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1IftIS N -N f N1IL=
Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, am second claSH urnt ttr ,,,der net of Congress of Mtr(;l 3, 1879
VOL. XXX V,__ ICK__ S_ SOUTH GART H , H"ui' D y, i'f 4, I907. .:.
al 1 wee-educst+-de1 negro , Who is no
above his stationi in lifr, ad11( is d,iein
ai noble work as a I er. His wlhit
friends wish hi wen hvi Itis cIho.
field and would be glad to see hin
re-elected as principal of the colore<
school here, for thery betlievo he is th<
right man in the right place.
Easter, with its hard.boilod eggi
accompaniiment, has come and gone
which reminds us of the following
ancient jingle:
"Maria- ate ten eggs, and so did Mist
And both hurried home with a pain
in her -;
Now don't get excited, and don't b<
Each dear little girl had a pain in
her head."
Only Two Mtllion Dollars.
"A little matter of ot.ly $2,000,00(
doesn't amount to much one way of
the cther."-E. H. Harriman.
Only. $2,000,000!
Merely a wisp of hay
lo stop up the crack in a window,
To keep the wind away;
Certainly not worth counting,
A paltry little sum,
That isu't enough to distinguish
A well-to-do from a bum.
Only $2,00,000!
A measly, miserable wad
That wouldn't pay for the water
In a good Kentucky tod;
Simply a sign of the spirit
To moisten the thirsty tongue;
& erely a fleeting nothing
More than a smell at the bung.
Only $2;000,000!
Homes for a thousand or more,
Or clothes for two hundred thonsand
Or food for a million poor.
Only $2,000,000!
Gee! what a little stack,
When you come to learn
Of the limitless yearn
Of a Harrimaniac!
-[W. J. Lampton.
Be a Booster,
Do you know there's lots of people
Settin' 'round in every town,
Growlin' like a broody chicken,
KI:ockin' every good thing down;
Don't you be that kind of cattle,
'Cause they nin't no use on earth
You just be a booster rooster,
Crow atnd b ost for all you're
If ypour tow)~n needs hoostin', boost her,
Don't hold back to waMit and see
[f some ot her feler's willin';,
Sail right ini, tIe co)untry's free.
No ono' got a i'i' taage on it,
Itsyours just 's much as his;
[f your towu is shy of boosters,
You get in the boostin' biz.
If things udon ' seem jutvd to kuit you,
And the- wvold seems kinder wrong,
Whlat's the matter with a boost,in'
,Just toe help the1( thinug along?
'Cause if you should st'p a goin'
We'd be in a sorry plighth
You just keep that horn a-blowin',
Boost 'er with aill yourt might.
--Ph,ihi. Inquirer.
Roosevelt Luck.
11 eleasied from jail, former Senato)
Burton says that Presidenft Roose
velt is a hypocrite; that otheir seniat
ors are just as guilty as he is; tha
he isn't guilty; thait federal j (dge
ought to be elected; that he bems nii
reseintmentL for his wrongs; that hei
going to p)ublish a magazinie aii'
"spealk" presumably upon the pla0
form. Not the least of "Roosevel
luck" is the president's luck in ge
t.ing the right sort of enemies. -[No'
York World.
Jo All the'
oAl De!Pe-ru-na
Mrs. Geo. U. Vorstell, 1l Iiver I
"I trust that no one will think
for any cause only to ldt sufferer
many ailments. ?
"I can truly say I have been n
feel better than I have for two y
for pelvic troubles. .
"I have taken medicine from t
I began taking Peruna I could s
sbottle it was doing me good
Cold Developed Into Catarrh.
Mrs. N. P. Lawler, 423%4 N. Broady
Pittsburg, Kas., writes:
"Peruna is a sovereign remedy
catarrh. Last spring I caught a se
cold which developed into a seriousc
of catarrh. I felt weak and sick
could neither eat nor sleep well.
"A friend who had been cured of
tarrh through the use of Peruna advi
me to try it and I did so at once. I
pected help, but nothing like the w
derful change for the better I obser
almost as soon as I started taking it,
"In three days I felt much better z
within a week I was well. I contini
taking the entire bottle and within i
weeks I was in fine health. Perun,
a wonderful medicine.'"
Catarrh of the Bowels.
Mrs. Maggie Durhin, 1332 North
Little Rock, Ark., writes:
"I was troubled for five years wit
chronic disease. I tried everythin
heard of, but nothing did me any gc
Some doctors said my trouble i
catarrh of the bowels, and some F
consumption of the bowels. Ono do(
said lie could cure me; I took his mi
cine two months, but it did me no gc
"A friend of inio advised ime to
Peruna and I did so. After I had tal
two bottles I found it was helping
so I continued its use, and it has cu
me sound and well.
"If anyone wants to know w
Peruna did for me if they will w
to me I will answer promptly.''
Palis in the Side.
Mrs. Julia Braxton, Apollo,
"Peruna has cured me of heart t:
blo and pains in the side.
"A year ago I was expected to dii
zny timo, and the doctor was someti
called at two o'clock in the morni
B But I am thankful to say that I do
not have to send for a doctor now.
"Since I have used your Perun
you advised me, I am well and ablh
do all my housework.
"I have all the faith in the world
Poruna as it cured me and I know t
it will cure others.
"I cannot praise Peruna enough
what it has done for inc."
Stomach Trouble.
Miss Anna Carsten, Clayton, I
"Your Peruna did inc so much go
"1 am feeling so well now and h
no trouble with my stomnach."
mld, Cushur;, AV. Va., Writes:
fromi this that I want my name in public
s know where they may find relief from
uch benefited by the use of Peruna. I
ears. It is the best medicine that I know
he doctors and found no relief- but when
e that before I had finished & king the
Odt. -'
vas a
aid,. P
tor fe
try (e
me, -
t as Mrs. 0. D. Robinson, 43 St. Felix Sb., Bro
to "I have taken Peruna and it did me mo
treatment by special physicians. I can rE
In person. No more swollen feet and lin
hat abdomen. No more shortness of breath.
You have no idea what your treatment hi
for prolonged my life and made a iew o.oman
"0, such a blessing I have received. thrc
11., the assistance of the medicine which you
to work since I began your treatment, bul
id. myself, much less work for any ono else.
and his treatment."
$15.0I By a Fi
Schiomade Sri
Don't envy the man ini a ne
Done and knowth co
And mere cofort i o h
incomparable "Schloss"' Clo)tl
p)ertcCt fit adl good qjuality ar
Concaved and perfect'1ly ro
that simpjly can't break or sa;
that wvill never lose its shap)e,
finemnts of skilled tailor1in1
Best of all, they have an aim
, tinction yu won't n in one
. no muatter. how munch you pay.
Ii,: -(.h L_ H~~ EIZin
iiss Nettie E. Bogardus, R. F. D.
, Westfield, N. Y.,, writes:
'I have been a. great sufferer
om sick headaches, but am now
itirely free from that trouble. I
we not felt so well in ten years
i I do now. I would recommend
eruna and Manalin to all suf
rers. I will say, God bless Dr.
artman and his wonderful rem
Stomach Catarrh.
ils Julha lutler, R. R. 4, Appleton,
is., writes
'For the past six years 1 suffered
ti cntarrh of the stomach, eausing
: of sleep anul appetite, with fro
ent severe pains after eating.
'My sister advised mne to try Pornna.
'I took your treatment and my ap
Lito returned speedily.
'I gained strength and flesh and am
perfect heal t.h.
I ant so thankful your medicine
i done Inc so much good."
oklyn,.N. Y.,.writes:
re good than all my two years'
-ally say that I feel like another
abs. No. more bloating of the
No more stiff and sore joints.
Is done for me. It certainly has
eof me.
ugh your kindness, doctor, and
so kindly prescribed. I am able
before I was not able to help
All praise is due to Dr. Hartman
Spring Suit-get
ifort of wearing it.
only feature of our
ies;-style, grace, a
among their other
undied shouldecrs, a
Sandl a coat-front
are some~ of the re
.you find in these.
of fashionab)le dis
suit in a hundrede-.
.0ro,isvllE14. U
Hazel Happenings.
Uear Sentino:-1 will try and give
you what news I can get up.
Farmers are tuoving aroUnd thest
beautifUl (ay's, -putting ill guano.
plauting.Corn, etc.
Little Mle, the two-year-old child
of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Winchester,
is very sick with pneumonia. We
hope for her a speedy recovery.
Colds and grip are prevalent in
this section.
Ye scribe went over to Greenville
on the 20th ult. and was made to
wvouder at the rapid growth and bus
iness of the city.
Mr. Daniel Winchester has his
mill in fine .trim and ready to uerve
his custom.
A flourishing Sunday school has
been organized at Antioch, with Mr.
.R. P. Prince as superintendent.
M. S.
What J. D. Moore Has to Say.
Tou know my sentence was $225,
Tho' some of my friends were still
they went down in their pockets,that
made me laugh
When they came out with almost
I had four or five foes who wanted
me to the chain-gang go,
But my friends said "No, it will not
be so."
Such friends in need are friends in
deed, and will never be forgot
ten by J. 1). MoORE.
-Closing Exercises of Colored School.
The closing exercises of the Pick
ens colored graded school was held
Friday night. John I. Miller, the
principal, has labored faithfully for
live months to inculcate the right
kind of knowledge and education into
his charges; how well he has suc
-ceeded was demonstrated Friday
night. John deserves much credit
for his patience and painstaking
.teachin;. The exercises were rather
lengthy but not wearisome. There
were 26 regular numbers on the pro
gramme, one special number, and
two encores. The programme con
sisted of songs, dialogues, recitationa,
speeches and drills. All of the se
lections were well rendered; the vari-'
ous parts were well carried out; the
pieces well chosen and much study
given to the proper delivery of them.
Vh Polo, the fan drill, the scarf drill
lad the prize declamation are deserv
a.:g of special mention. The exer
eies were held in the church and it
v,as filled to ovet flowing wvith atten.
tivo antd wvel-behaved patrons and
spettors0. Prof. Miller, wvho had sent
ou t s4pecial invitations to the white
citizens of the town, reserved one
wing of .the church for their' special
. bonei(it, andii it taxed him to his ut
mosI)t to seat all who came.
The talk by Miller, at the close of
the exercises. was a good, logical one
andu st1aight from the shoulder. He
VJ)oke of educating the head, the
bonrt and the hands, and pr4ovedc
conlusllively thmat the upliftinug' and
SaIlvation'l of the nogro race lay in
t heir attending t.> their ownvt busi
njess, keeping off thu sreots, staying
away from the. North, where they
comuld do nothigg hnit ''ling hash,"'
following honest work and ,keeping
the friendship of thei white peole.
IfI the i)~supl of his race .will take his
words to heart, followv his example
and heed his precepts there will be
no need for them to gi hungry, half..
clotheCd, or "(10 time" on the chain
.lohni is a broad, liberal-minded

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