVany
Studden Deaths,
l'here i a disonso prevailing' in th;ir
t V~ ive. N!any :;cid!i
ii, C. death:: '~are ca:ueed l.y
h~t~~%c it -- heart dti:.:re,
b failure or aopkxy
Care often the reault
- ~u~~Nj of kidney dieca::c. If
idney t roubb' is al
lowed to avkance ui
_ blood( will attack tho
vital organ!; or ths
dnyj.~ thomelvo:; breauuk dlown andc "/aste
D3!addler tr'oubhles most always resuilt frc -n
>ain:od quicha't by a proper trentraent of
eo!hbidtc:. Ifyou maotrerngtedy fltogetu badlyo
mvr makei noderf ebytkigDruill'
wl~allp-boott, thra lkidney civr a edoct
adderthi rem er, ofe ntd~pp
nt mrre niy mitake hol ure andmak
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ramp-Ro. Itands the addrest foigatson
ve oa eampry bot tle.o p
Croup, La Grippe, Asthm
revents Pneumonia and Con
C:my,Pilckens, Parktll's Phi
Nothinr but eXpense was
goods. We are satislied t
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Cnrnfnl flfgmnn t a nd libea rn1b
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sumption YILLo-.PCKAGE
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hat we have the right goods, the
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TA?!T & (OMPA2v
P4onth Carovliml
ZED' 1901.
)i ra H, . C. Suni~..y,
(T'Y,S. C.
- - $5,000,00
. O'DLL,I. C, Sites
attient to ail.

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