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untered April 23, 1903 ,t Piekeus, S. C., as .econd 1b ul,mt+ rr, nuder act of Cnngress of March 3, 1879.
" a"
"t; ". ; Copy1ri11ht, 10o1, byl 11nrhert S. SG
the effort t) catUre the ri:11n we seek."
T1he p1'inress heatrd the rennlarkiable
pr'oposition with face deathly patle,
lieitrt: sarcely Ihion1g. Again wuis the
duty to (traist:trk thrust cruelly up1o11
her. She couhl save the one only by
sacrificing 111e other.
"We will do all in our power to--to
prove ourselves grateful for your nag
nanmlltous offer," she said. As she pass
ed from the room, followed by her un
cle, she heard lthe incrensing buzz of
exeltement oil all -sides, the unrestrlaii.
"d expressions of amazement ?lhd re
lief from her own subjects, the patron
iig entuments of -flijl " iors-all
eonspiring to sound her doom. Which
way was she to turn in order to escape
from herself?
"We must cech this man, Yetive,",
said Iitlfont on the stairway. "'Tlere
is no0 alternative."
"Except our inability to do so," she
mnurmured. In that moment she deter
ninecld tha1 (irenfl'1II Lorry should nev
4'r be taken if she could prevent it. le
was innocent, and it was Graustark's
penalty to pily.
T IT I. lolges1. lllon1th ili Lorry's
life was that which followed
his romantic flight fromn the
tower. To his imnpatient mind
1he (ly: vere ir-ksoine w\'eoks. The1 cold
trlonaste'y Vas vorse thliain a prisonl.
Ile looked front its wlindow\s as at con
viet looks through his bars, alwiys
hoping. always1 disappointed. With
each of the infrequent visits of Cap
lain Quinnox his heart leaped at the
prospect of liberty, only to sink deeper
in despair upon the receipt of emphatic
though kindly assurances that the time
had not yet (om1e for hilnt to leave the
haven of safety into which he had been
thrust by loving hands.
The prior was kind to him. Every
thing that could he done to provide
comfort where comfort was a stranger
was employed in his behalf. ie lived
well until his appetite deserted him.
He had 1No questions to answer, for no
one asked why he was there; lie h1adl
no danger to fear, for no foe knew
w\-here he lived. From the city camle
ih(e proillise of ultitnate escape. verbal
ilessages from those who loved him,
news of the world---all at long inter
vals, how.ever. Qulinox's visits were
like sulnheanis to hinm. The dashing
captain came only at night and in dis
guise. He bore verbal messages, a
wise pre'autiol igalnst Iishup. Not
ce (11(1 he bring a word of love from
the prinl"ess, anll oit1isslon which caused
the f'ngitive deep milsery until a ray of
intclligOnce show( ed hin1111il th she Could
1ot. give )to Quillnox the speeches from
Ier lI irt, plrotl wolani that she was.
AnIguishI sent words of chieerd with
comuninds11(1 10 be paitienlt. iIe never
f i led (o tellI1113 himhrough Quinn Iox tha t
lhe was dhoinIg all in hIs power' 1o ind
the real inutrderer and thait he had'the
Sece -CI' o '-opleraion111 of the old1 police0
43a1pta in. O' cour1se tile hldeni man11
heardll(I of the' reardii and the t'renzied
.0e1ar h prtoseen ted1 by both rin lpllI
ties. IIle 1 lughed hiyterleaI ly over tile
decepionl 11 thaIt. was beling pried byl 1
t he blueo eyed, slender woma w111~ ho hiebi
thle key to thle sittIion in her keeping.
It waIs not) un11til( heiighl of the 18thi
of Novembe 1 th1at1: Quinnoxb COnlh limed
his fears by t)' elling ihut ol' the ('ondi1
i lous1 imposed514 by Pr'inlce 1iolaroz4W. For'
some311 rea'~son thle youni1g olli'1er had do
('i vedl LorrPy inl r'egard'h t lie atll im
ioir tnt 13n311ter. Th'Ie Amriican repea)I3it
en'ly had1( beggedl foi inflormlaltionl abou1t
t he faltal 20th, lt 011nIal prievhm1s o)r(3
4, $0n1 ils visit Or dloggedlly ma1110intained
B show oft igiiorance01, v'owing 1hat1 lie
kne n11' 1otinlg of' thle circumiistan131ces.
Fin3331ly L.orriy, ('omp1let'ly 0out of pa
line al1 u 131 l deteriited to kanow the( 13110
staite o1f3 ~afirs, soultlIy uphraihled hill)
and( 4I3 sen wVord tIoI13 )' the(pinces that If
she dlid not3 ll(uinIt him31 with the inl
S ale fact1s lie woul d leave the 110ulonlas
tI'ry 3and( tind the(m ouit for' hiiiiself3.
'liIs author103itat1ive meissa1ge br'oughlt
Quilnniox bac1k two nilghts htwith(I W11 the
fill Istory1 oif thle e'xIlt ig confe frence.
Shie aimpIlored himii to rema33ini whiere lhe
was and31( aske~d h3is f'orgliveniess for hatv
a kept thle ugly truthI fr'omi himi.
'-'linnoux achiedi to hIs anigulislI by3 has5
tily inforingii. hdm that there was ai
pos5sibil iIty of' sin-Ellr rom 33aniothloiprin-.
114-- t.
c"ipality. I'rltnce Unbrii1l, he said, not
knoving that ' he was Cutting;; his lis
tener to the ,b4eni, w 1as dily with the
pineess, and uiitI i1 wa s lived Ithait ite
wa s ready to lotan C;raust:ark sulleient
money to ileet the demantd of Iiolnroz.
'1'he mere t liought that Gabriel was
with her aroused the fiercest. resent
tuent in Lorry's breast.
. As' he paced his narrow room dis
tt'ictedly a horrid thought struck him
'6-VI0*1(!tly that he Cried aloud and
staggered ".gninst the wall, his. eyes
fixed on the fta- of the startled soldier.
Perhaps she mlig"t suhmit to CabI)riel,
for in submitting sLi." could save not
only Graustark, but the 1rn she loved.
The sacriflce-but no, ie voulid not he
lieve that such alietion co111d ci ,1 to
her! Marry Gabriel - the man w ij
had planned to seize her and make her
his wanton! lie ground his teeth and
glared at Quinnox as If lie were the
object of his hatred, his vicious jeal
ousy. The enptain stepped1 backward
in sudden alarm.
"Don't be afraid!" Lorry cried sav
agely. "I'm not crazy. It's your news
--your news! Does she expect me to
stay lp here while that state of affairs
exists clown there? Let me see; this Is
the 18th, and day after tomorrow Is
the 20th. There is no time to be lost.
'aptain Quinnox. I shall accompany
you when-v"ou leave St. Valetitie's to
''Impossible!" exel:limed Quinnox. I
Cannot: allow that, sir. \Iy instrum e
tionis are to"
"Ilan your instructlions' All the int
struct ions on enarth (' 111 ('01111iell mie to
sit upll here anid See this sac'1'ice i::(le.
I am determined to see let and put at
stop to the whole affair. it is what I
feared would come to pass. Shia wll
ing to sacrilee herself or half l!t. kipg
don, one or the other, in order)hat I
may escape. It's not right,iaptalan;
It's not right, and I'm goige to stop it.
How soon cnn we leave this place?"
Ile was pacing the floor, happy in the
FarIners' Union
BulreaL of
Inf. .....0.t nI.
-Condueted by the
South Carolina Farmers' Edh cattonal and
Co-Operative Union.
Comrn 1umc ntions iniended for this ciepar
minent should he addressed to .T. C. Strirtling,
(endleto n , South Carolina.
Now and then ommo littlo hen of a
cotton bear. or a little pig of a corpora
tion hog, reminds the Farmers' Union
of the fact that we should discuss there
subjects of such vital interest to the
South upon a high pinac. Wecil, now.
we agree in part to this. Boys, don't
aim too high, don't over-shoot the
thing. D)raw your head at .iust the
right p)lane to h1it the gameo; lot 'otm
have it broad-qideo in a manner to
brine your game to earth.
Pale, Thin,
Then your blood must be in
a very bad condition. You
certainly know what to take,
then take it -Ayer's Sarsa
parilla. If you doubt, then
constilt your doctor. We knowv
what he will say about this
grand old family medicine.
.'iThi is the first questton your doto'tr wnnbit
etrt it to retory. Kteep youtr iverV ac,tive'
nd vonir howetils re'gular by takintg 1,axattive
dosd dof ul
erS AGUl URI' .
wohao ocrets ' We pub ilih
te on-mntian or nu none motno,.
The trouble is, your liver's
sick. One of its products,
"bile," is overflowing into
your blood.
You can't digest your food,
your appetite is poor, you
suffer dreadfully from bead
ache, stomach ache, dizzi
ness, malaria, constipation,
etc. What you need is not a
dose of salts, cathartic water
or pills-but a liver tonic
Black- Draught
,8 great medicine acts gently on
the sick li'er. It purifies the blood,
renews the app ., feeds the nerves,
cl"ars the brain anJ cures consti
It is a true medicine for 1ck liver
and kidneys, and regulates al the
d'.gestive functions. Try It.
At all dealers in mn dicines
25c packages.
Ever soo rabbit beagles stop chasing
a rahhit to quarrel over thev ame 1)
fore the rabbit cas caught? No, tht
have more common animal sense tha'
some of we Cotton Association am
Farmers' Union men who pop up nov
and then and go to quarroling wtl
each other about who is entitled t
the skin of the cotton bear before th
old heifer has been killed.
It matters little to the average cot
ton grower who kills out the cotto
bcar and speculating element just s
we got them out of the wav.
The groa' tank and file of the Farn
ers' Union and Cotton Association ar
more interested in combining th
forces of the to organizations for goo
strength and hard fighting on cotto
prices next fali then we rre in olevtr
lng the intorest of a few~ oflimmsi
hoth organizations who keep up strif
for their own selfish eends.
Clmson College enlectl $1,3314.Of
penalty money from oleven companie
for sonding'out fertilizers below grad
and other violations of the law' lact
yer. If there is one farn-r in the
s t who ies collected'c ona' dollar p).-n
ity money or shorta;!e. which they
.:In do, w' have not he!trd of it.
I' armors. you are simply sl -epIng
over your privileges. We c"aleulatc.
that at least , 7000 could have n i re
c ve.rcod by tho farmers if they had
kept un with those viola'ors by reading
ut on theso fertilizer bulletins that
are h.ing senut from Clemson Collego.
If your county business agont ennt1
not. trll'you how to proceed to recover
shorratro and ponalty write W. U.
Moore, Greenville, S. C. Your stare
business agont. I:llc no doubt, i-ill
tako pleasuro in figuring the nartter up
for you.
It is to the erodit of.tbo fertilizer
companies to state bore that 11:out of 12
cmpanies who ft 11 short last year eottled
up claims promptly,only one corn pany
whuu is charged $660 on eight below
grade samples is still contosting Clem.
son's claim for penalty.
gA pnpor read before the Powdersvillo
Unionbon the rocial featuroes of the
Mr. President:
The fcuiidors of the Educational and
S a delicious chew,
made from the jest
North Carolina leaf;
a leaf that has a spec
ial texture, a sp ecil
flavor and which
makes RED EYE a
specially fine and satis
- Most people prefer it
to tobacco costing one
dollar per pound.
Ask your dealer for it and
insist on him keeping it.
Write for Special Prices.
$15. Bys a
Schlossade Sprll
D On't envy the tman in
onle andI know the
And mere comfort is not
pertect fit andl g.ood qualit
cha.1racteri stics,
Conceaved an fl1perIfectl
that simiply can't lbreak or
that wvil li nevr lose its sha
lnetments of skilledI tail
Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost cvcrybody who reads the new.,
pap.r is sure to know of thc wonderful
cures macic by Dr.
the great kidney, liver
and bladder rumedy.
J tIt is the great medi
cal triumph of the nine
to:n th centuryv; dis
covere after years of
"in;ltific research by
Dr. Kilmer, the emi
n'vnt icney and blad
der rpecialist, and is
wonderfully successful in promptly curing
lams back, kidney. bhrddcr, uric acid trou
blcs and Bright's Disease, which is the worst
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not rec
ommended for everything but if you have kid
ncy, liver or bladder trouble it will be found
just the remedy you need. It has been tested
in so many ways, in hospital work, in private
practice, among the helpless too poor to pur
chase relief and has proved so successful in
every case that a special arrangement has
been made by which all readers of this paper
who have not already tried it, may have a
sample bottle sent free by mail, also a book
telling more about Swamp-Root and how to
find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When writing mention reading this generous
offer in this paper and '
send your address to
Dr. Kilmer & Co.,Bing-'
hamton, N. Y. The a m
regular fifty cent and Home of Swamp-noot.
dollar sizes are sold by all good druggists.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N. Y., on every bottle.
Co-operativo Union, in their introduc
tion,laid down as ono of tho princip,les
To constantly stive to secure entir'
In' rmony and good will amongst al.
man-kind, and brotherly love among
ou rsol ves.
To gather the teras of the distressed,
the blood of the martyrs, the laugh of
innocent chii ihood.tho sweat of honest
labor, the vii lure of a happy home-the
brightest iQ,vo1s known.
One of the greatest. questions still
nnslvedt is it>w to make life more
boarable by flling it with the every
day relation btqeenn the peoplo as
they movo along Lo highways of life
togot her. It is the i'l2xAff'*e
that wo have learned as human beings
to extend to one another more than
anything else make life worth living.
If we could make overyone realize he
can never do his duty to his follow-men
by giving money or material efits
wititut thcir symtatny and love.
A man that boards Its money and
refuses to help his follow-man is called
mean and stingy. You have no more
ioarl right to 'toard your sympathy
and love than you have your money,
life is too short to think of nothing
but the almighty dollar. The worst
feature of it is that in this mad chase
for it, turns the hand of every one of
us against his neighbor, and our neigh
bor against us
Snew Spring Suit-get
comfort of wearing it.
the only feature of our
Jothes;--style, grace, a
y arc among their other
y routndedl shoulders, a
s:ag and a coat-front
p,are some of the re
>rinug you find in these
air of fashionable dlis
>ne suit in a hundrd
200coa~-~$Q (o $20
1ren ile S.

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