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traveling Freight Agents Appointed
to Assist Patrons.
Following President Finlty's plain
talk to the representatives of the
freight and passenger departments of
the Southein Railway recently as to
the prcper treatment of the public by
orployes of the read, another step him
been taken by that company in the
direction of bring about better rela
tians with the people making ship
mients over its lines. Mr. A. H. Plant,
comptroller of the company, anounc
eo that:
. For the purpose of -insuring prompt
ness and justice to its patrons in re
spect to the handling of freights at
local stations and the handling ojf loss,
damage and overcharge freight claims
occuri'ing - on freights received or
shipped by its patrons, Southern Rail
way company has inaugurated and
placed in service a corps of traveling
freight claint agents, whose duty it
will be to travel continuously the re
epective territories assigned to them,
visiting at each station not only the
local agent, but the company's patrons
thereat with the following objectt: in
i view:
.. To secure the' prompt handling
and settlement of all fair and honest
lose, damage and overcharge freight
claims against the company.
2. To give assurance of this to the
patrons of the company by prompt,
courteous and efficient att-ntion to
their rights.
3. To prevent accumulations of
freight claims and over and refused
freights at stations and to reconcile
as far and as promptly as possl'>ie all
over freights with shortages.
4. To educate local agents to the
highest degree of efilciency in treati-ig
with patrons in respect to their trais
netions with them both in respect to
the handling of freights at their sta
tions and the prompt payment or
declination of freight claims.
'Art Master (who has sent for a
cab, pointing to horse)-"What do
poeu call t.hat?"
Cabby-"An 'orse, sir."
-AArt -Master-"A horse! Rub it ou't,
and do it again! "---Punch,.
FITS,St.Vitus'Dance:Nervous Diseases per
manentlycured by Dr. Kline's Great Nerve
Restorer. $2 trial bottle and treatise f'rae.
Dr. H. R. Kline. Ld.,931 Arch St., Phila., Pa.
A rolling stone gathers no moss,
but it may start a mighty big damage
Were Treated at )ispensary--Did
Not Improve-Suffered 5 Months
-Perfect Cure by Cuticura.
"Aly three children had eczema for five
months. A little sore would appear on the
head and seemed very itchy, increasing
day after day. The baby had had it about
a week when the second boy took the dis
ease and a few anres developed. then the
third boy took it. For the first three
months f took them to the N- Dispen
sary, but they did not seem to improve.
Then used C'uticura. Soap aunt Cutieura
Ointment, and! in a few weeks they had
improved. andu when their heads were well
you could see nothing of the sor-es. Mrs.
Kate Keim. 513 Wecst 29th St., Newv York,
N. Y., Nov. 1, 5, and 7, 1906."
Ma1iny a man's principmles are soursd;
In fact, nothing but sound.
Stood the Test.
'Alicoek 's Plasters have successfully stood
the test of sixty years' use by the public;
their virtues have ne-ver been e'ualed by
the ncupulous imitators whio hmave
sought, toC trade upon the repttat ion of
Alleaek's b)y macking plasters with holes in
..them, and claiming them to be "just as
good as A licoc-k's."
Allcock's Plasters stand to-day inudornied
by not. only the highest medC(ical authori
ties, but, by' millions of grateful patients
who hain proved their eflicacy as a house
hold remed y.
Chickens c'mme home to roost, pro
vided your neighbors cannot catch
them tirst.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be plea.:ed to
learn [nat there is at least one dreaded dis
ease that se'i nee haa beenn able to cure in all
Itsstages, anl that isCs-tarrh. [H all's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now known to
.4 the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a con
stituitional disease, requires a constitutional
treatment. Hlall'scatarrh Cureistaiken inter
nally,net.ing dlirect ly upon the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system, thereby destroy
ing the foundation (f tihe <hisease, and giving
the-j jtient streng~th. by building up the con
stito aidn andl assigtmng nature in doing its
work. The proprietors have so mnuc hfaith
in its eurative poer that they offer One
Hundred D)ollars for any case that it fails to
cure. $end for list of teatimuonials. Address
If. J. Cumv & Co., Toledo, 0.
3 . Sold by D)ruggists. 75e.
Take 11all's amily.iills for constipation.
Tlhe miiani who raves his penn I
provides fees for the att.orneys for his
li'eiicued in 30) minutes hy Woolford's
&nnit ary r.)tion: never fails. Sold by Drug
-t rm~~ti. Mil Iorder-s rompuut ly filled hv Dr.
T .. oDmichn Med.t "..Crawfordsville,Ind. $1,
One awallow doesn't mnal- a rum
meer, Amt it often paves the way for
a jag
The General Cond
of an injurious character, whic
to curt
National Legislati,
have established more clearly t
The Value and
Remedies which physicians
are gentle yet prompt in effect, am
Known Excellence and
To gain the full confidenci
the most eminent physicians, it
approved by them, and, therefore,
years past in its advertisements an
fect purity and uniformity of prod,
character are assured by the Calift
known to the Company only.
There are other ethical
the California Fig Syrup Compan
that it cleanses, sweetens and
disturbing the natural functions
increase the quantity from time t
This valuable remedy has
Syrup of Figs, and has attain<
family hixatives, and as its pt
known to physicians and the
laxatives, we have adopted the
Senna, as more fully descripti
called for by the shorter nam<
always note, when purchasing, thi
plainly printed on the front of
of Figs, or by the full name,
and Elixir of Senna is the one
Syrup Company, and the same
has given satisfaction to millic
throughout the United States in
of which is fifty cents per bottle.
Every bottle is sold und<
Secretary of Agriculture, at Wa
branded within the meaning of t
Louisville, Ky.
F or
You Need
At every age, after entering worn
the strengthening, building, pain-relievin
It will carry you over the rough p
increase the comfort and pleasure of liv
What its millions of users think of
words of Mrs. Rosa Lee Cole, of Smit:
fered from female troubles for 7 years.
stomach, my feet hurt so I could not
nervous I could hardly do anything. I '
last I wrote you for advice and you re
which I took according to your dire
ThN Il' omp1~son'Eye Wateri p
The Havana Central Riwy
The Havana Central Railway. C o
pany has conlstruicted line romn Ha
v'ana to (Guanajay in the -province of Le
Pinair (de Rio, a distance of about th
twenty-seven miles, the motNe power
being electrIetty. It was opened for Wt
Ifreight and passenger trafnec in No-. Oile<
vemb,er last. The same company has that
aL line under construction from HTa- hard
vana to Guinies, thirt y-seven miles, also
to he worked by electricity. Both
these lines tap dlistriets rich in fruits
andl vegetales.-Tlhe Enginder.
Idols at a Discount.I
There waIs a time whleni missionaries Made
were blamedl for venturing to miy of we
anything disrespectfuli against the SOLD
idols of China, and whien wve have
heard some1 olf them .preach we must I*. IeC
say that, in the main, they have been
very tactfitl in their dlealings with,i
these things, but the. Chinese them- y
setves are now holding the whole sys
tern up to ridicule..-Shanghai Herald.
Because of thone, um
lemnation of So-Ca
;ecret Medicines
h indulge in extravagant and un
all manner of ills, and the
)n Enacted to Restrict The
han could have been accomplishe
Importance of Ethical Rem
sanction for family use, as they act
I called ethical, because they are
Quality and of Known Comj
of the Well-Informed of the worli
is essential that the component r
the California Fig Syrup Company i
:1 upon every package a full stateme
ict which they demand in a laxative
irnia Fig Syrup Company's original n
remedies approved by physicians
y possesses the advantage over all
relieves the internal organs on v
or any debilitating after effects a:
o time.
been. long and favorably known
d to world-wide acceptance as t
ire laxative principles, obtained
Vell-Informed of the world to b<
more elaborate name of Syrup <
ie of the remedy, but doubtles:
of Syrup of Figs; and to get
full name of the Company-Cali:
every package, whether you si
syrup of Figs and Elixir of Sen
laxative remedy manufactured b
heretofore known by the rIhme,
ns. The genuine is for sale by
original packages of one size o
!r the general guarantee of the C<
0hington, D. C., the remedy is n<
be Food and Drugs Act, June 3ot
San Francisco, Cal.
U. S. A.
London, England.
.Ir.LIs f
Cardul 5b
anhood, girls and women need gonf
g assistance of Wine of Cardul. in tt
aces, ease your hard days and
ing. orgs
it, is well expressed in these tain
bton, Mo., who writes: '.I suf- pure
I had pain, low down in my
stand, and I was so weak and -
vas just sick all the time. At
commended Wino of Cardul, FR
ctions. I have now taken F
r- gooti,s brighte~r tanc fister.colors Iti an ay ot her di
garmeut. wit.hout,rappiug apuart. wrcto for frco tI
hind of 7 "'.~ . $
araroofU ' *T/
stands tli\ -'
lest service, /
E - 1
for alI kinas 'I -
t work or sport
J~t5. } B oo. eo~li ii2 -ih ~
y. griznly. grna hnle. uBe " LA C1
lied Patent
founded pretensions
ir Sale
d in any other way
most beneficially and
)onent Parts.
d and the approval of
trts be known to and
as published for many
nt thereof. The per
remedy of an ethical
iethod of manufacture,
but the product of
other family laxatives
hich it acts, without
id without having to
under the name of
he most excellent of
from Senna, are well
the best of natural
of Figs and Elixir of
;ly it will always be
its beneficial effects,
ornia Fig Syrup Co.
nply call for Syrup
ia, as Syrup of Figs
y the California Fig
Syrup of Figs, which
all leading druggists
inly, the regular price
mpany, filed with the
>t adulterated or mis
1, 1906.
New York N. Y.
)c Woi
ttles of Wine of Cardul, and am fe
s. My feet and stomach do not I
0, I am getting stouter and stronger,
e garden and tend to 260 little chic
Wine of Cardul acts directly upon
ns or functions, it is a natural, sci<
no dangerous minerals, or other <
ly vegetable, perfectly harmless and
Every reliable druggist sells it, in $
Write today for a free c'
EE BOOK isook forwme,f,
R LADIES Tae nvelove. ^dd
hattanoga ediilo
1oktIc-i10 to Ie' iieclj r ii Mx Oolor. . l
tV. L. D OU
3.00 A ND $3.50 SH
lien'N 8110eN, jga If o $ ./10. 114131' Sl,e*-. 8
1i.oeft, 54 In S..10. M Iies' & (li,i<lre'.s
W. L. D)ouglas shoeis art rcecognized by exj
bo tho best in style, fit anid wear produciti
rt, of thto shmoe anid overy' detail of t he mna
(d wvated over bly skilled1( shioeimakers,
no or cost.. If I ('ould4 tako you into m;
rockton, Mass., and sh,ow you how earef
oos aro iade, you wouldl theon understar II
oar longor, and aro of greator value than 1
Iekft aut I iterir )110ra iili e Nn s.l ,1 s
(ai olor LE yeet us ed.rusre/ (. ('taog ma4141d1)
plant,r nin 1the oiei ir at
* ciiirthos d are etrack fnr.u .
pil le a u) Iirc CCI leli tbr
i. P OTa th, .si larn ot r1.
Yours respOctfuly N. ii
Manufalurnr of and Dealers in All Kilils if
rortable. Stationary and Traction Engine. Bollse,
Saw Mills and Grist Mille. Wood-working and Shia.
ale Mill Machinery. (om rplato line carried in stock.
Write for catalogue price.. Address all comraunloa.
tlons to Atlanta. On. We have no conneotions Ia
Jacksonville. Fla.
For health
Hogless Lard
are the common be inning.
of many dangerous dseases,
The old fo k know that
when Dr. A. Johnson established an 1910
For Internal and External use
he gare mankind a aurehouisehold remed y
for colds coughs, croup grip hi moneitis,
mucles. 25 and a0 cts. At druggists.
1. S. .J0HNSON & CO.. Boslon, Mass.
our book givea detalls. Free. Wrtt for It.
.IOIIN A. 11OAIID31AN & ;0).,
Stock Brokers. Ne. 53 Broadway, New York City, N. Y.
(At12- 07)
-ling better than in the past 7
iurt, ny female troubles have
can do all my housework, work
the sick or disordered womanly
mntific, female tonic. It con
eleterious ingredients, but is
beneficial to young and old.
bottles. Try it.
>Py of valuable 64-page illustrated
oU Dne Medica.1i Advice ds h
axfe, arid repily wtil be senL in pfqin
ress: Jadr es Advisory D)ept,, 'te
Co.. Cattanooga. Tenn.
_Seto DYES
hi! cohtl water better t lhany other clyo. You ca
tiN itOE DILUEA 00.. Ulnionville. Ainmori
Sto s1 .2. wVomen'su
iu.oas .i? io 81.00.
cing is4 looked after
without regard( to
larg.o factories aut
tily W. L. D)ouglas
di why they hod the r shape, fIt better,
ny other rnakes.
mIorla . hvlirrtNh t rthe wearer nalat ate
ree. W.' ICO000I,Api, iSs.*okto,Mass.
ts, CELERY Plants
Uaonow furnish al kInds ofcatb-e
tIlotan reacot d plrwupe,
len o chll whem n tm n
0 t ri an Oi Meg
t ii State.,A rultuma rm,artmmeI
)e, to te5t all kI nda or vegetsb4mes, espc.
ve will lbo pleased to p,ive youl atn amn thrne.
IsLxTiOM tOM PAN Y, MLGE'l'.yT,1 Ii 0.
L $1.0, retail.

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