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coitinop ron first )ago
"One Way-- T'I he country businor
elitn is rapidiy coinlg to the conIln5io
that the best way to mee. the c"omi'.
-titon of t..i ity merchutiit and ent
.togue houses is to fiirbt thet wit
their own weapons. The day whorn
amlan can put ini a stock of goods arI
sit dOwn and wait for businoss is past
lte has to bustle for it and advertis
his goods in order that people knov
titat he has what they want. Th
News this woek turned out tiftto1
hru sand circulars printed on botl
,ridos for one of our local firms, an,
theso circulars woro used to ad "ort-is
- mply two, artieles, on which the fir
makes a special olfort. This same Iirr
has built up r.n immtonse busilness o
Jato and it has boon dono by Rystemat
sc and judicious advertising.. Tho,
advertise in and out of season and a
"a result tnny novor have a aull spoll
When things quiet down a trifle the;
advertise a litio more and in this wan
keen things moving all the time ''
Chewing and Dyspepsia.
The lean dyspeptic, taking a mouth
Lul of chop, chewed it Jliterminably.
"Forty chews," he paused to say
"for every bite." And his Jaws begau
to grind again.
"Yoti make me laugh," his compan.
ion, a physiologist, returned. "Meal
recluires little, If any, chewing. You
must have wasted a lot of chews in
youir time."
"(o on!"
'It's true. Vegetables require chew.
mng, for they are digested largely by
the aikaline mouth juices, but meat ir
d es.'tedt by the acid stomach juices,
: 1114 to chew It more than enough tc
make it go down easily does harm in
se:il of good. The mouth alkalis, ad.
mix lug with it, hinder the stomach
neld5' wor'k.
"e'hew vogetalles indefatigahly, my
s &'ni, bIt let your meat slip down un
c'',uniill."--New Orleans TImues-Demo
Where Her Father Was.
'1'he dau,1ght1er of the house had "jutst
r ,turied from honrding school. IIer
tinishing b,racnc"hes had made her a lit
tIle sensitiive.
"Is Vour father out in the wood shed
i'itin,, wood't" the caller asked her.
"No," i'plied the 'haught.v girl; "pa
pa is at the town meeting spliti iig in
rlnitives."--Cleveland Plain Tlenter.
Ror the Next
Fruit of the loom bleachil
Other bleachings 1yd. w
Riverside checks, 7c.
D)anville checks, 6c.
Other Dry Goods at p)ric<
have just recived a shipment
UneC con,plete and we make th
.in pcCt the:se goods.
We are still offering barg
WVomen's goo 0(every clay
Men's shoes from $1 up.
Nice line of Oxfords for e
is to inspect our1 line andc if wer
dcaim is trute, dlon't buy oIf uIs,
We have a nice new lot 0
thie lete st style on which we ca
Br u s 1~ 1 you r produc-a
. ~get top piceQ(s for it.
Moore &
Decaler in General Mercha,
What Do They Cure?
y The abovo qnestion is oft(n :tskecl con
1 cerning 1)r. PIere's two leadiI medi
a cine "olden tledical Discov ery " and
-( Favorito Prescription."
'I'hel answer is that t"(olden Medical
)iscoverv " is a most potent alterat.ive or
I blood- purilier, ant tIloni or inlvigorator
and acts espectally favor'ahly ink a cura
tive way upon all the i':c ons lining sur
l faces, its of the nasal :i ssages, throat.
lOr1(chial tilbl es, stum :i hbowels andc(
iatidetr, euring a iar"g9i -' centt, of -catar
"l ihaI case's wllether the -iwease :Ii'ects the
natsal pa<:a,,' the ibrna. larynx, bron..
chia. sttoniah (as eat:arrti a dyspep sita '
3 h owel- (a,t- mhucols dliarrhr:l ), bladder,
1:1('ruls or other et' lvie organs. l'ven in
tIh' clhronic, or 111eertative stages of these
all'e, tit'. it is often suiccessful in atlect
:inl, enre'ts.
T 'avorit ' Pr'escr"ipltiO " is advised
for ihi' enr t f (ne classof (11V11s1s-those
!)( iar11 wi.;knesst's, dleranigelnenIts and1(
trrrnibirit it-;'ntiidennt to women only. It
ii pwerful yet gc"ntly ating Itvitgorat
fing lonlir and nervn"il. For weak worn
ont, evr-worli"dI women---no matter what
has c ais(dl ti' hi"treak-down, "Favorite
'>Irr:.rilpt ion " u% ill bo foundc most eti'ee t.ive
hi buiih i llp tht ' Strengti, regtlating
thr wornanly fitnetions. sitbdinig pain
and hritgin!; about a healthy, vigorois
cond it ion of the whol system.
A bouk of pariuclars wraps etch bottle
givitur the formtlhe of both mediines and
quotig what scores of eminient med
ical an1thors, whose works are consulted
by physicians of all t he schools of practice
as gnides in prescribing, say of each in
gr,etiet entering into theiso medieinces.
.The words of praise bestowed on tihe
several ingredients entering Into Doctor
Pierce's medicines by such .writers should
havo more weight than any amount, of
non - professional testitmon itts, because
such mon are writing for the guidance of
their medical brethren and know whereof
they speak.
Both medicines are non-alcoholic, non
secret, and contain no harmful labit
forming drugs, being composed of glycerie
extracts of the roots of native, American
medicinal forest plants They are both
sold by dealers In medicine. You ean't
afford to accept as a substitute for one of
these medicines of known composition,
any seet nostrum.
Dr. Pterce's Pellets. sina1. sugalr-coatnd,
easy to take as candy, reg tlate and in
vigorate stomach, liver and bowels.
Strike Has Been Settled.
Toledo, 0., March li.--The Pope
motor strike of machinists. involv
ing over 1,000 nen, has been set
Sheriff Captures Negro.
Columbus, (a. , March 1..-Gener
al 1'ryant. a negro, wanted on the
charge of inui'd erin,g Dozier HmuIca
ba, a vontng white main in .\ln:tscogee
' ouniity, was arresled al Molena. a.
by Sheriff Ifuling. of H-larri:.: itsnty,
and placed in Muscog( e jail, .,rI
for his capihure by Mrs. IIlt"l.;iha,
widow or the dead m;tn and Uover
nor Terroll aggregate $250.
Tw1\\o Weeks we
ig at 10c.
de, 5c to 9C.
s in proportion to thes'. WeAT
of D)ry Goods that mak(s our
a prices right. Come in ant
ains in this line that will open
wear' shoes at 75c to-$1i.
ver'ybody. All we ask of you
cannot show you that what we
lady's hats ready trimtmed ii
n save you $2 to $3o on each
nything~ yon have t.o sell and
Maul dini.
idise, Firnitire, Stmoe, etc
Cures Coughs, Colds,
and Lung Troubles. Pr
Pick,"ns Drug
Business Locals.
No ic n'e. Wants. Swapjo et..'
Ittserted! in this i" 1-It,n u t t .1 cents per X
line A'1rt":wlin-et"tth'. Nothing takhet
for Its thtt t'ient.
rI & r Y / / i A/ .gi. .p;
1F'w te A valnable uplniid farI
wt.htj 6-roon dwin11!, barn and tltni
bles, 20(1 yds fr lit ehirel', st1'(ore and
:01hI'l liin>s . Adidre'tu, 11 0..lJones1,
Greenvillt, Ir F. 11. Moon, Libcrty.
81Sugar and (!olle alt J. D). Moore's.
Wanted, to buy 1,000 Iint:, 1,500 doz
en eggs and tlll the roo)St.(rs thtf wo enn1
get. W, E. Freennan & Co,
"lour and leat at J. 1). 1oore's.
When in E Isley put up y,tur stock
at B. 1', Matr.in's feedi and livery sta
ble. He also handles all kinds of
fee(stluff. 38-tf
Museavadlo and1( Portorica molasses
at. Craig ;ro ,
Tobncco & catn gooda at J. D. Moor's.
I will pay top prices in cash or trade I
if Vou will bring me your chlckeu and
eggs. J. D. Moore.
T would ike toil a limited number
of bills for houses with trs-c'iss rongh
ltllbt"r ht. $1 per 100 at mill. 4'. miles
welt of Pickens, A. W. Gravl~sy,
Route 3 Pickens.
73ran, shorts at!dl chops at Craig Bros,
A few first class sewilig llacliles,
slightly used to be sol,1 at . graItly re
diietid prices. Also sewing mainehies re
Par ,Call at Craig Bios
0. P. Knight.
tr chudren- safe. aure. Xo o.atee
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
Notii'" is heret-by givelI to all pershns hole lg
lthilnts It:ain't the estatte ot' .Iese t' re"tn liaw tie
vensetl. thitt tht"y tnnst tile the sitine witht the
ni'lersignedl Iproler1y ,Iplprovctl on or beftre
the first tliny ot' hiy next. or he barreil.
.1. \l. :1' T .\ r ,
\inrl.rI t7- I:xee.
A CUIRTAIN ( tttc. FOltt a Cl11NG FIIET
Anen's i"oot-lase, a powler, eure 'iret, Ach
ing,Sweniting, Swollen feet. Saiuplo sent l"RlI1
ais Saintple of 'oT-KtAsE SANITAY (ons l'Au, i
new Inytn tion. Ada ress. Alen S. Olnsted ,,
, N i
Spring Cuts.
Good flour', every sack guIrantee(i at
"4.25 the bhil; sugar 20 lbs for 81, best I
,Itlet. 8 lbs for $1; Stai-l.rl oil from
tie t. nk w:1g-1n 15t pe' ga;!n:l; a good
to b:tc 3M. the poulnd; salt 100 Ilbv ini
cot ton sticks 5)5e. T. D). 11 -1ris,
Agent for Thornhill w1agon11
L,al F~or Sale.
Wte have 7.500( hI('l's of .am1 i for saile
ill trac14t' of1 from 2400 to 1,501) acres4 in
Gr~eene~ c~on 'Wy (b-or)1gi:i. Ti.is lan ld is
Wet wvill enit the' hrge tr i.t ito 81mall1
farm andMI t give4 fi ve year )1 paimenIts w.ithI
te first I);ymenr~t (0nsh. P'tien.$1 0 to
$12 5ll per3 atcre. Fo r fur thier internia
tijo aplyl toa
Mi1CO.\lIONS & Ell)
Gireensboruo, G .
I rS -6?.acrA firm 5 mil.ei 'touthi
of C 'lit 1Hoise', 304 acres in (31n ii ti, n
balitne in innherc hi nd. 'T wo hon'e s.
g<n horn1 l and1 11 onuth uildintgs. Plae well
Piekans, $. (3.
P iekes Coiulnty.
Slusi- I ttster an ii!hml. ehe, Messetr,
Mir Ev . M-ir tin. L ,'ttie N ewton.
MAbt Lie' Hetster. Myra Lavti,~ Coix.
Mrs. I. M. Marinu, W. V. (Cin
Itan, \bitl fit' I)iiksoni, Lttie Itht
andh r1 quired to answertiji lt the compld i
iiithi n itf whiiIIt a oilt eewt
Hervti Muon 2 xi .v n I ti. 1rv '..
ytor answer Ato t ev tod n phni
th'e otbscrier Iat h xn ie, mi 1111(1s
the serice oh:e oxn tit of th day o
Mwrch )~ n the bjnewtin thetimre
wilfl al to atie nnylo ti e- rel~iefP ill
Dated' achiist ou. . 7
Julins 11. Bogga,
To Ms. LttieNewtn:.P'Iff't Att'y.
Croup, La Grippe, Asthma,
:vents Pneumonia and Consi
%companyt,' Pickl:,us, Pa,rken 's Phatrt
eAre No RW
Nothing but expense was sp;
good.s. We are satisfied tha
right styles and the right prices
Don't Let Cheap Talk
But exar
If our goods are not as repr
them. Some goods are high
divide with you. We have eve
Dry Goods, Notions, Undo
that the average customer wani
the price as low as same goods
When you come to Greenv
make it pay you
A. K.
'and a
growing bank
if you plant, fertilize ai
' The most important thing i
days before seeding, a plant foo
pounds of high grade
per acre on fewer acres. If yc
cotton will be waist high by the t
sive culture" neighbors are hoein
time. Then too they may h;
fertilizer. Insist upon havin
Ask your dealer for a copy of <
almanac, or write us for one-it
*Atlanta. Ga.
Giarrison \
Wholesale and I
Gnian. [H ay., Floiur. ail
We have just received three
olf H ay. X\e also have a full
Chop)s, Braun, Shorts, Oats and
Cole G..uano Diistributors and C
Yo~u money b)y butyinig from us.
P hone Or write ns, Your o
Oagita --
Fronits --
D0p0Biti -- -
J, . NMoJGAN, .W. ~T C
Accou1nts of Mo1r(chants, IFarmrnor, ]"irm
Carefuli mannenmenn,an1 mmbo.ai n.t.et
Throat in
imption YE.L-OW P^Cx^Am
ww'y, Liberty.
ired in the selection of these
t we have the right goods, the
Sell You Goods,
nine the quality,
esented, you don't have to buy
er than last season, but we will
rything in
War; HijOr7 and hoeo,
:s, and we absolutely guarantee
are sold anywhere.
ille, come to see us, we will
GreenvillIe, SC
From .
the cotton
field to prosperity,
large, constantly
account awaits you
id cultivate your crop with system.
to apply to your soil, about ten
d in the shape of 400 .to 1000
ia Fertilizers
u follow this advice, your
ime many of your "exten
g over their crop the first
we used a poor grade
:pt no substitute.
mr handsome new
is free.
Chemical Co.,
Savannah. Ga. - S
nond, Va.
Ik ,Va. ['($a[]~
un, N. C, C e,.
ton, S. C.
orc. Md,
Vyatt &.Co
letail Dealers in
car loads olfFlour and thret
st ..k of Cotton Seed Meal.
c:orn. WVe sell the celebratec
otton Planters. We can save
rdlers will receive prompjt at
Yours for business,
!"4oai1i Ln A.A-...Ai L
ED 1901.
.II, C.Sin .vv
es"i donI), Cashe.SI1 ,
H, andit Individua:lH solicited,.
exnt to all.

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