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Pickes Slltinll-Jourlal
- BY
The Sentinel-Journal Company,
TbOMPsoN & RICHEr. Pitors.
.1. L. O. THO MPSON. EhnTOR.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens Fostofrlce at Second Class
Mail Matter
Nature's Awakening.
Take a drive into the country now
and as your eyes fall upon field and
meadow, there is every evidence of
an awakening of nature. The recent
%bower, followed by springtime's
golden sunshine, has brought forth
the green so pleasing to the eye and
given hope to the soul of man.
What is more impressive than this
change of seasons, this coming of life,
where a few months ago all was
Vieing with Nature in all her
splendor, a long pent-up human
ity takes to outdoors and enjoys the
invigorating sunshine.
The season when the merchant, as
well as the farmer, wears a smile, is
at hand. All humanity ever longs for
Spring, when all nature animate and
inanimate teems with newly given
Spring, the real thing. Joy in its
:enlity is not coil ined lto the birds, to
the young lambs, to the honse?
an annc the. smoke from the bmn
intOxillteS j
forget that
,nlhour 1.
lovers will begini to s(eek somle s clues
tered spot. under the bough of stmme
old oak, in whose boyis compacted
the rain and shinelii of manyui score
years past, she pun nhing 1'hr parasol
into thie sd1 and lie loiking with snehI
admiration inito eyes that speak again.
You once gave this samne liok. Sp1ak
not lightly now of love's younmg dreami
But who wvill appreciate mole the
coming of Spring than the infirm and
the elderly? Have they not counted
the days since AbLruary and M\arch
blew in several weeks ago? It is they
who too, look eagerly for the wvarmuth
of May and June, wvhen they, too, can
again commune with Nature as the
warm sunshine starts in renewyed cir
culation life's fluid in their enfeebled
Is it not God's favorite seas n
-* when He gives His children the most
impressive lessons? Is it not the sea
eon of all the year when man is im.~
pressed with the immortality of the
soul-the resurrection of Chrjat, the
Rledeemner, and the resurrection of
Nature in all her glo:-y, coming in
beautiful transition fromn death to
Surely there is somelithling ini the
beauty and can of Naturo that over
atwes our 101tle anxieties and1 doubts
the sight~ of t.he7 deep, hblueI sky at fter1
a clear op following an A pril shower.
Then the clusterinig stars ablove at
event.ide seems)~ to ibmparlt a1 quiet to
the miind. Natutre is lman's best
teachers. She( uni f'jlds her treauresi
to his seareb,, unseals is (eyes, ia
heart; ain indoenc 'ie br!eathles fromi a1
tile sights and11( sCund 3(5of her exist
onice N:atllre is thie mrirror refle.ig
God1. All N atuore is a vast symbol.
lOsm; every mia torial fact, has she 'at hed~
wIthin it a spiritunal truith. Aature
.is b)eautiful, Illways beautiful, w'heth.
ie im d'eaile spi ead, or of Spring
time IIow 1p011 Us.
There is a certtin kind of exptri
ate American snolbishnetss that goes
a long way toward juastify'int tlo con
tempt which foreigners entertain for
our fellow-citizens abroad In Paris,
for instance, is an American womni
who maintains a "salon" and whose
boast it is that lCngli,-h is never spoken
in her house. It is difficult to compre
hend the luental status of such a per
son, but we are ro cod to confess that
it is exclusively American. Nobody
ever beard of a Frenchman pluming
himself on the fact thitt he never
spoke French, or a German repudiat
ing his own language. It is pre
cisely because a certain class of
Americans seem to be ashamed of
their country that Europeans have a
good deal of contempt for us.
The Birmingham News says the
corn crop of the Southern States for
1906 was worth $500.000,000. The
value of the cotton crop of the South
ern States for the same year was
about $700,000,000. Add to these
the value of the wheat, oats, tobacco
and fruit crops, the value of live stock
and poultrv, and the value of indus
trial products in the South, and the
total will make it easily understood
why this vast fertile and productive
region cares not a rap about the tur
moil among the stock jobbers and
gamblers tand get rich-quick dispatch
es of frenzied finance in Wall street
While in Norr-.
W. j.1. ..
R..t to prevelit his
if Wall st:eet is opposed
ny doctrine held by Presideint.
[i:osevelt. it in .-- .- -ly not ao lt.
blen we u+att'
to fuit in 1896
.leut (1hami1pion
iasts thlan Mr.
The god '( o) k sa vs, "liv'e to
O'e Nyole l that,i .,lietlh lhe" but that
dutsu't mean ts, give a drutkard
Un01e3' to buy whisky; it doeiu't ilcn
to give the baby a lIantaler and !ook.
ing-giss becOuse leas for it, and
it loeHn'r. meno,, tat't we sta' . give to
proftes il)outl begarsu w' ho traveil f4 roml
town to town. Tate Bible d. -s.e. a
ways~ Iluani what it says8, but it alwa'ss
Th'le fa rmer's hair miay be bush,
his skjin broniztd, but hi.s eyesi are
cleaur, !his d igestioni is like that of aI
t.h)ree-year-old mule his 'co; scie :co is
like the ether 1a1ove his ! -d, and1(
his banLrk account as fat as his favorite
shoat. He is the miost independen t
creature that wears~ 3he garb) of civil
ized man.
Whe a131 manl 1 ini serL1ch (of Ia home 0or
busniness5 locatilon goes to) a towni and
lindsi everyblodiy full of hope and( en
thuisiasmii over the prospects of the
p)lace, lie, too, soon0 becomes imbned
with the samte spirit, dlrives do - n his
stakhes andc goes to work with egnal
, A ;a&rdl
T[his is to certify fliat all druggista aie
anIthorlied tb re.fundl( y'our moneyi0 if Fo
ley's HIoney and( Tar fails to cOro yonr
trongh or cold. It stops the congh,
heals the lunigs and1( preOvenItH serionls re
40uits from a csold. Cure h'' a gippe) cronigh
rind pr)ven(lts pneumana111 and( (OIH consum
ien. CJonttalin no 14 0 pites. Th1ie Genn.1
lIE Hil in aV yellow packaiIge. ReuOiI' subl.
t itutres. 'Park inlS Pharmac'1Iy, LbertyV,
md1( P." (1kensJDrug (Co.
nojs btiae ouh aidTar lIes the)(
old from the system 414 it IS miilly
38xaltive. It is gularanuteed. D)o not risk
aking uany but~ tie genlline in the voel
OW packa{ige. P arkins P'h:lrmacy, Libler
3', anid PickenRS Dr)iug CJo.
resul t.s from chric1 onslti pationl, wichel
H <likl Iy cur ed by D9ir. King)~'s New Li fe
~ills. ThIey remo)fve all poill41ns germlIs
rom1 the4 HyStell) and1 in fuseo newv life and,
a'gor, Cauro H(,ur It omachel, n1on1sa, hleadt
robe0, dl'/izies. and1 colic, withlout grijp
u g or discomfort. 25c, Gluaraniteed by
m1ikenu nrug Co.
QUEE.N Quali ty
fashion leaders
They have been awarded Gc
tions and, in fact at every exposil
ways awarded the Gold Medal.
with any other shoes that you car
the prize. The snap and style. is
parison; made in all shapes and ii
a few of the leading styles we arf
Gun metal, Blucher, Oxford,
Style 406--Pat. Colt Ribbon
large eyeIets, ribbon lace, 14-8 C
Style 206-4 button pat. colt
less pat. colt vamp and tip, 14.8
Style 426-Patent colt 3 hole
patent colt vamp and tip, large e3
We also carry several styles
Queen Quality for women, Cross
footwear for the whole family. .
unless it combines wearing qualit
Drop in and see these lines:
Leaders in L
* .;* .
Saves You
T a cway to figure the
T wagon, a carria b
Is to figure the cos
use it.
If a farm wagon, fo
lasts 20 years and req.
you of that wagon is st. i,
If another wagon costs c.
and requires $10 worth of rep.
cost to you is $6 a year, at least.
Which is the cheaper?.
*1 * *
There is no doubt about the /astint
qualities of Studebaker wagons, car
riages and harness.
It's the material that goes int<
them--plus the way they are mnade.
Studebaker farm wagons has
deeper than others, made from
Black Hickory--air-rie:d from 31
Thei axles are also na'.iforce.
bar of steel running from the
to the other.
The Studebaker Pater
are made from cast iron
verse strength of over 3,(
Heath B1
County of Pickenis.
By J1. B. Newbery, Probate Jndge:
WAI"IE ^LA. S. 0. Ske,tn made
v suit to mne to grat him letters of
A.hnsuni 'tion of the estatu andt effects
of Job, F. Smith
. These iro theefo to cite and ad1mon-.
ish "il and3( siingiuar tl.hn kindrel ai
credtitors of1 I he saiul Job F. E9 mith , d
ceased, that they be0 andi Ijppear beofio
me), in theo Court of Probate to be helhd
at Pickenis on th'i 9th day of May next,I
aifter pubhlicaitton heroVLf, aIt 11 o'clock inl
thu forenoon, to sow eilnse, if any they
should nt he granuted.
Gliven undiier myS hand1( this, the 2'lh
daiy of April, Anlno Dominui 19(7-=..
dJ. B. Nuwm.,:uy, * '8~
,J. P. P. 0. -
W7~ II'BEAS, TI. (C. Rob'insor~ maido
VY Sml t to mlie to granit. him Let45teSr
of Admllinistration ''f the' estato anid of
feetsoh Mrs15. .51. (U. IN hin~son
Th'lesonre1( thesre'fore1, to cit' and)1 ad
crediltor'5s of 114he410 si Mrs. Al. C, obsiin.
Sonl, dees.sedl, thanIt l'oy bes andi appem-'1
ay next, afh-r p)ul. lie.itioni bosrcof, sit .I1
('ock ini th' forenoono:, t) slow ''ausei if
uiven undert my ha*5 lsnd, tiu11( t hith
lily oif April A'no Domiini l907.
.1. 8. N .wA:ny, I'ea lj.
J. P . P. C.
3hoes please woman
of America and Eui
old Medals at Paris, Buffalo, Chicago
Lion where stylish footwear competes,
Why? The reason is easy to find. 1
find and you will readily sue why Q
so far ahead of the common shoe th,
n1 all leathers, with the new short van
showing this season:
3 hole ribbon tie welt sole with tip i
Blucher Oxford, Fifth ave. shape, w<
uban heel. Price $3.50.
Oxfords, Fifth ave. shape, welted so
Cuban heel, custom grade, $3.50.
a Blucher Piccadilly shape, welted sol
relets, ribbon tie, i 2-8 heel, Price, $2.
at $2.50 for your stylish foot,,
et for men and Kr"'
Ve will n'
of g
OW I ricec
ost to you of a square inch -25% greater
uggy or a set of nc;mts of the United States
probably 50% greater than t
's long as you The Studebaker hubs are
nishing a proper foundation
you $60 are treated with a secret solb
cost to to their weather resisting ,
The Studebaker sl. pe-sh,
greatest i))rovemi1en1ts eve.r
carrying I,
into the hul
Aie other spoke
.oaker ed"c ti'res
gent Thts why
by feature
the durabili
'e axles inch Studebaker is overlooked.
;elected butt-cut )o you wonder that it las
to 5 years. Do you wvon der that it is tl
d with a special tation behind it ?
biee of 2,ne skein You cannot afford to bu)
.whien you can get the best
it Truss Skemns I: is poor economy to be
having a trans- ing out money for rep)air bil
00 pounds to the *4 Get a Studebaker and sa'
) the Studebaker Agent
ruee & Morrow Compar
ekens, South Carolina.
of what plant foods can
farmners. TIhe picture c
and potato yield (55.8 11
- a small patch, treated wvi
On the left, a patch of
same size (yield 2r lbs.)
- planted at same time, in
same soil, but utreated.
- These pictures are taken
-- . from an experiment sta
tion bulletin, compiled in
Our Free Book, "Profita
which gives authentic and authoritative act
actual results of practical and scientific fari
the farmer who is anxious to improve his
inig for a wider margin of profits. Sendl f<
New York, 93 Nassau St., or A tlanta
U 0%%i and Soc & $1.00 To woV
SOt.DS Free*c Trial. 'w .e
u caet and Quickrest ouro for allt obain a a
LIX.oATp and LUNG To0UE.. I"" tjoI wri
E,or 1YioNEY E ACK. -ai. Si"
li' lina
who- are the
anl Charleston exposi
Queen Quality is al
ompare Queen Quality
.en Quality always gets
t there is really no con
ips. The following are
2-8 heel. Price $3.
lted sole all patent colt
le, dull calf top seam"
[e, gun m$---,
than the require.
Goverutnent-- an(d
he ordinary wagon.
large in diaineter-fur
for the sp)okes. They
ttiori, which greatly adds
>ulder spokess-one iof
made in wagon bluildin
largest amount of u
. They are s/r(n'/ wi
S are weakest.
debaker patented rou
re ol-wrldcd and cold-.
they n(ver loosen.
t-point by point--featu
nothing that will add
ty and long lifu' of the
cc wagonc with a repu
a "cheap" wagon,
>r so little.
constantly pay
'e money,
do for
s.) of
ble Farming"
ounits of experiments and
rning. It is invaluable to
>rodIucts and who is work
r it to-day.
,(In., 1224 Candler Bldg.
Mountain Tea~Nuggets
Busy Metficine for Bucsy P
Golden liealth and Rlencw
(0 for0Cosf I i"a t i(on, lud'
t rouble. SIiaiciI , in'
ho-. Its IHoecky Alount:
e cenIts 0. bolx. (;en
I RUo. ( 0P.\NY, Ala
RTnY~ Younc . .-.
Iy reN'uest all yolPng pesos lit' 1.i1
I heir IIIQans~ or' educatir h i ..h.''t Ito'
.i'' firit. inail for ourE~ yra ha:rte
(Ut!. omn't dokay. Write todaiy.
kia. Bucsnes olaenit acc;.r: Ga.

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