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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, April 11, 1907, Image 9

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For the past :
Our stock is larg<
tions, Clothing, S
The handsomest line we
pecially strong, everything in u
as, Mohairs, Eolienes, Worsted
to see the line of Pannama clot
3y1c and 4oc the yard.
Our white goods can't be
mgs I5c to 5oc the yard.
Linens, Lawns, Persians, 1I
Large assortment of Lace,
Dry Goods are advancing
the advance in price and will g
Big shipments being recei,
Spring suit till our stock is brc
Sole agents to
Sewing Machine:
Shoes. All winn
(all ftor B3utter
-- y ~ ~ w - ...-. -- ... -- a I
Nat ure.
Sli; ]ie et isl .:nl a visit ttf
frici.d1s ini (Grfen1vilc.
irs. 1,it tie McClesk y is speOnd1ing
a w~eek wit h relat ives in P'iedmuonit.
Mrs. C. If. Alex'tndcer has goneo on
aI monltV S visit to reliatives ini Bi r.
mninghamz, A a.
Mr' and9( Mrs. TI. J1. M auldin spen,t
a p)ort.ion of this we'ek withi friends
and rlatives in Gireen viille.
The) Pickens D)rog C.o. areo handling
cabbaigo plants anId have a1 new3i khip
ment just received b.y expreCss.
Mrs WV B. WVortz, who has beeni
on a visit to her brother, WV. A.
Bruce, in Picken0, has i'retnd to
ther homoe in Greenville. .
Mr. Jas. P. Carey was taken ill
Wednesday night, 3ld inst , and for
everal (days he has been onifined1 to
huis room and under the care of a
physician, but is alo to be up again.
to the delight of his many friends.
Car each of moulding, casing, coil
ing, flooring, lath, corner and plynth
blocks, etc , on hand. Above is of
Georgia jine and in stock, anid I am
ready to fill all of yonr wants in the
builder's line. Warhonslo at old
Beniding factory. B. E. (itANDY'.
Capt. WhViing, the old-timo see
tioni master onl theL,Picken,s road, has
recovered fromi bis r'ecent ver(ver
uilts.idoJ of
ulJy Sleeps
Thore wvill be an old tim pi1ni 1 at11 II
the plenasant a,nd hospitable 11ome of
M ~r. and M~rs II[. 11. Lynch on theo
mradIe 1by ~in teesting speak~er's. H om lg
tho miost boian tilfu l Oto a piCnIic
in the up[-counitry, all are ulrged to
come and bring weln fnid ba-kc..
m[onth we have b(
r aid better selec
hcoes, Hats and Ge
have ever shown, in black g<
lack and fancy Voils, Cassimer,
s, Crepe De C and Henriettas.
we are showting in all colors,
;urpassed-everything in merce
ainsooks, plain and mereerized
; and Embroideries all grade a
daily but our entire stock was b
o at the old prices.
ied almost daily. Don't put off
..QE V,
rr M" itechell Wvr a om_.,
1, Horse Shoe ClotI
I t nit oeii in Pi _i.:t;is, Tue. day
9th inst
ll)r, on the ]St inSt., to M1r. an'
11I1$ W. 0. Maurtin, t f 1:I,sha, 1I. D)
5, i girl.
I). n't 1' ig t. to gI out t-, the tit.)r
rtaiie nt. ''riltny night. Ade1tstini
only 1" Ianl 15 eeiri.
.John Thoiraley', whoie has) bieen with
vileu. Tenni., is iat hjome for u wi.hi
?siogs attended. 1~~the thUd gie a
O)lemnl n th Ile evenIin g of t he 5t,
issi Sara lleed huas resigued her
pos8it.ion with Cratig BroK., anud will
retur toii ter et oe in W~alhalla in ii
few days.
Mitsses Josie anud E'ssio lCarle at..
tenided tlte lIoyal VeetiLan concert
given in the Clemson college audito -
rium i Saturday n ight .
T1he Liberty TLownshlip Singing
ACsociation) will mteet. with Flat Ritck
church the seconid Sund1ay in April.
Everybody Invited to brirng song
boo ks.
Every l'ody who can should patron -
i'ze the Danughtoes' etertailinment
F?ridaly evenling. BeslLides8 being we(ll
enitertalinedl for nearlyv two hours y'ou
w eill beU hling onl a go od caus1e.
TIhe Pickens D)rug (Co. lhatve recent
Iy refitted1 upj t heir stor.i withi the
snilent salcanmn"ii Ishow(I caes, anid
their goods5CI are) ow dsp~laede to sin
extra ad van taige. I )r. liIhunI is
nothing if niot U eterrising. io hast
Llsti n( (ndtii isC tlwn Ot)u.
;en receiving dai
ted than ever befi
nt's Furnishing C
S! All thv
$6.oo, Su
)ods we are pants, 50c
s, Pannam- brated Hor
Don't fail the money.
36 to 40 in.
rized waist Our sl
sell the bes
Batiste at all for te w
for men, w,
i. good as thi
t .all prices Furnit
ought before lots, it is ai
cent on wv(
Harness at
take ten tih
buying your you money
always get
, Chase City Bug
Eimg , Hiawes 3 .I
Ula't .h-'re loo~per l:ha bi n
i't his w
T a ylf-11 is th}e <h fI t hI e f, " ion
matl)y r of PIirk("IS. Thw pill, 11t1
at 9 a inl. awd clotei( at 3 p. mit
to the polls Icuid vote for t4(e pen'.
of yUrII e"cboice, regtarld:. of.i nh
fri()(8 or" ('e ille "s . y.
Mi rs. K L. Carei oan 1i.. i I- th
a f the editor for a a'ret ini I e tt
fE lottuace', itd i.hes a' a ud' st rat" hi
--alI 'ha meh.4gronu"ii' from, h)er woa
Igirat han ad for an e arly ardIen, but
Ahe has ex'eIll haer-aelf thuis ' ar'.
inag at haisiCi range g4rove n)ear Jiack
hUonville, Fla.1, enme1)4 to I 'mktiea, Sat
unrlav,. for his aatuunal inuammer 4uLingi~
Mr ,. Felloo is~ one of thea regulvar n visit
ora to l'ickenas, and( eacih y, ar only3
adds to hi R enithusiastui of our tow'..
Mr. A. J. Bat'-4s wasN called to su
his father last week on acecount of
the latter''s inafiraruties He bieides
sufI'ering the inafirmiaities oif iaga, hias
the aadded tiuiforztunae of he ing bl'nd,
to at (d4 ree'; butI h)is frienads hopt
thia silhlion jaill noiI t be per mlanenoft.
Dr, Lj 0. Maublii is giving himu
eveR y' id and attteuIitioui thait his skill
Prgan for thie enItertLiia(nent to be
given lay the D)iaghters af thie Cuunf'd.
riacy in (l.he choo'l aihltinmu iin the~
(eeng af thet I'3th insatat, cooniena(ing
a it 8:30 o'clItet.
I 'horuis--Di xie,
Insatrumetali, m)usiie-\u-y~ala'Ind y
iaig, Se.lecd, b iy 31lis.. ( )l v
ChoruI isTe I~ So .ter iil.
GI. : a wyr
Muii by M31ess(ers~ i- Paron..
ih-'a-Una~, a.electedt, by 31r . eu
Musi byv .\b-sars ';&isonse.
Mus-lat''ic avcal vsy, by M~ 1 a I heirry
andt helr gearts-.
XcAmissqion l5p. (ahibiren 1.
ly large shiprne
)re. OLr stock o:
-oods is the large
latest styles and pattern, suit
its for youths $2.00 to $12.00.
to $6. Odd coats, 25C to $5.
se Shoe brand of clothing the
ioe trade increases every year
t shoes that money can buy.
amen and children. Rememb
a Battle Axe, Godman, Zeigler
ure, Stoves, Ranges, Buggies,
1 easy matter. It is an easy i
ry piece of furniture you buy.
rare, of every description, Se
d Saddlery. Anything, every
nes the space we have to tell y
on, but come to see us and be
the best merchandise manufac
gies, Iron King k
ats, Boyden, WTa
FoIhe Nx
[ i t o the Nombeact
Other bleachings 1ydl.
Riverside checks, 7c.
Danville checks, 6c.
Other Dry Goods at pri
have just received a shipmen
line con, plete and we maket
inspect these goods.
We are still offering b)ar
your eyes.
'Vomen's good every d&
Meni's shoes from $1 up
Nice line of Oxfords for
(i.t insp)ct our line and if
cli strue, (don't buyofs
WVe have a nice neCw lot
the letest style on which we<
Iiring us your prod(uce
get top) prices for it.
D)ealer in General Me,.h
uts of new goods.
E Dress Goods, No
st ever brought to
s for children, all sizes, 75c t.
Suits from $3 to $20. Extrat
We are sole agents for the cele
best fitting clothes on earth for
3!! SHOES!!!
because it is a known fact that we
Oxfords in all colors at all prices
!r that there are none quite so.
Walkover and Boyden.
Surries and Wagons in car load
Latter for us to save you o per
sing Machines, Belting, Trunks;
thing, with prices right. It would
ou of half the things we can sav
convinced that at this store yom
tured for the money.
toves, New Iomne
,kover and Zeigler
Two W\eeks we(~
ung at roc.
wide, 5c to 9C.
ces in prop)ortion to these. WXe
t of D)ry Goods that makes Ot
he prices right. Come in and
gains in this line that will open~
.y wvear shoes at 75c to-$i.
everyb)ody. All we ask of yon~
eC cannot show you that wvhat m.
of lady's hats ready triimed
:anl save you $2 to $3 on
-anything you have to sel
mtdise. Furnhin uc m. Ste, e.

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