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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pick,n", S. C., ae second clasM matt, r, umidr act of Congroesa of March 3, 1M7S.
For Thin,
Poor Blood
You can trust a medicine
tested 60 years! Sixty years (
of experience, think of that I
Experience with Ayer's Sar
saparilla; the original Sarsa
parilla; the Sarsaparilla the
doctors endorse for thin blood,
weak nerves, general debility.
tilt evel1 this grand old mediclte cannot do
It., liast v0rk If the liver is Inactive and tihe f
lmw e stjiiptei lor tho best tossie ro I
suils, you should take laxative doses of Ayor-s I
Pils whie takin,g the Sarsaparila.
Mado b, ..0. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass.
Also atanufeoturore or
Wo have no asorots i We publish
tho formulas of all our modioines.
The Booms.
Boom, boom, boom!
Listen to the bumping of the boom- I
Fairbanks bsom. J
How it slips along the way, h
Like an iceberg cold and gray
From a crisp antarctic day c
In its boom. t
Hear the boomlet smooth and true
Of good Mister Cortelyou
Lovelv boom!
How it cortels in its joy,
Like a blithesome, happy boy
With a brand-new painted toy,
Blue and red,
As it speeds into the gloom t
Straight ahead!
Boom, boom, bo')m!
Like a splendid new made broom,
Sweeps the boom of 1r. Knox.
How it-shak.s its gory locks!
How it cultivateH its voX,
High and clear!
How it hustles through the sky,
And goes honking, honking high
Through the flume,
To the looming, rheurning, booming
See the ever-pluming plume
Of the ever-booming boom, t
Fore and aft,
That belong, as we assume,
Unto Taft.
With what majesty it glides!
How it slides!
How it rings with awful sound
On its lofty crrand botund, o
Pulling roots u1p by the pound; d
How it strides
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by r<
Kidney Trouble. a
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dlis
courages and lessens ambition: beauty, vigor C
and cheerfulness soon
* disappear when the kid
neys are out of order U
--or discased.
Kidney trouble hlas
- become so prevalent (
that it is not uncommon
- - for a child to be born
afflicted wvith weak k;id
neys. if the child urin-t
--. -. ates too often, if the
urine scalds the flcsh or If, when the chil.!I
reaches an age when it should be able to I,
control the passage, It is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the fir::t
siep should be towards the treatment of
these Important organs. This uinplea:nant
trouble Is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as.
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis-a
erabie with kidney and bladder trouble, v
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediste effect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized, It is sold '
by druggists, in fifty-- ^
cent and one dollar- .
sizes. You may have a, . IIf; *,,, E1 9l r
sample bottle by mail , '*"!" a
Iree, also pamphlet tell-- nome of arpmRoo. C
ing all about It, including many of the o
frmsufferers cured, in writing Dr. Kilmer
&. o.,Binhamon,N.Y., be sure and
mention this paper. t
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
* Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
bl.Y., on every bottle..'
Ju its bo >ning, luinig play,
.n its unas'umillng way
Night and (a1j!
A nd abov,e the spray and spume,
1Vith its whce(,'ls wr'll oiled With cuotlm,
Flies a boom
A1 on(- bou1>m- t
)f an overwhelmling sizo -
L'is no mollycoddie's pr,iz -
a candicate to whom, t
We presume,
L'hsre will come a chance to say,
irst, "I won't," and then "I may;
'Call around some c ther day.'' s
hen, '-OI, well, if it must be,
don't want it. but-you see,
.f there's no one'else to whom 14
(U can delegate this boom,
rViy, of course-it's willy-nil
YEs! I wIll!"
B,u--Boom! a
-- [N. Y. Times. t
Mrs. T. C. Robinson Killed.
News ,sas received in Pickens, r
'riday evening, stating that Mrs.
'. (3. Robinson had been killed at a
or home at Norris that evening by tl
tree falling upon her. Later ac- t
ounts stated that she was not killed
ut was fatally injured. :
It seems that Mrs. Robinson was
oing from the store to her home ii
earby, and a dead tree began to fall e
s Rho was passing under it. Per.
ons nearby saw her poril and hsl
oed to her to run, but she seemed (
>aralyzed when she saw the fate that
breatened her and stood immovable
n her tracks. The tree fell, crush- f
ug her head and breaking both legs.
She liagered until Sunday night,
vhen she died. She leaves a hus l
)and and a host of relatives and
riends to mourn her death.
The Greenville News of the 16th
"Mrs. T. 0. Robinson, formerly of
his city, died at hnr home at Norris, t
n Pickens count', Sunday night,
and the burial services took place at .
;pringwood cemetery in this city yes- V
erday afternoon, a large number of 4
elatives andsfriends being present
he services were conducted by Rev. v
V. M. Duncan, pastor of the Ban.
ombe Street Methodist church.
"Mrs. Robinson was formerly Wss I
lunt, of this city. She had numer (
us relatives and friends here and her c
eath is a great shock to them. She t<
as injured by the falling of a tree
tiring a windstorm at Norris, Fri.
ay afternoon. At first it was hoped 1h
be would recover, but later it was
)t>nd that she had been fatally hurt 4
tid tho ad end came Stunday niight.
Irs. 1 iobinison is survived by her 74
unhand, whlo is a prominent mner
bant1 of N orris. in
"Thle follIon og gentlemen acted asT
allboare lrs at th le bturial: A H[. Doti
1(d8on, 1) W. Ebaugh, WV. H-. Grifimo :
l-co. E Taylor, J. II. McDavid and i
I, Ms.orae mshI(i. 1t
sy eroncs or Picknstoanda
brouhoutcelhaehe the ,kwr s.o r~
1ob3 is of inrstly andmie dep
I tympathize thg Mr. bins o i w
(Is sure t.fhein veytoi:sI fi
mIappyftr hto leifot louseie, 4
f'worth morie to oy aniwrd girs thn.
ny oumr i o acres or bank l stok
hin livll of fairest pfr orser Mae t1
11 th fod thaing, it( brigs bt o 0
o,ronde iit heLvery thoht of it in "
'flco pith o nsi,ndd noig oa.
"uI, t"111uos r" n 011 : t( glorious \'ttivet. .\IIy 1'r
ie1n of sor w Is grt':lrt tha:1 I c:ml
1teInr." h!' ":i<l hionr Ist'y.
"Would tliat I chi III give you :
Ition." she s:aidl, sil tti', 1 .1in l i' ' i ir
es'r,iid for her use :at toun1,il g"1:.or
' 1 '141 1 liiii ii 143 le l 1'1 1:4'11 1 t:1
lI 1i(l. ".lO t riev' e m e thatII''Q (' 1 (1n
hfer nothing miore tha:n w\ortl.." Tru'i
she l,iltl hinm inl his here:nveun1'.
lloh:iroz. s:aidi tlat- he h,;lci 8 s':,d ofth
ut turdlerer's rscape :tndl. asked \ 11ht
I'o or\ w gs heineg II iii'l to re";10len 1"ur
int. o e t1relalted all thllt had h1:'ip
1nel, exii 'ssinc: humilithir over the
:tt lIt her ofiicliir had len 1)unnble
>accompiilisht anythling., thlin:' that1
hle did not helieve tet fugipgtIve could
et iway from Craustarkl safely with
tit her knoWiledge. 'he oi prince
as w\orkcinig himnself baek Into the v"io
it iage that ha Iheent tempgiorarily
adlied. andcl at last broke out i a
icious denneintion of the ctreI ":
ess that had allowed tle man to es
'ip(1. Ile fIrs.-t insisted that D)angloss
nd his incompetent assistants he
nrown into prison for life or executed
)tr criminal negligence; then hte de
innded the life of Harry Anguish as
n aider and abettor In the flight of
le murderer. In both enses the prin
nss firmly refused to take the action
emandted. Then she ciquninted 1m1111
-Ith her Intention to detain Anguish
g hostage and to have his every ac
on watched in the hope that a clew to
to wherenhouts of the fugitive might
e diseov"ered, providing, of course,
hat the friend kniew anything at all
boult t he matter. The Dluke of Mliz
)u and others loudly joined inl the cry
11 Anguishi's arrest, but she bravely
e1t1 otl ag:ainst theml and In the end
tirlly iuformeI hetlii that the Am eri
nn., whonl shae bel]ieved to be Innocent
f all complicity inl the escape, should
e sub.j4'"ctd to no indignlity other thatn
t'tentIion ill the city undler guard, as
hie had orderedl.
"I insist that this man he east into
r"isonl at omt:,'' snarled the wh"lite lip
ecl Bolar toz.
"You fire not ait liberty to Command
it l<oustark. Prince llaroz." she said
lowly and distinctly. "I am ruler
Ilolaroz gasped and wa"s speechless
or some seconds.
"You shlall not he ruler long, maidam,"
Ie said malev"olenlty, signiietlly.
"But I amn ruler now, and, ats suchl, I
sk your highness to withdraw from
.y enstle. I d(id oirt know that I was
D submit to these threats and insults
r I shoule not have been kind enough
) grant you an audlence, prince though
ou are. When I come to this rooml, it
'a1s to give you my deepest sympathy
I'd to receive yours, not to be Insulted.
ol lie lost a son, I my betrothed.
t ill becous you, I'lnce 1lolaroz, to
lit your' Injictiveness upon 1me. M3'
ten ar'e doing all In their power to
pture the ma1:n who hlas so unfortui
Itely ese'ped from our clutches, and
shall not allow\" yoil or any onle else to
ctaite the mnanncr inl which w\e are to
'oceed." She utteretl these words
ittingly and at their conchusion ar'ose
4 leave the roomil.
Iioharoz heard her through in surprise
id with conflicting v1motionsil. There
a1s no misntking her indigni11(11, so
deetned It policy to bottle his wrath,
'erlook the most offensive rebike his
1111y hlad ever received andt suhinit
whall 't a evidienty a3 I just de'isionl.
"'Stay, yourti ilmess'. I subijt to
111 prlop)osi Il1on) regariniiig thle othe1(r
ranllger, alt houigh I doublit its wlisdomf.
,iere is' but (1ne1 in wh'1oml 1 11m1 relly3
i('r'e Is to1 bi no31 eessatio in11 1 tihe el'fot
4w hav e 3) proposition1. WithI Ii me are
II oft my~ il: V' bravestisoler. I off'er
oum to you ill order tat y'ou113 nu t e
r proseen('t th e SOinrehil. Tlhey'11 wllt re
13' way3 you1 51' lit. Th'el I hike o4f AlIz
'x wvill linIgel iin Ill'Iweiss, andi ith11
e 1118o is at1 yourli ('omman21d. Thlis man11
u111lsl 11e311t('1)n. ilswea by iall that
lIe 1113 v'etgenflee
ie deb'It due)4 . xI)hn3in. So dely'3 3'4
y' hearIlt set 031 thie death Ilof this 4;r'enl
il Loir'y that1 i agree' nlowl, be'fore all
lese frienlds ,,f ours, 11m1 t tie he' ('ni
ire<l 2and( (x'.'ltedi In my1 presence3114 hel
1I1 bell grant'ed i'i (lII 3he1xen in fi Itim
1. Y1ou l') at this offer 411, gi!l?' It is3
34rk tell y''arts of LIra''e. It he4 i' sill
13 Iarge, I shl I(1) laim my1 (own 'TiS
ill grealtly3 encouralt'3g4 yourlIt ple inl
I eno 111 (3N'T INUED.I
We are glad to see mU(ch1 in)trr(
t:lm inl improved (hickens by. tlh
I(r(pl1( of 11,14 co unty, an<1 if' they wi'
lI(yII ns to maintain it, we will ost,al
h sh a"l'ltry I.!partmlent" in thi
1:t,w:. If you ca lnot cv,ntrib)uto anl
thi,g origin,tl for the "good of th
ord.r'" sund us suitable clippings fron
your" pollry journals.
I4(,tters received from Mrs. W. 1
.J(hnston st:to that she is (lelighte
with her home surroundings and th
city of Charloston, but tihe does lon
for a drink of cool, sparkiing Pickent
water and an oceasionlal sight of th
be"aultiful Blue I idge mnountaine
She is pleasantly domiciled at No. t
George street.
(County Supervisor E. F. Loope
returned from Atlanta last week witl
a drove of 12 fine mules, weighinf
from 1200 to 1600 pounds each
They will be put on the roads of the
county, pulling the scrapes, an<
soon we will have the best roads o:
'ny county in the state, if Mr. Loop
er's calculaions do not miscarry
Time will prove that he is the righ
man in the right place.
Pickens county has paid her taxe
to the stete for constable hire to en
force the dispensary law in ti is coun
ty since the removal of the dispensar;
Her expense account, was $1,747 70
co(nstables were placed in 15 coun
ties, but only two, Newberry an<
Pickens have paid. The sale of cor
traband liquor seized in Cheroke
and Lancaster countlies over paid tb
bills for constables im these two cor
At the old soldier's meeting hel
April 1st, 1907, the meeting was-cal
callod to order b v W. B. Atlgood an
on motion J. F. Hendricks was elec
ed chairman and J. J. Lewis clerl
On. motion it was resolved to elec
one set of delegates to attend the ms
tional and state reunions, and in cas
the principal Cannot attend, he be a)
Jowed to appoint an alternate. Th<
following officers wore elected: J. F
Hendricks, Allen K. Edens, J. J
Lewis, J. S. Howard and Matth,
Hendricks from Pickens camp, all
1). H '1Templeton and M. T. Smith
fr(mn Libertv.
Wedn sday, the 10th inst, Con
stable H. A. Neely and U. S. Deput.y
Marshal Chapman captured near J
A. Ma ly's house, about five mlile(
above Pickens, nine gallons of mouln
tain dew. It was in jugs of three
1allons each. One jug was foi
buricd ini the yard, (one near thet
housec and aniothier in a patch of
woods abo~cve the house. .It is whis.
pered aroundt that the in former had
been! lup and aroun id MIanl ev 's for ii
lay or two anid had reported the loca
ion of the whisky so that his (the
uformer's) brother couild get throu~gh
['ickens with a loiad of liquor.
'Thl(el ntortaninen bciI.y the Dauiigh
lors in the school auditorium Friday
.ight wans wiell attendted, wvell ren
icred and1(11 a prtt suceses ini eery
way. Wet cannot,(1 take up the pro-.
grain and10 1( SpecCializeor 01comment01
)n each 'rendIitioni separately -we
wouhl1( run out of super11li ve adIjee
ves and1 at onceh get int.o dee(p wa
er1, besidels haiivinug some (If the pamr -
iVipatts (on ourI bone~s for using mon
leriie r'na~ ~3umt ter abou itt 0one actor
han a 'uer. Getmalemenc, here's
:an ig you iacted y'or11 part wel;
ad ie.s, ' - r lbew Iit inig srni les, youra
Jeauaity, y,m. grace, charm andi east!
>f mannliler, andit youri perfect ly na.
.url modetlt of action capltulred yoini
ulhene, w ho would1( like for' you t.:
repeat the performanice, or put oni
miothecr entertainment at an early
Jate. One and all did super.,
Thle work at the cotton imill is pr.
gres ing finely. The inill, proper, ii
c'tnpleted, the shafting is in and the
spinning fraues and looms are Loing
set, the se1fohluing is up about 101
feet for t he stokestack, work upot.
which i.4 under way; the water tank
is ilp and the conneci-;s about all
m,adte; I force of 1andsh; is busily en
gaged laying the water mains for
sowerage and for firc pr.tectioi; the
reservoir is comnplute and water beiu
1 turned into it; the grouids are being
cleared off a)d the cotton mil
rushed lo completion. Soon the hum:
i of the machinery -vill be heard iL
3 this ideal mill village.
John Henry King, who was con
victed for bigamy at the last court,
was released last week on bond.
His sentenc' was two and a half
years on the county chain gang. C.
E. Robinson, his lawyer, has secured
affidavits from the officials of Banks
county, Georgia, that his first wife is
1 dead. Ttle papers have been sent
the governor. King claimed at the
trial that hist wife was dead. He
had a letter to that effect. Others
testified that according to their
knowledge she was not dead. But
the affidavits from Georgia show that
she did die in March, 1906. Judge
Ernest Gary, before whom the case
was tried, when the facts were
brought before him, interested him.
self in behalf of King and presented
ia petition for pardon in person to
Gov Ansel. The governor, after
looking into the case, granted a
e pardon.
d Deep breathing means to exercise the
lunus and thus pumping the blood more
rapidly through the veins. To merels
stand ini a room or on the back porch
t- taking long breaths for a few minutes
. each morning and night will never re
sult in any eroat benefit. The wholm
body should have all muscles brought
into play. While walking briskly in
the open air one may practice doop
breathing sucessfully, but out door
work is the kina of exercise most need
ed and will prove more beneficial than
any artificial, forced morning night
bront. ing spasms.
The home should be made the jolli
est place on earth for the children.
Don't be afraid of a little fun at the
family fireside. Dcn't lot the boys
think that all mirth and social enjoy.
ment is barred from the home, if you
wish to koot, thorn away from places
that lead to vice and degradation,
Young pool:lo must have fun and re.
laxation somnewhere, and if they do
not (find it in thelir home, they will
seek it at Other anid luss desir ablo p)laces
Paronts should not repiress the buoy.
ant. spirits of thei r child ren, but join
n thi ir mnerrimlent around the home
hiresi(Ie. Theo children will lose none
of thei r respect for their fa the r or
mnotheor if they occasionally lo.'en their
" dignity"' and take l)art in tie0 child.
ron's fnn andl sport. An 'eening's
rompI and1( play with the young folks
will dlrive (dull care' away an11( dispel
I ih memory of many an annoyance of
the day. IIlave fun at home.
Laist wee-k we saw two men dliguing
up ~e rmuda graiss root-s out of their
cotton paitchles and another farmer
hauling these same roots to his farm
:p)anin g the roots ou t on the same
kinnd of lands near by. This may re
mind you that it takes good grass and
Ii ttle work to 'growv fat stock and a
deal sihgt of hard work, guano and
other things too( worrying to mention
to grow cotton.
We know of othier men that are try.
ing to Kill out the whiskey; evil by
keepinig it :Out of t.hs country, while
othiros are trying to kill out alt the
whiskev in the land by bringing it in
and dialing it up

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