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Pickens County Singing Convention.
The above convention mot with
Concord church last Saturday and
t hbath. T'e opening ex'rctse were
conducted by Rev. W. C. Sea'orn,
1 fter which conductor W. A. Porter
arranged the class and sang 15 nin
Utes. After this W. E. Tuwnes, E.
M. Bolding, W\. 1 Mu1phroo and
others each led the ciass for 15
8unally was g;iVel over to anl all
day singing, and ni(ar 1,000 people
wore on the grounds. Dminer was
served cn the ground and no one
A collectinull tmlounting to $(i.Ot
waslaen I lfor i)NSsiOns.
All those who attended were well
pleased with their outintig.
As I haven't soon anythIn;g in your
paper from this sertion in sometimle
I will try and givo you a few clors.
The farmers are entting on with
their work nicely planting corn and
We had a nice rain last night,
Mr. Warren Law runco left this
morning for Walhalla where he goes
in answer to a call to the bedside of
his sister who is seriously ill at that
Mr. and MIrs. Julius Martin visited
homo' folks last wock.
There has boon some sickness in
this community of late.
Miss Laura Lawrence who has been
on a six weks visit to her sister in
Georgia is at home naain.
They have organized a Sunday school
at Long Branch with Mr. Kolloy as
Miss Corrie Lawrence is visiting her
sister at hiehlant this week.
Miss loiena B3og1s has hoen spond
iig the weok with her sister. Mrs.
Charlie Lawrence: the lai tir's child
bcin; very sick. Mark.
.he1co Irusico election for Six Mile
school district has been changed from
May t11 II to May 18th. Polls open at. 2
p. Ill. :11nd1 clos lit 5 p. m. Election to
ho held at school house. By order of
the comn,t.y Board of Education.
3t)ap r2t R. T. Iallum,
See. and Cihrm.
FVor thle Next
Fruit of the loom bleaching
Other bleachings 1 yd. wi<
Riverside checks, 7c.
Danville checks, 6c.
Other Dry Goods at price:
have just received a shipment<
line complete and we make the
inspect these groods.
Wearc still offeringr barg-a
your eyeS
WVomen 's good every day
Men's shoes from $1i up.
Nice line of Oxfords for ev
is to inspect our line and if we
claim is true, dlon't b)uy of us,
We have a nice neCw lot of
the letest style on wvhich we can
Bring us your produce-ar
get top~ 1)1ices for it,
Moore &
Dealer in Gencral Merchan,
What Do They Cure?
The above question is often asked con
cerning I)r. Ie e(e's t wo Ieanlrnglmedi
cines, "(;olden ' isdie:i 1 )iscover"v and
' 'a vori e l "'rescri pt i(n."
T.lhe anSwer" is that "Giol.nl Medical
Di.c( very " is a must Itent alterat ive or
blood- puritier, aild toni.' or invigorator
and acts espeialliy favoratly inl a entara
Live way Itpon all the mu11lcn( is lining sur
faces. tls of the maa,t a t111.hrat.
bronebal tubes, stomla' . hlow1els and
bladlder, enring atlt. f ae t: --ent. Of catar"
rital e:ses wviliet ' the I ,":' a ffects the
na' a1 pat es.( the ihr- 1. I;arynx, brun
clit. StInlutch a s ('acat: :111 ( I i:t)1 ,
howelt'I s mu n , 11(" . ;rrhea , brladder,
iitr1us or utIllelVie orgalns. Ecvenl in
th4' chiilet or uhea h ta'es Of th1(s:
.1 t'l't't lins. it is often :uccessfll inI aflect
ing (Ires.
Th ( "1'vorit e P'rescrip ion" is adtuvised
for t.I.' w "1111' of unr' claIss of dIisoa'"--thIose
p ecuIiar we(akm,-sor., 11'h- F:rng m 'nt: and
irreguiariti i . i I1idl4";t Il to w 1men only, It
is a powr'futll ye(t rltlil y 1" acting invigorat
inl tlu hIlio ni trVi'. otr' te ylc wornll -
( ut., (jV r-worIIk.'d wom011n--n ma) lttler what
1a' c usll'.I th'' f hlle l ow:11 1n, " avor11 1ite
I'r(':crip'tion "will be f 1oun ( In uttelfective
in bilblinE' up th.' strelnglth, re1a11 ting
the 11I!llylliL funil Clin'll o. eu1111ig laii
:tald brinsin, a uIllt t Ihea1lh (, vigorous
cy IiIi 1n of the w .1SIl : If .Ztem. '
A book l of pmrriieulars wraptr eachl bottle
givin't the( furIlnl;t' Of both me(dicines and
qjuol inl, what. se(Ires of emlinetI med'
ical :t.thor's, whIo"(e works aro consuitedt
by phYsiciants of atil lhe sehouls of t raet ice
as g1lides in prescribing. say of each in
greldielt enterin g i1tt1 these medicines.
The words of pai''se best.owed on the
severaI ingredients entering into i)oetor
Pierco's medicines by such write's should
have more weight, han any amount of
11011 - )rof('sionaIl I estiml nials, hca lust'
such men ar writing for 11h0 guidance of
their m'edial b'etiren and know whcreuf
they speak.
Both medicines are non-alcoholic, non
secret, and contain no harm fill habit
forming (irugs. heing comsd o of gyce'rie
extracts of the roots of nat ive. Am1ri'ca n
nedicinal forest plants '1hey il' hot hi
sold by dealers in mediine. You can't
afTord to accept, as a subtitute for (n(' of
these medicines of known composition,
any secret nost rum.
DI. Pierce's Pellets. small. sugar-con ted,
easy to take as candy. rellate and in
vigorato stomach, liver and bowels.
Married, on Wednstay evening the
17th uIlt. at the resideieo of L. L.
Smith, N. P., Mr. Ernest P. McA
ams to miss Mumio Hinton , il of
Pickoons county The LI'ooIm) is the
eldest on of Mr. P. K. McAdals
and is a prosporous farmer of the
Farr mill section. The bride is the
charmlii tig and accomtplished dalu:.hter
of Mr. James S. Hinton of Da'uMvilb-.
The young ('ouple ha8V(' the bes t wih
es of their many friend. for a imfil
and prosporous .ourn"y throuii 1ife.
etovs the oo ughi uand hoeale iAn.r.L :
r at 10c.
Ie, 5c to 9C.
mf proportion to these. W'e
f D)ry Goods that makes our
prices right. Come in anid
ins in this line that will open
wecar shoes at 75c to-$i.
erybody. All we ask of you
cannot showv you that wvhat we
lady's hats readly trimm1ed in
save you $2 to $3 on each
Lything you have to sell and
:lse. Furniture. Stoves, etc.
Cures Coughs, Colds,
and Lung Troubles. P
Pckens )rug
Business Locals.
Notices of ';sne. Wa'ntl, Swnl,pr. le,
ill:"elt1(1 in this (:011111!1 all livtusp
lin e l'or e 'l, iiserthn. N lthing tna e n
rtor less tlhrnta lnts,t.
Foir S,aile -- A' valualI ulamti fal mt
w\Ith G-ro(,tu dw'.Vllinu, br and titl
bles, 200 Nds fr mo eliue, strt ln1d
-h.llo,l Ilouse. Addre"s, l (). .bIe+,
G rc;ccvillr, t,r f. J(. Al ut,n, 1.l,hm ty.
Sugatr t:l cufl'ov ait J. 1). Mlotrre's.
\Watlntotl, to bny 1,001) len:., 1,501) do.
etl eggi t au(1ill the r'olostetrs tlhat ' ctn
gel. 11, E. Fremn & Co.
'lour and meat at J. 1). Mt-ore's.
\Wl(ll ill .1Iey plit, up y-11ur sock
at. UI ', \It"in's feed and Iive"ry sta.
ble. lie also handles all kinds of
fe(,lstuff. 38-t.f
Mullscavilo and Portorica molasses
at Craig Bros,
Tol'ro & eman goods at J. 1). Moore's.
I will pay top prices in cash or trade
if von will bring me your chlekens and
eg4. .1. ). Moore.
I would like to fill a limited number
of hills for houses with first-c'lss rough
Inlmb,er at S1 per 100 at mill. 4.. milis
west of Pickena. A. W. Gravey,
R otte :3 Pickens.
Bran, shorts aid chops :tt Craig Bros,
A few first class sewing Ilachines,
slighly used to be sold at grmatly re
td.. td )I iees. Also sewing muiclines re
p;aitetl. Ca1lI at Craig Bros
o. P. Knight.
for children safes sure. No oplatea
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
N'.ti- e i" hertbIy .fiv'n to,t l, luer"rns lihole ig
.:nns a:nin t thie ttr te t' . ,n t'ren h h eit le
t t,uttl. thitt thley tnttst tilt tht" tanw with the
tt11 : r , l" t(- Nu' rp rly npprov t-a1 on or bht'fore
the tir t tl,.V 01 \hiy %" ext. or h,e hnirretl.
.. . , ' IT I".1 .\ I' .
\ly"1 .im --- Lxer.
.\ ('i":'TAIN C 1tCi" 11 FOL ACING: FII'iT
.\l en Foot-Intse. it Iow<ler, t'u re( T iretl..\Aeh
ing, smenting. swollen f'eel. Sntaile .-ent Ir.i'
tls Su.0t1 , Vi of FOOT-KiA-:: S.Nt'r.a: ('4utN 1'.%n, a
n("%w li~itlit,n. .\tlt)re".;. .\[[ell S. ()lint'tej ,Le
ti,\, N i
Spring Cuts.
Good flour, every sack gamit: t' e,1 at
w 4.'25 the bhl; sugar 20 lbs for 8i, best
c,llev. 8 lbs for 81; Stitnid.trdt oil from
the I .uk waglon 15. pt'er gallon; i good
tt,tb'- 3)ti the pofl lund; salt 11)1) lbs in
cottou t;atcks 55e. T. 1). 11 rris,
Agent for Thornhill wagon s
Landl 1For Sale.
We h ave 7, 50(10(a1res of haindI for sale
in) tracts of fronu '200 to 1,500 acres in
(Greene county Georgiat. T1his lanud is
fer ih. ani I w"ill p)r(idne1 good( cr1op1).
We will cui thii large tr cts into small
l'armus and giv five year pas n11'Its withi
the firt paymnent enish. Pri ce 810 to
812.50iI per iacre. For further informa
Fo,r SalIe--62.' ner'e firmi 5 miles 'touth
of Court H-ouse, 30 acres4 in enItivat ion,
blanli e.- in Itnnher' lan d. Two hbotlses.
wauteredl. P rice .?25 per)1 ac0ro.
Piekena, 8. C.
P'i(ckenls (ou ty,v
Court of (Commnon Plieas.
Susic: IHester and4 lila nchte Messer,
M~ary E. MIartiin, Lettie Newton,
Mattie Iltestter. Mlyri Lay Cox,
Mrs. C. M. Martin, WV. V. C(aI
lomn, MIattie D)icksoni, Lettie Hoilt
andt Jessie Dob~tbins,
(C'oo mb plmt Ser ved()
Tio the4 (defendanlts ab,ove named:
and4 ',i riui redi to answer the comaint in)
this acOtioni, of which a copy is herewvith
ser'ved uipon y'ou. aml11 to serve a cop of
y'I our aswer to the said (compllaint onl
t he substcriber at his oflic,' Pickens,
South11 Carolina, wvitin twenity dal s of
thei se'rvice hereof, excisiv ~e of the dayjI
of' sueh serv'ice; and1( if you fail to ar11
swer' the comp)lIaInt wvithin thme timei4
aforesaid, the Plaintiff' in t his actiont
wdal Ippl to the (cou1rt, fo r the re'lief deI
moandedl in this c:omplaint.
D)ati'd March 21st A . 1). 1907,
A J1. lBoggs, C. C., P.
Julius 1'. lHoggs,
TIo Mrs. Lettie Newton:ITfsAty
Ta1nke n'otice that the annunons00 and1
comlplaint ini this actionI were filed in
the Clerk's ofliee on the 21st day of
March. 1907, a nd4, thle object of this ac
tiont is to part ition theo landl described in
the complaint and no personial claim is
mfadec against you.
Julius E. LRoggs.
Plff's Attv.
Croup, La Grippe, Asthi
-events Pneumonia and Cc
)ImpaYII , P'ick- ns, Parken'.: 1
iNothing, but exp.ense 1'as
gOods. W ar satisied
right styles and the right p
Don't Let Cheap T<6
But ex
Inf our goods are not as
them. Some goods are
divide with you. We havc
Dry Goods, Notions,
that the average customer
the price as low as same gc
When you come to Gr
make it pay you.
Wcst Eid,
that you "
for that is your businc
/ See that you get the n
for your crops-by using
They will greatly "increase
obtain the largest possible ai
your acreage if you will, b
Fertilizers, and you' will see
your increased profits. I
dealer a copy of our free
farming information.
Fer I ra tn
in em - 1 Monti
Wholesale an
We have just received ti
of Hay. We also have a
C:hops, Bran, Shorts, Oats
Cole Guano Distributors ar
you money by buying from
'Phone or wvrite ns, Yot
,J. Cnaou, WV. T. (
President, VI
Depoit1 - -
Di F
F, B. MoIt(IA w.
J, N- MonoAN, J.
Ancountai of Mnrnhaniu Farmer,
., i1.I
na, Throat in the
)nsurnption YELLOW PACKAG1E
bari SiLi, oioety
spared in the selection of these
that. we have the righi goods, the
lk Sell You Goods,
amine the qualitya
represented, you don't have to buy
higher than last season, but we will
everything in
Unde.wear Hosiery and 0hos,
wants, and we absolutely guarantee a.
)ods are sold anywhere.
enville, come to see us, we will
Grceenville, S C
Vou farmers
iwill not deny -
)lough for money"
ss, the noblest occupation ou ear.'h.
ost money out of your ploughing-or
6oiina Fertilizers. "
your yield. per acre," and help you to
nount of money for your labor. Decrease
it double your use of Virginia-Carolina .
a, feel and hear your pockets jingle with
)id you get from us or your fertilizer
almanac ? It's a beauty, and full of .
:ond. Va. Norfolk, Va. Durham, N. C.
:ston. S. C. Baltimore. Md.
ta. Ga. Savannah, Ga.
hIs. Tenn. Shreveport, La.
romery, Ala.YorIed
I VVyatt & Co
ley, S C
d Retail Dealers in
an<d All IKin1h. of F1eed
Stuil .
tree car loads of Flour and three
*ull stock of Cotton Seed Meal,
mdc corn. We sell the celebrated
*d Cotton Planters. We can save
r orders will receive prompt at
Yours for business,
Y A'TT& CiO MiPA ,
aIZ E D 1 901.
(Cc Presidenit, Cotshier.
- $4000:0O
T. O'Dl)Lrj, II. C. SmRxn.
Frmn, aind Individuals solicited.

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