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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, April 25, 1907, Image 7

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your e.itire sy!
your stomach,
It is the best
and Spring.To
the market, we
bottle, 3 for $:
J'' 11(1 ndl
Pickens Sentinel-Journal
Happenings of a Local and Personal
B. F. PlrAntne haR re'oela'lend His
homue repainted.
Freeman & Co., gnote a few pricee
that interest hov."errt.
Mr and Mrs. B. F Parson$ speI t
Friday in Gri-eenville.
Picke-,s will try ind support a
good bs< - ill t"e-1i 1 his 8tsas'in.
MIs. Aiitom Rieb 'V of G reenivillo,
visited M r.. .1. L Bolt in L'ieke ,s
The+ letlilrlist pirsonage is 'eing
repaintied. "U clc, Z-k(" hias charge
of tie work.
M1isses :ib HV1-srlmm,11nd ml"P1
Fin1ec' - ar. visiting Mrs
Cr: ore is "f'lll up"
Witl 'i I .lling mEr
( blInl a good bu' i
A lnr. (g ' rmal of. Pit'keiis pe )l"
w<nt to u-I:y T d i-ht, t' t
In th lan I11gualge of theW Ande1rson
Daily Ma iil, we wi.e~ lcom the cas8 p! an
and (do not consider it in thle light of
T1hity~ -eighpli cn ts were 14 .V before
the boatrd of 'Ynm iers liast Friday,
triying for (-rtifiicales' to teach. There.
we're onily ti) coloredl4)) applins.
John T. Ahercrorpie who has1 been
(81IIConnecte wit,h the Poe mnill at
of superintendenot of the Pickens
NIr. L,ee A. Roer has~ gone to At -
lanta this we -k to itt tenid theu comn.
mTOeneent exerCce'1 of the Sothern
Dental collet.e, to be held in that city
Wmn. RosemondI~X (colored) is run
nling a first-class restaurant in the
bifaemen't c.f t he A nthony building,
and with Henry (lagood asP chief
cook1, canH serve, a good meal onl short
'The gasi- planlt has1 been1 put in op
eration and the I g4hts were t urnied onl
last Thiursday.~ night for the firs4t time.
It is a1 very gootd light, and .vhen ru n
o)ver town will make night traveling a
iR. L Hieiiers Bowen
haLve the hunbeI~t I them'
gocod hiomesi o' Shased
from ,1. M\eD. I cc has
soveraul 111r1e lot at a'
.J. A. (I bh) 1 .'a er, whlo for some)
time has been workinog in P ickeni,
has mioved to I,lierty where ie hais
openedl ai blaickmiithi shop in the TI'
ier Moore shiid. Hie is a goiod work
man amI( will no dlonht (10 well thm.e
and build up
.tem, especially ,
by using
Biood Purifier
mec ever put on
believe. "t a
Drug Co.
e The Best."
H. B N. Co. talik Spring aid
Su ltumer -l.ho .. of tlhe bi itt q , tlity.
D7isas McG( wan, of Sparttnuhr is
vi8 hug t hie Misses F ,lger in Pick
Mr i,nrd Mrs. W. W. 'I' N,tlly, of
Ct;It,uh, are shopping in tow a t.
Bont on the ?2 it,-ant. t~ )i,.
awl Mrs. f. A. N ",ey 'c f Pick-'s,
dau .bi r.
I L F Ii.inson i4 Ityingan
ltn,,,+,r ,t h i.' lift tc, buildl him it
Ii(" h.-..
Well, e'l h d- togthm-, no y 1 a1
help the CiviC leagte ,-kte uf PYckentrs
at city, bteautiful. It cs:.. het donet.
M r. it. ( " 1 -<.r s ci(n:! ,! ia t,it
C 'mfortallit+ resid'ret)ce o Ii his lot
Al street, itn the nomthl,r) 11Ar i
I( c,' II
11:a,11c> lth - c'M. l,rt h
('O'8. S0i1l fon-ttt>ti~ lo-s ai l ,tt.; i it
appeattrtlo andl f.,lks st, , i, q- oner.l
their thirst,.
J. P 1) - - y pli ."ip t if -tl. W, a ;
Str \ ,- I. - 1,hl unu I . '.. t1
~ ni ,t-d ii. bter f tiwt" lia,t.
M r . .t li ,a wiu ft \t.,,rr ,- i
Jhar.esto t at 'td~it thgraEni 11
Sxfereie ::a herigl en, R.htrt E , b
Lerwi , t t Ci4(ti ie n l -le-i,.
Mhoris e, Sluiday mornig, Ai.'i
19, Whi. C .riubmnl , Lih-n n, t..
h1'mn <(jrte brute's Nf- ofr \e 2W ,
and r. ,Lyn fr-r.sn LfCrMceli, all el
Pckens-( counvits.iIl li 'Cea
ai)il c Sundayit atol n The cow
hert agin, wh- d n omle. tne sai - hri
timeC toV proeoa tv atii seond i nele,
Shewa vrypanfil buck ti ia t liIt Iino
IiIbough ()1 seiou. burV (liHo u. v gli.
cvount amp,e waiigs iented ite iy
last ight,and a i) ict rii liet he sley
man ack ''~It is undeso thiiiai he
setence' servediuu outli, b5 ui t asl :here
Hon.il jand,la Mr. . Wf Ii t .4 I:a
*pint ~ -a rtio of ot- week Cin iPai-f
kown fiii and w Iid, i a : iT ~'- i ft
guudys l<hrl h h i stPit ii a h!ul: nowI
(l'IUhS Salle
Sl'ATi I ; ,UIl I'.\ROLIN
( 4.111411 V' ( '.'II ('It 4,11. "
i I'1'.Ill"lof If I' '1i -11.4
In ii '111 .- of i ti,'e'-tal '.r.-- h
nI (hf, foi \' 1 ."r , .I . ..l :11in1.
n the 'lrk f l 5 . I ,., l ' SelI.
high a t b<leh-r lllrilg Iht " I "k,l6 I-i' -op
at 1':ck'' s f.u - ' u' S t.h 't r..
i:nn, on
S \LI'AY IN ..A' .I 7.
th - ffll1..V.(Ig ,I"1. " l,f.< rva! t s a11" 1n1pon)
Iihe tell114 hf.- i I I"..-r 411 I,, ied tI 4 w' :
I L L'. ,C S. i';a. .iIf,
ag itisi.
Joe Iltlnd, ek ( bt. 11 Defendalntr(.
All t.hat pi..e"e pit. c"l or tract Of hind
lying and h, iig silla'<-- in fl,'2tit' ti nd
('OUlity abO\t, Wr1itt'h in 1'ickens Iowii
ship Oil tile w' 't"rs of Twelve lile River
c*ontaining (,4 ) :icre s mosure or I. ss. it be
11'g it a'-t Of Ihe It arlev Pi iisce' Iliv
aInd deeded1 :O Jot. Hrn(i"-ick1. by T1. L.
Iiivei Jul) 23'1t 190-i.
Terms, Cash on day of sale. Pur
chaser nust. conlp'Iy with ternls within
(1nie hour or the prt'nis y will he te-old
1n it :ame vn'fy. Purchaser to pay for pal
pert and the lec.'riling sf 1a v.e
A.'J. 1:1;GS, (seRF]
Clerk of Court
Clerk's Sale.
1;founlt- of Pickei:b.
Itn Con mon Pleas (our t.
In pursuance of a decretal order made
in the following nlned c:.s.- and on ilie
in the cletrk's olfic-, I will s -II to t lie
highest hiehler <turing the legal hout-e
for sale at Pickens Court House, S 'uth
Carolina On
'I'Ie followinu flt"e'-ribledi rel esie upon
the terms here n.,fter :lt:r;:ioned towit:
J. H. Adanlp. Plaintiff,
Am:(ndi WiHiaus s. .1.. f)-fen-lan"i-.
All that eerta I(ieoe. Ita''el or tract.
o!' land in the C'unty *f i'tcken: niU tl 'le
mtate aforesaid, adii.ii,g I.,, lt* of .1.11ue"
Lawrence. Noah M.[ or'e. S n..ti n l irk .
)111(I otler's, e Inainiilll, 114' il e ,ltil .l.tl
5 V"1te'f' n eIl r. 5 111o e4' or le's,
i'I, . i 'n.wit r,1) <b:,v 1.t ,.II,.. I, '
1 hasert'1 Ianl1ftlm tiy wi'lh t, r.11w% hi
4n14' 1ti r the irI-1s 5 w l t h.. -s.I
" ' S 1.11' 41v. I,l't'I 5 1. ., pp..1.1)
nt'ro :11(1l t le I'(t. "di' , .' II 1111
A ... I;ts ) i( i -.
T,114-., .1it.u - 1',,11 1,,,,1 44.,4.
The I1','H-211 u)111'r11Tivoo,e2 el t IX)).1 I
I'')L .(l :.4 1 1 wh i st- :1 ;1 s)ilf'r,14 (1 1 11's
- nen b P1a wII'n' us nnhr
Atonn'h md SuLiveoabs, for theI
.*1e4l 1 1 111111-'I 2424r i'IIl)I'I' 31'.(l:i 1e M
1'1thly 1e'- ' itin of ith' '( udy .Ii mi,..
w i'h ih co-nt, e Inni,e1 Ine el os o'.
w Iit" f li'1 t. II':gII, 241l: 11. f i It (Ii lJ('I Il..
Piio , 2., o1,ts. Sa1n ph ir.' att liik
Sl". H R A R RIS,
,TATEla OgIUTl(1:01llh\
Pmede Su.,n s fo ayo
- Co i:.I h-m P4vles.
ti'nI 1' OU , :.) .li. . AN.
NVOr:lisOn, J11H1 inn 1 . 1F' 1'YIIonI, Avg
son,4'1 J ., ata .atj .wa F Verguson ttl
Cit'i. Hi14%. 1.2 Mark'eyl(2, T.h. .Wh. t~
Vlt.111 ee iley andthev Niaignalan
o Grm-lveh., a e,rpzor..i ' old T'.
Sntrondai',i. '\V Pere s t-n, J.t~ ti i..
ttC) le Hn-on, 11 Jail hite, Ann V if'H)
Wordh2' tw, James1'(it $1.1I(14 (er:n-,v Ava
I 'OIHVonf 'l, (l2ttie(J. Whlite Hattie'4:14
V)alen tine, . M. Bruce, nd J.7P
Anited42 to 1,11 w. r1 the amendedb 2omplaint
('124 th j a in. w, Iie is1thi day i ed i
WciErl at4 hisiIWent. P12 lI4ken.l1. I\.,w
4exel1ns iveo t e dar1( (o t. seit: and
Dat yd uru -.h Al. 8014. Il t4e07. i [
A:4. J og,G .
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strument and learn hov
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niobby effects. Be at t i,
ch ild,
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