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Pickeis Setil ul-JOllrlal
' --BY
The Sontinol-Journal Company.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Enterod at Pickens Fustoflmce as Second Olass
M'ail Matter
Echoes from Winthrop College.
Field Day was observcd hero April
let. Exercises very interesting. The
judges were Miss Austel, of Converse
college, Miss Cooper, of Presbyterian
college, Columbia, and Miss Powell,
of Winthrop.
The Junior class won the cup,
which is to say they are the best
atblotes m school. The Sophomores
oasket ball, so they now hold
atiful college banner.
Ar tnd his oval Venetiau band
wore here rtentl3. '?'bir enf
tainment was one of the most attraq.
tivo on our Star course this year.
There was a soprano soloist with the
company. We enjoyed some grand
Another recent entertainment was
a lectu e by (orge Vincent, of Chi
cago University. This is Dr. Vi' -
cent~ second ct14 oi u here. He is a
great favorite with us.
The Winthrop Literary Societ,y
gave it play, "Lovo and Pride," rce
cently. We vre proud of our socie
ties, and atppn.cialtte the int erst whieb
i- tatken in tiem1 b,v otiir friend. The
play was a grand success. This soci
etv gavl, a p1b'ie oting Satiuy
evening. '.lThO l)t)glitO vas an inl
terosting one. Tile usiic aiwas very
good, and the qui vive was one of
the witt;est we have lad. M ituch of
it 11s inl <ri;-;inatl vere.
The advl tied ciass in Germ ii
gave the )lly, "Eigensioiin," receitly.
There w(ere som1e pr'C ty tabkau,
represen; itig r(ltituao liit, given inl
connectioi with the play.
TIl.o aniniot irecetltion given by tlie
Jimior clasti to the Seniors wa. given
.Aprii .15. The1( Dvidson Coileg- or.
,chestra and( G lee (el)b gave a coincert.
Th'ie Davidson Senuior andl Junior
elaslses weore here. Rlather a1 no(vel
feature ait a \Vint.hro.p re*cepti.! The
auditorium w~as d'coraltedj in thej
Senior colors-black aind old1 gold.
Ini the hail on third floor, where re,
,freshments were served, the dee >ra
tionls were (dark groeen and creami,
the colo)rs of the Junior class. A tiny
green and1( cream autograp)h book was
given to (each one present in which to
have inscribed the anttograph of all
the "interesting people" one muet
These books were numbered, anid
servedl as.matching- cards for partners
to the concert and to dlinner.
Our Y. WV. C. A. givos a birthday
party onlce a~ monthI, inviting all the
girls whIose birthday is in that mont hi.
La1st month the feature of the parIt.,
was the in.pi rsonationj of books. Al
who were invited were asked to rop)
:resenit a b)ook. The1 costumes were
nove!, and many of them wero very'1
beautiful. Some interosting oneos were
"Pilgrim's P'rogrtess," "Voice of the
People," "Not Like OLQer Girl.,'
"WVanted, ai Mat ch- Maker," "Theii.
I leavenly Twi,s,'' "Two) i ttJie (on
, federiate..,"''' "innaejio broti," a
fji E the. nexAt one, whticht is I.
be a hon I paty Von the campus~i.
Th le Jumiiom- tant Stto4l:~i
gun i rect icing for the aisy Cla1
drill, u biich reminds ui that
Junel i comingo d tt'a s acation!
Wm V e hlI ;bi ani'itshout aind sini"
Six mn' w<.ek; of fri bulation.
Then thle h)eil n1 > more' wil ring
Rinig to ca.i iis up at daylig.ht,
Thent to hna k fast -hr t oo soon. -
Ring for chapA, and c>)ltiniue
V but relief to- know, dear people,
h'lat we'll mise its doleful, call,
Ringing from the college steeple
"Come to exams., one and all'"
But wr love it, and w%ill nu11ts it.,
We shail long soon to return,
But, just now we w ant the home fo kp,
For vacation days we .yearu.
Three short months -they are the
Ct the year, you must agree;
But in them are all the chiefest
Joys we ever hope to see.
We are coming-cowing soou!
Do you hear our shout of joy?
We are coming, and are happy-.
Happy as a "barefoot boy."
A Plot Against Oklahoma.
An interesting story comes from
Washington, by the way of Nqw
York. It is tI the effeet that, for
par tisan political reasons, Oklahoma
may be kept from enjoy ing the full
rights of statehood until after the
next pretidential election.
The sitory, w;hiob was first, given in
a press dispatch (d &)a New York
Tiwe, i's im follows:
S fnspiry, En! wlhich splktt
(tnnou is the most prominent tig
ure, to keep Oklahoma out of the
Union until after the next presiden
tial election, in spite of the law pass
ed by the fifty-ninth congress admit
ting her, is under way, and President
Roosevelt has been asked to join it:
"O.lahomta is the biggest, of the
western states, aside from California,
and has the geantest electoral vote of
any of th'm. She is entitled to two
se:natora and(l five represen)tatives,
which would give her seven votes in
th0 e.ct,ral college. It is quito with
iin the ronge of possibhility; that her
vote taty decide the next. preside):
tiul elteti,n.
"Whs the deml:tl:t Cratts swept Ola:
hi lt:; lastt" tear it wus a frightful
c" ek t) the reptul)lcal leaers. The
viti p>>, ther le-W tltate tis suel: in
.pratie uhu u as M is'ssh ..
sulhcn e. A good nt)myt of themil )art.
iNu of de ieating UBrv ant next
ye 'ar i olt-s l, os ev,lt" is th:e clnli
(dle. There were it )aaumber of1 co'l.
ttrolices :tt which the Watth word wis,
'Oklahoa iim st he kept out of the
IJUion at any coYi.'
"'ipeaker' Ca'.non was1t easily enlist
ein t his conspir*acy, for the rason
that. he all along has bween opposed to
state*htod, and didi his be)st, to prevent
the passalge of the act "
This is a very interesting story, and(
important if' tiue. And we have ,mn
idea that there may' he somie:thing ini
The8 record of the r'epublican party
is that it tries t- win at any coat. If
the rep)ublican manag'-rs think the
result of the next p)residential (lee
tion wvill be in any donh1t thit state
of Oklahoma miay lhok out for
squalls. -Anderson Mail.
A Car<d
TLhis is to certify that all druggists naI e
authorized to refund your money if Fo
ley's Hloney and Tiar fails to enro your
congh or cold. It stops thel cough,
heals thme lungs and1( prevents serious rel
suits from ai cold. Cures Ia grippe congh
and prevents pneumania atnd consump
tion . Contains no opiautes. The Gen m
inc is ini a .yellow pacekage. Refmuse sub
stitutes. Parkins Pharmacy, Liberty,
and1( Pickens Drug Co.
lIo 1 '. 'id)40111g
resuilta from (chroItiI!eco!stipa:tion.1 whi 1h1
is quickly enrled by Dri. King's New Lite
1' . '', 7 10'' relllOlrve all p0iAo110IH gt*rnmis
fronii the11 )ysteri) 4)33(l itif tise lew life a111,
ing or wI:a~lfort. 25.-, Gauaranteed b,y*
I '-kensi l)ru. Co.
~WITH ~ 9
rui UGHiS and 60c & $1.00
Slurest and Quickest Cure for all "
(U E E_N Quality Sh
fashion leaders o
They have been awarded Gold
tions and, in fact at every exposition
ways awarded the Gold Medal. Wl
with any other shoes that you can fin
the prize. The snap and style is so
parison; made in all shapes and in a]
a few of the leading styles we are sh
Gun metal, Blucher, Oxford, 3 1
Style 4o6-Pat. Colt Ribbon BI
large eyeIett, ribbon lace, 14-8 Cuba
Style 206--4 button pat. colt o:
less pat. colt vamp and tip, 14-8 Cul
Style 426--Patent colt 3 hole Bi
patent colt vamp and tip, large eyele
We also carry several styles at $
Queen Quality for women, Crosset I
footwear for the whoie amii,. V)
unless it combines wearing qualitieg.
Drop in 9nd see these lines: of
Leaders in Low
How a
Saves You
HE way to tigure the cost 1
wagon, a carriage, a buggy
Is to figure the ccl/ per year as
use it.
If a farin wagon, for example, that cc
lasts 20 years and retquires only $2 repair
you of that wagon is 3.10 a year.
If another wagon costs only $50, and la
and requires $10 worth of repairs, the
cost to you is $6 a year, at least.
Which is the cheaper?
* * *
There is no doubt about the /as//n,r
qualities of Studebaker wagons, car
nages and harness.
It's the material that goes into
thm-plus the way they are inadec.
Studebaker farm wagons have a
deeper than others, made frotm selec
Black I-I ickory--air-dr/ied fron 3 to 5 N
The axles are also re-nforced '
bar of steel running from the heel
to the other.
The Studebaker Patent T
-are made from cast ir on bavy
verse strength of over 3,000 pi
Go tot)
Heath Bru4
S 'ATEU 01" SOU '(l CAROf)dNA,,
Cunaity oft Pickenis
By JT. II. Newb'uiry. Probhate JIudge.
Adinistr,tlion ofi the estate and eWems~
of Jo F. Smiith
. heeare thierefore to fei'* iad aidmuoi
creditoriS of t he nail JIob I" 'imith. ol
ceiased", limit. tbey be and1( app)hear beforie
mei, mi the Couirt of P'robtei to be h,i 1d
aot Pier.gs on thc. 9th dlay of Maiv hnxt,~
aftter pubtl icattoni hereof, at. 11 o'e!loIk in
thew forenjoon, to sho w cauism, it aniy they
have, whly the said Adiijra uton
shioul d not he grantedt.
G1V)ivn uner miy handi( t his, thle ')th
day.', of A pril, A 1)) normni 1907.
J1. P. P'. 0.
STAT E1 Oh' SOL'! CA ITh),
o'f Admhiniit iat h -n1 --lte <ahe mi(at If
T es ar theri isr( , b',laa i a n a
crochitors of th.-.' id 'irs. ' ,h lib
anyIii it ha 'o '.'iE '' !a ita
oes please women v
f America and Euro
Medals at Paris, Buffalo, Chicago ar
where stylish footwear competes, (
y? The reason is easy to find. Co
c and you will readily see why Qeei
far ahead of the common shoe that
1 leathers, with the new short vamp;
owing this season:
iole ribbon tie welt sole with tip 12
ucher Oxford, Fifth ave. shape, welti
tm heel. Price $3.50.
cfords, Fifth ave. shipe, welted sole,
:an heel, custom grade, $3.50.
lucher Piccadilly shape, welted sole,
ts, ribbon tie, 12-8 heel, Price, $3.
o2.50 for your stylish footwear. We
or men and Kriders for children. (
will not handle a shoe, no matter wh
ood stylisll ftti ik sh6ds.
Prices ard Stylish Footw
o you of a square inch --25n greater tha
or a set of menuts of thi* Untited States G<
probably 5o% greater than the
long as yocu The Studebaker hubs are lai
nishing a p)roper foundation foi
nsts you $60 are treated with a secret solutio
s, the cos/ to to their weather resisting yuali
The Studebaker slope-shoul
ts 10 years, greatest impr1otvem11en1ts ever m
carry ing the i;
into the hub. '
See the other spokes a
Studebaker eiree
Ag''ent Ans th
-.... Aby feature-i-no
the durability
des 34 inch Studebaker is overlooked.
Led butt-cut I)o you wonder that it lasts?
-ears. Do you wonder that it is the -
Lh a special tation behind it?
of one skein You cannot afford to bu a
.when you can get the bcst for s
russ Skeins It is poor economy to be co
ing a trans- ing out money for rep)air bills.
unds to the .:Get a Studebaker and save
lie Studebaker Agent
me & Morrow Company
mns, South Carolina.
Dorwt &uff
all night long from t
neulia. or rheur
kills the p in --quie
nerves anid inducee
At allI dealers. Price 25c 5
Dr Ea~rl S. Sloaix, BostoR,i
/ThC ;Th
c C[1. a,: exposi
)ueen Quality is al
mpare Queen Quality
1 Quality always gets
there is really no com
. The following are
S heel. Price $3.
A sole all patent colt
dull calf top seam
gun metal quarter,
want to shoe you
)ur specialty is stylish
at the style may be.
n the require
vernner t - and
rlii' xgon,
. Thcy
:atly adds
-one of the
1 building
;int of wood
-oteI where
..nted roundl(
and cold-set.
y never loosen.
Mint by point--featore
:hing that will add to
tud long life of the
vagon with a repu
"cheap" wagon,
a little.
ustantily pay
ts the
h at m1:0i (or omnd pr- ha
if indene'nw pra I -. liO g
d 'i i ids tiin
u 'it. iI Ill i nihiv
I guni tted.I I a > I) n ot ris
*8lrkin ('hou e ,I l r

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