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Good Coo)
By Dr. h
Chemist for the L
(ww-AA/Sof .~
oe e +e 1 \. ''OlC will dec
the art. of cooki
h,appiest place
not know the gc
:nii I actluaint.e(
4444444444 Of course,
cannot pretendI
f eegeog divorce. But I
cuisine in the
:ilIc of givinlg that department, o
-vision--the divorce courts could l:
Moreover, if wives all learne
\allt problem," woul (d evaporate.
I rclnemmber going to a fari
of then-andi hearing a1 very nii
We all listened with deep attenti
When it was all over, an o1(1
and said: "I have been greatly ed
sab(; but I fancy I have had mnor
bands at. home thani she has-mor
and I want to say that. there Is
in its sillnplicity, unfailing in its
And that old lady was right.
a (lay, good food and plenty of it,
able deferenec to his indivigdual
witi his luck? \Vhy, he'd be a foc
First Step
By Ge
. I1E siz of a tast
to evolve some
lori With the l(
t;iantic proport
diEculties that <
cbange in the pIt
the app,learance c
(1o begin to clim
--we smile to think that we ever
It is the same with other ta,
The main point is to begin. On<
tivejy easy onle; the difficulties
as we approach, and by quietly
that. we have reached the top. '
look back upon it we marvel to s(
The hardest part of any (nt
way to take this first step is to t;
spired- that we cannot resist the
be goaded up to the desire. By
we can easily overcome such a
severe in doing something every
Soon find that it was not so difl
decision that is responsible l'or
New York (Ilobe.
A[at re 'seataeOC
1 ' y Prof i
'* +++- +++-:.-'it Amr w1 Nohl
atur i n i terreIs
his by extplodi
j: ~ .~. inig piressure iofl
~~ ' aturiet ot noa less
sawv that onei i
-: - - --~' ha ve becen the I'
I 10ons werei' con'
e?xploslin chaim
small11 erystatls tha l seem(4'i to b)e ve
We see, thlen, that If men c
large dliamuiisi they, at. least, u
matter of a conmpa rat ively short
quered as5 absolutely ais thle ruby.
WVith this final temperaturec
it of man10's pre(sent at tainmenit.
In templer'atuire he has so far tal
to universail conqiust-t he absolh
ly to make.
But In this pha11se of temfpera
hlad evidcfle from many souirces
tho hot test. of thle hea venly bod:(
that transcend atnything we knov
t here dlistinte(grate (d into simnipler
.Al~ine hieighits5, c ver a ind ever so
we havye so1 t(ed iusl y arrii ved.-If;
Artistsi' Home Site.
It. was learneid yuN' rd',ay thaut Il
proQbablility a site ont t.he P1alisades
he chot.n for theit home tor' super'a
for wicih a 'ommillin C'e lii ways
buildinig and enidowmnti about11 $2Md
Ten thouisa.nd( 1(11' dolar has atlready
lonltibu)tedl. A v'aluable' site on ai
p)icturesqueIi pail of tile tPaiisad(es
beeii o)fLPired by a wea1lithy frieno
the mo1venwn(it sI tar'ted by the Nat I
$5(000, wihic h the 4prop1rty edi Y(st tw
yearsit ago.- New Yiorki 'Tn 1b11n.
jThe fi"
Up when' the snow shines
On the liks that point
Up ili the guleli by the cvt
I satw, "asi wu trattvelel I
A cla ii clesertede aind left
A slaft suntlk in the nu
A rootless cabin, of l1gs It
\V,ire soinc one had lai
And la ter on, whrn our e;
And the white tents iite
\\'liIle the Iline trees wetird
In the cheerly glow o t
When lierry voclesi rang
Antl smiillng; 1'acts Il;"t. tl
I thought of that etu ili i
Of its owner, who lat,il.
lie liad com)e. perhanps, Ire
For spee<dy wealth, to tht
Ani lioi)esiclk iut wit.y,
lHe haitl faitifully toilel
C,old ttl)us thie witi tit t
Ani the vyote cries th"
There arc iknown fonts ti
And the voice of the Into
Still he tire:Ied as othe.
As others shall <t in ti
Of finding wealth in unboni
Anti joyfully hearing hi:
But fortune Is chairy when
Her smiles atre the ha) ii
And where one Is 'avorel
A thousand others nuy t
Thus I sit anl iuse in IIl
WhIile the wclleorne eve)
And the sound of tihe rivi
And the stars shine bril
For my lear t is sadtiened
We paSs in sunshiie or
'Ihiat freuluent roadl-imark
A deserted, desolate miin
A Provincial
Those two rival families repeated on
a small scale the discords of the Mon
tagues and Capulets; only, with due
regard to the civilizration of the times.
instead of spilling blood, they spilled
money. Instead of dead relative:,
there had beenI many lawsuits, Ioing
and entangled; they went to law for
Spite, for resentleitt, for angcr; they
kept at law witi that obstinate delight
in litigationl which is one of the jOyS
of provincial life. As usual, it was
a (111est1ion of Iritles-a-- streaml of wai:it"r
that had taken a wrong dii'r"i' it~
tnruly goat that had leaped frtm t
field of one into the field of the other:
Som1e obscure and st(upid :Otatl.
which, spreading theinselyes under
gr:ound, had disregarded the bounda
ries. I'pon this showered legal dot"u
nents; the lawyers toiled to write in
that style of theirs, the last relic of
barbarous invasions; judgnients were
multiplied; lawsuits grew conplica
ted. The two advocates rubbed their
hands for joy, and, from the apect of
things. were sure of transnittin a
a valuable inheritance those quarrels
to their sons. How the enmity he,
tween the Pasquali and the l)ericc'a
families had been causedtl coulii not be
clearly learned; aflirinations varied on
one and the other side. But it, w\:ts a
deep and declared enmity. Being
neighbors in town and in the cou:11ry,
they frequently met, looking askance
at each other; the wome.n heard mass
in two different churches; if the D:"r:
Ca girls wore blue gowns, the Pas
quali girls at once put on p111k ones;
in the municipal ouincil the P'asqulii
wvere always (onservait ive andc thle
D)ericca, natur ialIly, radical ; that whi i
one did thie ot her woul not have do;me
for a t houisand seniol whler'e one 10w(lnt
thle o1ter dlid not1 appearili. And thlen
Orniess for scandaIll. malaliniy, iin short
all that outf II ii of phasinig Ithings whi,h
takI{e place in plov inc il lownus bet we
two rival famillies. Oni top of a
thIs Carlo, the eldesl son of the P',a;
of the D)ez'lea, thouiighti it best to tall
inl love with each othier.
Love in a snimall toiwna has not much
variety; usually it begins inl childhood.
contIinues amid games of hbl1indman's
bluff, Is apt to maiIfest itself in social
(lancing partieos and roundic galmes, and
Is always ratIfIed biy thle parish priest
and the matyori. Tlhese loves are re'
ognized, superitendled, established,
registered In the household comings
and goings; pr'ottetd by grunmbling
grandfathers and l)y iriest ly unlcles;
loves wvithout nerves, wilthout tears,
wIthout tenider'nessg and fancIes; some(
thing extremely calm and slow, thev
crystallIzatIon of hove. But Carlo
Pasquali had had the in(ompilarale
fortune to i)ass it fort night at Na ples,
which miade him look wilth scorn upon
prVovlinial customns; and Mari D11heri c-a,
at nlgl)t, by feeble lamp, had wept over
I thle hapless hieroine of0 .\lastriai anld
hiad eniviedc themii in thIrO failiaSt ic lie-I
slilns: thereforeI for'li )( ths two iwas re
qired an1 e'xceptiolli l(ovc. F'irst. it
wvas ai fuitlve glance;1' a soft ly no'
miuried word'i, yet hieard wit h siniilar
pier'ceptilonl by her1 whol shioul d hiear
ii; ai carnlationi-lin!k fllen from a hi:l
('(lny by reasonl of the wvind, fi ucure;
tion1 of a rogu.e of a fiIfteen..-yeari-ol
gui who came with a fhtIron to)
smiooth MaIa's linen anud the courIse
(of t i'lle1 love ail I lhe same t ime-a not1 e,
lettei;, and finally thocse voluinioums
epist les of' cthi~ uir tni sheets of no e
patper whi ihI marki thle ihelst Jpointi
of I,hu flliy cf Icovin.
As: Ti*he . in of t y.'u ;I i: ' e cl
wl /rii( f. :iY i 'orr.' ra i y .
ar to Divorce ;
enry At. Wiley.
nited States Department
fgriculture. 2ptg
rease about 90 percent when wolen learn
ng. When that happens this will be the
his side of Arcady or heaven--though I do
.ographical locntion of the latter place, nor
with the nutrients used there.
man like myself who has never married
o speak with authority on such subjects as
lo think that if more attention were paid to
)rdinary menage--if more wives were cap
f the (lolestic machinery intelligent super
retty nearly go out of business.
(I (a cook, that dreaded bugaboo, the "ser
'rs' institute-I used to go to a good many
1iaper on how to keep husbands at home.
lady sitting In one of the back seats arose
lied and interested by what IMrs. Blank has
e experience in this matter of keeping hus
'e perhaps than most of you here present
just one way, one infallible rule, beautiful
application, and that is-FEED THE
If a man comes home to three good meals
well cooked and well served, with a reason
tastes-do you think lie's going to quarrel
The -~~~~~oi
the Hardest
-aham Hood.
oftenl depends upon the point from which
.ting in an easy chair, racking our brains
plan by which we can accomplish the la
ast possible effort, it. sometimes assumes
ions, and we tremllble at the bought of the
confront us. As we approach, however, the
irspectivo produces a ()nspicuolus change in
if the object aimed at, and when we actua'lv
b-day by day ascending higher and higher
should have hesitated at so easy an ascent.
iks in life as it. is with mountain climbing.
e unler way the task becomes a coIlpara
that seemeI so gigantic gradually divisolvo
and easily climbing we suddenly discover
he task has been accomplished, and as we
e with what slight cfiort the work has been
rprise is in.taking the first step. The best
ike it at, once. Few of us are so deeply In
temiitation to work. Most of us need to
the exercise of a little will power, however,
fault, andI by making up our minds to per
lay, whether we want to do or not, we shall
rult a natter tO overcome that spirit of in
so much of the loitering in this world.
Pro blems
lodby HeaIi
Lobert IC Duncan.
b eeed t he hiigh est point of tenmnper
nar ia iermome-tr~y. JIle has accom plished
riQ ordt in closed vessels with a.result
tonus to tie sqiuare inch, and a temper
han iin d201egre-es C. Sir Willilam Crookes
nidietIal reesult. of th is 'x perinment( shoiuild
ilrnmat ion of dIia~imind-that is, if his ca lcula
('ct. On wuor'king over the res5idue of the
her he has recently extract.ed from them
ritahle dliamiionds.
ansnot con' ol the conditions that make for
nderstand thiem. It is, in all likelihood, a
ime whecn the diamiond will have been coni
if 5200 dlegrees C. we have reachedl the lim
On looking hack, we see that every step
ten has iled himn just so far along the p)athi
ite conquest which he Is destined ultimate
ture alone lie has still far to go. We have
that even in thle sun, which is by no means
ls, and( which yet possesses tempieratures
on earth, (lie very elements of matteor lie
forms. Such temnperatuOres are thle (list ant
far hiigher thin th(le slight, ascent to wh ichi
When Wild Animals Lose Fear of Man
I ' . Th'ie fear wild aunimials have of mian
wIlhi seems to leave thiem w hen ot her
11111- dIanmgeis rendei&r them1 helpless. When
teets hi gh wateris cover the hot tom a.l,pg lhe
and Mississippni hear and( dleer anid (Ak ir
Arts wild( ai mals have been k nowvn to seek
I for the highiest poinit and wit h water com..
,tt0. pletel y suriroundin1 g them lose all fear
beeni of mia.n, or at. leatst become i ndif(fe4ent
'iost to his', pesence. Ini some inst anices t hey
hshavue seleed to welcome man's ap
I (ot p roach, su'eminugly feel ig that lhe would(
onal be abl t) o aofer them pr'otection .- -Nash
ii of v~ille America.1
An Unlucky Marriagec.
01r11 ai.: A. l'%or Marie, hierm wed
y weeping, of long, long love main
:ained alive by dissensions, the aspect
>f things changed. There was a wor
ttly person-there -"" --- -who
with many effort. per
uadled the paren law
suits they were 1 , and
mncl of it, as wi advo
;"ates who had gr, e ex
pense of their ei( 3 two.
y'oung; 1eople0 wer ,VOuld
"o into a decIln that
tiiWar('(tl love; th side
by si(ir, anld the tols;
('hrist for:.1 e and they must forgive,
if they wited to find ftI'givenless. le
said so miuch, and so many other per
sons, imoel by the examtple, inter
posed, that the (iest10 S came to a
comnpromise wvhi("h had, as its first
chapter, the marriago of Carlo and
Here surely every one will suppose.
that the young people wvere greatly
consoled, and will suppose truly
but my obligation as a sincere story
teller constrains 11e to say that in their
first free colloqtuy reigned a great em
)arrassment. They were aecustomed
to see each other at a distance, by
stealth; to speak from a first floor
indow down to the street, in the
larkness, disguising or smothering
heir voices: they fo'in(d themselves
luite differelt, perhaps a little ridicu
ous; they had no subjects of conver
sation. they were often silent, hasten
ing their thoughts Jhe 110111 when they
>houl(l quit each other. TIhere were no
more imprecations and tears to be
tingled WW'ith the ink; they no longer
wrote to each other. Everything was
fr'ee, smooth, easy for their affection;
hey WCr.e not Obligetd to think of sub
let ies by which to evade the vigilance
)f their elers; they took 11o more
pleasuro ini 1111l'mituing a few words
in S(''1et; they a1?do 11O more ldaling
'0.i"-t$ for the fture. They would be
n(rIied tiOs'tai Illy. without. obsta
-l like ', ina y 0 t' :lher silly ('oultples.
Ile to nxII.flkIic I' lIo nier took thoumght
> I h("m;1 t he wVonder ma1( (i1h (omment.s
1h. nmarri:l I( on("- overi, Carlo and
ar:' no limie:' Itwvok;e at teot ion; were
"(, lon:,(r t:alked abou(t: their be
,vior' was nlote:1 i) lio;e: they ceased
. i0' poitd'.tc oult :s1 anl example of
delty. Now all cyes v;e"(' fixed upon
he wife (if the preto', who was ac
its(,d] of too great imrtiality for the
rice-at01'ly-a srlioltS pi:cC of bu)si
The t w. I iseives for
aken; a ar'o5e betwoen
111e1. C; the virtues of
his flian"( s which shone
in her I iimtmed by the
itmlosph ai'i: frequently
1thought (s rather coni
Imonplat s. and that to
?:nd, wi rriage, so tern
'est toin unworthy of a
ender A few lively re
narks passeu ,,., en them in re
.nrid to "illusions contradicted by the
'011lity,'' about ")ir'ages," "optical de
usions," and similar pin-pricks; a
iua1rrel ensued, then two, lhein Ihey
)('ame a daily oeCnrren:'e. One even
ng a aria sai(1 with an i1'itated tone:
"Carl'o, let us leave it oft'."
"I.et us,'' lie rel:tild withbout hesit a
Anid the next day3 11e t8t oiff on a
'ld : Mlaria wenlt, to Naples, to tile
i(iiusi ofi a oin)51, I a fishl fori a herc(ie'
g (Outt; Aaria's fatheroi limd an openi
iuik(ed his iiihbior's urityardi; theJ
atter1, in ordler1( to annoty himi, built a
love-iect" of wlhch tihe dov'e ranl atiiit
m;'its begaln ag,ain, andi t his time, th:e
lilvocates' said. silingii, withbot. lope
I'an siate by( 13 E. Cavazza 101' Shor)t
Shortage of British Army Officers.
'Thel shottage oh'flry offiCer's is, of
'ourse0, less thani it. was owinlg 1(1 the
litrIoducItion1 of thle prIobaittionary sys.
em1, bu1t. thiis is 1101. brmlingin1g thle light
nen1 inito the ser'vice-thet professlonalI
lasses who wouldl enter1 tile army1 with
1he ttion101 of mtai.nlg thle ser'vice I
CI'carer. Thie un 1certtinly3 that exists
is to what. Is going to happen)1 to) any
Inritic'uilar r'egimen011t or to the ar1my' as
L whiole, thle meaeness o5;(f payI3 and
lie 11ea vy' exi)penses st 01) t hese 111en
romi thiiink i.ng ofli th 5''ic asIO 1 a plo
eSsion.i Thle Wart O)iPi' has goit (lit
>f toneh1 wtih the armyli altogether',
11n( thle continiual t ba in.; of dril 1001k
i' hallast'' are to a .r.eat ixten:t re-"
ons dtO;IisIi
v it '.I ii
ateu l'ffai. T
Irs e pene' bu.i
pure and white
to tile similier sky,
"uing Iigntt
lowly oy,
unt:tlil side,
1(:rei till hlope had dlied.
tl1l l wats nitale,
.Ik-0 ''1 a iititli'r night,
ly t, .,((t aidn swiayed
At I' :(t11l til'eligitt,
u.a the :tur,
iln :ndt out
tl,lu :!lttt (1.111,
(I in i,op' aiul doubt.
11soniet I:Irstt'tni hlonle,
s W (stclin t"!ltne.
H11.1 l ait (lun,t.
o: somlt' tiit 1411y sign,
gil tih'e 'alyoll titell,
- night houts drtirIr;
ts 1t so tly cr'"el,
to is ki1i:j chier.
hiil (t1tmle' le'lor'e
( li1vs to eotlle
iti( i -t.rt',
lt -: sure hioim;
il is told
-st on e;lUth to gain,
with shinling golh.
oil lin vaill.
c" cnlnp-tir"e glow,
inig ineal is spread,
' (omes soft and low;
Itttly overhe:ad;
h:Kly by. elit y
t} y a ripp>ing r'atn,
1110n 01ul waly,
ntg cilinl.
-Denver Reipublican.
Family Feud
ternal wrath, clbitteled by eleven
law\suits, fell upon the heads of the
i:oor lovers. The balcotly windows
wvre c"losed, the bolts were fastened
onl the te'rrace door. the earnationl i;so h uhwr ollel \:l
pinks tin the4 butsh1 were' (ounite4d, w k
weet' fo11tldll o1 at least made with
'tit ei ous'VIO notice, the hout of go.
:Im. to mass v'aried( eaah 'itnd(ay---:u;I
th-e two (omlltuted to ilv( ea1'h Ihr.
I;.:u'ia exholrta:ions. l)r(ohihl:i,l .
' lti: . availed only it:. intlamnlt
ih! ir l o e: at nitht t, in the win ':r.
'.itrin arose, dressed herseI', wraipled
it t'if inl a im':, an in slipr
n -thated breath, Irentbilng for 1ea.:(
ih s-nded the stairs to at wrindo\ :,f
It uirst floor; the young friends was
in the street, leaning a-:minst the wall.
So they talked for two or three hours,
without caring for the cold, the rain
or the loss of sleep; they talked with
out seeing each other. fram a distanci '
of live meters of altittide, becoming
si lent at ever'y sotund of al 3.asser, theln
cautiously resuiing their (disroirse,
with the continual fear that Maria's
r'arent:; might arouse and find her in
that aerial collouiny. But wihat di(d
it all Iattcr to then? Th'y had,
within their hearts, sunshine, light,
sprinlgt ime. ecurtlage, cunthusixiasmi; if
i the :ing had comlie, they would Ito;
!:have mov\'ed. Insltead. tle )r'oterlil of
MIaria, one ni -ht when he cotld not 0
sl eep). airose from his hxed and found14
tile door ajar, went .down the stairs,
heard0 a mulrmlur, and caught his siste r1
in the act: he unceremoniously barr,d
the shutters in the face of Carlo, ga -(
\l arial~ a reOsounld ing biox til thle t'ari,
".nad brtoughlt her to her' r'oomi. Next
mornini g the smiall wvindo w on the Iir1st
loor a' VsWI wlied iip.
O, all ye faith ful loveis, who grieve
antidi the pai;ns ci thwarted4j love,im..
ituf tie (0e14pair i of thoise Iwo' lheit
letterIv.- re not ll) ongr' leAile. for
tear1 .s hi:t'- t111he w4ordls; r'ows ofi x
nt~ion l:linlts, that look:ed lik.
I' lul-ianl sbdie:'; utndr arm'si. ll ow
ed the daly.\ imprlle(-.itionos against 144
110nal beings intclaable- ci i'esttii
Ithemi; it tho(t~uad Ianutatlic plans
we're cr'ealed, ditsenIsOd aIl thlen r'e
je ted. Car'lo wonh ht iave l!iked'1 to
elope0 withi Maria, but lhis fat heir al
i(owed him noI mon fliey, and1 it wVoulId
hiave beeni difficulit to put1 t ogethler' thle
nin le Iirie and1( fifty fenltesi ml fori two
icket s for the journey to Naiples ; they
thiouIght for a mioment oif suicide, but
found thatL it old not solv'e the dir
fictu!ty'. Then, in tile long run, their
love becnme systema-it ic, thie I impreen
t Iions wer'e al Iways (lie saime, antd they
('ould( not go to (the11 bed(s withlotut hav
inhg "pouIred foi'rith i upon the fa ithIiful
pa per thle fullIiness oif thieli' grief."' In
Ihe town nlothintg was tatlked of hut
thir unshai ixi~kable love itnd( t.hei r t or-'
mlenlts; they wer'e (lhe objects oif geti
lte townv'sfolk1 took him tol(( see (lie
rins P of the amiiphi thbeat,re ainil relat ed
the( ('ase' of C.ar'lo and Alar iia. T1here
foref the yoting Peopile, IIh:tlti'ed in t heirI
air1, .never miling, al ways talkIng to
her'i girl frinds ab4411 lh-r jioy!ess days4,
fone of Maustrian: ii's her1oltes. Car ilo
tok lonely wailks, was uel.ways deetply
dep'lre'ssedi; ait baill s he('i ever' miovedi
(11t (if a cornier. conilent thalt Ihey mur-1i
mur1 etdI around i.m:ii "'I>OOr younhig muan
Ithat tinflorltuntt love a.ffaii 51addensi
his life! '' Iio ciet y, at. small festi vi
lIeIs, ilt visits, with th e ilnweatryinlg
mioniotony of' th1>ovj ine, L.he diIs'oursel
thle tw loi (a . ''1:.*o an id .\aia b 1ro
* I1 ' 404 ilt Al itruoggle, of e8aI.

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