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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, April 11, 1907, Image 6

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Pickens Seninel-Journa
he TSentinel-Journal Company.
J. t. U. THofIpjON. EunTon.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Bates Reasonable.
tered at PickOe F.etofioe as Second Olass
Mail Matter
Another Kqutuoky county has
gone dry. That means more whisky
for export.
Texas newspapers are filled with
obituary notices of the Texas gam
bling habit.
1o, dear Carrie Jane, yo" -
go riding t'. must not
. .--vaaprOdb1 In allntto
wngRh a mawho is ble u cau r
*eur. It ist ltihtiti to etidaNet the
lives of th6 bblic.-dhadR ston
Newa and Courier
'M ears are 1tiM K. 'that I can
t hear thy voice. My eyes are
dim, so that I cannot see thy tokens.
Thou alone canst quicken my hear
jug and purge my sight and cleanst
and renew my heart."- [John Henry
A farmer n-ar Paris, Texas, ob
served a flock of blackbirds hopping
around lively on his place, devouring
something. Concluding to see wha
they were eating he tired into theu
and killed nine. He opeued thei
craws and found them filled will
boll werrc,
President W. W. Fnley, of th
SJutbern railway, in his talk a
Green;sboro, N. U., recently, said tht
the in terests of t raih%%ay and of ti
people dependent on it are so con
pletelv identical that, legislut.ion in
imical to the railroada is also inimlie
to the interests of the people. -
took a broad, economic view of ti
t -ittri tationl prol)elm, and Sai
that the idea Of Capitalization bi
been exaggerated in the public mi1,
Anderruin is getting to be quite
convention city. Seven are to I
held there in the course of the tie:
two or throc; months. The Trtve
ers' Protitine association, May 9-1,
Grand Lodge of the Knights<
Pythias. als'o in Mav; Firemen's B
nevolent alssociation, inl J 1)ne; Sout
Carolinal association, .July 3--4- Sal'
da Baptist association, and the Pret
byterian synodl of South Craolina.
King Ed ward VII. is said to ho
firm believer in union labor. Wheu
he was yet the Prince of WVales t
frequently showed his symopathy wit
L.. > cause of unionism. Since he bU
eame king he has allowed no work I
be performed for his household the
is not done by union labor, and la
has informed the lord chamberlain
any case was brought to his nlotice
any firm serving the royal househol
declining to recognize trades uniori
and pay the un.on scale lho shoul
take stops att onIce to have them do e
or to transfer the royal househol
business to firms that weore fair
union labor.
D)eclaring that ho adheres to h:
opinion that Thaw is insane, Mi
Jerome said a esterdaty that if thI
prisoner should be adjuidged sant
"he wvould have to proceed with tL
trial and prees for con viction withb a
the power at his commrand." Pe
haps so, but how miuch "power'' wi
be ''at the commnand" of a prosca
ing OtliCer wh'lo siincerely believes t
prisoner IIt the bar tO o bea o
irrespolnsibl 1)0unnatic? If M\Ir. ,Jeromu
is hu man he can not "'press" hard fo
cionviction,. ft seems) that it is tr
Jeome'sflO clear duty to the people o
Now~ Yoirk to withbrawt~ fromFf thi
Thaw caise and( leave coniduct of lh<
prosecution to compe jtenIit hantde
- [Charleston News.
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1 ) _ _ _ _ce b .
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I)o O
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9 - I
d Geo. Wingfield, the young million- 'out into the corridor the otlI
0 a&re of Goldfield, Nov., went to that and call one IgouIdoviei Daldag
<1 section ten years ago, a youth of 18. to come into court. lHe trie
SHe located a few claims but wasR too times and then wished to resi
po- r to work them, so he leased he was encouraged to persev,
most of the pro~ptrty to others. succf eded(, tot the great joy ol
These men struck it r'ich anud Wing- ter ssted bench and bar'.
field was a made man so far as isWIOaoktob
moe os blood C hootow mnai lon, with
(3 Many yearsIV ago D)anu Wi Lord, Jru., eduIcation), and)E wort.h $100
lI as he al ways signe, I his namlii', t hen her ownl right, who ann touni
r- one of (te sinin~ ligh ts of thetr in'1 she wod ld raother devYoLOteoh
II New York, was arguing a cae beforo, works of charity than tot
0 thmecouirt of appe.als, whena a contry~ matrimony.
0 lawyer asked 'harles ()'Connor' the '
,ramto of the gentlenu who was ' A cartd
(9paig -ht, adOCno This is to certify that all dirug
r w h a s . r 'at no t le I0 O o th i o ' la u tlho ri z e d to ro t f ',( I I' 1 n
-. Lord had said, "that, sit, is Daniel congh 0or cold. It 5lips th
fLord, Jr., and hto puts tIho ''uior heas hehg anid preventts ser
after Ihi namie so th at het may miot be and pr evenits poemna tinitia an md a
zmisataken for the Almatighity." '' on.- . ContaUin o oPiates. Til
The crier of the San FranIcisco) stituites. Patrkins) Pha1 Z~ray, ]
Unite-1 States circuit coutrt hadl to go anid Pickenis D)rug Co.
-c amojy..cC
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" "~kill the -- Mnb
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I At~~. oi -eJr r
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