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Piokolls Sentinel-Journal
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
TtzOMPsoN & EI(fIEY, Pnor.
-i. L. 0. TrHOMPtSOt:, EmTrn!..
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rntes Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens F.atofmce as Second Class
Mail Matter
1'IOlNS, S. C. 2
A New Mayor With No Money.
The new intendant and wardens
were inducted into office Saturday
There will be much howling and
growling and kicking because thi
new officers do not "turn over th
earth," but they will just have t
howl and growl and kick, for it take
money to do things. There was z
money in the treasury to be turne
over to the new set of officers, at
the street tax for this year went
pay Hovey Nealey for being a m
shal here.
It is up to the newly-elected Offic
to devise some means for rAis
funds to be used on the town. H
they will do it we know not, but a
pose a tax on property and a busit
tax will be levied. Something of
sort will be done, for there is no o.
way to raise funds unless some la
he-rted gentleman will donate
of cash to the town.
Thu streets and sidewalks
fixing badly, and the town mus'
put in good shape. The Piedi
Light & Power Co, on the 29th of
March, made " trade with the counc 1
4- c....:i a m t~ tret.. and
them put on every street cor nte iI
the town Our suggestion would b
that all ciiizenA residing on eachl sid
of a certain street get together, di
vide up into blocks and put in li. ht
on each corner, the town paying one
third the cost and the citizens th,
other two-thiros. TIhis would be th
most just and equitable way of th:
town having the benefit of lights, amt
in that way every citizen will be mor,
or less benefitted. But as it is, witi
the lights in front of the stores a
those who constitute the power aml
light company, and the lights turnec
off by 10 p mn., there is no use, what
ever, in the town being made pay fo
them. They benefit the belated tras
eler very little who does not have t
go to some of the stores to trad
after dlark; and the merchants hay
-Their places of business well ligbte<
and with the glass fronts to th
stores the street is. fairly passaibb
withont a "beacon" light. No, w
do not see the need of being taxed ti
ke( p these lights burning, and wi
know the citizens will raise a tre
moendous howl when such a tax il
levied. They prefer, if they canno
have light whlere they want it, t<
continue to use the old kerosene Ian
tern whlen they have to go awn:
from homen after the shades of nigh
We are glad the chance for light
ing the town is here, and( we hp
the lighting compa ny and the city
counl can got togther~i and formu
late a planz whereby that p)art of the
town that n'eeds it the moltst can be
suflleiently lighited so that peedsti
ans canl t ravel ou1r trheets after night.
fall wii t reasMonale degree of safe
13'. When this is accomnplished all
of our cit izense wvill lend subst an tial
aid to the enterprise.
MakesMidnva ad BldderRigh
I, 'OO1$ QNV 'o
(q pua pooiq 'i
* qydsogdod,&~ TO'
alone all lines in Pick
wo years, undoubtedly,
to almost every citizen,
interest in the municip.
,r certainly the record
f which Piekons should
'os there is an awakening
l whicb, generally speak
roperty owner is taking
eat 'than heretofore to
" own more attractive and a
.nt place in which to live.
toing, many harve etcour
:to fall in line , ad the re
es are beig panted and
)nos are boinR built,which
to look upon.
-o the busineess district,
i gradually increasing in
is over the entire city.
ause of this onfidene upon
f the citizens of Pickens'.
the' uture outlooks for this
Ad; it looks ecouraging, to
- st,to the capitalist who has
at, and ivitig to those who
nild a home in a'city where
n on the upward tedency.
ion is not ephemeral, is
of some spontaneone
is due to
e citizen
with . sun.
ahin' .i. to what
Mothe ..oduce hereabout.
locationis good, for
South Carolina is
.-tod of sunshine, and
eohre. rivaling the
ut into the othei
he ashamed to:sing thc
ekons. There may bt
fifty years oid whicl
;how than wo have bui
ow of those cities thirt)
I ago"would not beL in t(
the Pickens of today,
of talking for your honc
UM% i. Lt, a 111 grow on you, and resull
in the Greater Pickens all are lookinF
forward to and hoping to ecc in the
next few years, the ciawn of which it
now knockjog at our throshold.
A fler a mian has spent his whole
a life us the devil wvisihed, it doesni't
look reaisoniable to ud ha t lhe cau he~
to the L.,rd on his deathibed1 and g'
stright to heaven. - In our opinior
f the talk of deait,ibed repontance has
1 kept many from entering~ the pearly
r L'ibor is one of the supr'eme laws
-of life. Toil is honorable. The
progress which the world has made
is a glorious testimonial to humnan
handiwork. T1hose who wvork know~
more of genuine happiness than those
Swhose lives seem dedicated to idle
Tihe Lord had the right idea whten
h e made man, lHe said it was nol
good for mian to be alone, but had he~
made more than one wvife for Adam
there would have been more trouble
than there was in the shade of thai
old apple tree.
A man in R< no county, Kuan., has
just bonght a sawmill and is going
to begin cutting the trees he planted
30 y(ears ago in the treeless desert.
Thlese I rees are t oinrg to make sa w
logs 30 feet long and p)lanks 16 incher
Theli kaiser's horse buy er says there
are no horses in K(entucky. What,
then,arec the qnadrupeds thme dark anid
bloody statte has beeni sending to the
racetracks.-wolves or (logs?
In glorifyingy the apostate Clove.
land and trying to lbelittle the steaid
fast Ikynn, the Anidersoni Mail showvs
it peconui.. r1a of eors.
ae lS.Lxeinnnaai liv
:> s;lo onAq
;V Ja'fla-O nd 0s pue
'3 aggu 0$ 'aulaaaLj) Pue
aaA11 30~ suigJ)uoa 1
'duinjd Waq)I sa3sux 4
"jeai c 0 uaaj!tj . aad
The poultry industry is an import
ant factor to-day, and will bear much
study, whether conducted as a side
line or as an exclusive occupation.
The world's greatest men grew
upward from the lower classes, while
the world's meanest men grew down
ward from the upper class.
A county correspondent of the Aline
Chronoscope some time ago ent in an
item about one of his neighbors w.o
had reoei "ed a prizeifrom a matrimo.
nial advertisement be had lnserthea in
an Eastern paper. He lets his readers
in to the sequel thus:
Yes, Johnson[got married and hi,
friends are all congratulating hin.
his wfe is e sensible, good-lo.
woman. She united with the I
ist church Sunday night, and. r
a warm welcome. Every old w
and bachelor in the countr
be advertising. fr a w'
whom his
.,cCown, Secore
,ent of the Board of
of the Sinking Fund.
in the Estate of Calvin M.
under and by virtue of process issued
in the above entitled case signed by
lion. Geo. E. Prince, Judge of the Tenth
Circuit and dated 12th April, 19W7,
wherein and whereby I was directed to
sell the piece, parcel or tract of land
herein after described, notice is hereby
give that I will sell on saleday in June
next, being Monday Juue 3d, 1907, at 11
o'clock a. in., at public auction, before
the court house in the town of Pickens,
in the county and state afortsaid, the
following described real i s"ate, on the
t-rms hereinafter s:t forth to wit:
All that piece. parcel or tract of land
lying and being situ:te in the county of
Pickens, S:ate of South C.rolna, it
Eistatoe Lon nship on east, side of IE
l?.tato creek, comprising four hun
ired and wt.en.y live (42) acres. nor<
or Itss, (inrorr.:ctly stated in tirst adver
tssemunt as 25 atcrt s. more or less)
aiij. ining lands of Hester Stewart
ant lainis for nerly owned by Davi
Parker aid others and known as the
Alpha Bart.on home place.
ermls of Sale: A credit of twelvt
muotlhs, the purchaser to give good suf
fici.nt surety and a mortgage of th<
prenass-s sol. R. M. McCOWN.
A\ jril I ', Sec. of State,
As Agent of the Board of Commnis
sioners of t he Sink hing Funtd , Ebocheator.
15.\ pl.6 w.
Sulimonis for' Relief.
Coni plaint 5erved.
Pickens~ County.
Court of Commion Pleas.
D)avid M. Merck, Henry Merck, Elvira
Satterfield, Texanna K(elley andl Mis
soui Smit,h. Plaintiffs.
Laiwrenice U. Merck, Mrs. Ella Burton,
B. Stewart, Kay Stewart anid W. B.
Manni. Defendants.
TPo the defendlant Ella Burton.
You are hereby stummoned and re
qutired to answver the complaint in this
aiction, of 'which a copy is herewith
servedi upon you, and to serve a copy of
your answer to the said complaint. upon
the subscribers at their otlice or one on~
either of them1 at Anderson, S. C. with
in twenty (lays after the service hereof,
exclus.ve of the day of such service;
andi if yqu fail to answer the complaint
wvithin thie time~ aforesaid, the Plaint,iffs
mr tIs action will appiy to the Court, for
the relief demandedl in the complaint,
which was filed in the '.ierk's 01nice at
Pickens 22d of Decembher, 1906.
Dated Dec. 22d1, 1906.
A. J. BOGuS. C. (;. P.
J. E. BRAZa L,F~
Plain tifl's Attorney.
Brlidgee to Let.
Th'le gnpervisors of Pickens and Oconee
toni.ies will let to the lowvest resp)on
sible hider the bioding, of a steol bridge
across l(coweo River at Chapmn's F'ord
on Mtay 8thi 1907. Pl'ans, specifi'ittins
and11( termis in ad knowni on that day.
Right r(servedl to reject any or all bids.
April 1913 E. 1". LOOPER,
gallerySup'r' Pickens Co.
Iamnow ppred for work at miy
gallry~ ove J , D., Moore('s store. U1 you
w.tafanmily group call and see me or
write meit a postal, El', M. Farmer,
stop. She coudh and h e ...,.
Get a Move
And buy your DRUG
and TOIl ET A 1 TI
Up-to-Date Druggists,
Dr. Earle's
e"1 . .
re mrlore than g:
asult, by fair d
prices we expect
low we submit I
your con sid erati
Graunlnted Suguir
Light Brown sugar,
,i Be8t green cutee 8 1
Good parched coffee
Better parched coffe
3eKt parched coffee,
Meat. (rib side) 110
R3 con(" poiud pkcgK eN
Galvanized wat-h-tul
Heavy galvanized w,
* White Ced:r water 1
Wrights fine and co
$1.25, $1.50 and upwa
Vrights flue and CO;
men, $1.00, $t.25) and
Olhildren'K 8hue.
L.'dies doii't, fail to i
millinery before bluyii
W N. IE Freei
" At the Old Sand."
Bring us your chickens, eg
you have to sell and rest assure
of the market.
J.lMcD. Bruce,
-5 Per Cent Interest
J. F. Banister, B. A. Hago
J. M'. Stewart, I. Ms 1
T. N. Hunter. .H.
T OGET as much as pos
natural desire of all.I
Gourd, the person FIRST guess
seeds will receive the range FR
p)urchase. Relmmber, I shMll
Shoes, Grocer tes and General M'
can buy it elsewhere in town, ar
on YourseY
JLES from
old s '
*I. Con
ratified with the
ealings and low
to increase. Be
few prices for
L8 lbs for $1
18 lbs for 1
3a for 81
bulk, 14' 1 -
', bulk, 16e, lb
bulk, 20o
ap appl1eM 25
)a, No. 0, 45o
No. 1, 600 o
2, 70e
Al bucketM, 1 5
nrse so11'S for men
11Rl: shoes for wo--'
slect, ouir line of
Pickens, S. .
s, and in fact, any thing thiat
1that you are getting the top
I. M. Mauldin,
. sCashier.
- - $20,500.00
- - 20,532,0o
- - 150,000.00
Paid ,On Deposits-:
odi, W. M. J-Iagood,
/Iauldin, 3. McD. Bru.ce.
L. Richey, J. P. Carey,
ible for their money is the
ni dealing with me SOME
I shall give away ABSO
the 4th of July a high grad(e
banging in my store a large
ing nearest to the nu.' -'
EE, one guess with ex
sell you Dry Good:
erchandise as cheap
d( give you the Rant

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