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P IS to our
sh< )Lt the la
fou . any to)
Sole agents for
Sewing Machines,
Shoes. All winne
Pickens SenltinildOihrnal
Happenings of a Local and Personal
A1Miss I ucii t F tg in
Sarta'n burg.
WV. E+ Stepht"n .to dlie
3un<bry n' ight. fro:
Mr. Jim ( wynu, 0t jve .alyfield
'ection, is vNry low with fever.
Mrl. R. Earle M iller, neaur Easley,
is <iite sick andt not expected1 to live.
Mlis Clara Boper, of Ea~sle, is v'is
dting ini PickensI this week.
Mr. L. C. Lynch, of the upper sec
lion of t he county, has been appointedl
a niotary p)ol .te,
MrIs. Hallum of' the Liberty sido
hats been visiting her no, R. TP. and
J. N. Halum in Pickens.
H. 0. Entrekin of th Central side
was in Pickens WVedne.-day and gave
this office a pleasant call.
Mrs. I. M. Mauldin, and little
daughter, Ivy, are on a visit to rela
tives at Central.
Mrs. J. L. Valley, nee0 Miss Jennie
Lewis, is on a tisit to her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Lewis of Pickens.
Mr. H. H. Lynch informs us that.
we made a mistake in publishing
that there would be a picnic on his
grounds on the 4th of July. No pic
nic will be held there.
Messrs. .1. M. Rdens and A. W.
P,ryant of the Cateechee side, weore in
ickons this week anvd made a pleas
and call to this ofice.
Weo are on a new~ tack enitirely in1
the political <h as coun
try, says' the Journalh.
The clim is I ut ions or
the republic, it its sign
era are for the here can
be no concsiCO eI. . in I wI)hi
the public wvel I o * he first
subserved. ' . foremost
thought of th(e Ii thle spiitter
ing of demuagog h 3 ilimost
truth of our * nd our
line of Clothing,
rgest and most
vn this size in th
Our stock of Clothing
75c to $5, suits for yc
line of two-piece suits
. prices.
Buy the celebrated H
ways "get your mone
Hats for everybody.
Hat. This hat needs
ter than any other hat
all the latest styles.
Walkover $3.50, $4 a
Boyden $5 and $6 for
Zeigler $3, $3.50 and
We have crowds of th
There are more $3.50
makes at the same pr
To see the prettiest lii
a look at the Boyden,
Big line of Shirts, 5oc
Furnishings. Best at
Mitchell Wragon
h orse Sh.oe Clot
Mrs. Satralt Alexander is quite RieN
tMl has been so f,r several days
3er mnany friends hope for her i
W. F. Christopher is now assta
batr)cr1 at E . THunter's barber shop
Mr. Cliristopher cimes highly rec
Jit t~ ded aid Mir. Hunter is nu
better prepared ian ever to tak
care of his customers.
The Piekens Drug Co. are puttint
in that new fountain that they ordet
ed sonie timeo ago. It is -a "'Jame:
Q-Dandy," shows up well, and is a
L)lrament to the town. Many town
very mouch larger than Pickeni
ha sno such fountain and not an
more well-.appointed and p)retty dru
stores than is kept by this enterpril
ing firmn.
We learn 'hat Miss M. A. Clhytot
died on the 16th uit. at her homi
uear Liberty, from appoplexy. Sb
was taken with a severe bandacb
wvhich grewv worse until she diet
She was a consistent C'uristian an
member of the Baptist chum'b an
rlied in the faith. She was burie<
the day. following her death at Lb
Family bv.rying ground.
Farm and Factory, of Seneca, say
)n Monday evening a severe win
storm passed over a part of thE cour
ty. AL Poplar Springs, WV. Rt. Lyne
was in the path of the storm an
nearly everything but his dwellin
wasi swept t2l', and thatL was t.wis te
and partly blown off its foundation
H:is barna was wrecked, a little son
and a mule in the barn iiarrowlv E*
eaped dea ih. H is hog !Ienf, built (2
heavy pinie logs, was lifted bodli;
and blowvn away.
Millionaire Cl .rist ians who h1:. n
just planned at Ccn oin wheat
wh'di shtall paaperP~iz/' ihouisand( s oi
Lheir brother mn biu. shaill sw.ei
their ownZ milions iato billions;, wil
hotw their gray'~ h eads reverentIly o1
the vel vet backs of cotly', pe'ws, an<
gloraify the ntatme of thta t genthi
Jieinig whot( ,via born ini a mtaniger
and1 who bade1( HLis followvers to Il)
uto( otherIs ats thley' would be domi
Shoes, Hats and G
up-to-date line of
e State and we are
is the largest we have ever carri<
uths $2.50 to $12.50, suits for me
serge coats and extra pants,
ORSE SHOE BRNN1 of clohinl
y's worth." Get your Spring suit
We are sole agents for the celebi
no introduction as everyone knov
sold for $3. We have them bot
nd $5 for men.
$4 for women.
em in all' styles both Shoes and
and $4 Walkover Shoes sold ti
ice in the world 'ecause they are
ne of Shoes and Oxfords ever sh<
Walkover and Zeigler.
to $2. Heavy neckwear and el
id m'st up-to-date line at right pr
s, Chase City 3ugg
hing, Iawes $3 Ha
'The Pickens ball team will cross
baxts with the Seneca team on the
latter's diamond to-day.
.Messr:. J. G. and Walter Wyattl
of ( reenvs"ilh>, were in Pickens 'T'ues
day onl business.
The eomers and guers are numer
Sous in and about Pickeuis these days
e and they always hLvve a good word
for the old town.
All lovers of good mnsic have a
good chauce to gratify that pleasure
by attending the music festival in
~Groenville May 15 to 17,inclusive.
4, There will 1be a school picnic at
;, Walkor- McEhnoyle school building
yon 'Thursday May 16th. Address at
g 10 a. ii. by Prof. VV. H. Hand of
3- South Carolina University, who will
a peak in the interest of the proposedi
high school to be established there.
Hon. 0. B. Martin is also invited to
'make an address. Supt. R. '. 1lHll
e umn of Pickenis has accepted an invi
tation to make address in interest of
the children w~ho attend this school
from [Pickens county as there is a
small distr,ict in this countj whlo have
aceess to this school. After speaking
e base-ball g.ames, viz.. Central vs Pen
(dleton and probably another game.
s Music by the Liberty cornet band.
3j Public cordially invited.
'The gentlemen who are here put
ting in mxachiner.y at the cotton nAill
1are gentlemanly, well-uppearing a.nd
inite)ligent people, who not only knowv
thewc buasinessa and atAAend to it, but
' are flolks whIo make friends wvherever
'thiey g.o. They are also close observ
1ers, and, t ravehang as they do, all the
titie, Iru lace1 to lace, they know
ai good toJwn w3'((en they' strike it. It
is; their boastM, spoken singly', collect
a vely antd in pairs, that Pickenis is a
, iighty good town --in fact, the, best
ftown~m theyv wore ever ini -anmd they all
( xpress a genuine regret that there is
I a time whien they willI have to leave us.
Theslue kid w11~ ords, anre: ineerely apprwe
einItedl by every citizen of the townvv,
and1( prove4 conclusively th at it palys
t.o be kind and friendlylto thle stranger
that is wi th us. These genat lemen
will do the town good whien the~y
leave it by their goodl words.
Goods. We can
nts' furnishings
what we say.
ves, New 1Home
over and Zeigler
Notice of Trustee Election
Pickens, S. C April 15th, 1907.
rhe voters of each school district with
in the county are herely reqluested to
meet at the school house of their respet'
tive districts, on Satureay, May 11th for
the putrpose of electing three trustees to
serve for i term o1 two years. The
Board of trustees are hereby appointed
managers of said eleotion. in ease i
trutstee cannot serve the other two may
appoint some one in his place; all per
sons residing within the district Ihat :ae
eligible to a vote in the primary clection
are en titled to at vote.
The election will he held ad. Libert y
in the store of the Liberty Clothing uanid
Shoe Co., for Six iMile district at Six
Mile church, immaediately after preach
Polls to open att 1 :30 p. mn. and clos
at 5:00 p). im. By ordr of the counmt
board of edlucationl. R. '.P. Hallum,
Sec. aind Chrm,
TImedintely after the electiona the
clerk of the board is requested to sendi
the result anid all papers to I his olhice.
Foley's Kidney Cure
mnakes kineys and bladder right.
Notice of' Sale.
County of Pickenis. j
Ex Paurte J. T. (hint, fMi' fwm~oz Ia
been subttt M. 'M. McCown, Secre..
tary of Statei, tt. Agenat of the itoard( of
Co)amisioners of the Sinking Fund.
EIchecator, ini the Estate of Calvin M.
Smith, deceased.
.Under and by virtue of process issued
im the abovo entitled case signed by
Ifion. Geo. E. Prince, Judge of theoTenth
Circuit and dhated 12th ApJril, 19G'3,
wherein and whereby I was directed to
selhl t,he piece, parcel or tract of land
hecreina after dtescrabed, nlotice is heCreby
giv'e that I will sell on saleday in June
unext,, being Monday Jutne 3d, 1907, at 11
o'clock a. mn., at pulic auctiona, before
the court house mi the town of Pickens,
in the count,y and state aforesaid, thme
folowinag described real es!ate, oni the,
terms hecreinafter' sit, forthI to wit:
All thaet piece, parcel or tract of land
ly ing iand haeimg ituate in the counity of
P,iekenis, Stiate of S.outh Carolina, in
.liastatoe townaship ont east side of 'Big
Ehastatoc creek, comaprisiang fom.a he.
dred and twenaty five ('i2) acrees, mon re
or' less, ( incorrectly stated ini lirsit advecr
t,Xiam(nt, asI 3' aert s, iniore or Ieess
adjoinming hids oif lester Startaa.
saanadad formnerly ownmed by ILaida
P:trker sand others and knaownas thae
Alpha Har:ton haoame place'.
'Ierms of Sale: At.ared it of' twelvei
r.noethis, thea putrch aser Ito givet goad aur
hieien.t suriely and1( a aaar'aage of Itha
paemnises Hol(i. jf. M . M\r( ()\\.N,
April 12, see. ol StateI,
As Agent of the Bo:aar of (om.au:
sioanears of the Sinklinag lund, I >betor
1?i Apl.ii.
ents' Furnishing
clothing and ge
prepared to prove
d, suits for children
n $3-50 to $25: Big
all sizes and all
and you will al
while you can be
rated Hawes $3.00
is that it is far bet- C
li soft and stiff in
ian any other two P
the best made at the
>wnl in Pickens, take
ierything in Gents'
ies, Iron King Stc
'ts, Boyden, Walk
H. l. Hester has sold the farm he I
has been advertising, and now offers
a good farm 4 miles west of Easley at
a reasonable price and on terms to
suit the purchaser; or he will trade
for town lots or cotton mill stock.
Monday was saldsday but a small
crowd was in attendance. There
were only two tracts sold and they
were bought by Messrs. Heath
Bruce Morrow Company and J. 11:
Next Sunday is the annual time
fyr the big meeting day at Six Mtile
and onl this Sunday thore will be a
sin)ging to wvhich the public is in
vited. It will bo somothing unusu
al if a large crowd is not in attend
anice andl a good( timec bad.
'(n1opinit Served.
Pickens County.
Court of Common Pl-as.
David M. 31erck, Hlenry Merck, Elvira
Satterfield, Texanna K(elley and11 Mis
Lawenc U.Merck, Mrs. Ella Burton,
13. Stewart, Kay Stewart and W. 13.
Mann. D)efendants.
To the defendant Ella Burton.
You are hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the complaint in this
action, of which a copy is herewith
served upon you, and1( to serve a copy ojf
your answer to the saidi complaint. upon0
the subscribers at their office or one on
either of then at, Anderson, S. C. with
in twenty days after the service hetreof,
exclusive ofi the day of such service;
and if you faail to aniswer the complaint,
within t.he time auforesauid, the P'lamtiffs
in thiR action wVill apply to tile Court for
tile relief demandeIuId inl the comlintt,
which was ,lied m the clerk's oIli(:e at i
Pickens 22d of l..eembeIr, 190fl.
Dato(d Dec. 22(1, 1906Ol.
A. J. BO(G S. C. i:. P.
.1. I. B\ZA E.412,L
P l:it iff's .\ t torney
There will be anm elect ion hell hi I Ie
court house5 onl Saturday Mlay II Jtih 17,
for thlree truters for ic'kerls school d is
tict No. 81. Polls open at~ l:30 p. ma.
and closeo at .5 p. am. l)r. H oltI Chir'ml.
April 81), 190)7. B. I;. Yonigue,
J. T... TIauylor.

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