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The Picken
Pickens Seiel-Journal
Happenings of a Local and Personal
Mrs. L. C. Thornley and little
flaughter, are on a visit to Atlanta.
Mrs. F. A. Miles, of Greenville, is
on a visit to Mrs. T. J. Mauldin, in
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Manuldin and
Mrs. F. Miles spent a portion of last
week at Clemson College.
Pickens is growing very 'repidly
now. A new enterprise is talked of
in the shape of a bottling plant,
The sveret societies of Pickens are
in a flourirhing condition and new
members are bing constantly added
J. K Kirksey, Jr., who has been
in California for the past two years,
is on a vinit to his parents in the
Crow Creek section.
The new rtsideu crs Jnli
us E. Pars.e-s an S. Nil -
mons, in the east town is
nearing comptrletion
Mr. E. A. Slvwt g from
Dillon, Mont., to h bdress of
his paper change ;s voly
rough weather in t
Mr. and Mrs. Wn. Harp-r, of the
Cent ral side,hatv returned home after
spending several miontbs very p)leas
antly' with t,heir children in Anderqon
Miss Aurie Kirksey, who has been
attending the Atlanta Colle--e of
Pharmacy, is visiting her p)arents
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Kirkey, of Crow
Miss Hester Cureton, wvho is en
gaged in hospital work in Gainesville,
Fla., is very much pleased wil h her
work and with the town, as is evi
denced by her letters home.
Miss Josie Earle closed a very suc
cessful term of school at Wolf Creek,
Firid,ay, March 29. TIhis was Misq
Earle's fourth term there, which
speaks well for her as a teacher.
Mr. aind Mrs. 3. McD. Bruce, of
Pickens, spent yesterday in the city.
Mr. Bruce is president of the Pickens
Bank and is one of the most popular
men in the couinty.-Greenvillo News.
There is a movensent o n foot
among the brethren to organize a R.
A. Chapter of the F. and A M. at
this plaice. May the project meet
with pr'oer en)coragment and sue
Quite a little hunch of cand1Idates
are in readiness anid waiting for the
F. C. degree at the nexi, regular comn
mPunication of Ke i.n jme, F & A.
M.. which will b. bI on Satur
day, A pril 27th.
Mr. J. B. Dav .a formerly
connected with I AMy BYlottlinog
WVovls has mov' I skens and
opened 1)1 a holU , ablishment
in the West cnd of town, in the
woodent store building formerly occua
pied by J. D. Moore.
'ost RuBes
OF .
is Drug Co,
The Best."
The friends of Dr. Hallum are some
what worried over his general appear
ance and preocupied manner these aays
He does act somewhat strange and
has a faraway look in his eyes. search
ing In out of the way places as though
on the aunt for something and ever
and anon, he Is seen quietly stealing
nut of the back door of his store, cross
lots, and toward- home,fsorter reswless
and nervous like. He will never get
over it: although it is not dangerous.
We pity him for we know how he feels.
No Doc. ims not got a brain storm' it is
just a plain old fashioned caso of
' chicken rever" and he has got i t bad.
White Leghorns are his favorites and
he has just received some choice
specimens from Pensylvania. He has
at, incubator and brooder on the road.
and he will never he suproamely hap
pY till they arrive and the little chicks
are peeping.
Bear with him good people, ho can't
help it.
It is not long since Charliu Cureton'1
friends lauhedhe and pronoaneed him a
crans on account of his love for thor
oughbred fowls. But it is Mr. Curr
*on'R turn to laugh, as many in this
vincintiy have joined the ranks of the
fanciers and engneing in this fasinan
iniz ocupatior.. Breeding fnncy poni
try is a pleasant pastime for business
people, and not only pleasant but
It is a business espocially adapteil
for the ladies, and many of 1hem1 are
amonL' the~ most enthusiaisti and sue
cesful exhibitors at the large poultry
shws Wu haopo tliat all those inater
estedi in the fancy, will becomo inter
ested to the exrunt of holding a poult
ry showv in Pickens next winter which
wvould go far towards arousing an
interest in this line among the farmers.
Among those who are intorestedi in
feathered pots and have Rent abroad for
high class stock.are Mrs. J. N. Hatllum
Mrs. 0. G. Voight Mrs. M. F. Hester
Mr. Chas. Cureton, Rey. D. D. Jones
Willie Thompson andl man.y others.
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ens Drug (Co.
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1 oa.risai:i D)itUii (OMPANY. Mdi15son. \V is
Attempted Assault.
There'waa conside"r,ble i"te~ t
Friday causae-d by the r'l)ort of , t
tempted useau.t u3' a t,egro utt Clie
twelve-year- tld daughter of Mr. B.r
ry C. H3olcnb1, near E -ley. A.e it
was believed the Dogre, wai m,tkiug
toward Picke"ne, fficers staurted
to bead him off but ret io.-e I n' a,iglt
after finding no trace of him h'lz
negro, Ernest Langyton, was rrest,"d
at Easley Saturdty nornint aud af
ter being identified by the little g.rl,
was put through a terrible Sweating
and finally a<ofessed and was hurried
to Pickens jail. The littie girl who
seems to be a remtaarkably bright
ohild, tells a very straight story and
there seems to be no doubt of the
guilt of the negro, although he tells
a plausible story since being locked
up, in direct contradiction to his re
pr rted confeision.
It seems that the little girl was on
her way home from school in compa
ny with her little brother and when
near a 1'ridge the negro seized her,
holding a pistol in her face. The
girl knocked the gun aside and in the;
scuffle her clothing was torn; the
little boy screaming for help, thh no
gro made off. It was reported that
the father was determined to take the
case in his own hand but yielded to
pleadinga of the little girl who beg
him not to shoot him but allow bitu
to be hung. The general opinion of
all who heard the little girl a stur% is
that she gave a .straightfforward ve
port of an attempted %sau!t.
The negro, since l ,"in lot-kedi lp.
tells the story that be was shootinig
at a snake when the childreu ciame
tlong and the little boy threw a rock
at him which brushed his overte' a u I
as he stooped to pick up another one
the negro took the girl ty the slool
der and held her between him ian d
the boy to keep him from hitting
him. When she screamed he tl
her that ho was not going to hurt
her. He went home iand did not
know that le was sus a eted of beitt;;
guilty of a Crime t)eil arr"ted lit
he has cotradtiicled his own state
itn II verni t imelts Thlere wia
1sm 0 e tulk f l t,cling but a .
thing is quiett:
oc "L -Cal in tfe"r on i eat. st, pite
IeriaRnRnn1y EQQated in liberty, 3, C,
"He who does not masi'ticate we'lI
is an ene:ny to his own life.'"
W~ithiont good Itothi there cannot be
thloroupha Mattication.
cannitot b: p)erf.-et D)iges.tion
W iut poi ert, 1t a d igesin t here can-l
Wihotlt i poer assiini1,ter
canniiot bie N%ut i i int i
I I.*elt la
of thie teith
The iersonaol health canti h,' iinuni
out goodl Iteeth
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