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PickoRs Sentinel-Jollrnal
- --BY
The Sontinel-Journal Company.
J. L. 0. THOMPsON, EInTOn.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rites Reasonable.
entered at Pickens rI'stofce aP Second Class
Mal Matter
Otla Podrida.
An 80-foot whale is cruising in
V'arleston harbor, and neither har
poon nor sportsman's heart is stout
enough to tackle it. Our friends in
the City by the Sea should send a
hurry call for one Edward H. Har
riman, he having lately developed
some capacity in this particular line
of work.-[Columbia State.
The man who fired the first gun
on Fort Sumter in constantly turn
ing up. That honor has been claim
ed for several score of individuals.
Recent press dispatches award the
honor to Col. Isaao K. Moise, who
died in Pittsburg on the 7th. His
home was in Wheeling, W. Va. He
is said to have had a brilliant war
record. The claim for him of having
fired the first gun will, however,
doubtless be disputed.
Now Mrs. Alice has gone and
threatened the patient labors of the
National Audubon society by deco
rating her hat with a stuff id dove.
The Observer would express sharp
displeasure in this example if an3 -
body had set it save Mrs. Alice, but
it c.in never go back on her. A
stulled dove would be a smaill thin,
to fall out uith an old favorite about,
especially sinco the news story assures
the public that the president will bo
able, ashist"d by Mrs. ltosevelt, to)
persuade her to take the dove ol.
-- Charlotte Observer.
It is now absolutely certain tliat
musie hathli charmns to soot.hu the
savarg;) l.re tst. D i)1izulu, th. 'f, uIt
chief, hat i gralIhophonlt", with which
he eni itai his guests, and also un
organ . I-:uglish buijld, on woiib he
hiisel f pc rfrorms.
Early relig ious teuchiug doubtltes
exeits a poverful restraining inbi
ence. 'I lhe ed:itor (f the Phlilad(el
phia Ledger wisheld to exnross his
views aS to the prtoper site for te
staitue of MattI Qiuay, the~ great cor.
ruptionisit, and1 he wrote "New Hleb
The Newv York Telegram's Wash
ington corresp)ondot says5 Uncle Sam n
is going to hunt Harurimiuan down
with a double-barreled gun. Con
sIdering the number oif barrels Mr.
Harriman has on hand, it seemns
proba ble that lhe can protect himself.
Mr. H. Sanz. claimIng to be a
brother of King Alfons~o, threatens a
lawsuit against the Sp)anishI royal
family. Trhe young man is said to
be an illegitimate son of King Al
fonso's father, his mother having
been Elena Saiz, a1 great ipmia
singer. He declares that according
to the late king's will a life pensiCon
should have been paid1 the singer and
that this alleged provision has not
been carrTied out.
Cardinal Merry Del Vad, paIpal
secretary of state, who has come
much to the front du ring the presenl1t
dispute with tiIhe l"rench, gaiernment,el
ii n ccomplih 'd.C lingnist, a finuiiali
ed scholair anKd an extremeily' fine di
plomnat. Hie "as born ini London101 of
lie wats a ca rdinalt beforo ho was 29
yearls of ago ani d a year later lhe he.C
camne cardinal3 secre-tary of staite.
At a big hlinehtoni Perbohmi Tlree
sat next to3 thae dean of Mainchestor.
SaidI a guest: "'Well, Mr. Tre, 'dhu
have yo1i h)een doCinig to-lay?' ''( ,>i
re}>lieCd th aiC) tor-manalIiger, "'I wentL
for a inng .oo-- -1(1 th- .ior in
and. I lost a bet." "Indeed," re
marked the dean, "my I ask what
the bet wasn' "Certainly," said Mr.
Tree, "I made a bet that we shot1d
pass through 400 diffrent "dora and
I only encounteed 399." "Ah,"
was the quick reply, "you missed the
odor of sainctity."
The nnumbsr of marriages in the
German empiie in 1906 was 485.906.
Prince Valdemar of Denmark is a
capital boxer and is ever read; to put
on the gloves.
The Grenoble district in France is
noted in the export trade of that
country for two very different pro
cucts-walnuts and kid gloves.
B. W. Leader, R. A, considers
that to an artist dlouds are the most
difficult of all studies.
A sportsman who had a twenty.
dollar bill stolen from him received
the following letter: "Dear Sir-I
stoled your money. Remorse nawe
my conshonce, and 1 will send you
$2. When remorse naws agin I will
send you sum more."
The Canadian immigration depart
ment expects 300,000 immigrants
this year. Over 200,000 arrived last
year. Every berth on steamships
scheduled to leave England up to
July 1 has been taken.
At present Pineburst, N. C., is the
center of learning iti this country.
Car each of moulding, casing, ceil
ing, flooring, lath,. corner and plynth
blocks, etc, on hand. Above is of
Georgia pine and in stock, and I am
ready to till all of your wants in the
builder's line. Warehouse at old
Bending factory. H. E. GI<ANDY.
No Temptation.
Here is a bi.t of Indian philosophy
from the Tonkawa (Okla.) News:
"The other day Elsie, the oldest
living Tonkawa Indian, was making
some purchases in one of onr hard
ware stoies, and the enterprising
al sin:ti ciallcd her attenlion to a
wa,h-liielg mttiebine. which he said
w<on1'd1 isake 'iltie 1{,slon v' i (lay oF
Ph(i nce. O ' l i t m mireil th
L').ih\ - >'int("d mach(liine, huli whenl she
wA; iide to uiderstadiil for what.
.i, se it v.-s linletu<h (, shi. :nilltet
the. sir wli c:Ittrip.t. 'Me n, wash,
P'!, fect unsh, wsh; mal tiin e asl.
11aish, 11/lidy, lnay fondaty,
iienl ws',ih"li. Indian no wshi; all1
tiile d -irty. Pale file' w:sl; all timtie
dirty, tow.'"V
A Liard
Th* is to certify t hat aill druggistsi 'e
autthor zil to refund your emoney if Fo
ley'' Hloney aned Tar fauil.s to careiI your
cong or cld. It ut'lps the consgh,
hlts IibeIt innsitand preventsI serious re'
suilts froml a cold. Cures ha gippe cough
anid pre'4vents pnei(umiais anid csonsumnp.
tion. (Contta i ) no) piat es. Thle Gennii.
1ne s a yellowv paeckage. Refuse sub
Htittutesi. P'arkins Phamacy, Liberty,
anid Pickensa Drug Co.
The Oid Shealer Barn.
Because of its -venkened condrition,
hist-ric Sheal-'s barn, of Gettyvs
burg battletield, will be razed by its
owner, G. WV. Shealer, wvho hans al
ready sold mumch of the timber to
rei bunters. Th'lis famnou.. barni was
built neaily 150 years ago, and is
the oldest farm stable in Adams
county. It is probably the Lest
known barn in the United States,
having been viewedl annually by
thousands of battlefield visitors ever
since the civil wvar.
D)urmng the batt,lo and for ,.eversd
wveoks after the confilict thiis building
was occupied by the Confedertaea as
a hospital, the mows, stabJes and
floor being filled with- the wounided.
lIn the logs of thle old structure are
(emsbeded Ilmny bullets whiebc lodged
there in thle first daIy of the battle,
whlile timbers are stasiuned wi th hu
man11 bloud, the msarks of which ore
res slit, from c,hioi conHJistipaft
is quticklly cured'( by .lDr. K"ing
Ii 1st. TJhey remlov() all pioi:oiii
fons1 t ihyslteis anud inflIise n<(P
Sihe 5 thz'~' kinss a coic, w.ith<.
lisg 'or iseomfort. 2>e, Gutaras
P iektns Dru g Co.
(TUEEN Quality E
fashion leaders
They have been awarded Go
tions and, in fact at every exposit
ways awarded the Gold Medal.
with any other shoes that you can
the prize. The snap and style is
parison; made in all shapes and ii
a few of the leading styles we are
' Gun metal, Blucher, Oxford,
Style 4o6-Pat. Colt Ribbon
large eyelets, ribbon lace, 14-8 C
Style 2o6--4 button pat. colt
less pat. colt vamp and tip, 14-8
Style 426-Patent colt 3 hok(
patent colt vamp and tip, large ey
We also carry several styles
Queen Quality for women, Cross
footwear for the whole family. V
unless it combines wearing qualiti
Drop in and see these lines:
Leaders in L
How a
Saves You
THE way to figure the c
wagon, a carriage, a ht
Is to figure the cost fPer year
use it.
If a farm wagon, for example, th.
lasts 20 years and requires only $2 re
you of that wagon is $3.10 a year.
If another wagon costs only $50, an<
and requires $10 worth of repairs, the
cost to you is $6 a year, at least.
Which is the cheaper?
*: : *
There is no doubt about the las//nr
qualities of Studebaker wagons, car
riages and harntess.
It's the material that goes into
thei--pluls the way they are niacle.
Studebaker farn wagons hav<
deeper than others, inade from s,
Black Hickory-air-drried from 3 t<
The axles arc also re-info.caa
bar of steel running rom the i
to the other.
The Studebaker aten
are inade from cast iron
verse strength of over 3,0(
Go to
Heath Br
Indian Race Legend.
A ntew~-st.ute new~spaper iuays thlamt
thet Sernuiinole 1Indian. believedl lhat
when the (Great Spirit eietedoc this
world he maItde th ree men, all of fir
skini. He led thiem to a lake ind
baid1 them jump in. The firi.t obieyed
anud cameo out whiter than whien be
enite(redl the wvate, ; the conid bes4i
tated, going intlo t he lak~ wvhen the
water wasi a trifle muuddy, hen~e Cameil
oJUt Copper -col ned; theii third leiaped
in last and earne out black. Accord
ing to the legen-t, the Great Syn-nt
then led them to thirte bundl1es, ask -
ing eaich to choose~ (mne. The black
mantt Olhose the heaviest, wvhich wasI
found t.o contain sp'ades, boes anid
ot her i mplements I Iused in thme per.
fourmance of manual lar; the see
ond fannid ini his sack a fishming rod, a
gun, and1( warhiko w%eapont-: the whiite
ien, ik andt( patper, and ( this, so the
story goes, hud( ihe founldlatijon f'or his
stiteriorityI, over other rae..
W.\ N'].'MI).
I ,200 baishels of C!orni. Will pa'y 77o
1-lous. Wil alse (ake JO,tit)O hI iilesIi
of FoddeCi, delivtred it Poor I house ti.i .*
will paty 2. 10 for gi' o toIer.
4t).~tu ~ Supervis.ur. -
Makos Kidnavvn and Bladdere Rinht
"AR -
a are - the
hicago and Charleston exposi
npetes, Queen Quality is al.
find. Compare Queen Quality
why Qeen Quality always gets
hoe that there is really no com
ort vamps. The following are
th tip I2-8 heel. Price $3.
ape, welted sole all patent colt
lted sole, dull calf top seam
Ited sole, gun metal quarter,
ice, $3.
ear. We want to shoe you
ildren. Our specialty is stylish
natter what the style may be,
greater than the require
'- 1t(e Government- and
Ler try wagon.
l .lianeter-fur
uin spokes. They
ec ich greatly adds
si 'oks-one of the
nt wagon building
Tv amount of wood
SiIre s/rInghe./ where
T: patented round
e to er"' LIri--tec,a'/det and cold-set.
at's why the3' never loosei.
And so on-point by point--feature
feature---nothing that will add to
durability and long life of the
ait i lasts?
iat it .s the wagon with a repul
d to buy a "cheap" wagon,
le best for so little.
my to be constantly pay
-epair bills.
*r and save money.
very best leaf that we can buy
best leaf market in the world.
a prefer a natural leaf tobacco
ly say that after one trial of
eively in the futu, Every merchant
urs don't, *insist on h Isgettinag it for you.
ITS-write us for our special prices'
Wo earnieIwon,n a
how lim it.imn ui vovsI I.
obtain a
tion. to wiia n $or c
offer'i. Slar 11 rethl--l
aro.' uara. iiu :a
Tho a. I Ines, noi m at
1Uv'st.uc. - i on.1( whodI wih
a i ~ 'aunnggams Igood;pC;.
get.., IL ch , i'em acoa L. G
thoes please won
of America and.
Id Medals at Paris, Buffalo, C
ion where stylish footwear co
Why? The reason is easy to
find and you will readily see
so far ahead of the commons
i all leathers, with the new sh
showing this season:
3 hole ribbon tie welt sole wi
Blucher Oxford, Fifth ave. sha
u4an heel. Price $3.50.
Oxfords, Fifth ave. shape, we
Cuban heel, custom grade, $3
Blucher Piccadilly shape, we
elets, ribbon tie, 12-8 heel, Pr
at $2.50 for your stylish footw
et for men and Kriders for ch
Ve will not handle a shoe, no :
of good stylish fitting shoes.
ow Prices ard Stylish
ost tp you of a square inch-25%
iggy or a set of i:mnts of the Unit<
probably 50% grea
as long as you The Studebaker
nis:'ing a proper fc
it costs you $60 are treated with a s
pairs, the Cost /o to their weather re
The Studebaker
:1 lasts 10 years, greatest iml)rovetuu
See the Oti
Studebaker cd,
Agent T
axles 3.i inch Studebaker is overh
,lectecl butt-cut D)o you wonder t
> years. )o you wonder tl
with a special tation behind it?
eel of one skein You cannot affor
when you can get ti
:"russ Skeins It is poor econo
aving a tranis- ing out money for
0 pounds to the Get a Studebak(
the Studebaker Ag
uce & Morrow Cou
kens, South Carolina.
S made of the
we unhesitating
you wilue eo
WITH ~ ~ '
New Eseery
,fNSUi0'JPTION Prico
JBnOUGH F' and UO & $1.00
SOL DS Frco Trial.
JES, or MO.ZEY 8A(:K.

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