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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, April 11, 1907, Image 7

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your C.itire s
your stomach
It is the bes
and Spring T
the market, w
bottle, 3 for 2
) Pickens
Health of this coiltuuuity is vor
good at 1Iesent.
The we 1ti1(r ix quite roulg ft
this season of the year. I thin]
April hats changed its weather buremt
with Mairch.
Born, to Air. and Mra. EIwtr,
Hendrick.,, on t1e 1st inst , a fli.
It's April, and ear -pauntin;g is t1
order ofI Ill.. iIb1v.
I ~~~ r1S. br 11 1;e! M. Single11toui,t
l'eters Cr'ei N> C i1111, 111114 t'veen visi
ing he1 dauiul"r, 1r.. McFall B
her, neatr I)enuh1;;,1.
to a ice11 1 A r . >yi11 , a w loh Ii ug
th m1e.
From 111: l1, 1 of ing, I t1ii,
the w"edditg bt"ll:; will soo11 be ri1;
Ml rs. '. lbs viri ed tt, Ali
The wt1 ill b1' e a lurishing Sund(
P.chootl aI t. ltiLTor huirch thi
F. WV. hIiigihed' & Sons) arIe dloin
a1 flouriishing baujiness at this pa
ters, MI ses Eva andt hel10, spen
Sun iday at .\le. W (C.'irioir's.
Mr. Ol 1le Trntee apd sisterl, Mist
lAilli(', visaited at. Mrt J haJn 3 L '
MUiss LuluI L loper visited Mist
B3erta Traia,um, .Suniday.
i. Nettiu Hogsheni Ivisited Misi
LulIa Looper on the 24h al ot.
Mr. H-enr'y L inue bouigot a fin
mule last week.
arge collection of p)ost card.4t, 39.
Bno wN En:s.
Mrs. A Itlerson) has1 beena very sich
but is now t'etter.
Mrs. Or flin is visiting friends an,
relativYes at Bolton.
.JaIck Neighbors11 hie )siZ purha:ed
top) buiggy, prolt)Iy to takhe her1 it
' pared1 to trea
re-. t.d a niea
dIweling ilnI10 thi se e ill.
Mr. Da)a Aejunki, hIas pur1ch-we,
)icO fainI wtork.
We havet~ a town withliotut a nam
in) ihn T:tble M iai 11)n,ctionR. Ali
Orifini n-unles hois placeQ I'overty l-1i
whilo Mr. If[eaton d,b hda iis domtai'
Starvation Trolnow.
. td up
y: tein, especially
by using
't Biood Purifier
onic ever put on
e believe. $[ a
Drug Co.
le The Best."
Amended Summons for Relief.
Cot plaint Not S. rved.
Pickeus, County
Cinrt of ('o-mon Pleas.
John FrguIon am tru'Le (of .T.o. \1
Forguasn )iitIhi ehi btin .ainie4 M.
1(r'nliM , Avat L. Li k<, Atiguts 11": 1).
F. r'g..tOtn, %-annte" It. 1"'s, (tt.o . ))tl
e itlio' .t. Fe"rgusoll 1111 .1olt F, rgn.
Hou, J., tnd .11tlmest Forg oi)t
JOhn Ferguson, Buuj. F. Finlg, J. W.
Cagle, H. C. Markt"t'e"y, T. It. Whl't
n1 o 1r(', .W . 1t. F t"a'an'tl, . -:. P1. \1il, I,
Toie. F i ley andtl hel- Natti "nastl ltai k
Of Gi U )tvilb-. , at (: .rpor'.ti In, 1. T
ti: arn(1, '1. M 1. 1err .n i, 1. t For..
( wo , J m"1111e a it i I ?,.-Ou, n .:')4l1 I ..r
t;ttw tt,, Henry G' o.t.i"y F,) r '.". u, 11ll.
ti' }e grt " i n. .:nitt I bti lt' . A.ti"'
WVord1latW , Jamtlnes .\. ( rn . I ", Avst
Lt Lint, , ut .:ns3', . 1i). F .rgt - .t
14 .1 -l llt. Fer gni s.I . .i F. \, .
;_ n.tt Jl -., \.l tt.'t J1. WVth i:. i t l ;it .
v 'tt..'Itiu"'2. . l:l. 1907t.", :'. .
A tn . J , 1. , t.. P.
To the Def (d lts ow:lu t t m:.11-..".1
Ytiu o ,rter "I sm11I1um 40 sttt.l r''
qutm.tl t." :'ns. r th.i . .,t'l.mutt -- silai tt
m 11 1 t 1.' w ite :. i:; th:- d y 1 I ..
the oflie of :hu 1 i ' k OfI u. lm1 t'r lfl,<
101 n ('ounIlty, 1 i)io .(lrre I. '1 ,f \)1r1"
11Aswer to th.' t;ut t:oml l t.. l tost, bl
t;t.r1ther i at.hiS, tlit",'at Pl(;tl.. 4, G.,ttw t.
'in tweV01ty I yy tlf,:.ie thoe or Ithe r.,e.f
exoclu-o f e of uof I'ne0 fo sPrioeiti
cf outy on tonrthe 2( t sopi 1ut wi
Dated Ap P.2d. A. D. 1907
Pff's Atty,
Rocky MountaWin Ta .LNk.gAgts
t AD Feruson Medin for Busy.Proulo.
ting .lde he;t a d Henewed Viego..
A Takedo norice tat thel amndedn sum-r
mond Kindy ro.mpea. Phpe,Ezra.m in ureabv aed
clo ase werea: th offgiuc Bofes theoalrk
conty ion .he. 2d Rocy otAi r, I9')7.
set.for, 3 cct8 bo. P.nn aey
IILI'sa Plp OPAY aIsni's t.
Brings Goldenath and Renedior.~~~I
A ipeeifpc for C.onst;it. Inigetion:. Liver
tlood. uanHti , lup als 1, owesi, HeadacheiV
3and( Backache. Its Rocky~ MontinTe tb
We he nde. I)inne unicant
Finnn g ayr, 1907. ic an Con.
Clerk's Sale
Couny of ticle,s.
In C. :..on .' ! . "
In i tr-uance of a deleore"tal order made
itn ih" followin.u namn,.e;d ee and on file
-11 tih. cle"rk 8 "ttlee, I " ill ;e1l1 to the
hi-igh. la b duir durittg ih. I g-t Iti urs for
s tie n. I-tc!'t, s t'ourt lieu e S -utle Car
S . L,EruAY 1.4 !AY l907,
-- folowng delt"" ited real , stat, upu
t he to as het etiu lt.r ltetsttied to w:t:
'T 1 Bive a Plaintiff,
Joe Hendricks et. al , Defendants.
All t.hat pi."'e par cel or tract of land
ly:tg and being Situate in the- R'ate and
comnty abto writteu in Pickenus town.
ship on the wattre of Twelve tiile River
otntaining (M'%) aIce s more or I. 4, it be.
mng it part of the a harley Prince place
and deeded to Joe Hendricks by T. L.
Bivents July 21st 1105.
Terns, ('ash un day of' sale. Pur
chaser mtust coinp'y with terms within
ott hour or the p renis-"a will be te.old
in 14anse dlay. Purchater to pay for pa
pers atnd the recorling of sa.e.
A. J BOUGS, (;seal]
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
Count.) of Picket a.
I1 Comnimon Peah COurt.
In putsuance of a decretal ord""r mide
in the following tame"d cae "fand on flle
in the ciork'm o.filic-, I will . "II to lite
hig:he"st hidder ouring the legal hours
for sale at Picke,;- Court. House-, S -n Ih
Carolina on
The following destcritted ret -stte. np.-n
the- terms here naftor me" hineol towi" .
J. H. Adats. Plaintitf,
Amanda Williams. ..t. s"l.: D,.fe.n at R .
All that cert".' pIit c. ,t"-rNil t r t r~er
of land 1,1 il Counmy If 1c ea - .imt t I e
slati aforesuid,. ad.lj iei t I io. otf J ..er
Li vrence. Noah .M -or-. S mi i ii.-:
"ototl (o' hers. c",ntuia inm; w o ih ed at,d1
i e,tteen cert, anore r-r 1: a.
TIrrl . e'ash on trt t f tale. Iem.
chaser ln4 tnmt ivy wit h I. rim,-i wt un
t"ne h< ur'Il or 1t,pn is s w% i h.-1 "- ..M
fil s tune"l dly. Il eh S -:- t" 1i t I. r Ii
Ii-rs an 1 t he rec. r,iit if sa,i..
A. J. 1 -it; . [si ., I
T'iey II-.a.- V.st ("mm 4.ma,,t
Sned by ill who uea. (:hatthebe'r.i'~
.ita ah ,tittd L,v r 'altet-, ancd the1
h1tai'thy ce<hitiein of tht lady tand smind
whiel I hey e-at,e tul,l cm< on: ~s el joyInt.
Pi'tcs 25 e' ,t}.. Samph-l. free .at Pick
:s Drmi, e .
l. . HA;Rk\II,
anyn & D
term t1y Loc d n ,ibe
it ail 5Ineiis Ii hits oni i I,(.'
W~, ihmil to.od ~t-th .t-- i ot, he
ihiurumngi ' N a.,.; iezi I ji3
cann.t he. p,-rml'.-5et ])ip.ett i( )n
W~mitou tt rojir a11)44 a.., ' i'
IeItit e.I tlili
of iho tQ('.hI
.A N 11 0.1" -T
Il ng\ tchiint'}=)
Call at our S .e and hear the specially
Instrumental Mus: .. Songs, Stories. Recitati
is the tes, oflert Von buy only the Rec
As. a home enti rtainer it las no equal.
brought right to our fireside to wihile awa'
t+itioua at d sougt. You may wish to learn i
you have than one 'f those P. erless aingors
if need be. Thn possibilities of this wonder
"iu setnent are eti+ees.
This Graphophone represen
ments of the largest and best equ
dustries in the world. Therefor
prise and delight the most exacti
The equipment consists of a
large amplifying bell,
Detachable horn supporting
Aluminum swinging arm
Noiseless and perfectly consi
An adjustable speed screw
Oil tempered bearings that v
Indestructable Natural Tone
Incased n handsomely finish
One Standard Talking Machine,
Flower, Hor., to every custom
Purchases amt,unt to
See and ie:ar this wonderful
easil y ) Ci obtai n one.
ar t e nl :4...o.r fo Sprin
We ar om hndso e an
opemng. h., ( hyIi\c'j
~l(Lth ~il\1 . ..roth prn
r Offer.
ilking and Sing
preparid Records of Bands and other
ons, etc., and assure yourself that this
The best talent in the country it
'he long evenings with comical reci
i song and what better instructor car
to phrase a song over and over agaii
'ful little machiue for instruction and.
is one of the latest achieve
ipped Talking Machine in.
its reproduction will sur
ig listener.
i 6-in enamel steel horn with
ructed motor
vill last a lifetime
Sound Box, etc.,
ed quartered oak cabinet.
with handsome
1r whose cash
instrument and learn how
1st a rr ved irom the train and
and Summrn styles.
d. nobby effects. Ic at ta;
iCh iIdt

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