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- . ", Cupyight, 19 1,y ol lb e r rt, S. SI
w nler in a h1111 With snowballs,
which the :Irs blapiemed
''''l latigniages anlli "i(i t;!sture'1s. '
* I ;t.1 i liid 1!c t: I 111til lii s t ll itlledi the
which hI:,d b1a(een hlrredI to the
aii struck o l riuttat idly ''or' thei 1
-.tit +do o
w 0'rin( sst Y iretit let! dislehy I -
b.n lie), when ts tn hepie' tuninisttr sentf
~ilt l(n , j l;'i t' lli ,' \it I ltt :n lil(' (:Ii.
-.tn (iexild atte a n(dnilt to informl her of
r' +lt prisoner's escape. het sat up in
. <1, d, 'with her 11:11(Is chasptil ai,out
:} 'r hileS, sleepily t lolint'ctlt hi .har !
-vou 1d r"ete ivel hii alfiter iii' "t It o 1:
-.'rVed. Then shre snllnot"'d Ittr mids.
ILer uncle a d atunt, thr ('olil:tl::.;
Pdag|lnr (Whgose bi,erry brov, iyi"'
".ere ,o full of pretnded disl toithath
the pr"Incess could scarcly restrain a
c,m:nle), and( 0Gaslon, the mlinister of
f1,nance, wer!1e awaiting her 111 appearance.
."le eatrd( the cotnto's story of' the es
+.'Ipe, marv"teled at the prisoner's alu
4.ur lty t and fir1y annonuced that ev"
-ythilng1 possible should be done to ap
lirehetnd hilln. With a perplexed frown
ci her b>row and it diblous twist to her
P.p?Ps, she said:
'I suppose i m us1t offer it reward?"'
"CertIainll: !" exclaim11ed her uincke.
A" .1 I out I 50 gav v" \S, un11C1e?"
"Fiflty!" lied the two men, aghast.
"Isn't that eiough?"
"or the murderer of at prince?" de
r;'nanded Gaupon. "It Would Ibe aibstrd,
,;'3a1ir highness. le Is a most Important
"Qauitt so. IIt la a1 mlost important
. 1rm. I think I'll offer 5,0l gavvos."
A lor like it. I e Is worth that, at
[ea"agreedi Uncle Caspar.
""liyondl a doubt," Sanictionecd (as
't am1 gladl youl do not consider Inc
mira,:gant," She sai temirly. "Yott
iy hav the plaartls printd a on,e"
t'he, went on. add(lrossing the treasurer.
ayIhaI a reward of . ,O$0 ravv\os
Ni. paid to the person who deliv"ers
n.,r,onfall Lorry 1o niW."
'' Wuilg it not be better to say '; -
LIvers nil). tlt Lorry to the tooer?',
:rlbmittedl (.aspon.
"Yott may say to the undlersignrd'
:n ai.l Ay name, She saidl relet'tive
L, .
"Very w\"ell, your highness. They
)i be Struck off this mlorling."
"in large type, yaspon. You must
.ontch him it' you cln," she added. "IIe
'is a very dangerous mtl, and royalty
nres protection." Woirth this wise ilt
pyf enution she dismlissed the subject
:and.( 'heg"sim to tatlk of the Storm.
A the two young plers-ti were has
Itnihng up the stairs later on an at
"ndantlrt approached and itformled the
)lpfiness that Mr. Anguish requested an
ie ill he fes parklin kiwit t itimph.
Irithe oeeuo otf0 t hoitr shetiii tand
'fit.e countes lughedul ie . 'hildren ver '
it eireward tt. il had It o so ilemncol
"ivetitg tousa gavvos!"ud cido'1 Dag
"Ohr, IeaingV( backtit it hts char ou.m
sphalsiete delO i ht feld 1 "Whto
LliTatip camie iatt knou I on: hedoor
:m in te riamet instnt itew open,
fIr Mr. Angulish was Iin at 'tthrry. As
f'u'plugd ntrt thiir a o iprese r pIr
"Oh, I eg ardItt ~ on! tt egape asif
:1bout.1 fly. "Mays WIy comet 11n?" t
"Not 3111 nle yo o uteside t . YIou
.:xUn o gldtyouhe comit e."iitid o
iage hour trom vho e diva,s, e
"Y ouar ayode!" h o elamedu
By... 4
like. it you are osteitsilly at prisoner.
By det:litiin;. you forcihly we gain a
pint,il for ':u ar' iededd here. There
is n1O ot wly1" \in which yoll enn ex
ph:iin at c(!linfut'd presence In Giraul
siark. Is nti I'11y plait :t good one?"'
"I t is It :. :;lt ct)It1 ari- .c11" hie said,
risint:; :Iitl Iho\winlg low'. '";>o shrew\d IS
Itis II:. l '1:t you iake me a hostage
'or!'ver. I sh t: ll not escape its tuemory
ii I liv ' lo be a thou1s: ti1!."
A I pa il ii sie sid seriously:
A grI'a '-:II depen s onl your dis
ctretioln, .\1,. .\iguisl. \Iy guar(ls will
watch yo)ur every aetion, for they are
not in the secret -'Xceltiig Quinnox
and any attemlit on your part to cotln
muun-ate with Gtrenf'all Lorry will be
"Trust mne, your highness. I have
had( mnch Instruction in wisdom to
"I hop; we shall see you often," she
"Daily -- as a hostage." lie replied,
glancing toward the countess.
"That means until the other man Is
captured," said the young lady saucily.
As he left the casile lie gazed at the
distant building in the sky and won
dered how it had ever been approachetel S
in a carriage. She had not told hint
that Allode drove for milles over wind
ing roads that led to the monastery up
a gentler slope frolu the rear.
'The next afternoon 1;delweiss thrilled
with a n(.\w" excitenet. l'rince I3oha
roz (t .\Xpltain. uad with grie'f and
rage, amne thtunlerin g into the city
with his court at his heels. Ilis wrath
had oi'ie i in reasel until it resentilted :t
tornada. wh:'ni lie readu the rewIard lila
card in tlie uplanls. Not until then didl
he know thal the inurdlerer 111a es
caped and that vengeance ntight h. Ie de- 'T
nied himn.
After v"iewin; the hotly of Lcorenz as a
it lay in the sarcouphal;:us of the r.. lyal t
palace, where it had been b)orne :: t!h
conilnand of' thei P'rincess Yctiv e,. e
manled auclience with his sut's he.
trothed, and it. w:s witl lear t , ha:t t
propared for the trying or(dieal, at ;.
terv"iew with the grief c.azei hi an. tl
The castle was in a 1'tr-r,'. It- !i.:11 0
soon thronged with diplaini:1> Inl a;n t
there wits anl ugly .ense of (trou)bie in a
the air, suggestive of the explosionl \
which follows the igltiting of a powilia'r
The slim, pale faced princess itet the
burly ohi ruler in the gra iti councl
ehatber. Ile and his nobles hail been
kept waiting but a short timne. Within
a very few i inutes after they hail ben(tt 'I
conlu(ted to the chamber by Couill
IIalfont itnd other dignitaries the fair c
ruler came Into the room and advanced I
between the bowing lines of courtiers <
to the spot whore sat the mian whlo held ~
Grauistark in lis grasp.
IRolairoz arose as shte dIrew near, his
gaunt face black and ittfriendly. Site
extended her hand graciously, atid lie, ..
a ptrinc(e for all his wrath, touched his
trembling lips to its whIte, stinootht
h ack. rT (Orv')1
A Lazy Liver
May be only a tired liver, or a stttvede
liver. It woutld be a stidic as welil as
savage thintg to beat at wear-y or stiarv. -
an belucause heo latggid in his work. So
it (re:ttinig the lagging, torpid liver it is
ai grientat mistatke to lasht it, withI striontg
drdiei driiis. A torpid liver is hbi an
iliiint ion itt an ill -noinriished, enifie,hled U
hodyi whose organis itrt weary wvithi ivir
woirk . Stat .with hieli st.itnach~ andu a iicl
organis ot diigesiitiitland i utrijn. pI, yi
,pii ikly330 you li t.vr wil biecornic a ct iv.
orans itof dii,e-ut 1in antd tritiion, It. re
stores thie tinalt a(- t. i ity of to stomiiac-h.
Sincr-eaises thie se''I crt ins ctof lthi bloid-tmakI
Iiig gl antds, c-lc-an es thbe syst em tromi pih
soinotis atciiilnlationis, aid tiso iril ii the ..11
liveir ofitheii li nh-its impohtised i Jponi it by ki
thc defetictiton of ot heri citgutns.
If yu hit le li ii ter ar'had t aste In thbe moirn- heC
lng. ;iooir or vartbleh apis-t ite-. coat edi tonguei, iih
foul breath coniizst Iiimtc'd ori irreuilar- hiio-sh 0
feel we-ak. easily- tiri-led -picii. t i-ient fre-net pC
headiachecs, paini or udist reu ini' "small cif hi.ik."
gnawitg or distriie.ird feetlinig it stochi. trc
terhlapis itnuseal,hie cor seour "rhsiing-" in
throncat after- eeai. andc k indcried sympuitisa
of wtoak siitnchi and itrpil live-r, no, ii.il
eine wvill ireliev-e yout iiorei Jironi>Iiily or <-m'He
y-ou mre- t)crmnanetlyI thaii Dototr P'iereei's
Goldent Meld ical Dtiscover-iy. Perhapntsnoi-, L
a tar-t of the aibove sy icilt omts will bi- larisi-t
at cote thInot and yet jpolint. to iorpiicd liverot or
biliousness and wi-akI stomach.I A uocd all SO
hot, btread and husetits. gridlIe ca,kes and w
otheri idigestilli fin andi ic i akthe li, "Goldecn an
MeicaI lsch;tvcery "'i~~i reuari~land st ek to it-s by
usce untIl you iare vioous and sii roni.iCe
VTe "Dl)aeovcery " is nton-scre-it, nonii-aleo- e
1h(l1 I, is ia glyceric~ e.t1re., of tnaI it.- ttidiep
ital r-oots with a full li-st of Its ingrtdents
trinoted t on ech t t1 Oilraper- and at tested i
umitltr oath."Its iigredien-t s ar endorslci-ced O
andc extolledc b)y the most, embltitt meudical M
writers of the agio anid arc recoininiendecld to &
curoc the disc-ases for whc-h It Is advi-sed.
Don't accept at substituto oft uniknown th
ComposItion for this nion-scret MEDICINE & 5
OF KNOWN OM-.---- - .
Cures Coughs, Colds,
and Lung Troubles. Pr
Pickens )rug
*sott! 1 t .ttl) : Jo ntlt ul.tof .Jr -
}ia}oIpc! oal ; 1:-.1.1) oti oatio
'110tIA 1i\ ll
.io n.ao. nlrjttut r t V
*avi4'two"jo'.L VJ .rvS y -A -p A'q opvlq
yamtasaxrs o :xa ca.rtn v . aexyali. raant.stnr "
-11 11:1-Ddli.11 41 :1,,a'! ; \ v''sn11, s, 0AV y, atl1s r p
11.altl: 1 ;tl:ue n n n disto :'.II' .\1 :.) llt1:1 1 - i ....1
*.1o;) '"1u,11 pi1. ., .:. t , n t 1 .4.e, ,,( .. .. u
'AUMA AJDA-4~ III 1131r.tl.~ .~
otInd poolq 0113 sn iu 3.%01i
noX 'ultI dIt (Is.It: s .ic,
31 .io3 30Ut 0(1 d.3r3tj^p .)Icd
tl3!A\ 31 St A0I; 'tl3cua.13s ' )i:
-Jnoo '~13)Q 30 A3uojd DA19I nnli
noA sAr'p osotj3 poooons oL
SumiMons for Relief.
'ickens County.
Court, of C umon Plea4.
Susie Heater and Blanche Messer,
iary E. Martin, LI"ttie Newton,
Mattie Hester. M1yrt' Lay Co. ,.?
Mrs. t . M. Martin, W. V. C:Iv
t<m, Mlattie Dickon , Lettie Hoult
and Jessie Dobbins,
(Com plaimt. Served)
t) the defendants above namud:
ad retlulr "41 to answer the coimpli nt in
lis actior', of which a copy is herewith
rve"I upoll you. ani to serve a Ce)1y of
rlul" ans'wer , the s:tid compinint on
1" sulb8Crihltr at. his oflice I'o.kens,
auth (iarlinn, within twenty (a s of
le se"rVice ht'retof, exclusive of the day
uch s.rvice': and if you fail to an
.Ver the com)p'am}nt within the time
loresaid, tht: I'laintitf in this action
'dl apply to the cnurt for the relief de
itl-d inl this complaintu .
hW. d Ma-ch '1st A. 1). 1907,
A J. h,gg, C. C. P.
Julius E. Blog s.
Pl'if,s Att'y.
'e) ,Mrs. Lettitt Newton:
TFakel notice+ that the tiumimons and
olmlatint in this netion were filed in
he Clerlk's ofli' iil n ht I ti::1dy of
ltuc 1. 1I907, a )11. the object of this ae
on IS to p'I ittio t he land describedl in,
1e (t) ini lt oi noli personal cilaim0 is
m:de. agiit yon.
Julius~ E. Boggs.
IffI's A ty.
Spring Cuts.
Go'd flijur, every'3 ack gunrateeQ(d at
l. %5 ihe bb: sulgir '20 ihs for- I, best
>ifen, 8 Ilbt for' $; Standardi'i tii fr*om
oI t n)k wagon''1 15(1 per' ga lon; a oo
Agent, for' Thorit l wlavgon,
~ver-'Work Weakens
Your 1(idneys,
thiealthy Kidneys Make Impurc Blood.
All the blood in your body passes through
ur kidneys, once every three minutes.
PThe kidneys are your
- . blood purifiers, they fil..
1 ,Iter out the w,azte or
Impunities in the blood,
- If they are sick or out
of order, they faii to do
cess of uric acd In the
- blood, due to neglccted
Jney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
art beats, and muakes one fcl as though
ay had heart trouble. b3causc the heart is
-er-working in pumping thick, kidney
inoned blood through veins and arteries.
it used to be considcrcd tha only urinary
>uules werle to be traced to the kidneys,
now modern scIence proves that nearly
constitutional diseases have their begin
e in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
d the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
vamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is
:>n realized, it stands the highest for its
>niderful cures of the most dIstressing cases
d is sold on its merits 3
all druggists In f if ty- y eg
nt and one-dollar slz- . i .l "
,You may have a -"' '
mple bottle by mail i omo or swamp.noot.
:c, also pamphlet telling you how to find
If you have kIdney or bladder trouble.
ention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
s name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
vamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
Y.. on every bottle.
Croup, La Grippe, Asthma, Tk
events Pneumonia and Consum]
Cm P i ny, P ickens , Parken's Phariac
-r SII( J\c c)
Nothing but expense was spare
gooc.s. We are satislied that w
right styles and the right prices.
Don't Let Cheap Talk St
But exami
If our goods are not as represt
them. Some goods are higher
divide with you. We have everyt
Dry oods, Notis, Undorwa:
that the average customer wants,
the price as low as same goods are
When you come to Greenville
make it pay you.
A. K.
I est End,
You farmer
probably will not
that you "plough for
for that is your business, the nol
I See that you get the most money
for your crops-by using liberally
Virginia= Carolin4
They will greatly "increase your yield
obtain the largest possible amount of m,
your acreage if you will, but double 3
Fertilizers, and you will see, feel and I
your increased profits. Did you ge
dealer a copy of our free almanac ?
farming information.
Rilchmond, Va. Ni
Charleston. S. C.
Per Atlanta, Ga.
3* |$ 'Memphls. Tenn.
~Chem~f Montgomery. Ala,
Garrison MA
Wholesale and Re
WVe have just received three c~
of Hay. We also have a full st<
Chops, Bran, Shorts, Oats and cor
Cole Guano D)istributors and Cott
you money by butying fromr us.
'Phone or write ns. Your ord<(
F00ftt - - -
Deesuts - --
F. B. MoOAN W. T. O'i
Accounts of Meolchants, Fnrmers, Firm4, a1
Cnrefn1- mn gnmM, nd ihnral treaitmnn l
iroat in the
y, Liberty.
i in the selection of these
e have the right goods, the
ll You Goods,
ne the quality.
nted, you don't have to buy
than last season, but we will
hing in
Hosiy and Shoe0,
and we absolutely guarantee
sold anywhere.
come to see us, we will
Greenville, S C
money"-- A
)lest occupation op ear.'h,
out of your ploughing-or
. Fertilizers.
" per acre," and help you to
)ney for your labor. Decrease ,
'our use of Virginia-Carelina
sear your pockets jingle with
t from us or your fertilizer
It's a beauty, and full of
>rfolk, Va. Durham. N. C. .
Baltimore, Md. -
Savannah. a "'
Shreveport, La. .~orYed
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/yatt &Co
S c
tail Dealers in
tr loads of Flour and three
>ck of Cotton Seed Meal,
n. WVe sell the celeb)rated
on Planters. We can save
:rs will receive prompt at
f"ours for business,
MouithI Caroiln
H . 0. SrIIIaE,sy
S. C.
J. P. SaITr.
td Ini ul olctd

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