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Eutored April 23, 1903 at Pick(ns, H. C., as secoud claRP mattcr, iudler act of Congress of MUrol 3, 1879.
VO._XXV,__--_____ k OUTcI C ROLNIK TIIU RSID , APILU 10, 1007. .47
Sparrow Has Whole Car.
Becauso at pigeon sparrow chose to
build her test in tbe shelter of a
'ete Mar(tuotp box car while it wtas
' the ttorth ya to d8 for repairo, the
car abnti,st prict"less )ecauso of the
car' s hlotage, s4atab idilo oi a Sa'
a inaw sidetrack, awaiting the time
When theo Iair ottug sparrows shall
leave their home, says a Muskegon
(,M ieh.) 1):it1er.
The order camno frutmt Saginaw in
pursuance to tho petition tif five con
ductors on the litno who had the car
in charge dtri)g the last wcek.
\Vhen the car left the rcpa r tra, ks
about a we k ago, Conductor- Stark,
of Muskegon. was told of the spar.
row family. So Mr. Stark kept
watch. Whn the train. roached
Fremont he found the mother spar
row perched on top of the car. She
had followed the train from Muske
Ever3 conductor reported the spar
rows to the conducor next in charge
of the car, and every one found that
the mother sparrow kept with the
But it was a tedious and danger
oUS life for the mother and the four
little ones in a moving box-car. So
five conductors combined in writing
a letter to the division headquartets
at Saginaw, asking that the sparrow
car be sidetracked until the young
birds are old enough to leave the
Bryan Replies to the World.
Col. W. J. Bryan in his Commoner
(inds fault with the New Yorl W orld
because that paper asks him why be
is not for "immediate" rather than
"ultimate" government. ownership of
railroads, if it is F. goed hiag. Mr
Bryan says in part;
"The World is not speaking with
its usual intelligence when it insists
that we must have every good thing
at once or iiot at all. In 1896 it fa
vored tariff reform and an income
tax, and yet it was willing to post.
pone these things and urge the elec
tion of a high protecstionist.
"It is neither kind nor just in the
World to ask: 'But does he really
believe in government ownership, now
that he has found it unpopular?' It
has reason to believe tbat Mlr. Bry
an's views upon a question do not
depend upon the popularity of those
"It is the part of wisdom to look
ahead, but it is not the part of wisdom
to iusist,upon the doing of anything
before the people are ready for it.
Mr. Bryan said on August 30 last
that ho regarded government owner
ship as the ultimato solution of the
railroad1 question, but he was careful
t 553'y that lie did not know that the
couIntry wvas ready for it or that a
majority of the D)emnocrats favored it.
"Mr. Biryan has no desire to force
goverrn nent owuiership) u pon the coun
try, andi he would be powerless to
force government ownership up)on the
counItry aigainslt the will of the people
eveni if he desired to do so. Ac
cording to the World's logic no
one should see the wvisdome of
any reform until a maljority of the
peop)le 'see it, or if ho tdoes see it. lhe
should not mention it."
A Bridge to Let.
The Ntuperv'isors of Pickens and( Oeoncee
(a'unlt4es will let to the lowtest re'sponi
ruhle h'idderC the bmilding of a steel br1.ige
norostsH heowee River at Chapman 's hi'%rd
onl MaIy .9th 1907.- P':'un, speciit;tielns
and termus mae knloi on I tht day3.
Righlt res8erved to reject anyl Or all bids.
Siupj'r Pickens C'o.
Sparmtanburg, 5, C., April 24 26, 1907.
Ro-und trip rate via Chatrleston 11nd(
Wt'ster-n Carolina Railway, one flest-clas
fare, pluis '25 cents. TIickte on sale April
22. 23, 2-4, 25, 26, 1997, with final retturn
limit April 27, 1907,
Effects of This Glorious Climate,
Born, to MIr. and Mrs. Charles
French Tomts, on Sunday morning, a
boy aind a girl. Mother and chil
are all well. Mir. Toms is quite well
Vhether 'it is the prospect of the
take being built, or just the general
att.tractiveness of IIendersonville, is
not known for certain, but there have
been uany strangers arri ing in town
lately who, in the natura course of
events, expect to reinin hero some
time, and who have been cordially I
welcomed into the different homes
they have selected as an abiding
place. Including the twins born to
Mr. and Mrs. Charles French Toms,
there have been nine sets of twins
born in this c:mimunity within the
past few weeks.-- [tondersonville.l
Summii.oins for Relief.
Con plaint Served.
Pickens County.
Court of Common Pleas.
David M. Merck, Henry Merck, Elvira
Satterfield, Texanna Kelley and Mis
souri Smith. Plaintiffs.
Lawrence C. Merck, Mrs. Ella Burton,
B. Stewart, Kay Stewart and W. B.
Mann. Defendants.
To the defendant Ella Burton.
You are hereby pumnioned and re
quired to answer the complaint in this
action, of which a copy is herewith
served upon you, and to serve a copy of
your answer to the said complaint upon
the subscribers at their office or one on
either of them at Anderson, S. C. with
in twenty days after the service hereof,
exclusive of the day of such service;
and if you fail to answer the complaint
within the time aforesaid, the Plaintiffs
in this action will apply to the Court fur
the relief demanded in the complaint,
which was filed in the Jlerk's office at,
Pickens 22d of Docenber, 1900.
Datwd Dec. 22d, 1906.
A. J. BOGGS. C. C. P.
Plaintilf's Attorney.
Notice of Sale.
County of.Pickens.
Ex Parte J. T. Gantt, for whom lias
been substituted R. M. McCown, Secre
tary of State, as Agent of the Board of
Commissioners of the Sinking Fund,
Escheator, in the Estate of Calvin M.
Smith, deceased.
Under and by virtue of process issued
in the above entitled case signed by
Hon. Gee. E. Prince, Judge of the Tenth
Circuit and dated 12th April, 19o7,
wherein and whereby I was directed to
sell the piece, parcel or tract of land
herein after described, notice is hereby
give that I will sell on saleday in June
next, being Monday June 3d, 1907, at I1
o'clock a. in., at public auction, before
the court house in the town of Pickens,
in the county and state aforesaid, the
following described real tstate, on the
terms hereinafter set forth to wit:
All that piece, parcel or tract of land
lying and being situite in the county of
Pickens, State of South Carolina, in
Eiastatoe towniship oin east side of Big
E'astatoe creek, comnprisi ng threce hun
ilred and twen'y five (325) acres, more
r less, adjoining i.mdal of Hester Stew.
rrt and lands formeirly owned by3 David
Parker and onra andt known as the
Aiilha Barton homie 1)lace..
'termsa of S doe: A credit of twvelve
moitia, the purtchiaser to give goodl suf
llei.'nt surety and a mnortgage of the
premii s -. si. R. M. McCOWN.
April 1-', Sec. of State,
As Agent of the Board of Commis
lioners of the Sinking Fuind, Escheator.
15A pl.0 w.
Notice of1 Truistee Electioni
Pickens, S. C April 15th, 1907.
The voters of eacth school district with
in the countarhebyrusedo
meatthe school house of their respec.
tive diistricts4, on Satnrday, May 11ith for
theo purpose08 of electing thriee trteets to
serve for a termi ot two years. The
.1oard'~ of truistees iare heireby a ppoi nted
mimihgers9 of sid electin I n)i case a'1(1
trusti'c cannot serve tihe other two may
app)lomlt somei one( ini his place: aill per-'
sons residIi g withiiin theo dwiit.ict Ithatt are
el igibleo to a vote in the pri mary elect ion
aire cmnt.it led to ia vote.
ini the store', of the Liberty Clot hinig ami'u
Shi'e Co)., for Six Mile districet ati Six
Ati Ie chuiirch, immiiediately a ftr Ipreach -
1'oIis to open11 at 1:30 p. ii. andO cl(ose
at 5:00t p. im. By ord1er of th ton'ty
boardi of edulcation- . T.j 1d Halhi,
Sec. andi~ Chrim,
inunediattely after the election the
clerk of the board is re(iested to send(
the result and all paners to thi. Olm-e
Suffered Four n
of the Gri
The grip more than any other dis
ease in the world leaves the system in
a run-down, nervous, bloodless con
Peruna has become famous in r
lieving the deplorable condition which
the grip produces
r' lI', .L
Catarrh Victims Susceptible.
People who have had catarrh of the
head, throat, nose or lungs are much
more liable to catch the grip than other
The reason for this is that the mucous
mnembraies of the head, nose, throat or
lungs are injured by the catarrh and
the germs wiich cause the grip find
easy entrance int:i the system.
It is a well estahlished fact that per
fectly souniid in ois membranes consti
tute a barrier to the entrance of disease
The best precaution any one can have
against the grip is to be perfectly free
from catarrh.
Peruna a Preventive.
As a preventive of grip, Peruna has
done a great deal of good in the world
by its beneficial effect upon the mucous
Catarrh has another untoward in
fluence to be noticed in connection with
the grip.
Victims of catarrh who have had the
grip find themselves after the acute
stages have passed, in very weakened
and deplorable conditions.
After-Effects of Grip.
The whole nervous system is im
paired; the digestive organs deranged;
the circulation of the blood feeble and
irregular. All these symptoms are pro
dired, more or less, by the grip, and
especially in people who have had ca
tarrh previous to the grip.
fter- Effects
.= . .
/ ty
ecial Judge of the Supreme
1 in Confederate Army. In a
). C., this prominent gentle
.nds and many strong testi
treatment of the numerous
n afflicted for four months
trncnt with this justly cele
le better after using it only
ich and has a decided effect
ncouraged that I am on the
vo had the honor to command
rs' war, may accept this vol
a sense of oblig..tion on my
s been noticed tha t thoso who
runa during the first stages of
3 generally make a more rapid
aplete recovery.
Most Effective Medicine For
La Grippe.
L. Madison, A. M., Principal of
!ee High School, Painter, N. C.,
man of the Jackson County
f Education. He is a writer of
ial verse and has contributed to
3r of leading papers and maga
+aking of Poruna, Mr. Madison
am hardly ever without Peruns
.me. It is the,uosteffoctive med
at I ha,ve ever tried for ia grippe.
ured my wife of nasal catarrh."
pr1ing Suit-get
t of wearing it.
y feature of our
-style, grace, a
nong their other
ICed shoulders, a
ndI a coat-front
some of the re
ou find in these
fashionab)le dis
in a hundred
(.roeenvuj, s. C.
/lonths From the I
p-Relieved By Pe
925 M.S5t., N.W,
W. H. Parsons is Ex-State senator and Ex-S9
Court of Texas, and was also Brigadier-Genera
letter from 1)25 H street, N. W., Washington, I
man says:
"Upon the recommendation of personal fri4
monials as to the efficacy of Peruna in the
symptoms of the grip with which I have bee
past, I have been induced to underg. a trca
brated formula. I feel a decided change for tj
one week.
"It is especially good In toning up the stom.
upon my appetite. I there fore feel much c
road to complete restoration.
"My numorous friends in Texas, whore I ha
a brigade of her Veteran Cavalry in a four ye:
untary testimonial to the merits of Peruna as
part for its wonderful efficacy."-W. H. Parso
It is no longer merely a theory or an It ha
assertion that Peruna is applicable to take P<
such cases. the gri:
Prompt Relief. and cor
In all of the aftor-oects of the grip, A
Peruna gives prompt relief. This has
been the experience of such a great
multitude of people that Peruna has Robt.
come to be a standard remedy for these Cullow.
cases. is chair
If a person has not used Peruna to Board c
prevent the grip, the next best thing is occasiol
to use Peruna to remove the after-of- a numb
fets of the grip. zines.
A Safe, Reliable Remedy. In sp<
Even during the acute stages of the says: "1
grip, Perifna taken in small, oft-re- in my h
peai.ed doses, is so efficient that many icino th
people use nothing else. It also <
$15.OO Bys a File
Schloss-fade priil Sil
. on't envy the man in a new 5
one and knowv the comnfol
And mere comfort is not the on]
flinmarable "'Schloss" Clothes;
p)erfect fit and good quality are ai
(;ha racteri stics,
C-oncaved and perFfectly roumn
that simUply can't b)reak or sa<r a
that will never lose its shape, are
finements of' skilled tailoring y
blo (thes,5
Ik est of a]ll, they have an air of
tmction yon wvon't find in one suij
11o mtter how much you pay.

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