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Chicago Employers say That They
Don't Want Him Around.
Men in business have formed such
an antipathy to tho nian who uses
perfumery or -has the barber put any
thing on his hair that 'has any fra
grance in it that many men who don't
knOW this are unable to coinlect with
good jobs which inight be thevil's .if
they did know It.
Mven the women have becone af.
foeted. 1In mllore thaIn one hicago
business -house the stenographers have
been askjed to forego dousing a lot
of scent upon their haindkerlchies or
blouses. A slight trace is not dis
agreeable, but. in sonle cases even
the smallest vestige is objected to.
This applies to t,he women. To
the men the slightest shadow of it is
It was only the other day the man
ager of a house in which many men
are employed was exanting an appli
cant for a position. 1he applicant
was neatly dressed, had a pleasing al
though a slightly bold appearance and
talked correctly and intelligently, al
though a trille egotistically.
Suddenly the manager, who had
ieemed to be weighing in his mind
the merits and demerits of the appli
cant, said:
"sorry, but we can't use you."
"Can you tell me why'."' asked the
applicant; "perhaps If I were given
an opportunity--"
Tho imnallger cut hifim short.
"That's just the trurble,"l he said.
"You were given an opportuity and
you rejected it."
"hut I've been given no opportun
ity," said the inan, 1101 knowing what
"Yes, you were," answered the man
aLger, "you've been given an oppor
tunity to 'over yourself with cheap
gierfuimery and of that chance you
most -generously .have availed your
oolf. We can't use walking perfume
Others managers took the same
view. They sat-l that the day of the
scented business man had gone by.
They also said that their experience
taught them that the man who used
perfumery was liliely to spend in
thir.Adii about himself time that he
ought to give to ihis work.-Chi,caro
Winter Work for Automobile.
h'lire is a farmer out. in Walworth
County who lilt upon a novel way of
making the money he has tied up in
an automobile. He uses the machine
in the sumnier. but when winter sets
in there is littlo 'pleasure or profit
in auton'biling and most of the gaso
leno buggles are left standing idle. In
the case of this thrifty settler, how
ever, there is no waste of this kind.
He strips the machine of its wheels
and sets it upon skids in the loft of
ce of the farm buildings. With a
flywheel on one of the rear hubs and
a drive wheel on the other he uses
his engine to do all the farm grinding,
pumping, feed cutting and other work
where power is required. In this way
he saves the cost of another gasoleno
engine, such as most5 farmers are now
using.-Milwaukee Sentinel.
Noiseless Steam Engine Exhaust.
The gas engine is not the only of
fender in the matter of noisy exhaust.
Uufiling tank-s to minimize the noise
of the ecape of exhaust steam from
high-pressure non-condensing steam
engines are sometimes needed. in
such cases it suffices to insert near'
the engine a tank of 15 or 20 timies
the volume .of the cylinder and con
tinue the exhaust -pIpe from this muf
Mor. This will (10 away with the dis
turbanco caused by high-pressure ex
haust steam passing through a tor
tiious exhaust pi'pe.
A Doctor's Brother' Thought Postumi
ja Was Coffee.
A wise doctor found out coffee was
hurting him so he0 quit drinking it.
He was so busy with his practice,
however, that his wife had to write
how lie fooled his brother, a clergy
muan, one (lay at dinner. She says:
"Doctor found coffee was injuring
him and decided to give Postum a
trial, and we have used it now tot'
four years with continued benefit. In
fact, he is now free from the long
train of ills that follow coffee drink
"To show how successful we are in
making Postum properly, I will relate
an incident. At a dinner we gave,
doctor suggested that we serve Pos
turn instead of ord(inary coffee.
"Doctor's brother', a clergyman,
*upposed it was old fashioned coffee
anid remarked, as lhe called for his
second cup, 'If yoit do preach against
coffee I see you haven't forgotten how
to make it.'"
This goes to show that wveli-made
--fully boiled--Postum has much thle
flavor and r-ichness of good eQffee al
'though it has an individuality all its
own. A ten days' trial wvill prove that
It has none of the poisonous effect of
ordinary coffee but wvill correct the
troubles caused by coffee. "There's
a' reason." Name furnished by Pos
Lnm Co.- Ltd.. Battle Creek, Mich.
A new (leposit of mllaganese which
PWroilses to be an important source of
supply Is being opened up in Mysore
State, India. It is situated 20 miles
northwest of Shimoga Station. on the
Sothern Mahratta Railway, 340 Miles
fr,om11 Mormnugoa.
Some years ago an Instrument was
invented by one of the Government's
scientists that is Intended to measure
the force of an oceaa wave. It was
first testeld at the extreme eastern end
of Long Island, where the waves sweep
in unhindered from the Atlantic. In
smitniner a force of over 600 pounds to
the slitare Inch has been recorded. In
winter as high as a ton to the square
foot. has been attained. This gives one
sone idea with what ships, lighthouses
and other similar structures have to
The density of the earth as a whole
has been estimated, with close agree
mient among the several scientists
who have made the determination, by
different methods, to be about 5.5 or
5 1-2 times as heavy as an equivalent
sPhere of water. On the other hand,
the average density of the materials
forming the accessible portions of the
earth's crust is between 2.5 and 3.0,
so that the mean density of the whole
globe is about twice that of Its outer
part. This indicates that the central
part of the earth Is composed of
heavier materials, and may even be
metallic, which condition would ac
cord perfectly with the nebular by
Pothesis. %
One of Uncle Sam's naturalists at
Washington asserts that tortoise-shell,
which is made from ihe horny skin
overlying the bony case of most spe
cles of turtles, possesses the property
of welding so perfectly that no trace
of junction is visible. Two plates to
be united have their adjacent edges
beveled ill opposilo directions, and are
thea squeezed together in a metal
press udler tihe action of boiling wa
ter. Imitation tortoise-shell Is made
by painting horn with paste of lime
lithartge anl soda, which is rubbed
off after drying. This process leaves
dark spots of lead sulphide in the
horn, resembling the mottling of real
. Trackless Trolleys in Europe.
In districts Where the construction
of permanent tramways would be out
of the question owing to prohibitive
initial cost. there are in use in Ger
many and France electric transport
systems running on the ordinary
roads. These draw their supply of
electricity from overhead wires sini
lar to those in use in tramway work
Ing. Provision is made for passenger
traffie by means of omnibusses run
singly or with a trailer, while goods
traftic is handled by motor vehicles
drawi t- wo or three trailers. The
first of such lines wvas opene in 1901,
and since thuat time quite a numb)er
of services have bmeen inauguratedl in
dII ferient (listriets. Tihe routes are for
the most part comnpa rat ively shmort.
One of the longest lines is that of the
Charbonnieres-les-Biuius, near Lyons,
which is worked withI six mnotor' cars
of a seating capacity of thtirty-eigat.
p)assengers each. A line is also
workling bet ween the townas of Neu
enahitr. Walport hian and Alhrwelilet'.
A line is wvorking r'egular'ly in c'onntee
tion wvith ana industial centrme In thle
nei'ghbor'hood of Wurtzen, Germany,
over whtich sonme thir'ty wagons are'
taken each way dlaily.-Engineeing.
Census Shows increase.
The fIgures of' thle t wel fthI census
show that I le dleathI rates (lue to suil
cidle were highest it Maine, wi'tht
10.8; wvitht New Yor'k seconad, wvith
10.6, and Con nectleut ithirda. with 10.5;
he lowest. In Alichigan, wvithl 8.7, and
9.1 in New Jersey antd 1Rhode Island.
The dealh raate(' were itighest in the
Unit ed St a t es amnontg t hose whose
mothers wei'e born in France, with 2'3
pei' 100.0010 of wh'it e p)oplait Iotn in G;er
many', and1( In "other foreign ('ountr1ies"
15.1. It was lowest amtong those whmoso
mnother's wer'e bor'n itt Italy. 5.1; in
Ruissia and Polanad, 5.8, atnd in irelanid
6.1 peri 100,000 of white populatat.
'Te deathI rate frotm suticide among
those whose mother's we're borni in thle
Uniited States, 6.8. wats lower thain
among those whose mothler's were born
in ICngland and Wales, 10.4; in Seani
dlinavia, 10.7; or' in Scot lantd, 11 .t.
The Tyranny of Clothes.
Place a matn in a silk hat andal fr'o1'k
coat antd tr'asport him to a famyarnvtid.
Agricultural purtsutits atmay be thbe one1
passiona of htis life, hbut clad it t he.w
garmetlnts he feels itt suclh surr'aound.~
lngs imiserabtle, omit of phlice, essmentit m
ly'urmmban. (lothte him, contversely', ini
flannels or' knickerboekers and1( plae
him in a ('hurch'l, antd it is litter1ly im-ii
poSsile for' himat to assumte a fIttIinlgly
deovotionial framte of' mInd. Untlimniteud
aiteraci'ly it sellf (antitil imapotse sui(h
yrannries on the suibject. Ci vilizatIion
is te slave of itsi clothtes--anad therei'
is no pr'ospct of fr'eedom.--L4ondlon
D)aily Graplhic.
Sulphur. the Accepted Remedy for a
Hundred Years.
Sulphur is one of the greatest remedies
nature ever give to man. l'very physician
knows it cures skin and blood troubles.
Hancock's Liquid Sulphuir enables you to
get the full benefit in most convenient
form. Don't take sulphur "tabletm" or
"wafers," or powdered sulphur in imolasse.
Hancock's Liquid Sulphur is pleasant to
take and perfect in its action. Druggists
sell it.
A well known citizen of DanvilIe, Pa.,
writes: "I have had an aggravated case of
Eczema for over twenty-five years. I have
used seven 50-cent bottles of the Liquid,
and one. jar of your Ilancock's Liquid Sul
phur Ointment, and now I feel as though
I had a brand new pair of hands. It lis
cured me and I am certain it will cure any
one if they persist in using Hancock's
Liquid Sulphur according to directions.
"BUT1r9t 14DU.AR."
Fools rush in where atigels i,ever
111d aly desire to go.
Take Garfield Tea, the herb remedy that
has for its object Good Ilealth! It purifies
the blood, cleanses the system, makes ieo
ple well. Guaranteed under the I ure
ood law.
Government Land for Settlement.
A large tract of government land
near the Coeur d-Alone Indian reser
vation, in the State of Washingtou,
will bee thrown open for settlement
next summer. The land will be sold
I for $1.211, an acre.
Biggs-I wonder if 1907- will pro
duce as many scandals as the current
yea r?
Diggs--More, I imagine. Pittsbirg
Is to be enh-eied, you know.-Chi
cago News.
Le V most Iptelligent people to use only
me ines of nown compositIon. There
fore t IS.tha Dr. Pierce's medicines. the
make o w h print every ingredient
entering o hem upon the bottle wrap
pers and att.. its correctness under oath,
are daily gr -ing in favor. The com
position of D . Pierce's medicines is open
to everybody, r. Pierce b desirous
of havin t of nv.-t a
ion turned fully-u >on his formu l, e v
confideOntt'ti er th tion
e me ,ces s no;n the more
co ntx e er5 O o
VI t u v . i erits e -
mz few nto ly ma e of the active
me 1c nal principles extracted from na
tive forest roots, by exnet processes
original with Dr. Pierce, and without the
use of a drop of alcohol. triple-refilned and
.hemically pure glycerine being used in
stead in extracting and preserving the
curative virtues residing In the roots
employed, these medicines are entirely
free from the objection of doing harm
by creating an appetite for either al
coholic beverages or habit - forming
drugs. Examine the formula on - their
bottle wrappers-the same as sworn to by
Dr. Pierce, and you will find that his
"Golden Medical Discovery," the great,
blood-purller, stomach tonic and bowel
regulator-the medicine which, while no'
recommended to cure consumption in its
advanced stages(no medicine will do that)
yet does cure all those catarrhal condi
tions of head and throat, weak stomach,
torpid liver and bronehial troubles weak
lungs and hang-on-coughs, whIch, If neg
lected or badly treated lead up to and
finally terminate in constumption.
Take the "Golden M,edlcal Discovery "
in time and It is not lIkely to disa ppoint
you if only youn givo it a thorough and
fair trial. Don t expect miracles. It
won't do supernatural things. You must
exercise your patience amid persevere in its
use for a reasonable length of time to get
Its full benefits. Then iingre.dients of which
Dr. Pierce's medicines are composed have
the unqualified endorsement of scores of
medical leaders-better than any amount
of lay, or non-professional, testimonIals.
Thyaenot given away to be experi
mnewith but arem sold by all dealers in
medicines at reasonable prices.
The very best Ousiness for a man
to be in is his own.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for Childretn
teething, softens thegums, reducesinflanmma
tion, allays pain, cures windi coli, :25c a hot tia
Tlrut h Is often hmomeiy, but that
Is no fault of the Ituth.
Worn D)ownm by FIve Years of Suffer
lng F"rom Kidnmey Complaint.
Mrs. Remethe Myers, of 180 South
Tenth St., Ironton, 0., says: "I have
worked hard in my
time and have been
exposed again and
9 again to changes of
p weather. It Is no
wondler my kidneys
gave out and I went
all to pieces at last.
For flye years I was
fading away, and finally so weak that
for six months I could not get out of
the house. I was nervous, restless
and sleepless at nIght, and lame and
sore in the morning. Sometimes
everything would whirl and blur be
fore me. I- bloated so badly I could
not wear tight clothing, and had to
put on shoes two sizes larger than
usual. The urine was disordered and
passages weredreadfully frequent. I
got help from the first box of Doan's
Kidney Pills, however, and by the
time I had taken four boxes the pain
and bloating was gone. I have been
in good health ever sice."
Sold by all dealers. 5i0centsa box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Bluffalo, N. Y.
Women Avoi(
When a woman suffering fro
female trouble is told that an ope
ation is necessary, it, of cours
frightens her.
'he very thought of the hospiti
the operating table and the kni
strikes terror to her heart.
It is quite true that these trou
les nay reach a stage where an olp
ration is the only resource, but
great many women have been curt
by Lydia E. Pinklham's Vegetab
Compound after an operation hi
boen decided upon as the only cut
The strongest and most gratef
statements possible to make come
Lydia E. Pinkham's
mado from native roots and herbs,
evidenced by Miss Rose Moore's cas
Dear Mrs. PInkham:-"Lydia E
cured mo of the very worst form o
to you my deepest gratitude. I su
I was unalle to attend to my dutic
doctored and doctored with only ten
to an operd,tion which I was advisc
Ei. Pincham's Vegetable Compouni
and 1 am now in better health tia
This and other such cases shoii
dia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compoi
Mrs. Pinkham's Stand
Women suffering from any foi
promptly communicate with Mrs.
symptoms given, the trouble may I
way of recovery advised.
A bird in the stomach is worth two
on the menu tc a man who is broke.
One trial will convince you of the pe
culiar fitnesq of Nature's remedy. Garlield
Tea. For liver, kidneys, stomach and
howels, for impure blooa, rhleumatism and
chronic ailments.
What to do After Eating.
Should one lie down al*ter meals
and, if -so, should one sleep? Dr.
Shiile, an assistant of Baumier at Frei
berg, has analyzed the contents of the
stomachs of two normal subjects re
moved several hours after an identical
tost meal of bread and distilled water,
followed in one instance by sle2p, In
the other by simple rest in a hori
zontal position. Schule -'.ows that
sleep during digestion always results
in weahening the motility of the *om
ach and increasing the acidity s: the
gastric juice, a fact attributed by him
to the irritation caused by the chyme's
remaining abnormally long in the
stomach. He has also remaiked that
simple repose in a horizontal position,
not accompanied by sleep, stinmulates
the gastric function without increas.
Ing the acidity.
"No," snapped the sharp-faced wo
man at the door, "I ain'.t .got no food
fur you an' I ain't got no old clothes.
Now git!"
"Lady," replied Harvard Ilasben, "I
could repay you well. Give me a
square meal and I'll give you a few
lessons in granmnar."-Philadelphia
Potash Is i
Ing link b
rMsoil and Ii
The most ii
food for vege
"Truck Fai
uiable pamph
eminenut muer
- training and
tationm. We
- farmers who
New York-93 Nas
Atlanta. 0a.
fhr Cough, Cold C
Rheumatism amn
At all Dealers
Prrce .25ce 50c & $1.04
*Sent- Free'
"Stoan's Book on Hors.g ,a
Cattle. Hogs & Poultry
Adidress Dr. Earl S. Sloan;
I 65Albany SE Boston .Mase
.., i of37W 26th8.N..hewis:
sVegetable Compo d
F female trouble and I wish to expres
ff-ered intensely for two years so that
s and was a burden to' my famnily. I
ipor ary relie f and constantly objecting
d to under-go. I decided to try Lydia
1; It cured mne of the terrible trouble
na I have been for mnany years.",
Id encourage every woman to try Ly
ind before she submiits to an operation.
ing Invitation to Women
-m of female weakness are invited to
Pinkham. at r,ynn, mass. F,rom the
ie located and the quickest and surest
Amiong other thlirigs of passing. im
portance are free tickets.
And Nervousness
TrIal baideelft At druf stored
Alabasti .7der that
-you mix ater and
apply with
It Is saill rable, it
is beaultifiu Uical, It
Is eaIL4y ap
Decorate -r ills, g t
mre unabl :om home
make your - cheor
ful, it yostt
Is ya. . ' -aily. 't fur
nialh Y ,. w1ii.'Freight
acarges prepaid on all or.
ders for $5.00 or more,
(nough for 4 rooms.)
Wrte for oolor card, 1
diffbrent tianti.
Phacnnet-vn as 'o h
eltedn the quc- tadsrs
Aportant plate hnso .su
Ptaerowt fis ikA
JT mng isaLa
writeb forOcAtdu it..
Ala22t .'ndertor
yo moupe si
It Is Bit: rabe,t

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