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The SOetinel-Journal Company.
J. La. U. 'T'HOMPSON, Ejrona.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
ntered at Ploken .o.tolee as Second Class
Mil Matter
The supreme court of Connecticut
has decided that barbers in that
state need not shave colored men, as
the barber shop is not a place of
public accommodation, within the
meaning of the law, and its proprit -
tor may make such rules of conduct
for it he pleases. Good enough law,
to be sure, but how comes such a
question before the courts of Con.
nectiout4 Surely there is no race
prejudice there.
There was a time when jug-break
ing was very popular. Children were
furnished miniature jugs in which to
collect funds for Sunday school pur
poses, and jug-breaking was an
event; but in these days jug-breaking
in South Carolina is not as popular
-with some people. Marshal Neeley
made the first seizure, and Friduy
was the first jug breaking in Pickens
county under the Carey-Cothran law.
On the public square Sheriff Jen
nings in the presence of an interest
ed and thirsty crowd emptied one
gallon out of as dirty and filthy an
old jug as ever contained bug-juice
What that old jug contained before
it became a receptacle for booze is a
mystery, but certain it is the owner
of the stuff is safer with the coutents
of that jug soaking the sod than
poisoning his system. If the stuff
must be brought into the count.,
for "Decency's sake" let the shippers
be decent., and put the stuff in clea.
vessels. The Hight of it was enough
to make a horse leave his oats.
Piedmont Light and Power Co.
And among other good things
comes light. What a blessing and
comfort it will be to those who are
e>mpelled to be away from their
homes after the shades of night have
fallen. 'The belated traveler as he
homeward wecnds his way o'er the
atones and through the mud after
making a night with the boys, fronm
the inrerunost recesses of his sou
will sing praises to the originator8 of'
the Light and Power Co. It was a
primitive sight on Sunday njghts 01
prayer meeting nights to wvatch tl e
lights coming and going like fireflies,
as the worshippers with their lan
terns wero homeward bound. But
things have changed and Pickens is
coming in out of the darkness, thank
goodness. A number of the substar -
tial business men of the town with
an eye single to the improvement of
4 heir town, met one night and after
talking the matter' over organized the
Piedmont Light and Power Co., and
almost befove the people was awake
to the faict of any talk of lights, the
con tract was let for a lighting plant.
The comnpanuy is incorporated under
the laws of the Siate of South C ir
olina for the puLrpose of lighting I y
acetylene gas and furnishing wate r
and poter in the town.
As malny may snppose, this is not
a mXove to t.iE up the town) and secure
rights and fraanchtises that in the
futuore ma.v he valuable. Their fran
chise on)ly covers a termfl of ten
yearsE, andt may9 he0 revoked when-lt'
ever' the towni nay wish to intiutllI
their own t lantt, or whben utOIWr pl.
ties are willing to) install Hom<)(thir,
more suitable)1 and advantatgeouis, th
oily prvs being that their suc
cessors ashall pu r'ebase the present
plant at a fair p)rice.
It is3 a miove by enitei prising busi
inless men who want lights, and a
tep nwnrid nati.er thng fr
That hacking co
Because your s
your powers of resui
Take Scott'.s
It builds up and strengl
It contains Cod Liver Oil
prepared that it is easy to
the improvNient of Pickens and
the com pany should receive the S
bearty cooperation of the mayor.
eounoil and all who are interested tl
in the welfare of their home town. a
The plant. with pipes, posts etc., c
are on the gtound and building t:
under construction, and we all look ii
rorward to the time when we can tl
walk the .treets at night with some u
degree of comfort. The following I
gentlemen are the officers of the a
Qowpany: J. McD. Bruce, Presi
lent; J N. Hallum, Sec,-etary; E .li
H. Craig, Tr* asurer. Directors: J. t
MoD. Bruce, R. E. Bruce, Ernest
Folger, T. J. Mauldin. Ivy M. Maul- t
din, T D. Harris, J. N. Hallum and u
E. H. Craig. .
Additional Locals. t
The. wt-atber is a tr'fle to I, but
the soda water season is on at the
Pickeni Ding Co.
Mr. S Young of Catetchee, has
been in tow.: for a number of days t
visiting his daughter, Mrs. D. G. c
The mninuttes of the Pickens Asso
eiation have b.eu) apportioned out by
the clerk, atnd! are now ready at this
otilee for the various churches,
It is not nec esary to remark that
E.ater St, dl,av was something else.
''hose Suiidayi hats were seen oaly ats
tlev hay on the center-table or on the
The is,its.tes of the Tw %le Miie';
Rliver A*, cl>ti,m wl be reads for t
(list bt!>iit ion by the 8ah inst. They %
will I.e riady fur and turnel over k
to t bt., cliertt by tat tite for his a
Mi rts C. 1' Barrett,-,f W ah 'ngton,
D. C., %% ho has been spis ding some
time ini Flot ida for he"r health, tarriv
ed in Piekens, Satlird tay, on a visit to
her m.,a[her, Mrs. .1. H. Ambler, and
siBter, \lrs. E. A. Gitreatha
A ti a meetiug held lsa t week in Co
lumbia, lookiing to tlre <s ablishmnent
of county high schools, Messrs. 1. Mt
Maauldmn, of Pickens, and S. W. I
O'Dell, of Liberty, were apIpoinited
as trus4te(s from Ptickens county on
the State Board.
An election hias been ordered fort
next Thursdlay, 11th inst., to run off
the tie between .J. B. Craig iand B.(
B. LaBoon, for mayor of Pickens. c
The voting. place will be in the court- 1
house, and the p< lie will open at 9 f
a, m. and close at 3 p. mn.
T. D. Hsarris is now a ful'-fiedged
member of the "Pickens (Jiv'c Soci '
olety," and will pi ve bis faith by
placing garbage barrels and sweep- I
ing the streets in front of his busi- a~
ness place. And it is such a contracth
that we can't help but give ham I
aredit for his good work.
All the old veteranas should hear?
'\ ith the Boys of the Sixties," a
<itng which will be at part of the en1.
;ortainment to be given by ther
DaughterR on the eveninig of the
1.2th instnant. ft will bring back
sresh to mnemory the dark days wheu
,ho war c!od huln)iIg heavily over the
southianad tc
Mvr. E. P. M~cQu,seen, airmiet
Nm. A. Lo wry, of KnLtoY ville, haave (
)'enI thle gunests of their cJausisi, M r.. in
Walter Boggs. After a v'ery pleas - mT
aint utay wvitha her sisterI, Mis Mad
IReames, of Liberty, Mrs. Wmn. A.
Lowry hais returned homern, accom- c
panied by her u acle, Mr. E. LP. Mc- '
3et a Move,(
And buy your DRUG
7p-to-Date Drug gists,
Dr. Earle's <
W. E. Freen
We have opened a nice stock
)ISE consisting of
Dry Goods, Noti<
shoes, Groceries,
nld we have bought of these go<
ffords, and we have bought then
We ask your inspection of otm
ell you when you see our goods.
rag up our stock-just come ii
ut of you is a call. If our goo<
ou to buy.
We are thankful for the pat
iven us and we feel confident t
ur prices and our fair treatmc
nd steady customer.
Come and see us. Your trade
nd we will always do onr best tc
E.Fr eeg
"At the Old Stand."
P. S.- Highest prices paid for
roduce, either cash or in trade.
J.iMcD. Bruce,
PROFITS ;- '-.
-:- 5lPer Cent Interest'P
F. Banister, B. A. Hagoo<
J. M. Stewart, I. M. M
T. N. Hunter. H..A.
0 GET as much as possii
natural desire of all. In
ourdi, the person1 FIRST guessir
~eds wvill receive the range FRE]
urchase. -Rcemnber, I shall s
hoes, Grocer tes and General Me
m buy it elsewvhere in town, and
D. B
LES from
nd C9.
Pickens, S C
id stand.
1all & Co,
)s, Millillery,
Hardware etc.
)ds the very best the market
stock and we know we can
There is no use for us .to
and inspect it-all we want
is don't suit we don't ask
ronage that ha been
hat the (uality -oods,
lit will make c . iend
will always b iatel
please you.
|Ia .. 4wU
Pickens, S (1.
chickens, eggs, and country
I. M. Mauldin,
- - $20,500.00
- - 20,532.00g
- - 150,000.00
aid On Deposits-:
I, W. M. Hagood,
iuldin, J. McD..Bruce.
Richey, I. P. Carey,
>le for their m< he
dealing wvith rn U ig
shall give aw~ O
e 4thof JlIya de
ngmng in my sta
ig nearest to the of
I,one guess witi or
:ll you YDry Gc .ts,
rchandise as ch( ou
give you the R - e.
tgh conti nues
stern is exhausted and
itance weakened.
iens your entire system.
and Hypophosphites so
take and easy to digest.
1Oe. AND $1.00
Born. on the 31st ult., to Mr. and
Ire. J. Earle GilIstrap, a son.
Elbert Meuldin's new house, on
ae Brdce allotment, shows up well,
nd will be ready in a few days - for
coupancy. Mrs Mauldiu has a pret
r Site, a pretty house ana a magoif
ent view, and will soon be enjoying
be comforta of his own home. His
eighbor, W. A. Bruce, will soon
ave his home completed and will
leo be pleasantly dom''led on the
Bruce allotment.'. There are other
ts over there on which nice cot
nues will soon go up.
The agricultural department of -
he government has issued a bulletin
n the standard varieties of chick
ni, and has a publication in course
f preparation to be known as "Pout
ry Management," confined entirely
o the chicken industry. In these j
mublications the methods and appli
ces in use on the big poultry ]
arms are described and illustrate I,
nd are brimful of information for
he farmer or poultry raiser. Either
r both of these bulletins can be had
I the agr cultural department a
Vrite for themu if you are int' rested.
e believo it to be against the
thics of the profession for a physi
ian to advertise his business, but if
ve choose to give a doctor an unpaid,
nsolicited notice we consider it not e C
f the business of the profession. If Y
ou are troubled with you - eesight,
ave headache, swimming of the
Lad, nil ten thousand other trou
le Iiaustel by failing eyesigLt, go
nd see Dr. X rbb and let him fit you
6'ith suitaL:le g lasses. We dlone that
amt?e, and advise } ou to do likewise, a
url then like ns you will feel like
ublicly Ithantkitg him for the coin
ort you derive from his skil'.
Y u hear no blow, brag or bluster
trotund Picken.,. 'The people, as a
b hole, or as individuals, "any nothing
ad saw wood." Whet they want
.nyt.ing they go down alter it and
get it, I'o use the common vernacular.
Che citizens, wvheni they want prop- I:
rty, go buy it witbout any blatant ..
alk and they put up their residences
vithout the blowing of trumpets,
nd( sometimes eveni next -door neigh
tora do not knew when a moving has
aken p)lace. This is the wvay we do
bings in Pickens, the best town on
arth Come, and abideo wi us5.
)ur latebst ring alw.ays hangs on the
utside and our doors are never
urredl against the way'faring man,
nid the stranger will find a hearty
ve-lcome and a be.sty handclasp.
'Tbe many fi lends of A Glecri
Jangsfon, a son ot Mr. and Mi,
ohn T. Langston, of Pickens, will
sarn with pleasure, of his marriage,
nd will jio in wishing him and his
appy' bride much joy andi( unpphiess.f
ri speaking of the happy event, the
ewcastle (WVyo.) News-Jour n,. of
ie 223 ult. says; "Mr. A. Glenn
angsten and Mis.s Myrtle WVilliuims
ere happily married at the home of
e bridu's p)arents, Mr. andi Mr's.
ivid Williams, in this city last U
lednesday noon, Rev. Wallace P>
mn oficiating. The cointractinrg
irtieu are wvell and3( favorab)ly known
our' peop1le, all of wvhoim exte d
ngrat ulations and bast wvishes.
r.. and Mrs. La.ngst.on left on the C
ternooni train for Edlgemxont whore G
03y will reside. Mi. Lanfgston be - 3
iz oinployed in t hat town as a boiler
aker for the Unrlington."p
otice to Debtors anid Cretors S
Notico is hereby given to all poesn' holdinig C|
cithu ngninst tie etate of .lceso Cronshaw de
nseOd. that they inust (ie tho sameo with the
e firat day of May ntext, or he barred.
ayi,i90?-.1. M. TiEwAT,

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