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I .
For the jast
Our stock is larg(
tions, Clothing, S
The handsomest lin~e we
pecially strong, everything in b
ass Mohairs, Eolienes, Worsted
to see the line of Pannama clot]
3c and 40c the yard.
Our white goods can't be
inis i 5c to 50c the yard.
Linens, Lawns, Persians, 1\
Large assortment of Lace
SDry Goods are advancing
the advance in price and will g
Big shipments being receih
Spring suit till r - stock is bro
Sole agents foi
Sewing Machfines
Shoes All winna
S e i g M c ieSo s l l nCa ll fo r B 3u tte r i
A wiso ntri) slants tll before ho
runs out of t'ilk.
ilaria Ilallui. eolored, died at LIib
ert3 ;ed (3 years.
' >-(xcept when a
mtnar to explain why ab;!
T -y in VII Istreet hasl$
lhrO m any S(COndi-hail
autc V marke:(t.
Mr. and Mrs. I Hci bert Parsons, of
Liberty, ViSit(l Mr. and Mrs. 13 F.
P'arsonis ini Pi(kens8 1bist w%4ek.
Of conus. Senator Burt.on wvillI try
to get evenI withI the yi-osident, but
his jail record is a disadvantAge.
Advocates or home indus-triesar
not always inidustrious when they are
at home.
Thre business men of P'cikens are
baving connect'ons put in prepar
atory t.o lighting their places of busi
fless with gas.
Hon. Laban Mauldin and' wife, of
Easley,. visited the latter's brother,
Mr. F. M. RLogers, of Liberty, R. D.
3, Sunday.
*Robert Earle Lewis, soni of Ma jor
and Mrs. J. .J. Lewis, of Picons, who
has been studying pharmacy and who
has just comnpleted a three years
course in the South Carolina Medical
college in Charleston, has been elect
ed valedictorian of his class. There
are twenty-three graduates in the
class, one of whom is a woman.I
Earlk's friends in Pickens are highly
pleased with his success and the
honor conferred upon him.
We aire verny glad1 to see that t,he
case against Sheriff Jonnings, for
'allowing prisoners to oeapte," as was
stated in sonme of the papers at, the
time, was sat isfaecrily adjuIstedl at
thme last termi ' -oirt inl
Greenville. It rmn was
'ised wrongfully' sher ifll
had been allowi: rs8 "jail
bounds," atndl I at thei
rders of the( nmen(Ot.
'"'[he moluntinfiI rouight
- orth a mlouse."
h we have be
;r and better seleci
hoes, Hats and Gei
lave ever shown, in black goc
lack and fancy Voils, Cassimere:
s, Crepe De C and Henriettas.
i we are showting in all colors, 3
;urpassed--everything in mercer
lainsooks, plain and mereerized I
and Embroideries all grade at
daily but our entire stock was bo
D at the old prices.
red almost daily. Don't put off L
..GER, ~1
M I'v'itchell W\agons,
JIorse Shoe Cloth
Ck P'atter.ns.
One of the Ihings a mau cats't on
derstand is why his c0 oeuies have.
any btientds.
Win a woman 1pa'1S a mlalt n a, cm
p1im,cut. he expects it. to -1e, rutu ruei
wit b1 cr ploundct inteI est.
Ii''. P , Rogrk, NJf fihert , 1 I).
), lias treatel his dl w.lhinag to a nev
coit (if patiat, which adds Im .chi to
its atl ptent"ace..
A mo .lieal scientist has found ont
that i human soul weighs just in e
outnee. We/ su~ppose it is owinig to
About the only3 thinug that will no(w
inducIle the president to run will be)I
the inttimation that lht- feet were too
cold for a ince with Mr. Bryan.
Perhap one reaon the rilroads
object to lower passenger rates is
that they will have more damwage
suits t.o paty, because they wvill carry
and kill more peopb,1
President Smith, of ,the Mormon
church, is out in an interview str ,ng
ly denouncing polygamy. The comn
bination of hiigh pr es anid the E 'ster .
season wr.8 entirely too much for t'ne
oh g! ow
Chicago dispaltches say that a <
change is to be made in the sub- <
treasury. Some change is nieeded to 1
fill up the hole made when $183,000 I
was abstracted from the sub-treasury I
not long ago.
A young womanlf in] New York ruin
ed her Easter hat anid gown in saving
a boy from dlrowing. In addition I
to awardling her a med 1, t be Ca rnei.
gie commliission should se e t.hat shte I
gets the fi nest hat ataol gownon ti Ihe I
to Edgar Allbo Poe t hat will e, st
$5,000. .It is t,o bie d ohtbl it lhe
living Poe ever sa1w thisx mnehil IIliI.y.
Wi't ot6( Itei nther uhfa li nuruslha
hado asked1 for breado andiu they gav"e
himii ai ht(ine? Still,i isI well to make
Iiiind( s ini the~ late rem orne of loive
iindt u eiaj'U* Litin.
3n receiving dai]
ed than ever befb
it's Furnishing 0
S . All the
$6.oo, Suits
>ds we are pants, 5oc t
Pannam. brated Hors
Don't fail the money.
6 to 40 in,
ized waist Our sh
sell the best
Satiste at all for men, wc
good as the
all prices. Furnitt
ught before lots. It is
of furniture
Harness an
take ten tim
>uying your ?you money,
always get t
Chase City Bugg
ing, IaIawes $8 IL
Sweet milk is 30i p -r g;ll), milk
'out of sigh1,'' IiteI'al Ily, lnld ,gs
bI)ng sa'ed* for Settilg. We hatv
) t(;1e lettU,;e 11ndi uni m11i until we
balk at a reuspot oi tm ro t"I
,id1e; and still it freezes. - -[_ rinm e I
''e editor's c(relesnles) is respoi
iiIle for our' "Hilir.' L'cals th)is week,
Se'accid ntaly knock-d two gali.
t'f the ro('k intc) t hl"c middle ot next
Xeec, w1'hen it. was too Ilto to g(, it
ip againi -[Fr and33 31( Fuctory' He*
viii please iniform 11 what "br)tuIam(I
je hadic been 1usin3g.
A Kasnsas womIlan senither hu:sbanud
C) th13. tore to1 boy somQ pie0 pans),
irst showing him) one4 of the~ old ones8
.8 a sample. 11e retnenestd an1d told
ecr he) was* unab1le to 111nd anty of the
ind she wanited There were lo ts of
right onesci, he said*, buit n1o black
nes, h!ke the samWple.
An exceptionally odd reason for
livorce has~ been presented1 to a Pit
urg court. Trhe wife in the caseO
was petite and1( t hin -fashion,ably 'hin
-whten she0 was married. But fot
owing the ceremion~y the begaln to
aIke on ilush. After a wvhile she be
ame pos ).*itive3ly fat. ThIe 1hsbad
Leelared1 that there was so much of
er t hat he conidn11't love it allI, where
ore he begged to b*e excused from
ovin tall . hyms asd
S3. C. ~lggrs4t*ff w*as in town Wed
Idle3y. He~ any s hei hais a lot of peach
rees* dh in*g withI 1 bl age whiieb have
doomed(* e'very ve( ir' b n3 hav3 e not
>ornoI* a peahl, frost! havIig killed
hei ver y1' yearI 3' 1* no0w is prIo ps.
.g to gr i~*I is p. eb*es 'o willow
viiri and*~ stand Ht;lhe fro4 ASt, thlere.
ers*taf :~Is an3 enthoiiisic ( and sne
rouisly that lhe is at luI I.r * . ine t
iihtn in ig b)ugs I l1 inm i' Ia 11he
iilht worl< all night. I rol* aind
y large shipren
re. Our stock of
oods is the larges1
latest styles and pattern, suits
for youths $2.00 to $12.00. Me
o $6. Odd coats, 50c to $5.
e Shoe brand of clothing the b
oe trade increases every year bE
shoes that money can buy. 0
men and children. Remember
Battle Axe, Godman, Zeigler, I
ire, Stoves, Ranges, Buggies, St
mn easy matter for us to save
you buy.
are, of every description, Sewi
Saddlery. Anything, everyth
es the space we have to tell yot
on, but come to see us and be c
he best merchandise manufactu
'ies, Iron King St
its, Boyden, Wal:
Easley, Route 5,
'T'ho recehlnt cold weather has ii
jured the varly- vegetation and fru
very biad;y.
Mrs. Garlield Lc:sley is very sic
fit this writing.
Mrs- Acker and daiugter, Mi.
Lizzie, of Anderson, are visiting re
atiyes ill our Conatuuuity.
Mr. Willio BBllentine, who is ii
the etuploy of the Kin,ball musi
house in (reeniville, spent~ Saturda;
nigh1t and Sunday with homefolks.
M~r. ,John llagsdale, who is the efli
cien ail 111 car rier on our route, hai
beeni very 'ick for the past week.
IMr. A. J. WVelborn is erecting
very' beautiful cot.tage on his farui
an will move there with hise famih1
wVhen it is comle)ted.
Rtev D) W. Hiott p enched a very
interestine anstd in,strnctive sermonl at
Fairview Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Pool is visiting her mother,
Mrs. R F. Wyatt this week.
Mr. Robert League spent Sunday
with hi3 sister Mrs. iR. F. Lesley.
April 2d, Mary Malinda Winches
ter, aged 2 years, 6 mos. 'and 3 days,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. W in
chester, elosed her eyeos t:> the dear
oVes of earth to awake in the image
of Jeas.
"Little May" -vas a very bright,
child anid of gentle dispasition. S he
wak al most idolizqd at hiome~ and
much loved1 by all who kne1(w her
Wht greait love thle FaIthir hmh I
shown for hiei! To' take her in ther
purity fromn a land of Hini and~ Horrow
to a hecavent of peace(3 anid love!
F2re sinl could b)lighit or sorrow fado1
Ikact h en'Te withI fronidly care;
Th'le openIing bud(11( t eaiven conveyed,
The1( lovely bud so young, so fair
C.alk.d forthl by (early doom;
.Just enmo to shiow~ how sweet a flowei
Inip ( naaiae could blonm.
ts of new goods.
Dress Goods, No
ever brought to
for children, all sizes, 75c to
n's Suits from $3 to $20. Extra
We are sole agents for the cele
st fitting clothes on earth for
cause it is a known fact that we
<fords in all colors at all prices
that there are none quite so
Walkover and Boyden.
irries and Wagons in car load
ou o per cent on -very piece
rg Machines, Belting, Trunk3
ing, with prices right. It would
i of half the things we can save
onvinced that at this store you
red for the money.
oves, New IIore
over and Zeigler
'The interment took )lieo at An.
tioch 1 aptist chnrch the day folltw
ing. I'un)1(ra11 serviees were e,."
ducted by R('v. 11 P. MI rphree.
We wo"(ul1d eomml(llen(I the parents t,
Him liwho sgyi, "y' gra-e is a8ih
cient for thee." May you be enabl:(I
s by thal grace to sa1y "''hy will L
dIone." EnlIUre yor ollebaC)stenl.ig a
wviso childlren. "Whoml thle L,-1
loveth He chaistenetii." 'joie ieti
you have a treasure in hevn
"Little May," we'll often miss thee,
In our lfamily circlo here;
-But somne day we will caress theo
In that Hun ny 1land( so fair.
Seeing through the glass but dimly
More of thee we may riot kn,ow,
While wo're wanm'ring.here 21. pilgri1t
TILhrough the wilern)ess blow.
But we trnRt our' darling's wvatchinmg
Fromx her bright celestijal home,
Asking daily of her Sa Vior',
"Is mfy fppa and mammalDl comef'
Blessed Jesus, may y'ou keep her
In yonr loving arms1 so 'dear,
Until Bshe hear the sentenice,
"Your' papa aud mammna's bore."
Don.S.KAssia 'MonPmuii.
Datn .0., A pril 17.
Notice of Trustee Election
, Pikens, S9. (O April 15th, .1907.
.The votera of each1 000 scoldstr'ict with -
Sthe county are hereby requested to
meet at the school house of their respec..
tivo districts, on SatuIrday, May 11th for'
tile purpose of electing three trustees to
serve for a term ot two years. The
Boar'd of trnstees are hereby mppointvl
mfanagers of said election. In case a
trusiteo cannlot erIve) thle other two mnay
appinlt 80ome 0110 ill his place; all per
80218 re.9i(hilg witin the dlistrict that am.
l igibIle to ai vote inl the primary electionc
re2 ttitled to ai "oto.
.l'The election, wilhl he held at aibert 'v
mI the store~ of tihe L.ibty, Cloth ingf an214
Shoe Co., for Six Mli le di st rict at Si
Mile church, inminediately m'fter preah .
Polls to open~ at 1 :30 p. mn. ami1( el
at 5:00 p. im. By order of the come.t
board of edumcation,. Ji. T1. 1Idlum,
Tmmnuediamtely after' the election u
clerk of the b oard i. requnested to sen wI
the result anaI d al papers to tis ouiml
Foley's Kiney Care
suakcs kidneys and blndder .r4:(e

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