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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, April 18, 1907, Image 9

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your eatre sy
your stoiach,
It is the besi
and Spring T<
the market, w4
bottle, 3 for $
''W e Hand1(1
' 48 Z{eenskIta le
Six Mile.
Mrs. R H. Holcombe visit.t h.
father, Mr. Bill DMauldiu, <
Central, Saturday ard Suiiday.
Mi* s Essis Arnold is quit. ick ie
this writing. We hope IJ se bEI
ont t(con.
Miss Ann Ahmxander, of thel Ki11
Nectioln, V site d at the 11(imli of MI
Lula Arnold a few days last ve.k
Burn, to .Ir. and rs. Fletch
Evl mut,, it fitle boY.
ll isties Luia t11n1d D11enai Ma 111uldin,
t wo popubtir y.tut.., hidies of th.
Stewart neighb.rhood, wE re ill,
lue t, of iheirt (,..1SIV, .\1,i : .phill\
Mauh11ii w,\y t1".sd.ty.
Irs. m I. very sit.
lit, lliii
Th.'', hat mIst of 1!h:
h11: s4. *;t , i11 it
a~I Jn( we ofr"ct..t.
Al.s ls~eStent,r, (,f th l,+:SI"tra
vscinity, visited her friends i1( ih,
cor1n .11u1"!y 1 <t it.c5 ltiy ht1-t.
C It"",:tf I n i v 11 t1i""1 hi-1i. uf;
Ib.-h.' I saw a Ib.o new tip hun
t ast SI !t y, tlhiat eu1I. ir..n th!.
Ste .,in t r"e""tion :111y, gil, iit\N
wo i( \ti. Ilku t(o tilt : pleaSanllt r't(1(
Jood it pre .
Mrl. Foi32 k Ill1ndricks, ofI Ande(1
3-oi, viitdal his brother, Nir. WV. A
Mr.Ii(,N r 1.d Ii L. L~t. \\ illmonvi
sted inl Si'oecahlist weekC.
All theo fruit heing killed,
what iire we poor' peole to do f,.
somrethling~ out of whichi to mauke
ei0? Om liinin1.
Teachers Take Notice.
Thme teaichers of' the connit*y will p'easeV
take, not.ice tha.t. the st ate boa2rd of' edulici
tion2 1has el aniged the time for optening
t'xiationsli 02 fi om2 thle thiird Fidaly in
May to the. third Frida.y inm April. So
the exaU21mnation of teachera wvdl be heldi
at the Court House ou1 the 19th daly of
Attention Singers.
On Saturday before the second(
Sudyin MaI and1( all day Sunday
the P'iedrniont union01 singinig conIvin
tion will he in) *Sssionl. Dinner wil
bo served on the grounid both dayo.
All love0rs of son)g athd musLicJ are in
vited to bring sorng books and donner
Don't forgot tihe plaice, M't. Pisgal
chiun ' '- -i ,County.
C. G1. Vuigt,
P. Sucy,
W< ed. merchan21ts4 3
C'ent. m3 our1 store, fron2
talntilashis, j)ay days ait .issmineena4231 mli
Ilnd raiiro:d paly days.
S R, Kelley
L. Rloss Eaton
F' II & J1 N 2lorganl
Ji) ittlet onl
TI L Watkins
and build up
tern, especially
by using
Biood Purifier
mie ever put on
believe. $t a
Drug Co.
e The Best."
Amended Summons for Relief,
Col. pluint" Not Served.
Pickeus, Conuty
("01urt of C1'umn1u Pletn.
.Ishil I rgiis n 11 as Iruis t"1n i'f .T:t.. .1
Fergumm nlt a a l h11Ii' (hi'ilhenl .tlmes: i\
I'r,nv .u, Avit L. Li. k, Angus'us I).
Ft"rglitonl, iinl1H 11. ]'elgelmmi, Iltl,
.17atl1' .1. .F ignisol )it11td .Totln Fergit.
sill, ir1 , It(.n d .iamt s t ern-,on '
Piiutiff i
ltl.l F'1rtuSonl, IBenj. F. Iing, J. \'
Gal,1 . Ma.'\ ic ( y, T. 13. Whit
muirl', WN . t. Fr( tn1, ... P'. '\1i1b.1
u' (ir.-- nvilb, : c .i ptr .ti.n, 11 T
i rts , t !. I.M . ergl'i s ti, .1. .ll. F1't"
iunsont, Jameui" I-'( 1t!n-un. Frnok Fvr
tli. i, gn' . ' i isa t I' ' ii AnI
e tit-i' l t t^i r l, v otsii..I ll I' \ 1 rV'i', 1 1I11
it ' i i i Ii F It s . I .Euan* s l . F
A.'.ii;. t' B e g.,1t' .i. '" t' t" i
i1: . " 1 ., . . t' + .1. \\ tti'(' ll:.ti
\'i l: t" l -<. J: .\I R 1 ). I;s n i ,t , ai. .t . {i
() tilt. 1>i eI'' tl' in: ts. ;ll,I". u li: (
11 1 'i i lt 1 Of -' " :,k)0 o 1 't1s for 1.ik "+
llll+tt n L t ~ il ti .li J ' t :i"' t' ."ti, ilill7 . ll
n t l n1;wy . \" t " w v: - ' i y t y1t"t.
tn w 1 t he i m t!+"I . t+'1i .. pi n.1 t . + . ' .a
'(11' r '" . +t i 15is 11 o i i t I't :r';i . (' ..w .t
'l 1.t t m y (1 y"4 afo.ir the, t-i""1 "t' i:t-r0'1
tx"lusiv, of '. da\ of )ish erve -m.
Briyng ailde alerthe Renwed igr
in thecihe for.nsiation. lesin i4ve
an.rd inroubl.s. PtiD. Ec07. pr
A. oo. Ba Brgea.. Slugi. P.wl.Hoiah
eTform th cbent defx.enin Jae M
FeLLrTson ames CM. Fargnson. ?rt.
AHen( Gind 'Flel)on Matti4' F 11 y et
M~iatie J.IWhite~ atitd H'Itti Va44111 'h-s o
Tako4 no)ltice.t theactd th amne snI' ~ miti
easei( were fi i thet 0fic of Ith sleri
countylon Mhey2d, 1y(of.AIprCit1907t
l~. 1 ..P.?Carev,
'Ird'4 w6, 4550 ltI''f'sAi,y
Rocky Mr'Flounane (ugget
Counly of Pickens.
1,1 (GoIaona.'t Pleas
. , IN lor u1:1 f e-, of a t ta' 7(l (Ird.." u1<le,
11n thc ft.ili ., ing ,,Illed ('1 e n .lt "1 lilt
it' the rt t k s . flice, I w ill sell to th
high"st 1 ild""r duriiig the- l"-gal hf urs for
H tIe at Ilc:;t" s e ourt Ieu,e. S,uth Car.
''lini. 01n
S l.LIDAY IN .lAY 1907.
th folII,1.1A tlie. ied reai es-att. 1i8
Ihe e . a'lm h ireli f t,-r n11.11'ioletl to wit:
'1' L. Hive s. Plaintiff,
Joe H'ndr-eks et. at1., Defendanta.
All that pit"ce. parcel or tract, of laf1
lyinig al11E ta tog situate in the state anti(
votiit' (Ihabm written in Pickens town
ship oil the wat-era of Twelve %lile Rive1
('ontainmig (tt) acre a more or 1L -, it be
ing 'I part, of the I harley Prinlct plat(
arnid deied to Joe Hendricks ,by -T. L
Biveus Jul% 21st, 1Il
Terms, Cash on day of sale. Pur
chaser naust comply with terms withi:
"nie hour or the 1reWis -a will be resol
on same (lay. P urchaser to pay for pa
Ilers and the recording of amtie.
A. J. BOGGS, {seal]
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
Count.) of Pickenl.
In. Comnfln Pleas Cuut.
In put suance of a decretal order madt
in the following u:amled C,.S9 and on flit
in the clerk's office, 1 will s -I1 to thi
highest. bidder turumg the legal hoort
for sale at Pickens Court House, S utih
Carolina ( n
The following elescribed retl etate upon
the terms leere nafter mlem..ionedl towit
J. H. Adamts, Plaintiff,
AmNHnda Williams. et. al.. Deften.Ian s,
All that certain piece. barcel or trac
of latnd in thl - County v1f 11 0.e e :tll". lh(
st.te aforesaid. adjoinitig 1.1its tf J-mn1t.
Lawrence, Noah l . sre. Sim. t 1il e
an,1d Oth ers, a, 1t.Ii1nmg one1 It d,o.d uo1
SoVItlltinIl a.I.r S m o11 orl .
TIerms.l, Cash on d1ay% .f r,tlt. 1'll
chaste(r Int.l - cl tmply wit h t. ruls wilhi
cnee tur n or ihe pr1..i s will be r,--I
4n sael ( d-ty. Pulrch:.s r' to ) I V ttr p.1
11es and the rec,rtiug of Hlli
AJ. J. 1lOmlis.u
Clerk ot C."111.
They Make Ytus Feet GUo0t)
T e at"tsant 11111gaiv e Ne+1t, 4.xp rl
1"n40ed1 b)Y all wtlo lisa Gh-ullbNrlin':
diamarb: a nde Li V1'r TabIllet.', andt i(n
h.':lthy c"lnllhtitn o t the I"ody1 .11d i.1
whib h y U" mi:at<" makeltt e'. b"1 eIt jc yt11!
. Price, .5 Ci .Uia. tiamph-. lrtc att Piuek
J . F . lHIARk-,
Orandy 006 1UR
ierinhtly Lac:th in it,
W ithJou th.>r..n ' e m. it Iiti n '(l th er
W8htiatht per fet istion th..r lcan
1.W )it t.p o - a in h in t n
enIlht.hle 'igiti iion
Withoui it iini- so thlier inni hil
I flenitlh
WL d he helth ~iuha. iu I h,j* im
H1 liii the I annin r
Iained't ini its hight Id w1a:
out gooyiiteet
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