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Cures Woman's Weaknesses.
We refer to that boon to weak, nervous
suff'ering vomen lknowu as [)r Pierco'.
Favorite Proscription.
Dr. .John l.,yfe one of the Elitorial Stanl
of T'! i.': Ecl,.:r-1(0 .1 t.:rc.\, l i:V''I1w say;
of U niulrn rot, (1le!tctlonits lin ) which
Is on0 of the chief in gredients of the "F"u
vori to I'rt'et"i II t '(t "
"A retne"\'.v l whc7h invarily" ac"Is as a uter
Int lvbh itori ntnkt" for nlotttl ac'
tivi'y of llth t"ntir'e rt-lu'tlurtive .ya i"tu."
Hie cont inues "ioll I"I,nilts I w :-tave:a nt'dic'a
11111. wlt"h n,t're fully an,we"rs tihe abl ov'e
11olt than anyr, c ! te11 ' ter tlru(! Mifh t'h/ich I (fiml
(<ert uinutlet. Ini th I teat 1nt1 of (s0I1"tt's pt"
rttlia' to w\"onll-n It Is 'Illiu thal a ca.e is
asten w\tihl dlot' not I'rt"st'nlt ,ojjj it l t lo
for this rounedia:l a;r'nt." llr. ' t'rth r t'
'a."s: ,"T'l'm followvInt, ar arinnlt' th, flaelng
ntml ient ions for lI I"'ru t am ' tIl ) io rut oMot). I'i11n1
or, achin:, ill fit- h,atlk. wvilh l'UI't h1,rtiu :
atonlit" tw ':ak) c'ontlitionis of eill 1eIrotlnti Ie
'ntan. oif we\".n'117, 111 ntal cctr'i mi ' Ind ir
riiahbilil .. aoialt cd wit h chr<.nile dist'a."s ol'
w 11er. (o gans (f ain'nl:t11 ' 'Ins1 lt::t
. '7 ' inl of h7a7 in t h" r(:rion of 11 c' Iid -
m77\..: :A1 1- i ' ri '. tllt, ( 11 L in ', (1 16 ' : 1 \.a, :!:
,"Itd < -'in'Iit it777 f t t' he 'rp ,i(dhlt i\ Syt i 77
517111 : 0117t'7l '7I1I'i77'c i I \' I. iit 1 7 711 1 "tt iII.
li1 h- I.', ar 11io1n: t m ' l7ac ollto :..1:'.: an1
ShI1: 11a 1 'ndit i n .If t11 " <i:'7t' .- . 7 :l.
anld al1;'ili0 - 1 th( 7)7otl) ha1 ;1;1i
;el sat1ionl i1a th11 C1'I'( N 1n 1w 'r 1'par"I't lt'
n r " m '''.1r less. :f fill. a h rl\iv svlll[ltt oII 1
:trt plrt etit, w in\alid womn:( n ; ;
hetter thlt:n It ; - Ilrl. l'itIrI(t'" I"'a\'rrito
1'1''ripltion, t77 ' of tlw- lt':liIL inor' !i
r n t s o f \\ h i c h i s 1 l i c l r n r . : . o r 1 l l a I n c~ l f l ic s
'and1 thie 117inedica pr'oI''i7'rie of whichl it
mos t :liIth"1n11y repIresen"tts.
Of Giolh lnl! r"ot. anolher prtminlent
ingr: h''t'lll 'I of "I' v1r''1 1 1i(1 ' I7' cr"iiptill."
Prof. I""inly Eliln \wootd. \l. I).. of 1 n'tt
nett Med71ic: 1'ollt-"'. C'hiena',o. say s:
" It i. an ln r Ill Iant r1 1 'e .v inl dI 5tIers of
the w l.7 I In 111l 7aarrhal 'ondittons * *
attd 'nIral rat 'nft N"iI u nl, it is ust"ful."
I'rof. .John .1 Selddler". .\. 1)., late of
eincinnati, says of Golden Seal root :
"11 n relationl to its t'gent'ral etf'ects on lho
Sy"st1'inm. fhthe' is n77 wrdfic inlr in(,'c tethioti which
there is such y'nrral! ~unanimuify of , Jilulinl. It
is untivtr':sallfy regardd'tl as the tonic Useful i n
All dobilit'ltd st alt's."
Prof. I. lattholc,w, M. ).. of Jefferson
Medical ('ollego, says of (.olden Seal :
teValuablte In uterine hemorrhage, ramnor
rhauia (lou(dina) and congestivo dYsmenor
chwea (palinful nenstruation)."
)r. PlIrce's Favorite Prescription faith
fully represents all the above nained in
grtlients and cures the diseases for which
they are recommended.
Swallowed Packet of Needles.
New York, March 5.-,Mrs. Dolly
Dussler, 22 years old, who swalowed
:% packet of needles several months
'ago, is at present under treatment in
3elb. vno hOSPital where the surgeons
states she has still scores of needley
sn hor body'. At the F'ordhinm lios
pital whoie the woman was first treat.
ad, five operationls were performed(
<nd >1 needles extracted. Some o1
t.he needlles are located as far apart
as back1l, chest, and arms, and It IF
f(eared that two of them which havE
trave.'led 1o the vicinity of the heart
nay puncture that organ. A clarg(
fi attempted suicide may be mad<
against ihe woman.
For the Next
Fruit of the loom bleachi
Other bleachings iyd. wv
Riverside checks, 7e.
Danville checks, 6c.
Other D)ry Goods at pric
h~ave just received a shipmnent
line conlplete and wve make th
inspect these goods.
We are still offering bars
your eyes.
Sit O ES!
Women's good every da3
Men's shoes from $1 up.
Nice line of Oxfords for <
is to inspect our line and if wi
claim is true, don't buy of us,
Wet( have a nlice newV lot c
the letes;t .',i e on which we et
Bring us your produtce-I
gct top prices for it.
M~'oore &
Denlcr in General Mneh
34 Men Find Ocean Graves.
Berlin, March 11.--A d ispa tch from
Cutxhavenl reports the loss of 'thirty
four lives by the foi lideri ig -f t-wo
vessels-a (Germ11an cargo sit'amler, the
George Wottern. and a raler-dur
ing a heavy gale in the North sca.
Tle dispatch savs no further details
have been received. hut that it is
he)lieved those drown"td conprisedi al
aboard both ves.els.
Large Ca:- o of Wool.
N(ou Yor'k. \la 1 1l.--The 13rit..
isht :t::::.hil) .\ :t i,. w hic'h saile:l
Sunda tor lnglt ;)trt . Pla .. brot--'ht
htr S' I:n: tl targo 'f Auis(talian
woo! i'r indorb I. She had on
bo:r-I 2.9 1 lalr.;, wortl" $2, ,flu,tt1u.
'Ihi' y amouw\Ilnte(I to $C 1 .00t, il (he
t iht was :. n tl ;t1 the insu ran e
Archie Roosevelt's Condition.
:wash oigt ail larch 11.--- A rehie
RooJ(t("1 's condition ('ontinuel(' fa11 -
ah!e. it was sail at the \\'hi.e llou
at 9 o'clioek \ol1daty morning that he
had a good night , and was "(oin;r
No Strike at Buffalo.
Buffalo, March 11 .-There was no
st.rtke here 'londay In the yards of
the American Shipbuilding company.
Was Soldier of Seminole War.
Nashville, Tenn., March 11 .
onel Solon R,. Rose, aged S8 years,
is dead at his home in Pulaski, Tenn.
He was once elected United States
senator from this state, but before
the vote could be announced a votr
was changed an(d stampede ilfme 10
Howell E. Jackson. Colonel Rose
was a soldier In the second S:minole
war In 1S36.
Fire In Steamer's Hold.
Boston, March 11.-Fire was diq
covered in No. 4 hold of the Leyland
line steamer Devonian, which was
loading at the White Star line dacks
in Charleston Monday. The fire wa;
in a quantity of Hay, which was be
ing stowed to feed cattle which De
vonlan expected to carry to Liverpool
when she sailed in a few days.
Newspaper Cartoonist Dead.
Reno. Nev. , March 1 1.--Allan
Lovey, a well known western news
paper cartoonist, died early Monday
of pneumonia. Lovey had hee:i em
ployed on the Salt Lake Herald for
the past year.
Two Weeks we
g at loc.
ide, 5c to 9C.
es inl proportion to ther.e. We
of Dry Goods that makes our
e prics right. Come in and
ains in this line that will open
SH 1. E S!!
wear shoes at 75C to-$i.
verybody. All we ask of yo
cannot show you that wvhat we
f lady's hats ready trimmed in
Lm save you $2 to $3 on, each
mnything you have to sell and
iidie uenitre, Stroe etc.
Cures Coughs, Colds,
and Lung Troubles. P
Pickens Drug
Business Locals.
~t1c. 1 "ti e. tVtntt:. nls elt.,
inet tI,l itl t ti. t'Iltit t at : t s per
11n" t'or r-h Insertion. N'b;ing tnlken
Vie ar en ':ats of '"M ejest ic" (lottr, full
p11d0nt. tocy-- for P1.50 114hnibarel ait B.
1. -aiis and (insstwav I3is. Ceni tral .
S11ra:r 11ud coulee at J. 1). Moore''.
Wanted. to ily 1,0(0 he1n9s, 1,500 tloi
L%n eggs and all Ohe roo0ers that, 0 we can
get. \ , E. ]reeman & Co.
Fr-sh milk vows ftrt sale. Apply tc
G. A. Ellis, Route 2, Pickens, S. C. 31
Car load harhed twirn at :3 cents the
ponud at R. G. (ini at. tnd (lassaway
Bros. Central.
.Flour and meat at J. D. Moore's,
Whoie in E isley put tip your stock
at. B 1', iM1artilt's feed and livery sta.
ble. Hit alSo handles all kinds of
fe"edstutff. 38-tf
l usctavato and Portorica mnolasse
at Craig Bros.
Tobvc-co & can goodsatJ. D. Moore's.
I will pay top prices in cash or trade
if you will bring me your chlckens and
ogga. ~J. D. Moore.
I would like to fill a limited numbhl
of bills for houses with first-c'ase rough
linber at $1 per 100 at mill. 4. mitus
west of Pickens. A. W. (lravley,
Route :3 Pickens.
20 pounds of sugar for $1 il( R. C
Gaines and Gassaway Bro1s., CorntrI,
Bran, shorts and chops at Craig Bros,
A few first class sewing machines,
slightly used to be sol' at greatly re
du1ted prices. Also sewing mnichtines ro
patird'(1. Call at Craig Bros
0. P. Knight.
(4u;nlite"ed plteont fiour, (Majesti() al
"4.50 the b:+rrel at B. G. Gaines anl
(a"a iway 1Bros., Ccnt r dl.
A iten's Iot-lase, a powder,i tres 'Iired. At h
ing, Sweating, Swollen feet. Sampn} le sent R'I I';
ils Sam ple of Fot-tAr-1.ASt S.r ni CORN I'. Pi,
new inv( tio n. Address. AlLen S. Olmsted ,L
Spring Cuts.
(Gotnd flour, every sick guaranteed a
:4.25 the bl; sigar 20 lH for $1, bes
coflen. 8 lbs for $1; Stand.ird oil fron
the t. -ik wag'n 15e per gallon; a goo(
toi'co :30- the pound; salt 100 lbs it
cotton sacks 515e. T. D). H1rris,
Agent for Thornhill wagons
Land For Sale.
We have 7,50)0 acres of land for sakI
in tracets of from 200 to 1,500 acres ii
Gre-ene county Georgia. 'his land is
ftcile' uand witIll podulcO good crop),
We will ent the' largo tratct inlto small
fairmsi and1 giv4 five year paymnents with
the irst payment eashl. Price $10 tc
$12 50 per acere. For further informat
tion apply t'.
GreenHboro, Gi.
For S1,le-0~21. nere f'.rm 5 mfile4 '10outh
of Court House, 30 acres in cultivation,
blane.-c' in timber land. Two houses.
good hnrn alnd onlthiilnIgs. Place well
wattered' . P'rice $25 peor nee.
HL. M. HTE19'R.
P'ickens County.
Court of C;omlmon Ph*-ax.
Nui.- 1Ilester nnid blihmebe Messer,
Mry- E. Matlin, Le4ttie- Newton,
Mabttie lItester. Myra L,:ny C7ox,
Mrs. C. M. Martin, WV. V. (lay
ton, Matt ie- Dickson, Let tie 1(oit,.
De fenehm ts.
(Comlaint Served)
Tlo the de0fendanflts ablove ined:
and1( rit e d to4 ansiwer the' I complain inii
this action1, of which a cop~ty is herewith
served upon)l .vou, nudt to seriv' a copy)i oIf
your aniswer'i to the salid com1Iplainjt onl
the sucibeCih(r at his oflice Pi(kons,
South Car ol in1a, wvithinii twenty d-i a of
the service hereof, exluive ~t of the1 (lay
of such1 serviee: aind if voni fail to an..
swe'r the comph'liiunt within the t ime
aiforeaild , the PlatintiffI in t his actioni
wd-al aippl y to the enurit for the r-elimef de..
mIand(ed in1 tis comlinit
Dated March '21st A . D). I1907,
A .J. lloggs, (C. C. P.
Juiusti E. Iloiggs,
Pl'ff a A tt'y.
'To Mrs. L,etti4- Newton:
TIakco not ice thait thle silumonts atnd
comlplatint inl this action were filed In
the Clerkc's ofilee on thin 21st day of
March. 190)', n und, the object of this -xc
tionl is to pairt.itionl the land describeu in
tile comp1hlat and no personal claim is
mado against you.
Julius E. Boggs.
PIff's Atty.
Croup, La Grippe, Asthma,'
revents Pneumonia and Consur
CJomp1) v,'.Pick,us, Pa rken 's Pha :rno
lY Are No HeRo
Nothing but expense was spar
goods. We are satisied that
right styles and the right prices.
Don't Let Cheap Tidlk k
But exarr
If our goods are not as repre
them. Some goods are highe
divide with you. We have everl
Dry0oo3, Noti0n3, UndQrv
that the average customer wants
the price as low as same goods a
When you come to Greenvill
make it pay you.
West Eid,
I i
A ' fic
and a is
growing bank a
if you plant, fertilize and
The most important thing is 1
days before seeding, a plant food
pounds of high grade
per acre on fewer acres. If you
cotton will be waist high by the tin
sive culture" neighbors are hoeing
time. Then too they may hav<
fertilizer. Insist upon having
Ask your dealer for a copy of ou
almanac, or write us for one-it is
Atlanta. oa.
- ' Daltignora
Garrison V
Wholesale and Ri
WAe have just receivedl three
of Hay. We also have a full s
C hops, Bran, Shorts, Oats and c<
Cole Guano Distrib)utors and Co
you money by buying from us.
'Phlone or write ns. Your or<
President. V'ice Pres
CaqiWa -
Depsits -
Accouintsi of M erchanlts, Farmrnor, Firms ,
Careful manaement and iblhri-cra tmn
['nroat ~~tt,
icy, Liberty.
-ed 'in the selection of these
we have the right goods, the
9ell You Goods,
iine the quality.
sented, you don't have to buy
r than last season, but we will
thii.g in
r; Hosioty and Shoo,
, and we absolutely guarantee
.re sold anywhere.
le, come to see us, we will
Greenville, S C
, ilONAL
the cotton
:d to prosperity,
irge, constantly
ccount awaits you
cultivate your crop with system.
:o apply to your soil, about ten
in the shape of 400 to 1000
a Fertilizers
follow this advice, -pur
ie many of your "exrcn
over their crop the first
e used a poor grade
t no substitute.
r handsome new
Dhemicat Co.,
Savannah, Ga. - ?
:ery. Ala.
a. Ten,
ort, La.
a. Md.
Vyatt & Co
, sc
etail Dealers in
I All Kinh-s of Feed
car loads of Flour and three
tock of Cotton Seed Meal,
>rn. W'e sell the celebrated
tton Planters. We can save
:lers wvill receive prompt at
Yours for business,
1 T & (GOMP A N i,
D 1901.
HT.0. S:in.V,
-~ - 5,000I00
t . P. SMTH
anid Individuals solicited,
ut to al,
h/ ,e)

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